To help you find the best deals on software frequently used by students, we compiled this list of student software discounts. The specific software you will use depends on a few factors, including your major, program requirements, and personal preferences. Our list includes general use software, as well as software specific to particular areas of study.

All of the discounted prices listed come from the software manufacturer. You can also find promo codes and coupons online, and your school or academic department may have deals directly with software manufacturers. In short, it’s worth it to shop around to find the best deal.

General Use Software Discounts

General use software is useful to all students, regardless of major, and can even be used after you graduate.

Software Description Discount & Eligibility
Microsoft Office 365 A staple for college students, Microsoft Office 365 gives users access to a range of frequently-used tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This software is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs and Macs. Cloud-based Office 365 allows users to access their documents and projects anywhere, anytime.
  • Student Discount: Free for students at eligible institutions, with a valid school email address.
  • $149.99 for one-time purchase of Office Home & Student for students at non-eligible institutions.
Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud gives students more than 20 tools to create and edit documents, photos, videos, and more. Popular apps within the Adobe Creative Cloud include Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, and more. While this is an essential software for

  • Student Discount: $19.99 per month (regularly $52.99 per month), for students at eligible institutions. Students must submit one of the following as proof of enrollment at an eligible institution: school-issued email address; school ID card; transcript; tuition bill or statement.

Evernote Premium This cloud-based note-taking app acts as a digital notebook,  making it easy to keep your notes, assignments, readings, and more organized across multiple devices. While there is a free version, Evernote Premium comes with increased functionality, including the ability to sync your account on unlimited devices, access notes offline, search and annotate PDFs, and more.
  • Student Discount: $3.99 per month (50% discount of their regular $7.99 per month cost) for a one-year Evernote Premium account. Students must use a school-issued email address to sign up.
Prezi EDUPlus Presentations are a part of academic life, regardless of your major. Prezi has you covered, allowing users to create engaging, innovative presentations, videos, and reports. Users can try the free version of Prezi, but the EDUPlus plan comes with added tools and functions, like privacy controls, offline access, and a 500,000+ image library.
  • Student Discount: $3 per month (compared to $7 per month regularly) with a school-issued email address
EndNote Nailing the bibliography section of academic papers has been the bane of students for generations. Nowadays, there’s an app for that. EndNote, which is available for PCs and Macs, is a reference management software that helps students conduct research, annotate documents, and organize citations.
  • Student Discount: $115.95 (compared to $249.95 regularly) for a one-time purchase of a student license. Students must verify school enrollment to qualify.
Todoist Todoist helps students stay on top of their various classes, assignments, and commitments. Available as a desktop, browser, and mobile app, Todoist is a to-do list that lets users prioritize tasks, set notifications and reminders, and share projects with others
  • Student Discount: 70% off Todoist Business accounts. Students must set up an account, and then apply for the discount. Applications are approved within 10 days.

Security Software Discounts

Protecting your devices and data is critical, and can help you avoid stressful, expensive, and time-consuming issues. The following security software products are available to students at a discounted price.


AVG software can help you protect your computer against viruses, hackers, and ransomware. Available for Macs, PCs, and mobile devices, AVG offers a variety of different protection, privacy, and performance plans, allowing users to tailor their security based on their needs. There is a free version available, but AVG’s paid plans offer the most robust protection.

Student Discount: 30% discount on orders with a verified student status.


Students can stay one step ahead of online privacy and security threats with Kaspersky, an award-winning security solution. For individuals, there are three plans to choose from — Anti-Virus, Internet Security, and Total Security — which gives users protection against viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware, and unauthorized webcam access..

Student Discount: 10% discount on orders with a verified student status with UNiDAYS.


LastPass is a password manager that helps you keep track of all your passwords on a mobile app and browser extension. They use AES-256 bit encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect their users’ valuable and sensitive information.

Student Discount:  Free 6-month LastPass Premium subscription with a valid university email address


Norton is a trusted name in security software for computers and mobile devices. Their four different plans offer anti-spyware, antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection, as well as a firewall, online threat protection, and password manager services. Depending on the plan users choose, they can protect up to five devices. Students must verify status with a Student Beans account.

Student Discount*:           

Norton Antivirus Plus: $19.99/year (regularly $59.99/year)

Norton 360 Standard: $39.99/year (regularly $84.99/year)

Norton 360 Deluxe: $49.99/year (regularly $104.99/year)

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: $99.99/year (regularly $149.99/year)

*Discounts apply to the first year of subscription.

Discounted Software for Film, Media, and Visual Arts Majors

Students in film, media, and visual arts programs typically use a variety of different software programs for creating, designing, and editing. Many of them are available to students for a discounted price.

Apple Pro Apps Bundle

Apple’s video and music editing tools are among the most commonly used in the entertainment industry, so the sooner users get familiar with them, the better. The Apple Pro Apps Bundle gives students discounted access to Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and  Mainstage 3.

