The Best Call Tracking Software of 2021

Our call tracking software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 70+ call tracking software companies from across the web. These reviews and our call tracking software guide help small businesses and startups find the best call tracking software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Call Tracking Software

Finding the right call tracking software for your small business can be a challenge. To help you sort through all of the options, we evaluated the best call tracking solutions based on three key features — custom knowledge features, third-party integrations, and reporting and analytics tools.

Customer Knowledge Features

It’s crucial for call tracking software to provide accurate customer and lead insights on incoming calls. Having that information can make the difference between a conversion or a wasted opportunity. For that reason, call tracking software should have features like robust caller ID, caller databases, and caller profiles.


The primary mission of call tracking software is lead generation and customer retention. That makes it important for high-quality software to either have built-in customer relations management (CRM) and sales software, or to be able to integrate with third-party apps that support these services.

Reporting & Analytics

Any successful call tracking software needs the capability to track interactions between agents, leads, and customers. Having this information presented in the right framework can help businesses spot trends, track employee performance, and gain a sense of campaign performance. We look for call tracking software with robust reporting and analysis tools to answer these needs, including features like campaign attribution and conversion tracking.

The 20 Best Call Tracking Software Solutions of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial / DemoVisit
ActiveDEMANDCustom quoteFree trial availableVisit ActiveDEMAND
CallcapStarting price: $29/month30-day trialVisit Callcap
CallFireStarting price: $5/month/user30-day trialVisit CallFire
CallHippoCustom quoteFree demoVisit CallHippo
CallRailStarting price:
14-day trialVisit CallRail
CallTrackingMetricsStarting price: $39/month14-day trialVisit CallTrackingMetrics
ClixtellStarting price: $15/month14-day trialVisit Clixtell
CloudTalkStarting price: $15/month/user14-day trialVisit CloudTalk
DialogTechCustom quoteFree Personalized DemoVisit DialogTech
EngageBayStarting price: $14.99/monthFree demoVisit EngageBay
FreshcallerStarting price: $15/month/user7-day trialVisit Freshcaller
HubSpotStarting price: $50/month14-day trialVisit HubSpot
inConcertCustom quoteFree demoVisit inConcert
Invigo EverGeniusCustom quoteFree demoVisit Invigo EverGenius
InvocaCustom quoteFree demoVisit Invoca
JustCallStarting Price: $25.00/month/userFree demoVisit JustCall
LiveVoxCustom quoteFree demoVisit LiveVox
MarchexCustom quote30-day trialVisit Marchex
PhonexaCustom quoteFree trial availableVisit Phonexa
RingCentral OfficeStarting Price: $19.99/user/monthFree trial availableVisit RingCentral Office


ActiveDEMAND Logo
ActiveDEMAND is an integrated business marketing platform that offers tools for managing and reporting on campaigns and brings together a variety of business, marketing and sales apps. It thus does considerably more than just call tracking, although it’s the platform’s call tracking features that will chiefly interest us here.

ActiveDEMAND’s call tracking software features are fairly comprehensive. It provides call tracking (including keyword-based tracking) and analytics. It also records calls and provides transcripts, compiles a caller database and offers incoming caller profiles and caller ID, and supports voice recognition and automated interactive voice response (or IVR) that allows callers to interact with a call-in system using voice only. As part of its much larger marketing platform, ActiveDEMAND also provides campaign attribution and tracking functions. All that’s missing in the feature set is direct integration with a CRM tool.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree trial available (# of trial days depends on the specific configuration of the service)>Call tracking analytics from multiple channels
>"Smart" call routing based on call time, campaign or caller location
>More features at ActiveDEMAND

Pros & Cons of ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Software
ActiveDEMAND’s various packages and functions are available in customized combinations, including its call tracking features, for which there is no set minimum price or contract length. The flexibility of the platform and its full list of call tracking features are strong points in its favor.

>Comprehensive call tracking features
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers of ActiveDEMAND praise the platform’s powerful features and flexibility: “The call tracking capabilities are outstanding.” Its reporting and analytics draw particular praise: “The reporting is very robust so I can see how my efforts are impacting the bottom line.”


Callcap Logo
Callcap was a pioneer in the call tracking software field, having been on the scene for almost two decades. In the present day, the company supports a cloud-based VoIP service for routing, tracking and recording calls. It provides the ability to rate and summarize calls and generate reports based on this data, and on the whole, it supports a broad set of advanced call tracking features.

