How We Chose the Best Contractor Management Software

Contractor management software helps users automate key processes surrounding new contracts, including documentation, prequalification, contract renewal, and termination. Choosing the ideal contractor management software can be challenging, considering the many options available in the market today. Fortunately for you, we’ve made the process simple by searching and compiling a list of the five best contractor management software. In our search quest, we considered key criteria that matters most to site and project managers, including:

Contractor Management Features

The software should include features such as bid management, budgeting tools, and scheduling modules. When choosing contractor management software, ensure it has the right features you require to manage your contractors. In our search, we considered contractor management software with comprehensive features.


We recommend software that comes with pre-built integrations for accounting systems, project management apps, and other tools often used with contractor management software. We looked at contractor management software with an intuitive interface and advanced features that simplify contractor management. Our main focus was software that integrates seamlessly with a user’s existing systems and processes, including Excel, accounting, and procurement systems.


Detailed reports help the user assess and improve their contractor management efforts. We focused on software that allows you to draw different reports from the database to enhance contractor management.

The 5 Best Contractor Management Software of 2021


Cognibox is a contractor management software that provides comprehensive tools for managing contracts, including the objective qualification process.

It helps users manage the entire process from selecting contractors to prequalification, monitoring, contractor database, permit tracking, license tracking, task management, contractor database, and incident management.

The software allows you to get the most current data regarding your contractors and suppliers. Its core features include pre-selection, qualification, employee management, and performance evaluation. Its billboard feature allows you to review press releases, event calendars, and other documents online.

The platform brings together over 200,000 contractors, suppliers, and employers in different sectors, including quality and regulatory compliance, sustainable development, environment, and health and safety.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone, live support
>Document management
>More features at Cognibox


  1. Comprehensive features
  2. Billboard feature
  3. Over 200,000 members


  1. Lacks budgeting tools
  2. No bid management
  3. Lacks subcontractor management


Contractor Compliance

Contractor Compliance helps users minimize the time they spend managing third-party contractors. It simplifies the process of collecting, managing, and re-qualifying obligatory contractor requirements.

The solution can also help you improve and track your compliance levels and ensure all individuals and agencies working for you have the required documentation. With this tool, you can easily manage, measure, and analyze your environmental health and safety compliance.

Users can access vital documents from a centralized database and send requests, notifications, and reminders to contractors in real time. You can also manage tasks using the software and send notifications to contractors regarding impending document renewals through automated alerts.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Enterprise Package: $190/year
Premium Package: $500/year
Enterprise Package: $1,100/year
Free Demo>Deployment: Web-based, iPad/iPhone, Android
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Compliance management
>Contractor database
>More features at Contractor Compliance

Pros & Cons of Contractor Compliance


Contractor Management

Contractor Management
Contractor Management software offers contractor management capabilities to users, including attendance tracking to construction sites, remote locations, induction management, and hazard notice compliance in one or multiple sites.

It also helps users keep a complete track of all website visitors, including courier personnel, employees, site visitors, suppliers, and other individuals visiting your site.

It helps manage your contractors and suppliers by bringing together vital information on a single platform. This helps save time and resources, as well as ensuring you adhere to all regulatory requirements regarding your work.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Small: 70 AUD/month
Medium: 160 AUD/month
Large: 260 AUD/month
Enterprise: 399 AUD/month
30-Day Free Trial>Deployment: Web-based
>Customer service: Email, phone
>Safety management tools
>Time tracking
>More features at Contractor Management

Pros & Cons of Contractor Management


eSUB Construction Software

eSUB is a contractor management solution designed for subcontractors. It helps users take control of project management processes of their operations in the office and field through document control.

With this tool, you can create, store, and access all your construction project management and construction documentation from a centralized platform. It also allows you to share information, including documents, with your team so you’re all on the same page.

The mobile and cloud-based software allows users to manage their projects from any device. eSUB core capabilities include daily reports, submittals, time card, mobile app, and email integrations.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based, iPad/iPhone, Android
>Customer service: Email, phone
>More features at eSUB Construction Software

Pros & Cons of eSUB Contractor Software


  • Daily reports
  • Email integration
  • Real-time access to contractors

Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Contractor Management
Rapid Contractor Management is a centralized and efficient tool that helps users manage the entire contractor life cycle from a centralized platform. It’s ideal for businesses of any size that engage contractors and suppliers regularly.

It helps users to manage prequalification forms, store company and contractor documents online, establish legal compliance, and track expiry dates. This solution simplifies site access, task scheduling, permit system, asset management, visitor sign-in, auditing, and contractor management.

Rapid Contractor Management helps users focus on workforce and risk management, thus enhancing health and safety compliance at the workplace.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom QuoteFree Demo>Deployment: Web-based, iPad/iPhone, Android
>Customer service: Phone, email
>Document management
>Job management tools
>More features at Rapid Contractor Management

Pros & Cons of Rapid Contractor Management


  • Lacks integrations
  • No bid management
  • Lacks budgeting tools