The Best Cloud Storage Services of 2021

Our cloud storage reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 150+ cloud storage companies from across the web. These reviews and our cloud storage guide help small businesses and startups find the best cloud storage service for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services have become a necessary tool in today’s super-connected word. There is no solution that works for all businesses. Your company’s unique needs often determine what type of storage services you should be looking at. While making our list, we looked at some of the most important factors like:

Recovery options

The loss of data is a huge concern for many businesses regardless of how they store important data. Buildings can be lost to natural disasters, along with the information on all the hardware within it like PCs, laptops, and servers. Cloud storage services give organizations the ability to quickly restore and transfer data. Our list consists of services with clear strategies on data recovery like onsite and off-site backup systems.

Collaboration tools

The ideal cloud storage service should allow members of an organization to easily store, share, and edit files on the web. This allows you and members of your organization to access important files regardless of your geographical location and communicate effortlessly. The services on our list provide file versioning, online editing of documents, and mobile access for users.


Your cloud storage service should be able to protect your firm’s sensitive information from hackers. Losing sensitive information that belongs to your company’s clients can erode the trust you spent years building. A storage system having encryption systems is the bare minimum, and most cloud services have them. The storage services that made our list are those who have clear security protocols like data encryption, offline storage system, and secured physical servers.

The 16 Best Cloud Storage Services of 2021

CompanyPriceFree TrialMore
Amazon Web ServicesPay-per-use3-monthVisit Amazon Web Services
Box$5-$35 per month14-dayVisit Box
Carbonite$6-$50 per month30-dayVisit Carbonite
CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box$12 per month30-dayVisit CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box
Citrix ShareFile$10-$24.40 per user per month30-dayVisit Citrix ShareFile
Dropbox$11.99-$25 per month30-dayVisit Dropbox
Druva inSyncStarts at $4 / user / month30-dayVisit Druva inSync
Egnyte$8-$20 per month14-dayVisit Egnyte
IBM Cloud Object Storage$0.00099- $0.022 per GB/monthNoneVisit IBM Cloud Object Storage
IDrive$52.12-$74.62 per year14-dayVisit IDrive
Nextcloud$2,235-$10,470 per year14-dayVisit Nextcloud
pCloud$4.99-$9.99 per month30-dayVisit pCloud
SugarSync$7.49-$55 per month30-dayVisit SugarSync
Tresorit$10-$24 per month14-dayVisit Tresorit
Zoolz$15-$75 per month14-dayVisit Zoolz

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon-Web-Services Logo
AWS provides organizations with a wide range of cloud-based services like enterprise applications, storage databases, developer tools, networking systems, and content delivery networks just to name a few. With over 140 cloud-based products provided by AWS, it provides small business, medium-sized businesses, and start-ups with the foundation they need to be competitive. Having access to these services allows firms to lower their IT costs, work more efficiently, and scale.

With Amazon Web Services, firms get their IT needs addressed and pay for exactly what they use. It leads to lower IT costs and increased efficiency without having to sacrifice user experience or performance.

With Amazon services, organizations get to enjoy features like:

  • Unlimited storage
  • File versioning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Database encryptions
  • Customized solutions that address their organization’s needs

Many of the products provided by AWS come with a three-month trial period. AWS prices tend to be lower than that of their competitors.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Pay-per-use3-month>Compatible with all browsers and platforms
>256-bit AES data encryption
>Offers two-factor authentication
>More features at AWS

Pros & Cons of Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage
Organizations that go with AWS are only required to pay for services on a per-use basis. Their unlimited server capacity available allows companies to scale with ease. AWS systems are better suited for the more experienced web developer. Firms that need technical assistance are required to pay for it

>Customers pay for exactly what they use>Clients have to pay a fee for technical support
>User-friendly interface provides access to a wide range of services and applications>High-tech security systems limit some features
>Unlimited server capacity great for growing businesses>The myriad of services provided by AWS can be confusing for non-technical users

What Customers Are Saying
Most users appreciate the affordability of the services provided by AWS with comments like, “You can design performance capable infrastructure at up to 80% cheaper than other services.” The reliability of the AWS system did not go unnoticed either. “Besides planned maintenance windows, there is no interruption to the services provided,” one user stated.


