The Best Call Center Software of 2021

Our call center software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 210+ call center software companies from across the web. These reviews and our call center software guide help small businesses and startups find the best call center software for their business.

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How We Chose the Best Call Center Software

Choosing the best call center software for your business depends on a number of factors, including what you need your customer support team to do and the type of business you run. To help you narrow down your choices, we evaluated call center softwares on three key criteria.

Customer Support Tools

The best call center software helps you provide better and more efficient customer support. We looked for features like queue and escalation management, call scripting, real-time chat, and more. A call software integrating these features creates a frictionless customer service by increasing the frontline efficiency. All incoming calls should be logged to allow easy follow-ups through email. This feature enables all members of the team to understand the context of a previous customer inquiry.

Call Center Type

Not all small businesses are the same — some need to support inbound calls only, while others need agents to have outbound dialing capabilities. We prioritized companies that offered multiple call center solutions.

Basic Phone Features

Features like call logging and recording, interactive voice response (IVR), and various dialers — manual, predictive, and progressive — are basics of all good call center software.

The 15 Best Call Center Softwares of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial/DemoMore
Aspect Unified IPCustom quoteN/AVisit Aspect Unified IP
Avaya OneCloud CCaaSCustom quoteN/AVisit Avaya OneCloud CCaaS
CallTrackingMetrics$36/mo + usage with Annual Pre-Pay Option for Business Plan
$83/mo + usage with Annual Pre-Pay Option for Marketing Plan
14-dayVisit CallTrackingMetrics
CloudTalk$15 per user/month billed annually for Starter
$20 per user/month billed annually for Essential
$35 per user/month billed annually for Expert
14-dayVisit CloudTalk
Dialpad Support$15 USD/mo/user (billed annually), $20 USD if billed monthly for Standard
$25 USD/mo/user (billed annually), $30 USD if billed month
14-dayVisit Dialpad Support
Five9Custom quoteN/AVisit Five9
FreshCallerFREE UNLIMITED agents for Sprout $15/agent/month, billed annually, $19 /agent/month, billed monthly for Blossom $35/agent/month, billed annually, $45 /agent/month, billed monthly for Garden $49/agent/month, billed annually, $69 /agent/month, billed monthly for Estate $99/agent/month, billed annually, $12521-dayVisit FreshCaller
Genesys Cloud$75/monthly for Genesys Cloud 1
$110/monthly for Genesys Cloud 2
$140/monthly for Genesys Cloud 3
30-dayVisit Genesys Cloud
LiveAgent$0 /agent/month for Free
$15 /agent/month for Ticket
$29 /agent/month for Ticket+Chat
$39 /agent/month for All-inclusive
14-dayVisit LiveAgent
MightyCall$19.99/month for Basic
$39.99/month for Standard
$99.99/month for Ultimate
7-dayVisit MightyCall
NICE inContact CxoneCustom quoteN/AVisit NICE inContact Cxone
RingCentral Engage Voice$19.99/user/month for Essentials
$24.99/user/month for Standard
$34.99/user/month for Premium
$49.99/user/month for Ultimate
30-dayVisit RingCentral Engage Voice
TalkdeskCustom quote14-dayVisit TalkDesk
Virtual Contact Center by 8x8Custom quote30-dayVisit Virtual Contact Center by 8x8
Zendesk$5 per agent per month for Support
$89 per agent per month for Support Suite
14-dayVisit Zendesk

Aspect Unified IP

Aspect-Unified-IP Logo
Aspect Unified IP is a call center management software that works well for both inbound and outbound calls regardless of the organization size. The application’s main features include interactive voice response, call distribution, interactive voice response, auto dialer, computer telephony distribution, and call scripting. Installation is possible in the cloud or on premise deployment.

The application features customer’s wait time notification of their queue position. Clients can schedule calls and follow up on abandoned calls. The software features one set of rules on all available channels, such as phones, SMS, or email. Its contact management system features agent skill match, routing, and recording.

Its system also offers skills-based routing, calling party identification, inbound and enterprise routing, and priority queuing and routing.