One of Callcap’s signature features is call recovery, wherein the system tracks occasions when a prospect hangs up without a sale or when customer service fails to meet established standards. Recovery functions include the ranking of high-value missed opportunities, the ability to track them through email and a tool called Callsaver that presents recovery opportunities in a queue to employees. Callcap also provides a wide variety of third-party integrations.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $29 per month
5 local or toll-free numbers 500 minutes
30-day trial>Call monitoring, tracking and recovery
>Customized third-party integrations
>More features at Callcap

Pros & Cons of Callcap Call Tracking Software
Callcap is user-friendly, simplifying in particular the recording, summarizing and analysis of calls, and it offers an extensive features list.

>Strong overall set of call tracking features
>Makes it easy to monitor, summarize and analyze calls
>One of the more expensive options on this list

What Customers Are Saying
Callcap enjoys a strong reputation with clients, especially those seeking to increase the efficiency of their call centers: “I enjoy being able to . . . monitor how [my employees] interact with prospects. This allows me to train them further.” Its ease of use and call recording also draws praise: “Callcap . . . has the greatest ease of use . . . users can access call records for up to 2 years.”


CallFire Logo
CallFire provides a self-service platform aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, designed for managing both local and international cloud-based call centers. It offers many of the crucial features of a modern call tracking service, including customer histories for agents, reporting and analytics that can be linked to Google Analytics, IVR voice recognition and integrated CRM databases.

CallFire also lets users customize agent scripts and record calls, and with the assistance of voice broadcast and text messaging tools, it facilitates the updating of information, sending of alerts and tracking of employee performance by agents on the system. Its IVR features provide for an auto-attendant and use voice recognition to support call routing, phone surveys, appointment scheduling and results tracking. Further integrations and analytics can be created using a custom API.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $5 per month per user
Pay&Go: Starts at $5+
30-day trial>Voice broadcast and text messaging
>A range of IVR tools
>More features at CallFire

Pros & Cons of CallFire Call Tracking Software
CallFire has a flexible and affordable pricing structure that allows users to pay as they go instead of committing to long-term contracts. It provides a strong feature set for the price point that for the most part is easy to use.

>Affordable pricing
>Powerful feature set for the price point
>Most features are easy to use
>Doesn’t offer call transcriptions

What Customers Are Saying
CallFire users typically praise its cost-effectiveness and ease of use: “CallFire is perfect if you need a simple, cost-effective solution to broadcast voice or SMS messages with almost no setup . . . it is dead simple to create and run campaigns.”


With CallHippo’s call tracking software, it’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For each call, you’ll be able to determine which marketing campaign motivated the caller to contact you, the location of the caller, the type of device that the caller used, and many other helpful details.

And CallHippo provides you with many more useful features as well, including call transfer, call queuing, call recording, on hold music, and call analytics.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>Highly detailed call analytics
>On hold music
>More features at CallHippo

Pros & Cons of CallHippo Call Tracking Software

CallHippo provides just about every feature that you could want in a call tracking solution. The only downside is that they don’t offer live customer support.

>Feature-rich call tracking software>No live support available

What Customers Are Saying

CallHippo may not provide live support, but their ticketing system is apparently quite effective. “My company recently migrated to CallHippo, and I can truly say that they provide some of the best customer service,” wrote one user.


CallRail Logo
CallRail is an online marketing and call tracking platform designed to provide detailed information on incoming calls and the position of those prospects in the customer’s journey. It integrates with Google Analytics and with AdWords call tracking campaigns to pull together an extremely detailed picture of caller histories, using email, call logs and caller ID databases to identify trends and determine which channels and campaigns are producing the highest call volume.

In addition to the detailed caller information and analytics, CallRail provides other core features like call recording, keyword tracking and third-party integrations with a range of marketing and sales software including Salesforce. It supports voicemail transcription and SMS messaging, call routing and whisper messages, and a mobile app that allows users to return calls and listen to messages remotely.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price:
$45 per month
14-day Trial>Detailed caller information databases
>Third-party integrations with Salesforce, Google Analytics and AdWords
>More features at CallRail

Pros & Cons of CallRail Call Tracking Software
CallRail offers a solid list of features and a UI that’s easy to navigate for users at any level of IT expertise. The company enjoys a reputation for strong customer service.