Box-Personal Logo
Box provides cloud storage solutions for small startups to medium-sized businesses. Their plans start at $5 per month/user for their Starter plan and max out at $35 per month/user for their Enterprise solution. Features users get include:

  • The ability to connect with an unlimited number of devices
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Compatibility with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome
  • 256-bit AES data encryption
  • File versioning and online editing
  • Two-factor authentication

Features like Box Sync, which become available once you upgrade from a free plan work seamlessly. It is simply a matter of turning file syncing on and off as needed. Users also get a mobile application that allows them to browse through and upload files on the go.

Box free personal plans come with 10GB of space and a 250MB limit per upload. A $10 upgrade gets users access to 100GB of storage room and a 5GB per upload limit.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
Box Personal Accounts are free
$10 per month for Personal Pro Account
14-day>Compatible with popular browsers and platforms
>File versioning and sharing
>Can connect with an unlimited number of devices
>More features at Box

Pros & Cons of Box Cloud Storage Services
Box comes with an easy-to-use web interface. It clearly displays what features are available to each user and those that require a paid account. User information is protected with 256-bit AES encryption and access to data can be protected with two-factor authentication.

>Free account users get 10GB of storage>Uploads are limited to 250MB for free account users
>Allows users to connect with an unlimited number of devices>Lack of complete control of interface might frustrate advanced users
>Easy-to-use web interface>Does not offer direct live editing

What Customers Are Saying
Box Personal provides startups and small businesses with the tools they need to secure important data in the cloud and to improve how well team members collaborate. The straightforward web interface is a favorite among current users. “Simple and easy to organize. Box has reasonable customization options while not overwhelming the average user,” one user adds.


Carbonite Logo
Carbonite provides bare-bones cloud storage solutions with easy to use interfaces. The client is currently available on both Mac and Windows, but not yet on Linux. It provides members of an organization with the basic tools they need to store and share files.

Carbonite works best as a back-up system, with automatic backups available for as low as $6 per month. The platform and its limited features are aimed at basic users who only need the bare minimum. Some useful collaboration tools like online file editing are not available. Also, the client is not compatible with IOS or Android so users cannot access their information on the go. Carbonite users get to enjoy features like:

  • Simple cloud backup system to protect essential files
  • The ability to restore corrupted files
  • Advanced data encryption
  • Scalable storage systems
  • Location tracking, legal hold, and remote wipe for endpoint management
  • Complete solutions that include cloud storage services, software, and hardware
  • Data migration for cloud to cloud transfers
PriceFree TrialFeatures
$6 per month for Home
$24 per month for Business Tier 1
$50 per month for Business Tier 2
30-day>128 or 256-bit data encryption provided
>File versioning available
>Two-factor authentication available
>More features at Carbonite

Pros and Cons of Carbonite Cloud Storage Services
Carbonite’s client was designed to be simple to navigate for the basic user. It makes backing up data and restoring points easy. User data is protected by advanced encryptions and the Carbonite client allows users to restore previous versions of edited files. The biggest drawback associated with this cloud service is the lack of mobile functionality.

>Straightforward client interface>Files cannot be accessed or backed up with mobile devices
>Simplifies the process of backing up and restoring files>No way to control bandwidth being used by the client
>Automated system that only needs to be setup>Restoring files take longer than other clients

What Customers Are Saying
Carbonite’s cloud storage services provide users with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all their important data is backed up regularly. Most people who use the Carbonite client are impressed by how easy it is to install with comments like, “Upon setup, it walks you through the entire process. Doesn’t get any easier than that,” a current user states.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

CertainSafe-Digital-Safety-Deposit-Box Logo
CertainSafe’s cloud storage services are designed to protect an organization’s important files from external and internal threats. The client encrypts and secures data while in transit as well as during storage.