Pricing is done per-agent or monthly, but you’ll need to call for a custom quote.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteN/A>Inbound call center
>Manual dialer
>Call escalation
>More Features at Aspect Unified IP

Pros & Cons of Aspect Unified IP Call Center Software

>Reliable contact platform supporting multi-channel routing>Using multiple interfaces to manage agents is extra work
>Integration with other tool such as quality management, call recording, and workforce management is seamless>Some screens lack the administrative search capabilities
>It offers integrated solution platform that includes IVR, PBX, and voicemail>Pricing isn't listed online

What Customers Are Saying
“The dialers have a good design, which could push the application up as one of the best software in the call center service industry. Though, when the software is up and running, it does well until issues arise that need updates.”

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Avaya-Contact-Center Logo
Avaya is an automated solution for a call center handling both inbound and outbound calls with chat applications, emails, and video calls. The call center software offers assisted services with features for call recording, automated scheduling, and voice analytics.

The application platform has multiple advanced features that propels its standard platform into an enterprise call center service experience. The software helps support teamwork uniformly with clients across different channels leading to the best customer experience.

The software is suitable for small and medium businesses with pricing on two levels, the basic, and the advanced plan, which is billed monthly.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteN/A>Uses AI to enhance decision making by simplifying operations through automation
>Caller identification on a mobile web platform
>Auto attendance and call recording for the agent
>More Features at Avaya

Pros & Cons of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

>Use of a softphone to communicate even when not at your desk>The application lacks the “line busy” alert during calls.
>Simple and quick configuration with no extra resources needed. Also integrates well with the existing network infrastructure.>Pricing isn't listed online
>Meeting room settings are good for a standard wide forum discussion>Difficult to maintain simultaneous sites when using phones only

What Customers Are Saying
“Avaya is a call center software that offers a unified communication platform with features and tools small and medium business needs in any phone system.” Another customer says, “using the system is a simplification of your communication and collaboration strategy.”


Call-tracking-metrics Logo
CallTrackingMetrics (or, CTM) prides itself on keeping your business online when you need it most with cloud-based call tracking and a contact center platform. CTM ranks high in quality of support, user recommendations, and ease of working with the application.

The application uses multiple communication channels and provides tracking and analytical services. All the keywords used in these channels are recorded, which you can use to your business’s advantage to refine your sales pitch and more. Their unified communication feature enables you to track your client’s activities through different team members and channels, including phone, forms, chats, and text messages.

CTM is a powerful tool that offers business analytics that companies can use to increase their ROI and improve their customer experience with intelligent automation.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$36/mo + usage with Annual Pre-Pay Option for Business Plan14-day>Call tracking to discover sales campaigns that drive sales
>Manage and route calls through automation
>Business analytics
>More Features at Call Tracking Metrics

Pros & Cons of Call Tracking Metrics  Call Center Software

>Track the campaign team driving sales in the business.>Occasional bad calls due to dropping quality
>Improve customer experience through communication using different channels>The application is not intuitive
>Get the application and have a dedicated support team working on your account>Occasional software glitches

What Customers Are Saying
“CallTrackingMetrics is easy to use and has a good vision for the future when it comes to integrating with other platforms. The good thing is the pricing that is quite low in comparison to the previous vendors.”


CloudTalk Logo
CloudTalk is a remote-ready business call center software solution that allows the creation of a virtual phone system for your sales and customer support team from anywhere in the world. This innovative software integrates with a variety of tools such as the custom queue feature that reroutes calls to agents in a better position to handle customer issues.

A customer who calls after office hours can leave a voice message that the support team can respond to. The approach helps customers leave their query instead of being in the queue waiting for an available agent to show up. The messaging also helps the support team prepare a solution before contacting the customer back.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$15 per user/month billed annually for Starter plan
$20 per user/month billed annually for Essential
$35 per user/month billed annually for Expert
14-day>No call transfers because of the automated call matching to a specialized support team staff
>Create customized call queues
>Every agent has his or her own personalized number or extension enabling seamless routing of calls.
>More Features at CloudTalk

Pros & Cons of CloudTalk  Call Center Software

>Maintain local presence with an international phone number>The phone App does not send SMS with some glitches on the desktop version
>Cloud talk system adapts to the size of your business needs.>The disconnect option disappears under the taskbar when on call
>Support integration with popular CRMs, business tools, and helpdesk.