>Solid list of features
>Strong customer service
>Easy to use and navigate
>No autodialing in outbound call features

What Customers Are Saying
CallRail’s users generally praise its consistent performance and ease of use: “Easy to implement and integrate with existing apps, excellent UI, user friendly. Competitive pricing.” They also like its extensive set of features: “As comprehensive and advanced as it is easy to use.”


CallTrackingMetrics Logo
Founded by a husband-and-wife team in 2012, CallTrackingMetrics has been a fast-growing presence in the field of call tracking and presently boasts clients in over 90 countries. The software lays claim to being an all-in-one call tracking and contact center management tool, a conversation analytics platform that enhances contact center automation through AI-driven call tracking functionality.

CTM offers a broad selection of advanced features and numerous native integrations, including with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk and Shopify. At various tiers of service, it offers predictive dialing, text messaging support, call tracking and auto tagging, chat and text messaging support, and an open API for users who want to further customize their own solutions. Even its most basic tier of service provides unlimited multi-user support.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $39 per month
Marketing Plan: $99 per month
Contact Center Plan: $299 per month
14-day trial>Call tracking intelligence helps automate contact center functions
>Third-party integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Spotify, HubSpot and others
>More features at CallTrackingMetrics

Pros & Cons of CallTrackingMetrics Call Tracking Software
CTM provides highly competitive built-in marketing and call tracking features and a wealth of third-party integrations.

>Extremely competitive features list
>Plenty of third-party integration
>Doesn’t have an on-premises, installed software deployment option

What Customers Are Saying
CTM’s users praise its powerful and advanced feature set: “I’ve found CTM to be the easiest to implement and use. They also have more features and integrations that have given my agency the ability to provide detailed reports to my clients.” Another user notes: “The suite of marketing features that come baked into the product far exceed the competition.”


Clixtell Logo
Like several of the entries on this list, Clixtell has a broader mandate than just call tracking. It advertises itself as a combined call tracking, fraud protection and all-around digital marketing platform. Its call tracking features including routing, recording and transcriptions, and an advanced analytics engine, and its rules-based automated protection against click fraud is a signature selling point designed to guard against bot activity.

Its conversation analytics work through what’s called the conversion intelligence tool, allowing the user to track rates of conversion by campaign, ads, pages and keywords. Clixtell is run from a centralized user dashboard from which users can control website-based click and call traffic. The only major advanced feature it lacks is IVR voice recognition.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $15 per monthFree trial>Conversation analytics and conversion tracking
>Provides routing, reporting and call transcriptions
>More features at Clixtell

Pros & Cons of Clixtell Call Tracking Software
Clixtell is easy to configure and use, and its automated bot-blocking and conversation analytics tools are effective and powerful.

>Simple, user-friendly interface
>Powerful anti-bot and analytics tools
>Doesn’t have IVR

What Customers Are Saying
Clixtell users are highly positive about the accuracy of its analytics, its ease of use and its click fraud protection features. “Clixtell is the most accurate & advanced tracking application available to date . . . Clixtell data is the most quantifiable. UX is fantastic, set up is dev cost-free [and] super swift.”


CloudTalk Logo
CloudTalk is an online content center management platform that features a large suite of advanced call tracking tools. It’s built to allow a business to provide personalized customer service, track interaction histories in a variety of different ways and manage inbound and outbound call traffic. It integrates with over two dozen CRM management solutions, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify and Zendesk.

CloudTalk sports multiple advanced call tracking features. Call routing can be based on agent skills and availability, customer preferences, or call destination. The system collects detailed stats and analyses and displays customer information cards for agents during calls. It supports unlimited outbound calls at certain tiers of service and unlimited inbound and intracompany calls at all service tiers.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $15 per month per user14-day trial>25 options for CRM integration
>Advanced multi-criteria call routing
>More features at CloudTalk

Pros & Cons of CloudTalk Call Tracking Software
CloudTalk has an easy-to-use interface and an extensive, powerful feature list that includes detailed and readable reporting. Its third-party CRM integrations generally function smoothly.