CertainSafe provides a level of sophistication that involves using digital tokens to safely store and distribute data across a myriad of highly-protected servers to give users secure and private cloud storage. The redundant security systems used by CertainSafe ensure hackers will not be able to decipher any data collected in the event of a breach.

CertainSafe’s collaboration tools prevent the need to send files through unsecured channels. Other features that come with CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box include:

  • Users do not need to install apps or software to use the system
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2013 and its apps
  • Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to store and retrieve files
  • Live chat feature makes collaboration more efficient
PriceFree TrialFeatures
$12 per month/user30-day>Provides users with 100GB of storage
>Up to 500 devices can be connected to an account
> 256-bit AES data encryptions
>More features at CertainSafe

Pros and Cons of CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box
CertainSafe provides users with secure cloud storage solutions. The system provides 256-bit AES encryptions, and it stores small bits of data on separate secure servers so unauthorized leaks do not leave the files compromised. The interface comes with a secure chat system that allows collaborators to discuss sensitive materials.

>Uses military-grade level encryption to secure data>No way to gain access to data if password and security questions are lost
>Easy-to-use software that does not require any software installation>Website interface could be improved
>Provides secure chat for easier collaboration>No online editing function

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love how easy the CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box client is to use. Security is virtually guaranteed with their system, and the secure chat system is a hit. “It brings ultra-high-level security while simultaneously not forcing users to jump through hoops to gain access,” one happy user explained.

Citrix® ShareFile™

Citrix-ShareFile Logo
Citrix ShareFile is a cloud storage service that allows users to share files and documents with team members and their clients. It also provides file sync integration, file sharing, and a secure email system. It is great for scalability with three plans offered starting with a $10 standard plan per user.

Citrix ShareFile provides a mobile app for android and iOS users to access their files on the go. The user interface can be customized to suit an organization’s color scheme and logo. Citrix ShareFile cloud storage systems provide:

  • Military-grade 256-bit AES data encryption
  • Earlier versions of uploaded files are stored
  • Documents can be edited online
  • Access to the user interface can be protected with two-factor authentication
PriceFree TrialFeatures
Standard: $10/user/month
Advanced: $15.40/user/month
Premium: $24.40/user/month
30-day>Users get unlimited storage space
>The Citrix ShareFile platform is compatible with commonly used browsers
>File can be securely edited online
>More features at Citrix ShareFile

Pros and Cons of Citrix ShareFile Cloud Storage Service
Citrix ShareFile allows members of an organization to easily store, share, and edit files in the cloud. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that can be integrated with popular software like Microsoft Office and Outlook. Files stored on the Citrix ShareFile platform are protected with 256-bit AES encryption.

>Files can be easily shared using links>Mobile editing capability is limited
>Makes collaboration easier>Pricing could be more competitive
>Platform integrates easily with Outlook and Office>Search function is limited

What Customers Are Saying
Citrix ShareFile works well for most organizations and individuals who need to share files with people they work with and their clients. Users get unlimited storage capability and the ability to access their files via their smartphones. “ShareFile makes it easy to share large data files with external entities,” one user states. “Any given file/folder can be shared via a simple link. Security can be enabled if desired.”


Dropbox Logo
Dropbox provides cloud storage systems for individuals and firms looking to securely store and share files. The user platform can be integrated with many of the tools used by organizations like Microsoft office. Dropbox can also serve as a meeting point for team members to share ideas.

Files stored on the Dropbox platform are protected with 256-bit AES encryption and protected with two-factor authentication. Solutions are provided for both individual users and large businesses. Features that come with Dropbox cloud systems include:

  • Platform compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Safari
  • Files are protected with two-factor authentication
  • File versioning allows for the restoration of earlier versions of documents
  • Files can be edited in the cloud
PriceFree TrialFeatures
Standard: $15/user/month for 5 TB storage;
Advanced: $25/user/month for unlimited storage;
Custom quote for Enterprise plan


Basic: Free for 2 GB storage
Plus: $11.99/month for 1 TB storage;
Professional: $19.99/month for 3 TB storage
30-day>Unlimited storage space for Advanced plans
>256-bit AES data collection
>File versioning and online editing available
>More features at Dropbox

Pros and Cons of Dropbox Cloud Storage Services
Dropbox makes files sharing easier for individuals and organizations that require internal collaboration. The process of backing up essential files is simplified and their data security is good enough for most organizations with 256-bit AES encryption.