What Customers Are Saying
“CloudTalk is an intuitive software for both admins and customers, which offers the best solution to both small and big teams. The app may need some tweaking for performance, but their customer support is excellent.”

Dialpad Support

Dialpad-Support Logo
Dialpad is a unified communications platform that offers voice, video, messages, and online meetings to connect your team with your customers. In particular, it provides itself on providing tools to increase call center productivity, including screen capture, so managers can better assess an agent’s on-call performance, customer satisfaction surveys to continually improve their experience, international business numbers, and it even offers support for certain models of desk phones.

It integrates with many 3rd-party tools like DOMO, Hubspot, Google, Office 365, Slack, and more. That way you can streamline your employee’s workflow by working within one platform. It’s most powerful tool is its built-in machine learning Voice Intelligence, which uses natural language processing and voice recognition to provide real-time recommendations as well as automatic note-taking.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$15/month/user (billed annually) $20 if billed monthly for Standard14-day>Call recording playback services
>Voicemail is displayed on the inbox with a text transcription and an audio widget for replaying the message
>Video calling allows sharing of screens
>More Features at Dialpad Support

Pros & Cons of Dialpad Support  Call Center Software

>Easy to setup and manage>You need to adjust default mobile settings
>You can scale up or down with minimal effort>Limited or missing support features
>Work well with Android and iOS mobile devices>Porting numbers is a painful experience due to lack of error handling facility

What Customers Are Saying
“The software offers a satisfactory experience because it does what needs to be done, says one customer. Adds another, “Using AI to transcribe calls makes it convenient, thus eliminating the need to take notes by categorizing the conversations to guide the agent accordingly.”


Five9 Logo
Five9 is an all-in-one help desk and customer call center with a focus on enterprise businesses. It has a workforce management tool, computer telephony integration, and predictive dialing. The pop-ups help agents guide the customer conversation and facilitate upselling. Five9 is a cloud-based technology with worldwide coverage of more than 2,000 business clients who manage 5+ billion calls.

Customer service agents have the power to work from anywhere as Five9 offers all of the flexibility and customization options built to meet the needs of your business. These custom features are available regardless of the size of the company.

Five9 provides a quality voice solution, robust security, and 99.99% uptime. Five9 offers a wide range of solutions, whether your business needs a sales and marketing call center, telemarketing, or collections service.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteN/A>Predictive dialing
>CRM integration
>Open platform APIs and omnichannel support
>More Features at Five9

Pros & Cons of Five9  Call Center Software

>Allows plugin browser interface to enable multi-tasking>Making even the smallest changes requires an Admin’s intervention.
>The supervisor app helps in call tracking, client tracking, and time management.>Inability to enlarge fonts when on the chat platform
>Excellent technical support>Pricing isn't listed online

What Customers are saying
“A fantastic change management tool. The system is relatively easy to learn, so managers and directors will find the technical aspects of the app easy to pick up.”


FreshCaller Logo
FreshCaller is an application from Freshworks, which offers a well-known, trusted, and established communication platform for businesses. Its call center software works well for both small and large businesses and its cloud-based app makes processes and connection simple.

The system supports local and toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries with an interactive voice response system. FreshCaller is one of the best softwares at handling call monitoring as it allows you to hear live calls. This makes it easy to evaluate the relevance of the call to your business.

Agents have the freedom to call from any number and they can manage all tasks from a centralized location, including viewing call queues and agent status. The system will work on iPhone and Android platforms, Windows, and Mac platforms.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Free unlimited agents for Sprout
$15/agent/month, billed annually, $19 /agent/month, billed monthly for Blossom
$35/agent/month, billed annually, $45 /agent/month, billed monthly for Garden
$49/agent/month, billed annually, $69 /agent/month, billed monthly for Estate
$99/agent/month, billed annually, $125 /agent/month, billed monthly for Forest
21-day>Smart call escalation that enables call routing
>Call masking and recording
>Listen to live calls and evaluate communication effectiveness
>More Features at FreshCaller

Pros & Cons of FreshCaller Call Center Software

>Its full-featured VoIP is appropriate for call centers and customer support stations>Does not allow internal phone calls unless it is teleconferencing
>Reasonable cost>Only works with softphones or smartphones. No support for handsets.
>Easy-to-setup installation

What Customers are saying
“FreshCaller is one of the best call center software as long as you can run the center with smartphones or softphone installations on computers.”