>User-friendly UI
>Detailed and easy-to-read reporting
>Smooth and consistent CRM integrations
>Can be expensive for larger teams

What Customers Are Saying
CloudTalk is popular with its customer base for its high-functioning feature set and ease of use. “We choose CloudTalk because it’s super simple and quick to integrate with Pipedrive.” Another user notes: “We use CloudTalk through a direct integration with our software. It’s fast, reliable and enables all our agents to get their job done without compromising quality or functionality. The integration was very fast and smooth and I was impressed by how easy the whole [process] is.”


DialogTech provides the leading AI-driven conversation intelligence platform for marketers at businesses that value inbound phone calls. When consumers call, DialogTech turns those conversations into actionable insights businesses use to improve marketing ROI, increase sales conversions, and deliver more personalized customer experiences to grow revenue, both online and over the phone. Recognized as the leader and pioneer in call tracking and analytics since 2007, DialogTech is the trusted conversation intelligence platform for many of the world’s most successful brands and agencies.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree Personalized Demo>Call tracking and AI-driven conversation analytics
>Intelligent routing and IVRs to provide seamless experiences
>Caller data helps measure ROI from various marketing channels
>More features at DialogTech

Pros & Cons of DialogTech Call Tracking Software
DialogTech’s call attribution and data tracking features have proven effective in helping companies target and refine their marketing and improve ROI. Its IVR-based features are reliable on the whole whenever the system as a whole is functioning.

>Effective call attribution, data tracking and analysis
>Reliable IVR-based features
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
DialogTech gets generally positive reviews from customers for its analytics and call management features and specifically for integrating these with digital marketing tools. “For those who still do a lot of business by phone but need analytics to combine offline phone conversions with online digital marketing stratifies, this is a good product.”


EngageBay Logo
EngageBay was founded by a group of marketers, sales professionals and developers with the professed mission of creating business automation software that addresses what they view as a pervasive problem of clunky, overcomplicated solutions. The platform is meant to combine sales, marketing and customer service into an all-in-one web-based solution that delivers high functionality at a reasonable price point, targeted at small businesses and startups.

EngageBay sports a native CRM module with ticketing and help desk functions and a knowledge base, along with fundamental call tracking features like call recording, call profiles and databases, call routing and campaign tracking. It does not support more advanced call tracking features like automated transcription, keyword tracking and IVR tools.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $14.99/monthFree demo>CRM module with ticketing and helpdesk
>Call routing and recording
>Campaign tracking
>More features at EngageBay

Pros & Cons of EngageBay Call Tracking Software
EngageBay is easy to use and provides customizable forms and reporting, along with bulk management of contacts and contact lists, all useful features for the small businesses that compose its target market. It does not support advanced call tracking features, especially IVR, and it doesn’t provide full functionality at all tiers of service.

>Customizable forms and reporting
>Bulk management of contacts
>Lacks advanced features like IVR/voice recognition

What Customers Are Saying
EngageBay delivers solidly in its small business niche: “Quick and easy to use. All very easy. It has everything we need.” As another user says: “EngageBay is a great tool for marketing automation for small companies (finally!) and for a reasonable price. You can customize all views and see the data you want to. You can take a bulk action on multiple contacts — this makes work easier and faster.”


Freshcaller Logo
Freschcaller is a business VOIP system specialized for running an online call center that doesn’t need to be directly incorporated into a business’ core phone system. It provides a strong set of inbound and outbound calling features such as logging, recording and monitoring, and it integrates with the full selection of Freshworks software, including CRM software like Freshdesk.

Freshcaller offers a full suite of call tracking and management features, save for the fact that it doesn’t provide attribution of calls by keyword or specific campaign. Its system lets users purchase local and international numbers, toll-free numbers and vanity numbers in 40 countries. It also offers multi-level IVR solutions and real-time call center insights and reporting. All this functionality is run strictly through the internet, with no local installations required.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $15 per month per user7-day trial>CRM integration with Freshdesk
>Multi-level IVR solutions
>Real-time insights and reporting
>More features at Freshcaller

Pros & Cons of Freshcaller Call Tracking Software
Freshcaller’s call center focus comes with features like an auto-receptionist, group routing and “smart escalation,” automatically redirecting calls when there’s no agent available. It tracks customer interaction history and makes that data readily available to agents.