>Makes it easy to store and backup documents>Desktop sync function can be buggy
>Users get an unlimited amount of storage space>Poor compression of video files makes it challenging to view them while in the cloud
>Integrated Microsoft Office forms lead to a more familiar experience for users>Lacks advanced controls

What Customers Are Saying
Dropbox provides users with easy access to their files and the ability to share with those they choose. It allows small businesses to run more efficiently. “We used Dropbox across our small, mostly distributed company,” a small business director explains. “We travel to clients quite a bit, so it has been a great way to keep all our files in the same place and to access information/documents on the go.”

Druva inSync

durva logo
Druva provides organizations with cloud storage services, data management, and data protection. The Druva platform makes it easy to scale business while reducing the expenditure on software and hardware management.

Druva turns cloud storage into an asset by making collaboration easier and giving organizations the ability to share confidential documents with their clients. Druva inSync allows users to access their files from multiple platforms such as PCs and mobile interfaces. Druva’s system makes it easy to manage users and grant them appropriate levels of access. Druva inSync comes with features like:

  • File versioning so previous versions of edited files can be easily recovered
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access of files
  • Online and mobile file editing
  • Easy migration of files from one computer to another
  • User location tracking to prevent misuse of files
  • The easy to use interface provided by Druva inSync reduces the need for IT support
PriceFree TrialFeatures
Varies for each user30-day>Saves previous versions of stored files
>Web and mobile editing of files
>Additional security with two-factor authentication
>More features at Druva inSync

Pros and Cons of Druva inSync Cloud Storage Services
Druva inSync makes it easier for firms to organize, store, and protect their documents. The platform is easy to use regardless of how web-savvy the user is, plus backups and restorations only take a few clicks of a button. The platform comes with a centralized administration console that makes it easy to add and manage existing users.

>Easy-to-use platform>The speed at which files are synced could be improved
>Backing up and restoring data could not be easier>Does not support a wide range of cloud-based apps
>Centralized admin console makes it easy to manage multiple users>On-premise version of Druva inSync no longer offered

What Customers Are Saying
Many Druva inSync users are happy with how effortless it makes files storage, backups, and sharing. “The ability to track files and their use with the auditing system is unparalleled,” one user states. “We can generate reports on a user or a file/folder to see who has accessed it and when.”


Egnyte Logo
Egnyte provides capable cloud services on a scalable platform that expands with an organization’s growth. It gives users loss-free, secure cloud storage while allowing for the easy transfer and sharing of files. The platform provides features like:

  • Users can connect with an unlimited number of devices
  • File versioning system saves earlier versions of edited files
  • 256-bit AES data encryption protects confidential information
  • Two-factor authentication restricts access to confidential files
  • Egnyte cloud client is compatible with popular internet browsers like Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

Egnyte’s cloud storage client is designed to meet all of an organization’s storage needs. It can be a useful tool for startups, mid-sized businesses, and some large enterprises. The platform makes it equally simple to manage files on an organization’s in-house servers or the cloud.

It offers a file-locking feature that can limit access to a file to a single user at one time, making it easier to avoid duplication. This separates Egnyte’s file-sharing capabilities as one that is designed specifically for the needs of fast-moving businesses.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$8 per user/month Office plan
$20 per user/month Business plan
$10 per user/month Team plan
15-day>Users can connect with an unlimited number of devices
>Comes with a file locking feature
>Files can be edited on the cloud
>More features at Egnyte

Pros and Cons of Egnyte Cloud Storage Services
Current users of Egnyte Cloud Storage services appreciate how easy it is to install the application. Once installed, the client makes it easy to secure and back up files in the cloud. It makes sharing documents internally and externally a simple process. Files can be continuously synced so changes made on a hard drive are instantly reflected in the cloud.