Genesys Cloud

Genesys-Cloud Logo
If you are looking for a fluid form of communication between agents and your clients across different communication channels, then Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one interface, should be on your list. Its weekly upgrades and fast deployment gets your agents working faster and more efficiently. Genesys Cloud’s administrative tools help boost your productivity, including query handling, a real-time dashboard, and analytics that give insights into your business’s performance.

Deliver personalized experiences to your clients by connecting with them using multiple communication channels, including inbound and outbound calls, call routing and IVR, email, chat, social media, messaging, and more.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$75/monthly for Genesys Cloud 1
$110/monthly for Genesys Cloud 2
$140/monthly for Genesys Cloud 3
30-day>Caller validation
>Click to call (CTC)
>Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
>More Features at Genesys Cloud

Pros & Cons of Genesys Cloud Call Center Software

>It is an easy to install and use the software>No built-in reporting feature
>Agent and desktop interface are full-featured>No mobile application available at the moment
>Continuous weekly upgrades performed to improve the system

What Customers are saying
“The system offers a more rounded set of features and especially the outbound dialer with advanced features. Genesys Cloud is the future of landlines.”


LiveAgent Logo
LiveAgent implements its multi-channel application using the channel of your choice to handle customer grievances. Its call center app is a cost-effective solution for both small- and medium-sized businesses that use phones as a part of their help desk.

The application runs in the cloud and offers inbound and outbound calls, an interactive voice response (IVR), unlimited call recordings, and call routing. On top of being a call center software, LiveAgent offers live chat, a client portal, ticketing, reporting, and knowledge base capabilities. It also supports custom email formats to enable communication between agents and customers. The universal inbox creates tickets for all emails received and routes them automatically to the appropriate department.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$0 /agent/month for Free
$15 /agent/month for Ticket
$29 /agent/month for Ticket+Chat
$39 /agent/month for All-inclusive
14-day>Integration with at least 99% of VoIP platforms
>Smart call routing and unlimited calls
>Powerful data analysis and reporting functions
>More Features at LiveAgent

Pros & Cons of Genesys Cloud Call Center Software

>A solution for both customer support and sales prospecting software>No synchronization between different communication channels
>Great customer service>Spam filter is not effective
>Manage chat conversations that can convert into sales leads

What Customers are saying
“The experience you get from LiveAgent is commendable because of the excellent work the support staff does in addressing your needs. The application also helps you improve your management support skills.”


MightyCall Logo
MightyCall ranks as one of the best software for both small- and medium-sized businesses. The software is optimized to work for sole proprietors and companies with a maximum of 100 employees. You can deploy the call center software on devices running iOS or Android operating systems.

The system is web-based and runs a PBX platform suitable for those running small businesses or are seeking a market advantage over their competition. The app’s pricing also gives it a competitive edge over its nearest competitors.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$19.99/month for Basic
$39.99/month for Standard
$99.99/month for Ultimate
7-day>Call recording
>Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
>Unified communications
>More Features at MightyCall

Pros & Cons of MightyCall Call Center Software

>Easy to use with a clean user interface on the agent’s dashboard >Call recording which enables a higher level CRM>Managing call groups could use some improvement

What Customers are saying
“The MightyCall software works well for small businesses that may want to utilize a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist is active when you make a call to the office, and if no one picks the call, it will divert to a set number, which happens to be a virtual receptionist.”

NICE InContact Cxone

NICE-inContact-CXone Logo
The NICE InContact Cxone is best for medium-sized, enterprise-level, and government bodies. Its platform is cloud-based and delivers call routing across all communication channels, workforce optimization, analytics, AI, and workflow automation. With all these available features, the Cxone empowers your agents to offer the best customer experiences.