>Automated features like auto-receptionists, group routing and smart escalation
>Tracks customer interaction history in detail
>Can be expensive for larger teams

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are positive about Freshcaller’s ease of use and functionality in running as an online call center: “Freshcaller is pretty straightforward with a lot of the settings and a fairly simple setup process. [It] allows you to set up a number where you centralize incoming calls and route them properly.”


HubSpot Logo
HubSpot is an advanced platform for sales, marketing, customer relations and content management. Its functionality is far broader than call tracking, and in fact, it’s most common to use separate call tracking software that integrates with HubSpot’s CRM module. There are a number of call tracking solutions on this list that do precisely that.

HubSpot’s own VOIP enables calling from either a phone or a browser. It’s possible to set up specific call and outcome attributions at specific tiers of service, it provides automated transcriptions and it allows the creation of follow-up task tickets. These features will, naturally, integrate with HubSpot’s powerful CRM tools. HubSpot’s native VOIP does not provide more sophisticated features like IVR and incoming call routing.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $50 per month14-day trial>Automated call transcripts
>Customized call and outcome attributions
>More features at HubSpot

Pros & Cons of HubSpot Call Tracking Software
HubSpot’s VOIP is a small part of a much larger marketing platform, but given its limited scale, it provides some useful features like call attributions, transcripts and the ability to track follow-up tasks from calls. For more advanced call tracking functionality, it’s best to integrate specialized call tracking software with HubSpot.

>Strong functionality for sales call attributions, transcripts and outcome tracking
>Usefully tracks follow-up tasks arising from calls
>Customer support is only available during business hours

What Customers Are Saying
HubSpot is one of the best-known platforms of its kind in the field and draws strong praise from its customer base: “HubSpot is well suited for many scenarios but the most prominent one in my role is following up with clients and/or prospects. It really helps me keep track of last interactions . . . Being able to see previous contact with a person helps me know where I have left off and also how I need to follow up.”


inConcert-Allegro Voice-CC Logo
inConcert Allegro is an American-based company that’s been on the digital marketing scene since 2001 and created a wide variety of digital marketing tools, customizing packages for the needs of various businesses. The company’s Voice Contact Center software is a part of this picture. Available in both cloud-based and on-premise versions (the latter for Windows), VCC is designed to be an all-in-one VOIP solution.

VCC provides basic fundamentals of call tracking and management, including call recording and transcriptions, inbound and outbound calling, predictive dialing, messaging and IVR functionality. It does not provide caller ID and customer databases, call routing or campaign attribution, or keyword or campaign attribution.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>IVR voice recognition
>Call recording and transcripts
>More features at inConcert

Pros & Cons of inConcert Allegro – Voice CC Call Tracking Software
VCC delivers solidly on the features it provides and capably handles the fundamentals of call center management and self-service system design through IVR.

>Solid call center management features
>Powerful IVR self-service system design
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
VCC has largely positive reviews from its customer base for its effectiveness and ease of use: “The system is reliable and well designed. Intuitive and easy to use.” Another user notes: “very good software, flexible, open, friendly, that helps your productivity.”

Invigo EverGenius

Invigo is a marketing solution designed specifically for medical practices. Their call tracking platform, EverGenius, is mainly used for tracking calls produced from offline or online advertisements. This will help you determine which of your ads are most effective and optimize your advertising strategy.

And EverGenius can do much more for you than just call tracking. It provides you with a dashboard that makes it easy to see where prospects and contacts are in your sales cycle. There are also growth reports that can show you exactly what you need to do in order to generate more revenue.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>Generates reports based on unique tracking numbers
>User-friendly dashboard
>More features at Invigo EverGenius

Pros & Cons of Invigo EverGenius Call Tracking Software
Invigo EverGenius is easy to set up and performs solidly. The only downside is that pricing information is not publicly available.

>Easy for non-experts to implement and operate
>Performs solidly on the features it delivers
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Customers have found that Invigo EverGenius makes their practices much more efficient. “It’s excellent,” wrote one user. “It gives the clients clarity around our deliverables and makes the entire situation a lot nicer. Saves time, energy, and money.”


Invoca Logo
Invoca is billed as an AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform for marketers. It provides real-time call and conversation analytics focused on maximizing the ROI of Google and Facebook marketing campaigns and provides a suite of advanced call tracking features that include recording, conversion tracking, call routing, campaign and keyword tracking, and IVR voice recognition tools.