>Easy-to-install application>Does not provide users with a history of past views and downloads
>Allows for file sharing with non-organization members>Customer support could be improved
>Provides continuous syncing of files>Outdated user interface

What Customers Are Saying
Most users of Egnyte are happy with how simple it makes sharing, storing, and restoring files. “Egnyte is being used by every department in our organization,” one user explains. “It is used for sharing and collecting database files from our customers, which contain sensitive PHI about patients from many different hospitals.”

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM-Cloud-Object-Storage Logo
IBM’s cloud storage service gives users the ability to store a virtually unlimited amount of data at competitive effective rates. The platform can be used to backup and archive data that can be easily accessed via mobile applications or the web.

The flexible storage tiers provided by IBM allows organizations to meet their data storage needs while being able to manage costs. The platform comes with a high-speed data option that makes file transfers quick and efficient. Users can also run analytics on data in the cloud thanks to the query-in-place functionality. IBM cloud storage users get to enjoy features like:

  • Files can be edited and analyzed in the cloud
  • Data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Earlier versions of edited files are automatically saved
  • Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing data
PriceFree TrialFeatures
$0.022 per GB/month Standard Plan for active workloads
$0.012 per GB/month Vault Plan for less active workloads
$0.006 per GB/month Cold Vault Plan for cold workloads
$0.00099 per GB/month Archive Plan
N/A>File versioning saves previous versions of modified files
>Provides mobile access to files and data
>Data protected with 256-bit AES encryption
>More features at IBM Cloud Object Storage

Pros and Cons of IBM Cloud Storage Services
IBM cloud storage service simplifies the process of storing, sharing, and protecting files for organizations. It provides an affordable cloud storage service that charges customers on a data use basis. It comes with a high-speed option that allows for quick uploads and downloads of large files.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: $25/user/month
Professional: $59/user/month
Business: $119/user/month
14-Day Free Trial, Free Demo> Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS, Android, iOS
> Support: 24/7 (live rep), business hours, online
>Lead and deal management
> More features at Copper

What Customers Are Saying
IBM Cloud Object Storage goes past simply providing a storage and backup solution, it makes it easier to run a business. “A secure way to keep user and organization data safe,” a user explains. “With IBM Cloud, an administrator can set role-based policies and access permission across each level.”


IDrive Logo
IDrive’s cloud storage system comes with a variety of features that make it easier to store, protect, and share data with members of an organization or its customers. The IDrive client backups files in the background without affecting the workstation’s productivity. It does this by compressing and incrementally backing up files.

The client makes backing up and restoring files with the web console just as straightforward. It allows users to remotely manage multiple computers through the web console and perform a variety of tasks like backups and restorations. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Users can connect to the web console with any type of browser
  • Organizations get up to 12.5TB of storage space
  • Important files can be protected with two-factor authentication
  • Data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption and disaster recovery systems
  • Multiple users and their permission levels can be managed from an admin console
PriceFree TrialFeatures
$52.12 Personal Plan for the first year
$74.62 Business Plan for the first year
14-day>Users can connect with multiple devices
>The web console is compatible with all browsers
>File versioning and online editing capability
>More features at IDrive

Pros and Cons of IDrive Cloud Storage Services
IDrive’s cloud services provide businesses with the tools they need to make managing internal files a lot simpler. While the system can be a challenge for non-technical users, the system runs on autopilot once it has been set up to meet a firm’s needs.

>The system works seamlessly once it has been set up>The interface can be confusing for non-experienced users
>Provides cloud and local backup options>Customer service could be improved
>File versioning system keeps old files infinitely>Sync speeds could be improved

What Customers Are Saying
Many users are happy with how effortless IDrive’s cloud storage system makes backing up files on multiple computers and making them accessible on the go. “IDrive is perfect for anyone that has stores or backups of critical, important, or sensitive data,” a user states. “It is great for users who may have multiple devices.”


