When you’re looking to hire a professional content marketer, here are some essential tips for the qualities you can’t compromise on.

how to hire content marketer writer

Content marketer hiring tips

  1. Find someone with a strong voice

This is an absolute must. They need to speak with authority, while being interesting and engaging. Other aspects of writing can be taught, but this cannot.

And, it’s not something you can fake your way through. You’ve got to have the passion to write in a way that people can’t help but want to read.

When you’re limited on space, that person has also got to be able to get their point across within the limitations given.

There are various word counters available for this such as Easy Word Count and Word Counter.

  1. Spelling and grammar needs to be flawless

Sure, you can hire another person to take care of the editing, if you’ve got the resources, but having a writer who is also capable of doing this is the perfect combo.

Since the face and name of your company is essentially attached to the writing they’re producing, having mistakes throughout that writing only reflects poorly on your company, in the eyes of your readers.

Don’t be afraid to give your candidates a test, to see how skilled their grammar is. There are many free grammar-checking applications like GrammarCheck and Grammarly.

  1. Interesting angles are a must

Captivating content is what draws readers in and makes them want to keep reading.

Finding a great new angle on something that’s been talked about ad nauseam can hook readers into checking it out.

Not to mention that search engines, like Google, love to see totally original content.

  1. Always original, without question

Yes, the content has to have an interesting angle, but it’s also got to be completely original. Search engines will red flag duplicated content, and it’s just something that readers don’t want to see.

A good content creator prides himself on producing 100% original content, that’s plagiarism-free and that’s something they’re proud to call their own.

  1. The research skills of a journalist

When claims are being made, it’s always essential to back up those claims with trusted sources.

Having the research skills of a journalist means a writer has the ability to find sources to verify any claim being made throughout their content.

Adding in a proper citation, with the help of Cite It In, gives added credibility to the claims being made. Even better is Citation Machine, but it is a subscription service.

  1. Knowing what sells

Understanding the audience you’re targeting is a huge component to factor into the written content that’s produced.

The professional writer you hire has got to be able to feel out the readers and instantly adapt to what they want to see.

The outlet being used also needs to be factored in, with the knowledge that reader want to see different things depending on if they’re reading a blog post, an email or another form of communication.

  1. Producing great content on a consistent, regular basis

Deadlines must be followed and content must be produced regularly.

Readers always want to see new and exciting things, so the content writer you hire has got to be able to meet that demand.

Sticking to a schedule, they should be able to produce high quality content on a consistent basis.

If you’re wondering where to even start looking for a freelance content marketer, here are some great places to find professional writers, ready to get started on your project.

  1. Have the ability to write engaging headlines

Writing good and engaging headlines and titles is a critical skill freelance content marketers must know. Good headlines creates interest and invites readers to read the content.

Statistics from Copyblogger reveals that 80% of people will read headlines, but only 20% of those people will read the rest of the content.

Places to hire professional writers



Freelance writers put together their bids to compete for your project. Hire a writer on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your needs.

You’ll be able to look through your candidates past work and read reviews from others they’ve worked for.



Let expert freelancers send you competitive bids and proposals to work for you, and only send your payment when the work has been completed to your satisfaction.


Copify Screenshot

Copify uses an enormous number of writers spanning pretty much every field. They provide a quick turn-around time on projects and can even set up a system to create regular blog posts for you — including graphics and auto-scheduling.

The prices are also reasonable.

Text Broker


Competitively priced work can be found through Text Broker, where high quality, custom content is delivered quickly.



GoSuperb is one of the newer content services around but they’ve quickly become a powerhouse with a great reputation.

They offer very good prices and 24-hour turnaround times.



Search Craigslist and you’ll find everything, including a kitchen sink. But, you can also find writers, both locally and working from a distance.

Copywriter Today

Copywriter Today Screenshot

Copywriter Today specializes in providing writing and editing services for small businesses. They offer reasonably-priced monthly plans that allow you to easily schedule and manage your content creation.

They also offer a free order to try out their service.


MarketerHire bridges the gap between qualified freelancers offering digital services and the content marketing needs of their clients. They use a rigorous freelancer screening process ensures to look for proven experts with passion and drive. Accordingly, hundreds of marketers apply to MarketerHire each month and only 5% is accepted.

They review each marketer’s professional experience, client feedback, and work samples to assess their level of expertise and knowledge of best practices. The final layer of screening is a video interview that assesses communication skills, critical thinking, and professionalism.

If all of these criteria are met, the freelancer joins the MarketerHire community who assigns test projects as a final step in the application process. Test projects provide real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity over what is typically 1-3 weeks.

To ensure accountability, MarketerHires are expected to maintain a perfect track record while working with clients. They check in with clients every 2 weeks to ensure the quality service they provide – this can guarantee successful content marketing for the growth of your business.

When you’re looking to hire a professional content writer for your business, keep in mind these important qualities that your candidates should all possess in order to be considered for your position.