Invoca advertises real-time business intelligence analysis as its standout feature, offering call outcome and conversion potential insights as part of the package. It provides agents with caller information to increase conversion chances and provides automated actions in real-time response to certain call outcomes. It also offers an API for customization, and its speech analysis functions can be pushed into platforms like Google, Facebook and Salesforce.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>AI-driven real-time analytics provide insights for call outcomes and conversion potential
>IVR voice recognition tools
>More features at Invoca

Pros & Cons of Invoca Call Tracking Software
Invoca’s analytics provide a comprehensive picture of marketing outcomes in real time and are notable for combining this powerful functionality with ease of use.

>Comprehensive and useful real-time analytics
>User-friendly UI
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
The company’s signature AI-driven analytics are a particular point of praise for customers: “I now have a full view of how my digital marketing campaigns are performing and can leverage more robust call analytics within automated bidding.” Ease of use is another major selling point: “Invoca is really easy to navigate through the menus. For my role digging into publisher data is key, and for someone who is not usually good at these type of things I find myself hardly stuck at all.”


JustCall Logo
Justcall is a cloud-based business phone system for call centers, sales, and support teams. With JustCall businesses can purchase local and toll-free numbers in 70+ countries for their daily calling and texting operations. In addition to the cloud service, JustCall can also be installed locally on Mac and Windows systems and on iPhone and Android mobiles.

JustCall provides a comprehensive spread of advanced call tracking features, including integrations with over 45 CRM platforms including Salesforce, Active Campaign, Freshdesk, Zapier and Zendesk. It has IVR voice recognition for the creation of interactive caller menus, provides predictive and progressive dialling, supports SMS messaging, and provides analytics for calls, voice messages and team performance.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting price: $25 per month per userFree demo>Over 40 CRM Integrations
>Team performance, voice message and call analytics
>More features at JustCall

Pros & Cons of JustCall Call Tracking Software
JustCall is user-friendly for setup and implementation and offers an impressive selection of third-party integrations.

>Easy to set up and use
>Robust selection of integration
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Ease of use and robust integrations draw praise from JustCall’s customers: “It is simple to set up, especially for a VoIP; and it allows you to have only one seat. It has basic integrations with almost all digital software, its interface is acceptable, and it integrates directly with ActiveCampaign.” Another user notes: “It is very easy to get started and use on a daily basis . . . They have webhook enabled messaging as well as SMS Campaigns for the same cost.”


LiveVox Logo
LiveVox has a 20-year background as a cloud contact center provider. Its Predictive Dialer advertises itself as a solution for businesses of any size, focused on managing agents from any location. It provides installed options for Mac or Windows desktops, supports both manual and predictive dialing, and provides call recording, campaign management, real-time chat, reporting and analytics and IVR voice recognition tools.

LiveVox’s Predictive Dialer integrates with the company’s custom CRM platform and supports blended call center functionality (where a single call center can handle both ingoing and outgoing calls). The company advertises advanced risk mitigation (including comprehensive compliance controls to bring campaigns in line with local regulations) and security features as part of its platform and provides an open API for customers that want to enable further integrations.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>Blended call center with call recording and campaign tracking
>CRM integration
>More features at LiveVox

Pros & Cons of LiveVox Call Tracking Software
LiveVox sports a user-friendly interface, and its specific architecture makes it easy to consolidate a scattered workforce into a single blended team.

>User-friendly design
>Blended call center architecture makes it easy to consolidate teams
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
LiveVox’s blended call center technology and overall rich feature set are customer favorites: “By providing an easy to use interface and opening up almost all features of the system directly to the user, you truly are in control of your own call center.” Another user notes: “The software is easily [scalable] as our organization grows and they were very proactive to assist clients with Work from Home solutions when Covid hit.”


Marchex Logo
Marchex Call Analytics is call management software focused, as the name implies, on providing sophisticated analytics as to the most successful marketing channels at generating inbound calls and opportunities. It classifies the outcomes of incoming calls, associates them with specific search terms and behaviors and automatically redacts call recordings to preserve security and privacy.