Nextcloud Logo
Nextcloud cloud storage services make it easy to manage important data and to share or backup documents. The client also powers a secured video chat system that makes collaboration more efficient. The platform does all this while protecting the organization’s information with military-level 256-bit AES.

Files are automatically backed up and previous versions are stored so they can be easily restored when needed. The platform allows collaboration across any platform with mobile and web access to files. The client can be integrated with over a hundred apps, making it possible to use the cloud storage system as a complete environment for business or home use. Notable features include:

  • An excellent solution for organizations looking to self-host their servers
  • Unrivaled encryption system
  • Access can be restricted with two-factor authentication
  • Documents can be edited in the cloud
PriceFree TrialFeatures
$2,235-$10,470 per year based on a three-tier plan system14-day>Client is compatible with major browsers
>Provides the highest level of data security possible
>Documents can be edited on the go
>More features at Nextcloud

Pros and Cons of Nextcloud Cloud Services
Nextcloud provides organizations with all the tools they need to share and edit essential documents. The software is easy to install and set up, and the same can be said about adding new user accounts. Nextcloud also allows users to set up virtual meetings with collaborators through the platform’s encrypted video chat system.

>Client is easy to install and update>Not integrated with MS-365
>Creating and managing user accounts could not be easier>Some features need user documentation
>Tools like file sharing and video chat make collaboration easy>One of the pricier options

What Customers Are Saying
Nextcloud’s cloud storage can help any organization to run more efficiently while providing top-end security. “It was vital from the very beginning, it was more open, it was more stable – and everything you needed to get it up and running worked like a charm straight from the scratch,” a user explains.


pCloud Logo
pCloud is one of the smaller companies that provide cloud storage services to individuals and organizations. Users can share and access documents from anywhere, making it easier to collaborate with team members or clients. pCloud plans are competitively priced, starting at $4.99 for the Premium plan and $9.99 for the Premium Plus plan. It offers online and local data 256-bit AES encryption.

pCloud plans provide users with up to 2TB of storage space. Any data stored can be accessed from up to five devices. Other features users get to explore include:

  • The client is compatible with all browsers
  • Previous versions of files are automatically saved for 30 days for easy restorations as needed
  • Documents and files can be edited in the cloud
  • An easy-to-use web interface that simplifies collaboration

The syncing feature pCloud provides allows users to sync important files to their local storage system or the cloud.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$4.99 per month Premium plan
$9.99 per month Premium Plus plan
30-day>Users can connect to the platform with up to five devices
>Provides 256-bit AES encryption for local and cloud storage
> File versioning and online editing capability
>More features at pCloud

Pros and Cons of pCloud Cloud Storage Services
pCloud provides individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with tools they need to remain organized in today’s fast-paced marketplace. It allows members of an organization to collaborate efficiently and it provides a safe way to send sensitive data to clients.

>Great value>Larger organizations might need more features
>Simple interface>Backups could be stored for longer
>Allows for local and cloud storage and backups

What Customers Are Saying
pCloud is an excellent cloud storage system for smaller organizations looking for affordable cloud solutions. “This is the best software for storing the data and documents and it also provides the best storage software for all types of important files and documents,” one user writes. “I personally use this software because all of its features are so great and easy to use.”


SugarSync Logo
SugarSync gives individuals and firms the ability to safely store and secure important files on the cloud. The platform comes with a sync function that can automatically save changes made to documents on hard drives and sync them with versions stored online.

The SugarSync client allows users to view, edit, and save documents from up to three devices. It makes it easy to access important documents on the go. The platform also simplifies how organizations and individuals share confidential documents with others.

