15 Secure Check Printing Services For Businesses

Katie Horne
Last Updated on October 21, 2020
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Checks are essential for small businesses. They are one of the key methods for making payments to employees, partners, and suppliers.

As such, working with a reliable, secure check-printing company is important. You need to have a set of quality checks on hand while minimizing the financial risk to you due to rogue printers and fraud.

Whether you are printing the checks yourself or you are ordering a series of preprinted checks, security is vital. You do not want rogue employees to print checks and walk away with the funds, and you do not want your checks to be easily counterfeited for the same reason.

From highly-secure laser checks to computer checks and manual checks, we cover some of the best check printing services and software on the market today.

9 Popular Business Check Printing Services

A variety of checks abound today, and the best option for you depends on the needs of your business.

  • High-security checks offer the ultimate safeguard against fraud by using tools like non-washable ink, holograms, and specialty printing techniques
  • Payroll checks
  • Voucher checks
  • Computer-printable checks.

The following companies offer a mix of options to their customers.

Deluxe: Secure Business Laser Checks

Deluxe offers a variety of products for small businesses, including both business checks and e-business checks for digital transactions.

deluxe check printing

Their business checks offerings are robust (including blank checks for on-the-go, ad hoc payments), though new users may find the number of options available to be slightly confusing. Deluxe also offers deposit slips.

If you are interested in a variety of products for your small business, Deluxe may appeal to you.

  • Business Check Types: High-security, laser, high-security manual, and manual options
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $36.79 for 40 manual checks

Checks in the Mail: Personal and Business Checks

Checks in the Mail, which is owned by Harland Clarke (a partner to many financial institutions that offer checking accounts) offers a variety of check options for both personal and business use.

The company also offers accessories like registers, address stamps, and checkbook covers.

checks in the mail printing

The prices aren’t the lowest, but Checks in the Mail frequently offers sales and coupon codes.

  • Business Check Types: Computer checks, manual checks
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $53.99 for 252 general-purpose checks

Check Advantage: Thousands of Check Designs

Checks aren’t cheap, but Check Advantage strives to help you save money by offering free delivery and not charging processing fees.

check advantage printing

The company offers 2500+ exclusive designs, with discounts up to 75% off what a financial institution would charge you for checks.

  • Business Check Types: Laser checks, manual checks
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $35.35 for 300 manual, general disbursement checks

Walmart Checks: Customizable Multi-Purpose Checks

Walmart Checks mostly focuses on offering personal checks, but they also have several appropriate products for businesses, like payroll options and voucher checks.

walmart check printing

Walmart offers fewer choices than some of the other check providers on this list, and the customization options for the check printing services are modest.

  • Business Check Types: High-security, manual, computer checks, and voucher checks
  • Customization Features: Limited
  • Pricing: From $32.96 for 100 manual, two-per-page checks

OrderMyChecks.com: Business-Specific Check Templates

OrderMyChecks.com is another brand affiliated with Harland Clarke, a check printing-company partnered with major financial institutions.

order my checks printing

OrderMyChecks.com promises fast, easy ordering. You only need to provide the most basic of information before being redirected to the appropriate check options.

  • Business Check Types: Computer checks, manual checks
  • Customization Features: Limited
  • Pricing: From $65.99 per box

Vistaprint: Encrypted Check Purchases

With a variety of custom printed products, Vistaprint includes customized checks for both personal and business use.

vistaprint printing

Vistaprint doesn’t sell as many options when it comes to customizing their checks as its competitors, but it has some of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

  • Business Check Types: Computer checks, manual checks
  • Customization Features: Limited
  • Pricing: From $2.99 for manual checks at $29.99 for computer checks

Costco Checks: Inexpensive Business Checks

Costco partners with Harland Clarke to offer its customers business check printing services. According to Costco, customers can save up to 50% over bank pricing and you also get free shipping.

Costco check printing

You must be a Costco member to purchase checks. If you upgrade to an Executive Costco membership you may save even more.

  • Business Check Types: High-security, computer, and manual checks
  • Customization Features: No
  • Pricing: From $16.22 for 150 proprietor checks with an Executive membership

Check Gallery: High-Security Checks Available in Bulk

Check Gallery, which was formerly known as 4checks.com, doesn’t directly offer business products. Rather, they partner with the Business Check Products division of Checks Unlimited to sell business and computer checks.

check gallery printing

Checks Unlimited provides a number of good deals to its customers, including volume discounts and free shipping.

  • Business Check Types: Manual, computer, and high-security checks
  • Customization Features: No
  • Pricing: From $43.12 for 300 three-on-a-page checks

Carousel Checks: Affordable Laser Check Printing

Carousel Checks over 3500 check products, including business checks that cost less than half the cost of those offered by banks and other financial institutions.

carousel check printing

Given the lengthy list of laser and manual check options provided by Carousel, we think you’ll likely find the options for which you are looking. Carousel Checks also sells blank checks, voucher checks, pre-printed deposit slips, and a wide range of accessories.

  • Business Check Types: Manual, computer, and high-security/laser checks
  • Customization Features: No
  • Pricing: From $19.95 for 300 checks

6 Secure Business Check Printing Software

Rather than purchasing a set of pre-printed checks, you can opt for business check printing software. Check printing software allows you to make use of your computer and your printer to create checks on an ad hoc basis.