The Marchex Institute provides customer support and training via live online chat, documentation and webinars, and it provides conversion tracking, call routing, campaign attribution and keyword tracking and supports IVR voice recognition tools. The major advanced call tracking feature it lacks is CRM integration.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day trial>Multi-channel analytics
>IVR voice recognition
>Conversion and keyword tracking
>More features at Marchex

Pros & Cons of Marchex Call Tracking Software
Marchex offers fast and powerful analytic data and reporting. It’s relatively simple for users to manage their information and campaigns from within the software.

>Quick, powerful reporting and analytics
>Easy to manage information and campaigns from inside the program
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
As befits its focus, Marchex’s data tracking draws high praise from its users: “It’s hard to put a value on being able to effectively track marketing campaigns, but Marchex has really made it possible for us to see what is working and what isn’t.” Another client notes: “I like how easy it is to listen to calls, filter and export reports for clients.”


Phonexa Logo
Phonexa, like several other entries on this list, advertises itself as much more than just call tracking software. It’s billed as an all-in-one, single-platform digital marketing solution, bringing all of a user’s marketing channels and associated business and accounting together in one cloud-based solution.

Nevertheless, it does offer sophisticated call tracking capabilities. It offers sophisticated multi-level IVR that supports voice recognition-based call routing, text-to-speech and voice-based customization. It also provides call analytics and reporting, mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and both event-triggered and on-demand call recording and playback. Campaign management and attribution, interaction tracking and caller ID and keyword tracking also number among its advanced features.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree trial available>Multi-level IVR
>Event-triggered and on-demand call recording
>Campaign management and attribution
>More features at Phonexa

Pros & Cons of Phonexa Call Tracking Software
Phonexa combines a fast-performing, high-powered feature set with remarkable ease of use.

>Powerful and fast-performing set of feature
>Very user-friendly
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Phonexa generates positive user commentary on account of its power, flexibility and performance: “The software is very fast. Everything loads quickly, easily the most responsive platform we’ve used . . . maybe the most important aspect is how robust and flexible the software is.” Another user notes: “I really enjoy how easy the platform is to use. You can see MTD reporting and group all reports in different ways depending on what you are trying to see. Also the customizable dashboard makes it easy to see all the stats I want at a glance in one location.”

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Logo
RingCentral has been active as a call tracking software provider for more than two decades and remains a major player to this day in providing solutions for collaborative off-site work for business. The company’s VOIP software has been consistently highly rated and provides plans priced for a wide range of budgets.

RingCentral Office is cloud-based and can be used for voice-based calls, texting and faxing. Its cloud-based architecture works flexibly with desktop and mobile devices, sports granular access control for multiple kinds of users and offers a wide range of management features. Automated call recording and voice mail forwarding can be easily configured by administrators, and the system supports a multi-level IVR voice recognition-based automated attendant to direct off-hours callers to the correct department. It also offers flexible customization using its API.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Starting Price: $19.99/user/monthFree trial available>Multi-level IVR
>Automated call recording and voice mail forwarding
>More features at RingCentral Office

Pros & Cons of RingCentral Office Call Tracking Software
RingCentral Office is easy to configure given its robust feature set, wide range of pricing options and powerful API customizations. Its basic lower-priced plans offer limited functionality, so it’s necessary to spend more to get more.

>Powerful API customization
>Easy configuration
>Wide range of pricing options
>Basic plans offer limited functionality

What Customers Are Saying
RingCentral is known to its user base for ease of setup and effective call routing and functionality for remote-working employees: “RingCentral was very easy to setup for our local office as well as remote employees . . . I could order and ship a phone to a remote employee or set up a phone number for remote employee without them needing a phone . . . . [Call routing] was seamless to the remote employees.” Another user notes: “Overall, we choose to use RingCentral to making completing and receiving phone calls from external partners easier for our employees.”


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RingDNA has provided call tracking services since 2012 and focuses on providing a total package of sales engagement, performance and conversation intelligence specifically focused on Salesforce clients, the CRM platform with which RingDNA is designed to integrate. It provides AI-powered analytics, real-time sales performance evaluation, automated call transcription and analysis, call recording that supports the ability to build libraries of training calls, and event-based AI-powered alerts that allow fast response to incidents like competitor mentions or common objections.