The file-sharing function gives users complete control regarding which team members can view or edit files. The simple link creation system makes sharing documents as easy as sending an encrypted link. Features included with SugarSync cloud storage services include:

  • File versioning system saves previous versions of synced and edited files
  • Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption
  • Users get up to 1 TB of storage space
  • Mobile functionality allows users to access and edit files on the go
PriceFree TrialFeatures
Personal plans:
$7.49 per month for 100GB;
$9.99 per month for 250GB;
$18.95 per month for 500GB;

Business plan:
$55 per month for 1000 GB
30-day>Restricts access to documents with two-factor authentication
>Platform compatible with most browsers
>Mobile access to files
>More features at SugarSync

Pros and Cons of SugarSync Cloud Storage Services
SugarSync cloud storage system works well for individuals and small businesses looking for an effective way to organize important files. It gives them access to their documents from anywhere with internet access. It comes with a file sync function that saves all changes and uploads them to the cloud.

>File sync function does not interfere with productivity>The client can be buggy at times
>Files can be accessed from any device with internet access>Customer support limited to email
>Users can create encrypted folders>Lacks advanced collaboration tools

What Customers Are Saying
Many SugarSync customers are happy with the features provided. “Can sync any folder, customizable by device,” one user states. “The ability to sync multiple devices across platforms is great, including mobile for true access anywhere. Copying a public link is a great, easy way to send a file to someone.”


Tresorit Logo
Tresorit’s cloud storage service focuses on providing solutions for individuals and businesses looking for an easy-to-use content collaboration system that safeguards files with end-to-end military-grade encryption.

Tresorit provides users with encrypted links that negate the need to share important documents with less secure means like emails. The platform allows users to securely send and receive files from those they choose, regardless of if they have Tresorit accounts.

Documents stored on Tresorit’s systems can be accessed with any type of device that connects to the internet, from anywhere. It allows team members within an organization to remain productive on the go. Tresorit cloud storage services help to keep businesses compliant with regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, and ISO. Noteworthy features include:

  • User can connect to the cloud with up to 100 devices
  • Files can be edited in the cloud
  • Platform compatible with all major platforms
  • Two-factor authentication restricts access to files
PriceFree TrialFeatures
Individual plans:
$10.42 per month Premium plan;
$24 per month Solo plan.

Business plans:
$20 per user/month Small Business plan;
$12 per user/month Business plan;
$24 per user/month Enterprise plan.
14-day>File versioning system saves earlier versions of edited files
>Data protected with 256-bit AES encryption
>Users get up to 1TB of storage space
>More features at Tresorit

Pros and Cons of Tresorit Cloud Services
Tresorit cloud storage service provides a simple system that allows people and businesses to securely store and transfer documents in the cloud. The high-end security provided by Tresorit makes it easy for businesses to remain compliant with regulations regarding the storage of customer information like CCPA.

>Works on most platforms>The client freezes occasionally
>Great mix of usability and security>No way to retrieve lost passwords
>Platform requires no prior experience with cloud services>Sync function can be slow

What Customers Are Saying

While a few customers wished Tresorit plans could be more affordable, most are happy with the services received. “Easy to use safe and secure cloud file system integrated with Mac Finder and iOS devices,” a user writes. “Sharing is easy to set up, yet secure and under the sharing party control.”


Zoolz Logo
Zoolz provides data storage and backup systems that make it easy for individuals and businesses to protect their important files. The storage system uses 256-bit AES military-level encryption to ensure unauthorized users cannot access data stored on their servers.

Zoolz provides essential file-sharing services that allow an unlimited number of devices to connect to files. It can serve as a meeting point for team members or businesses and their clients to share ideas and data. Features provided by Zoolz include:

  • File versioning makes it easy to restore previous versions of files
  • Reliable storage with high-level encryption
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access
  • Zoolz systems are up-to-date with General Data Protection Compliance (GDPR)
  • Files stored in the cloud can be edited there
  • Provides vault and cold storage

Zoolz users get well-designed desktop and web apps, plus good upload speeds. It is all managed with an easy-to-install client that prominently displays what the user’s current backup status is.

PriceFree TrialFeatures
$15 per month for 1TB
$30 per month for 2TB
$75 per month for 5TB
14-day>Data protected with 256-bit AES encryption
>An unlimited number of devices can connect to the cloud
>Compatible with popular browsers like Chrome
>More features at Zoolz

Pros and Cons of Zoolz Cloud Storage Services
Zoolz provides the same level of security many banks use to secure their data. It automatically backs up files used by individuals or firms, and the interface makes it easy to complete tasks like restorations, file sharing, and online edits.