The specifics vary based on the option you choose, but generally speaking, you can expect to purchase specialty check-printing paper. You may also need printer ink cartridges.

Note: When printing at home, you likely won’t be able to create the ultra high-security checks that check printing companies offer. However, many check-printing software allow you to print several check types that are more secure than traditional options which are less likely to be fraudulently doctored by unauthorized parties.

Checksoft Home & Business (Windows)

Checksoft Home & Business (and its premium sister product, Platinum) allows you to integrate with several accounting software apps. You can also print business checks, payroll checks, and deposit slips without using a third-party service.

Those for whom a custom check is important will appreciate the 1000+ background images and 100+ check templates that are included.

checksoft printing

Checksoft also comes with financial, billing, and cash management features.

  • Business Check Types: Payroll, manual, computer checks
  • Accounting Software Integrations: QuickBooks, Quicken, and Bookkeeper
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $49.99 per single-user license

CheckBuilder Pro (Windows and macOS)

CheckBuilder Pro allows both Windows and Mac users to print checks using computers and printers they already own. You can create and print blank checks or you can print completed computer checks. All of the checks you created are recorded in the included registrar.

checkbuilder pro printing

You can also integrate with accounting software and reconcile your bank statements (for as many accounts as you’d like) and printed reports. CheckBuilder Pro also comes with the ability to print both summary and detail custom reports.

  • Business Check Types: Manual, computer checks
  • Accounting Software Integrations: 5+
  • Customization Features: Available, but you are limited to changing the logos used, your signature, and the check’s font
  • Pricing: From $39.95 per single-user license

VersaCheck (Windows and macOS)

VersaCheck offers a variety of home and business productivity tools, including automation and check printing. VersaCheck works with multiple bank accounts and checkbooks. Those who need a high-volume of checks would find the unlimited print credits add-on useful.

Most of the options on this list assume a US audience, but VersaCheck is one of the few that specifically mention that they’re compatible with use in Canada.

versacheck check printing

VersaCheck also sells a variety of automation apps for use with various accounting software programs.

  • Business Check Types: Manual, voucher, and computer checks and more (excepting high-security checks, though the suite comes with some security tools for printed checks)
  • Accounting Software Integrations: QuickBooks, Quicken, Money
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $59.99 per single-user license

ezCheck Printing (Windows)

ezCheck Printing allows you to print professional-looking checks with logos, micro-encoding, and signatures using a printer you already own.

You can print a variety of check types, with the check located on different parts of the page (e.g., top or middle). It integrates with a variety of accounting software and supports recurring check payments.

ezcheck printing

ezCheckPrinting comes with a free trial for those who want to see its capabilities before purchasing.

  • Business Check Types: Any, except high-security checks
  • Accounting Software Integrations: 5+
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $39.00 per single-user license

CheckPrint’R+ & CheckWriter III+ (Windows and macOS)

CheckPrint’R+ and CheckWriterIII+ strive to be easy-to-use products that let you write and print checks, along with an accompanying letter.

All you have to provide is the name of the payee and numeric amount — CheckWriter takes care of the rest, including recording the check on a register and balancing your accounts.

Unlike many other apps on this list, you can add a maximum of 15 accounts.

checkprintr+ printing

One of the few customizations you can make is whether you want to print one check or three checks per page. You can also print blank checks.

  • Business Check Types: All, except high-security checks
  • Accounting Software Integrations: None
  • Customization Features: Limited
  • Pricing: From $24.99

Chax MICR Check Printing Software (Windows)

MICR Check Printing Software allows you to print checks after you’ve integrated with Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online onto blank check paper (note, however, that MICR Check Printing Software claims it can integrate with “virtually all” accounting problems).

chax micr printing

Chax features robust account integration so that you can be sure that you’re printing checks for the right account. You can customize your check’s configuration, as well as logos and signatures.

  • Business Check Types: Laser, computer, payroll checks
  • Accounting Software Integrations: 10+
  • Customization Features: Available
  • Pricing: From $99.00

Selecting A Reliable Business Check Printing Service Or Software

Business check printing companies are useful for providing check products at a steep discount over the prices charged by banks and financial institutions.

If you shop smart, you can get the same quality products as those offered at higher prices, including the same customization options and security features. Some services also include integrations with accounting software and will even log your spending and balance your accounts for you.

Common Questions About Business Checks

Dealing with business checks can be confusing. Some processes are better learned about before putting them into practice.

What information is required on a business check?

When creating a business check, you must include your business name (or your own name for a sole proprietorship) and address. Including additional contact information is optional and depends on your preference or the standards of your industry.

Other must-have details include the date, check number, routing number, account number, payee name, and the amount (both numeric and worded).

How do you write a business check?

Just fill in the blanks on the check. The order doesn’t matter, but you can make it easier for yourself by following a logical sequence like this:

  1. Fill in the date.
  2. Fill in the payee’s information:
    • Name
    • Amount in words
    • Amount in numbers
  3. Sign your check.

You can also leave a note or a reference, but it’s not required and is entirely down to preference.

Have you used any of these services? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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