Further call tracking features include IVR support, the ability to monitor and record dialer calls, scheduling of follow-up calls and reporting and analytics of outbound dialer calls. It can handle calls through landlines, “soft phone,” or mobiles. Aside from its core Salesforce CRM integration, RingDNA is also built to work with Twilio and Appirio to deliver its range of features.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>AI-powered real-time analytics
>Call monitoring, recording and training libraries
>More features at RingDNA

Pros & Cons of RingDNA Call Tracking Software
RingDNA provides fine-grained call control and inbuilt CRM integration with Salesforce and lets users reach prospects through local or randomized numbers. On the whole, it offers a powerful feature set.

>Granular call control
>Built-in CRM integration with Salesforce
>Provides local or randomized numbers for outgoing calls
>Pricing isn’t listed online

What Customers Are Saying
Not surprisingly, RingDNA’s built-in CRM integration is a big selling point: “Interface allowed us to really integrate our phone sales process with Salesforce, accurately logging information and helping clean up sales process.” Another user notes: “If you’re working with there is no better solution that I’m aware of than RingDNA.”

What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software can mean a wide range of things and have many different focuses. It can be a module of a large digital marketing platform, a stand-alone solution that attempts to provide everything a call center could need, or a specialized piece of software made to integrate with other marketing platforms.

Call tracking software at its best makes it easy to plan and execute the work of managing an agent workforce, recording its progress and getting a clear idea of how your marketing channels are driving phone traffic. It’s also easy to use without requiring programming expertise to execute the fundamentals.

Benefits of Call Tracking Software

For small business owners trying to keep themselves afloat in a challenging and fast-paced modern environment, call tracking software should:

  • Save time and energy by automating the work of tracking employee progress and results, providing easy-to-read reporting on the comparative performance of marketing channels and ensuring you’re informed about big-picture trends and the specific “customer journeys” of prospects.
  • Bolster your workforce’s expertise by providing call recordings and analytical data that analyze call outcomes and policy compliance and provide teachable, real-life examples for your training programs.
  • Improve caller engagement by ensuring that no matter what time a prospect calls, they have either a live person to interact with or an automated system that will direct them to the right department, minimizing the number of simple hang-ups and disconnections.
  • Improve marketing ROI by providing actionable intelligence on which of your marketing channels deliver the most voice traffic and the most motivated callers and generally providing an overview of how your call center is functioning as part of your overall marketing strategies and how they can better be supported.
  • Personalize the customer experience by providing in-depth data on callers and making it easy to respond to events happening on a call in real time.

Must-Have Features of Call Tracking Software

Identifying more specific “must-haves” of a call tracking software package depends on what the specific needs of your industry and business are. There are, nevertheless, several things that most small business owners are likely to want:

  • User-friendliness. Solutions that require your staff to take instruction courses from the vendor, or that can only be implemented by people with prior programming experience, are likely to be better suited to medium-sized or large enterprises than a small business.
  • Automated call routing. Automated features in general can be a great time-saver, but in particular having the ability to automatically route calls to specific agents — and the more granular that ability is, the better — can be invaluable in making sure specific customers are matched with the people in your organization who can best help them.
  • Easy-to-read analytics. Reporting and analytics that you have to massage, reformat, or transplant into a different kind of software are another serious time suck and one you don’t need as a small business owner. Ideally, a platform should generate reports that give you the information you actually need in a format you can easily read.
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calls. The fewer limits there are on the kinds of calls you can make or receive using your call tracking platform, the more flexibility and room to grow you have.

Costs of Call Tracking Software

Because of the variety of different delivery formats, feature packaging and integrations that call tracking software can involve, it’s difficult to identify specific cost thresholds for various levels of service and features. As you can see from the above list, these services very often come by custom quote. There are a few best practices that small businesses can follow, however:

  • Read the fine print. Services can involve, in addition to the cost of the service itself, various kinds of support and training expenses. Additionally, services that look inexpensive at their more basic tiers can become considerably pricier in order to access the full functionality. The differences can have a serious impact on a small business.
  • Factor in the full costs of CRM integration. Being able to integrate your call tracking software with a CRM solution will augment its power and effectiveness in improving customer engagement and marketing ROI. However, remember that all the advice that applies to your call tracking platform itself applies to your chosen CRM solution, too. It’s important that all the pieces of the puzzle are on budget.
  • Examine the possibilities carefully. This guide tries to make your task easier, but ultimately, it takes extensive research and a careful assessment of your needs to make the best choice.