>Excellent for automated backups>Does not offer automatic file syncing
>Interface makes it easy to access files and make restorations>Upload speeds could be improved
>Fast customer service

What Customers Are Saying
Zoolz gets decent reviews from many of their customers with comments like, “I like Zoolz cloud backup because it automatically backs up all downloads, pictures, and documents in cold storage,” a user adds. “You can set up the hot storage if you want to access the files via the internet. This eliminates the use of USB devices.”

What is a Cloud Storage Service?

Cloud storage services help individuals and businesses to store, protect, and make data easily accessible over a secure network, typically the web. Many cloud storage services allow users to decrease or increase their storage capacity as their business needs indicate.

Cloud storage systems use a cloud computing model that allows businesses to skip having to purchase and maintain in-office data storage systems. These systems allow businesses to be more flexible and give them the ability to access data from anywhere.

Companies that provide cloud storage services often work as a third-party that operates data storage and security. These companies provide users with applications that give authorized individuals and firms access to their secured data.

The main types of cloud storage systems currently offered are block storage, file storage, and object storage.

  • Object storage: These are preferred by organizations that develop applications in the cloud thanks to their metadata and great scalability. These systems can also be used to import data for backups or analytics
  • File storage: These often serve as a storage system for applications that need access to shared files
  • Block storage: This uses block-based solutions that work similarly to the way Storage Area Networks or Direct-attached Storage works

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services

The benefits cloud storage services can add to a business include:

  • Eliminates need to own hardware: Organizations that use cloud storage systems do not have to provision for data storage or IT hardware purchases. They can increase their storage capacity as their business needs indicate, paying for only services and storage used.
  • Faster deployment: Hosting onsite storage systems can slow down the growth of a company as their needs expand. Cloud storage systems allow firms to easily increase their storage needs so more complex problems can be solved.
  • Improves collaboration: Keeping important data and files in the cloud allows team members within an organization to easily access files. It makes it easy to lock down confidential files or to restrict access to certain files. Businesses have to adhere to regulations like GDPR when it comes to storing sensitive customer information.
  • Protect data: Cloud storage services provide a level of encryption many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to host in-house. Many of the top providers use the same level of encryption used by the military and banks.
  • Automation: Cloud storage services allow companies to automate tasks like file backups and syncing. It makes it easier to recover important files lost due to in-office hardware being damaged.

What to Look for in a Cloud Storage Service

Figuring out which cloud storage service works best for your organization can be overwhelming given the myriad of options available. Some of the top features you should be looking at include:

  • File versioning: This feature keeps multiple versions of all the files stored in the cloud. It makes it easy to restore earlier versions of files that have been wrongly edited or deleted. It also allows users to compare different versions of files.
  • Automatic syncing: Cloud storage services often automatically sync files stored on hardware with those on the cloud. It automatically loads newly created files to the cloud. The benefits of this service include making collaboration easier and the ability to access updated files from anywhere there is a network connection. Some cloud storage services even allow users to access information while offline.
  • Data encryption: Building effective security systems can be quite a challenge when you have limited IT experience. Many providers use features like military-grade encryption and fragmenting databases to protect user information. Users often have the option to use two-factor authentication to restrict access to files.
  • Flexibility: Cloud storage services give users the flexibility to increase their storage capacity as their organization grows.

The Cost of Cloud Storage Services

Some cloud storage services offer free accounts that come with limited features. That might be enough to satisfy the needs of an individual starting a business, but more robust plans will be needed as a company grows. Pricing for these starts at $3 per month for smaller businesses to $975 per month solutions for large enterprises.

Some cloud storage services allow users to pay for only storage and services used. It is up to you to decide if a fixed rate per month or pay-per-GB pay structure works best for your organization’s needs. Many cloud providers offer a trial period that allows users to test out their platform to determine if it is right for their needs.