NICE InContact Cxone is the only an-all-round best software that offers a complete cloud call center in the market. Major firms in the business of analysis recognize the application as one of the best in the industry. Cxone delivers its services on an enterprise open cloud model that guarantees efficiency.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Custom quoteN/A>Blended call center
>Campaign management
>Escalation management
>More Features at NICE inContact Cxone

Pros & Cons of NICE InContact Cxone Call Center Software

>Easy to handle training and administer new users>No account support manager
>Call routing automation>No calls to integrating into the SalesForce
>The system allows real-time data sent by possible leads>Pricing isn't listed online

What Customers are saying
“The overall experience we have had with NICE InContact Cxone made our switching over from the old VoIP seamless,” says one customer. Adds another, “The different levels of customization the application enables the creation of different profiles for our agents and the ability to tune everything into what an agent does is exceptional.”

RingCentral Engage Voice

RingCentral-Engage-Voice Logo
RingCentral is a popular call center platform that offers a customizable cloud-based phone system supporting both mobile and desktop users. It has a unique feature “RingOut” that allows you a one-touch call from any phone or internet-enabled PC. The call handling and delegation is robust, giving you the confidence all calls are routing to the right individual.

The two most known functions of RingCentral are their use in video conferencing and a leading VoIP phone system. However, the product still works for any business looking for a call center software, sales, and customer help desk center.

RingCentral offers more than 40 features in a safe, secure, and reliable package that guarantee you at least 99% uptime from anywhere.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$19.99/user/month for Essentials $24.99/user/month for Standard
$34.99/user/month for Premium $49.99/user/month for Ultimate
7-day>IVR and ACD capabilities
>Omnichannel support
>Campaign management
>More Features at RingCentral Engage Voice

Pros & Cons of RingCentral Engage Voice Call Center Software

>The application operates on a wide area network coverage in the US, Europe, and Asia.>Not as easy-to-use user interface
>VoIP is feature rich and enables business collaboration
>Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What the Customers are saying
“RingCentral has an excellent introductory offer that matches every level of features as you subscribe to the more advanced functions you will not find anywhere else.”


TalkDesk Logo
Talkdesk has an intelligent routing feature that handles Intelligent Voice Response, ACD, Ring Groups, and more. All payment plans provide for unlimited call recordings. On the advanced level of the software, the tool provides a power dialer and voice capabilities. On the same network architecture, Talkdesk provides in and outbound dialer as well.

The software has a robust design to help companies handling many calls manage their support effectively. Talkdesk runs the workforce management application giving your agents enough time to give your clients exceptional service experience.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote14-day>Intelligent routing from caller data
>Can integrate with more than 30 systems
>Has customized reports and a real-time dashboard
>More Features at Talkdesk

Pros & Cons of Talkdesk  Call Center Software

>The call quality is exceptional because of the pivo endpoints for routing>Pricing isn't listed online
>Ease of integration with other call center applications
>The application is user-friendly

What the Customers are saying
“The Talkdesk call center software is one of the most powerful and efficient telephone softwares that can calculate the volume of calls when carrying out its monitoring functions.”

Virtual Contact Center by 8×8

Virtual-Contact-Center-by-8x8 Logo
The 8X8 contact call center software is suitable for freelancers and businesses of any size. It offers a virtual contact center with all the functionalities of an enterprise solution and business phone systems with platforms that allow for the integration of phones, team messaging, and meetings.

If your business requires a one-of-a-kind omnichannel routing service, then think about using the 8X8 platform. The benefits your business gets include real-time analytics and reports, which you can access from any device. The entire customer journey from start to finish is traceable across the 8X8 communication channels.

Improve your agent’s productivity by using tools such as the private knowledge base, simple interface, and comprehensive communication center.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quote30-day>Intelligent omnichannel routing
>Provides historical and real-time reports on customer experience and analytics
>Can integrate with native CRM or through third parties
>More Features at Virtual Contact Center by 8x8

Pros & Cons of Virtual Contact Center by 8×8 Call Center Software

>The pricing is friendly and flexible>Difficult to find and use meeting features
>Has many standard features>Pricing isn't listed online
>The mobile and desktop are easy to set up

What Customers are saying
“The platform is reliable with a 99% uptime. The call center implementation has 15 data centers all over the world, making it easy to move data in case one center goes down.”