Student Discount: $199.99

AutoDesk Media & Entertainment Bundle

AutoDesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. Their Media and Entertainment software bundle for students includes several 3D rendering and animation  programs, digital painting and sculpture software, a drawing and painting app, and video effects software. AutoDesk software is available for multiple platforms, including Windows and iOS.

Student Discount: Free access for one year, renewable every year as long as you remain eligible.


Designers and artists have been using Corel software for decades to create animations and illustrations, edit videos and photos, and paint digitally. Popular Corel software programs include CorelDRAW, PaintShop Pro, and VideoStudio. The company also offers its own suite of office software, WordPerfect Office.

Student Discount: Up to 96% off retail prices for Corel software. Students must submit a valid student photo ID to confirm student discount eligibility.


For students exploring the medium of stop-motion animation, Dragonframe is “the essential stop-motion interface.” This digital image capture software has been used by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers, with tools for cinematography, animation, audio, lighting, and motion control. The software works with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Student Discount: $195 ($100 off regular retail price). Students must upload a copy of a valid student photo ID to confirm student discount eligibility.

Final Draft

For aspiring screenwriters and playwrights, Final Draft is the industry standard for script formatting for TV and film scripts, plays, and musicals. Besides ensuring that your script is formatted properly, Final Draft has tools for brainstorming, outlining, editing, and collaborating. Final Draft is available for Macs and PCs.

Student Discount: $99.99 ($30 off regular retail price). Students must upload a copy of a valid student photo ID, registration receipt, class schedule, or letter of enrollment on their school’s letterhead to confirm student discount eligibility.


FontLab is an essential tool for designers that lets them create, modify, draw, space, and export a variety of fonts. This software, which is available for PCs and Macs, also lets users convert fonts between different formats, letting them work with text in whatever format best suits their needs.

Student Discount: $229 ($230 off regular retail price). Students must upload a copy of a valid student photo ID to confirm student discount eligibility.


Another tool designed for digital sculpting and painting, ZBrush by Pixologic lets artists use customizable brushes to shape, texturize, and paint virtual clay in a responsive environment. This award-winning technology has been used by filmmakers, game developers, illustrators, and advertisers to create lifelike computer renderings and animations.

Student Discount: Sold at a discounted price through authorized retailers.

Discounted Software for Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing Majors

There are dozens of different software programs available for students studying STEM subjects like computer and information technology, mathematics, and data analysis. Here are some of the common software programs available to students at a discount:


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud computing platform. This robust, reliable, scalable platform offers over 175 fully featured services for software and web developers, data analysts, and app designers. AWS uses a pay-as-you-go approach to pricing, but has special offerings for students.

Student Discount: AWS Educate, a free curriculum with access to content, training, pathways, AWS services, and the AWS Educate Job Board. Students also receive up to $100 in AWS Promotional Credit with an AWS Educate Starter Account.


Domo is a cloud software company that specializes in business intelligence tools and data visualization. Given that roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, the ability to analyze and leverage data in real time is more important than ever. Domo offers multiple applications for data integration, analytics, and streamlining processes.

Student Discount: Free trial for actively enrolled students. Students must use a school-issued email address to sign up.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

The GitHub Student Developer Pack gives students access not only to GitHub, but to a variety of other tools for design, development, training, analytics, and productivity, including Microsoft Azure, POPSQL, Canva, and Namecheap.

Student Discount: Free. Students must verify their school enrollment.

IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software, used for solving business and research problems through a variety of analytical methods. The company gives students access to the software through its IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack, which is available in three different editions – Base, Standard, and Premium.

Student Discount: Up to 90% off the regular retail price when purchased through an authorized distributor.


Maple is math software that can help students analyze, explore, visualize and solve mathematical problems in a variety of different areas, including algebra, calculus, statistics, physics, and geometry.

Student Discount: 

$99 – Maple 2020 Student Edition

$495 – Maple 2020 Graduate Student Research License

$99 – MapleSim 2020 Student Edition

$118 – Maple Calculus Bundle

$109.65 – Math Survival Bundle


Students can use MATLAB software to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create mathematical models, and Simulink to run simulations, generate code, and test and verify embedded systems. The software company behind these products, MathWorks bundles them at a discounted price for students.

Student Discount: $99 for MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite. Add-ons only $10 each.


MAXQDA is a leading software for qualitative and mixed methods research. Developed by and for researchers, MAXQDA’s software can help students analyze a wide variety of datasets. Its powerful and user-friendly interface is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and users can choose between a six-month license and a 24-month license.

Student Discount:  

$47 – MAXQDA 2020 Plus (6-month license)

$95 – MAXQDA 2020 Plus (24-month license)

$55 – MAXQDA 2020 Analytics Pro (6-month license)

$110 – MAXQDA 2020 Analytics Pro (24-month license)


Students must upload a copy of a valid student photo ID to confirm student discount eligibility.

Microsoft Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure lets users build, test, deploy and manage applications and services through Microsoft’s data centers. The platform supports multiple coding languages and frameworks, and provides a variety of other tools and resources.

Student Discount: Free for students age 18 and older who are enrolled full-time in a STEM-related program at an accredited, degree-granting institution. Students also get a $100 credit for Microsoft. Students must sign up for an account with a school-issued email address.

Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica software is an essential tool for technical computing. Available as both a cloud-based platform and for desktop use, Mathematica provides a computation environment with 5,000 built-in functions that excels in all areas of technical computing — neural networks, machine learning, image processing, geometry, and data science.

Student Discount: 

Mathematica Online: $83/year ($177/year regularly)

Mathematica Desktop: $166 ($177/year regularly)

Mathematica Desktop with 1-year of Professional License Service: $248 ($266/year)

Mathematica Desktop with 1-year of Professional License Service Plus: $289 ($310/year)

Discounted Software for Engineering, Architecture and Design Majors

Engineers, architects, and designers also rely heavily on software to help them plan and execute their projects. The following design software packages are available at a discounted price for students.

AutoDesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Bundle  

This AutoDesk bundle includes several different kinds of software ideal for designing and modeling structures, including TinkerCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Point Layout. Many of the programs included in this bundle are CAD-based, allowing users to create 2D and 3D models of buildings, bridges, and roads.

Student Discount: Free access for one year, renewable every year as long as you remain eligible.

AutoDesk Product Design & Manufacturing Bundle

Like the other AutoDesk bundles, this one comes with several different types of software related to product design and manufacturing. Programs that come with this bundle include Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Netfabb Premium, PowerShape, and Recap Pro. The bundle includes software that is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Student Discount: Free access for one year, renewable every year as long as you remain eligible.


Creo is an industry-standard 3D CAD software for product design and development. Students can use Creo to turn their ideas and concepts into products thanks to the software’s design, analysis and simulation tools. This web-based platform can be used on any type of device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Student Discount: Free for college students.


When it comes time to solve complex engineering calculations, many students and professionals turn to MathCAD, a premier engineering calculation software. This program allows engineers to solve linear, non-linear and differential equations, document and notate their decisions, create 3D polar, surface and contour plots, and much more.

Student Discount: Free with a valid school-issued student email address.


TurboCAD offers software solutions for 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and architecture, landscaping, and mechanical design. Students can get access to all of these programs with TurboCAD’s STEM Solutions bundle. This package also includes plug-ins, tutorials, videos, and training guides, to prepare students for a variety of design-related professions.

Student Discount: Up to 85% off regular retail price for TurboCAD’s STEM Solutions bundle.

Discounted Software for Business, Finance and Accounting Majors

While business and finance majors may not rely on software as much as students in some other areas of study, there are a few software programs that students can begin to get familiar with during their time in school.


QuickBooks is an industry-standard bookkeeping software that is used by businesses and freelancers for managing accounting, expenses, payroll, payments, and more. Getting familiar with QuickBooks as a student can help teach future entrepreneurs how to track expenses, prepare their taxes, create invoices, and other key business expense tasks.

Student Discount: Free one-year trial of QuickBooks Online, and free five-month trial of QuickBooks Desktop. Students must confirm school enrollment to be eligible for discount.


ReadyRatios is an IFRS financial reporting and analysis software tool, designed to make preparing and analyzing financial statements for businesses simple and accurate. ReadyRatios automates much of the process, thanks to a QuickBooks integration that makes uploading data a snap. The software will produce a complete financial analysis, and provide detailed reports.

Student Discount: 

Master: $165/year (regularly $165/month)

Expert: $285/year (regularly $285/month)


Sage makes cloud-based software for a variety of business needs, including accounting, finance, payroll, business management, human resources, construction, and real estate. Their education alliance program gives students free access to select products so they can begin learning this commonly-used program. Educators can also get discounted access to Sage software.

Student Discount: Free Sage 50 Accounting registration for eligible students.

Web Hosting Discounts for Students

For students who want to create their own website, whether for personal use or a class project, there are several web hosting companies that offer discounted plans for students.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers powerful, Linux-based web hosting that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Students can choose from several popular content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, to create their website. InMotion Hosting also supports programming languages like PHP and Perl 5.

Student Discount: Up to 50% off hosting plans. Students must register with a valid school-issued email address.


SiteGround offers students quality web hosting at no charge through its Student Web Hosting program. With this program, students get a basic StartUp hosting account, including 10 GB of storage space, easy installation of popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, free CDN, and 24/7 support.

Student Discount: Free StartUp hosting account (domain name registration not included). Students must register with a valid school-issued email address.


Squarespace allows students and professionals to easily create eye-catching, responsive websites. Students can choose from four different plans, all of which give them access to a custom domain name, SSL security, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and thousands of templates.

Student Discount: 50% off a one-year subscription plan. Students must register with a valid school-issued email address.


Wix is another popular website builder that lets users quickly create professional-looking websites with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Their Wix for Students program helps scholars prepare for their careers with online portfolios and websites. With hundreds of available templates, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and personality.

Student Discount: 50% off all yearly plans with a discount code from Student Beans.