Zendesk Logo
Zendesk offers call center software solutions for businesses of any type and size. It provides automatic ticketing so agents can help customers across all communication channels. The design of the software is modern and easy to use. Zendesk allows your agents to concentrate on their core tasks of handling customers and working out solutions rather than workflow challenges.

The support suite has many integration tools that allow for seamless customer relationships. Customers can access your organization through a self-service portal. Your agents can customize reports, import tickets using several approaches, work alongside the defined workflow, and make internal notes on the tickets.

Zendesk is available for a trial period with different paid tiers issued at professional and enterprise levels.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$5 per agent per month for Support
$89 per agent per month for Support Suite
14-day>Omnichannel communication
>Integration of internal tools to enable collaboration of team members
>Reporting and tracking interactions on all channels
>More Features at Zendesk

Pros & Cons of Zendesk Call Center Software

>Robust ticket management system that includes social media>No enterprise features for change and asset management
>Tool provides custom reports, flexible queries, and dashboards
>Flexible integration options

What Customers are saying
“Zendesk Support integrates with suites that make customer experience management the core priority as opposed to just help desk operations. The approach works well for small business enterprises that need to hold on to new customers.”

What is Call Center Software?

A call center software uses standard automating techniques to handle and process the receiving of clients’ phone calls. It’s basically a general name used to describe a system(s) or application(s) that an organization uses internally or externally to gather data from calls placed by clients and potential leads. A standard call center software should work for a business of any size and help in collecting information from different platforms such as live chats, email, social media, help desks etc.

For small business owners, call center software helps streamline processes arising in the course of transacting your business. Your agents can manage activities through shared inboxes, ticketing, automated workflows etc. if you are running a small staff, a call center software will come in handy when dealing with client queries.

Benefits of Call Center Software

Call center software streamlines every aspect of your business such as data collection by tracking and responding to customers concerns. Failure to streamline your operations may compromise your customer satisfaction and the workload to the agents.

Other areas call center application will benefit your growing business are:

  • You are improving the functionality of your front desk by engaging more tools that customers are using to engage with your company such as a live chat. Other tools include, emails, an FAQ section, contact forms, etc. Implementing many options for your customers is vital because every customer may choose a different method that guarantees their comfort when making enquiries.
  • Agent productivity is another benefit that you can overlook for a small operation. Workflow automation, internal database tools, and collaboration found from a call center software make it easy to handle customer requests. It helps eliminate the expected redundancies in the workplace because employees are fixing different issues as they emerge.
  • Excellent customer experience is the primary reason why the installation of a call center software is vital. When a customer gets great customer service, then they’re more likely to to come for repeat business.

Must Have Features for Call Center Software

A small business owner knows what needs to be done to compete fairly in the market for new clients. To help you with this, look for a call center software with the following features:

  • Workflow Automation. Software introduces efficiency. Therefore, the one you pick for your organization must have a reliable automation feature that will direct a client’s concern to the right help desk or channel. Your implementation should have automated responses to standard questions.
  • Collaboration Tools. Sharing of inboxes, internal messaging tools, regular SMS services, and a central hub to track and allow agents to work in unison is part of implementing efficiency. Invest in software that allows for seamless teamwork activity.
  • Self-Service Portal. Customers may want to pose questions that if allowed to register and share their views will help in creating the company’s knowledge base. Such questions encourage your team to have an FAQ section for clients who seek quick solutions without the need to follow it up with an agent. Self-service gives both the client and the agent to attend to other pressing issues.
  • 3rd-party Integration. Having software that can link you to clients via their social media handles, customer relationship management applications, and analytics will give customers an experience they would want to be part of.
  • Reporting & Analytics. Reporting makes it a possibility to know how your customer call center is operating. Consider reports on agent response time, number of tickets, and the rate of customer satisfaction.

The Cost of Call Center Software

Before you consider purchasing a call center software, try one with a free trial to see how it can help you solve your problem, especially before making a commitment. Some companies will require you to call to get a custom quote.

The factors that affect your quote include what features you want, the number of staff needed to operate the application, and the type of service or subscription among others. Look at your business plan, your budget, and get a software that will help fulfill your business needs.