The Best Business Plan Software of 2021

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Our business plan software reviews are the result of over 40 hours of research on 50+ business plan software companies from across the web. These reviews and our business plan software guide help small businesses and startups find the best business plan software for their business.

The Best Business Plan Software Companies of 2021

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How We Chose the Best Business Plan Software

With so many business planning software providers out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We’ve done a thorough review of the best business plan software of 2020, taking into consideration the needs of various kinds of startups. For our evaluation, we’ve prioritized three key features that are most useful: expert consultation, integrations, and reporting.

Expert Consultation

One of the most useful features for someone who’s writing their first business plan is expert consultation. This provides the opportunity to liaise with a financial expert who specializes in creating and optimizing business plans. While it’s crucial that applications provide templates, document builders, and other tools, support and guidance are also essential for someone who’s just starting out.


The best software is designed to integrate seamlessly with other digital tools to streamline processes and improve the customer’s overall experience. Useful integrations include Facebook, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks. When applications are connected, you save a significant amount of time that would otherwise have been wasted.


It’s helpful if business planning applications let you perform sales and profit analysis and review income, balance sheets, and cash flow. We’ve included reporting as one of the top priorities in our reviews of the best business plan software.

The 14 Best Business Plan Software Programs of 2021

CompanyPriceFree Trial / DemoMore
AchieveItCustom quoteFree demoVisit AchieveIt
Aha!Premium: $59/user/month
Enterprise: $99/workspace owner or contributor/month
Enterprise+: $149/workspace owner or contributor/month
Free trialVisit Aha!
BizplanMonthly: $29/month
Annual: $20.75/month
Lifetime access: $349
No free trialVisit Bizplan
Business Plan ProPremier: $159.95
Standard: $99.95
60-day money-back guaranteeVisit Business Plan Pro
BizPlanBuilder$97/month14-day free trialVisit BizPlanBuilder
ClearPoint StrategyBasic: From $250/month
Professional: From $800/month
Enterprise: Custom quote
Free trialVisit ClearPoint Strategy
EnloopDetailed: $19.95/month
Performance: $39.95/month
7-day free trialVisit Enloop$39/monthFree demoVisit
LivePlanAnnual: $15/month
6 months: $18/month
Pay as you go: $20/month
60-day money-back guaranteeVisit LivePlan
MAUS MasterPlan LeanKPI Dashboard: $299/year
Business Planning Pack: $499/year
Business Planning & HR Pack: $97/month
7-day free trialVisit MAUS MasterPlan Lean
NetEkspert iPlanner.NETStarting at $59/yearFree demoVisit NetEkspert iPlanner.NET
30-day free trialVisit PlanGuru
PlanMagic BusinessPlan Magic Business: $138
Advanced edition: $239
Free demoVisit PlanMagic Business
StrategyzerSmall teams: $25/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: Custom quote
30-day money-back guaranteeVisit Strategyzer


AchieveIt is a tool for helping business operators manage and develop ideas in one place. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs and organizations that are constantly coming up with new ideas and ventures. It has a customizable dashboard with financial, sales, and marketing reports to help people make data-driven decisions for the future.

Most of the enterprises that use AchieveIt have more than 500 employees and need to implement more than just the initial plan. It lets decision-makers manage performance and dive deep into analytics about what’s working so they can streamline processes. While it’s an impressive tool for experienced business owners, it might not be the best option for a start-up.

That said, it does have an expert consultation function that means you can get support and advice from a financial expert. Still, without the capabilities of business road mapping, a legal document builder, fundraising management, or financial projections, it’s not great for rookies. It does offer a wide range of business plan templates for various industries.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Custom quoteFree demo>Deployment options:
Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Support: 24/7 (Live Rep)
Business Hours
>Advanced reporting capabilities
>More features at AchieveIt

Pros & Cons of AchieveIt Business Plan Software
One of the main strengths of AchieveIt is that it forces alignment no matter what your planning process entails. It uses BI data to analyze strategies and offers context to help you understand why. On the downside, it doesn’t include a free trial.

>Real-time data collection and context for what drives results
>Heavy focus on streamlining processes for improved execution
>No free trial

What Customers Are Saying
Reviews compliment the quality of the business plan templates and AchieveIt’s excellent reporting functions. A healthcare executive says, “This product provides the most effective functionality for strategic planning and development of business plans that I have seen.”


Aha! can provide a foundation for any type of business strategy, whether it’s a start-up or a well-established enterprise. It’s probably used more frequently by operators with several businesses and multiple strategies to implement. However, the fact that it includes business planning templates, financial projections, and expert consultation means it’s viable for use by a small business or start-up.

It’s modern software that can generate attractive charts and graphs to illustrate your vision. The business roadmap tool lets you manipulate data so it looks appealing to potential investors. It doesn’t have fundraising management capabilities, though, so you can’t directly connect with investors or crowdfunding sites through the software.

Another reason it might not be ideal for new business owners is that it doesn’t have an HR or legal document builder. These documents are essential to ensure that a new business is compliant with the law and new employees are onboarded correctly.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Premium: $59/user/month
Enterprise: $99/workspace owner or contributor/month
Enterprise+: $149/workspace owner or contributor/month
Free trial>Support: Online
>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Integration: Zapier, Jira, Salesforce
>More features at Aha!

Pros & Cons of Aha! Business Plan Software
Aha! is primarily roadmap strategy software you can use to create a business plan. Although it doesn’t include fundraising management or an HR/legal document builder, it’s great for creating graphs and charts. It also has advanced financial and reporting capabilities that let you track and gain insights from crucial financial data.

>Highly visual software that generates impressive charts and graphs
>Helps you track budgets, ROI and other key financial data
>Doesn't include fundraising management 
>No HR/legal document builder

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are impressed by the number of features Aha! boasts, in addition to its strong integration capabilities. A CTO in facilities services says, “The comprehensiveness of this software is incredible. It has almost everything you can possibly conceive of when building nearly any type of product or service.”


Bizplan aims to give users a comprehensive education in business planning. Additionally, it connects budding entrepreneurs to planning experts for high-quality advice on strategy. Unlike many of the other software providers on our list, it gives you the opportunity to be part of a funding platform so you can raise the money necessary to bring your vision to fruition.

When it comes to raising capital, it’s one of the best options on this list. That said, it lacks some features we’d expect to see, such as business road mapping and an HR/legal document builder. However, it has some crucial tools for first-time business owners, like a step-by-step builder that walks you through the entire process and provides context.

Bizplan has strong financial capabilities, with a financial dashboard that tracks BI and generates projections on revenue, breakeven points, and more. One of the most attractive aspects of this software is the option to invest in a one-time purchase that gives you unlimited lifetime access. It includes online courses and classes and grants access to’s online business community.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Monthly: $29/month
Annual: $20.75/month
Lifetime access: $349
No free trial>Support: Business Hours
>Integrations: Intuit Quickbooks and
>Deployment options: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>More features at Bizplan

Pros & Cons of Bizplan Business Plan Software
Bizplan’s main aim is to help entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of business and finance like a pro. It includes fundraising management and expert consultation functions to help start-ups hit the ground running. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a roadmap or legal/HR document builder.

>Offers fundraising management
>Includes expert consultation 
>No business roadmap
>Doesn't include a legal/HR document builder

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are impressed by Bizplan as a SaaS solution for creating and managing business plans. An advertising and marketing owner says, “All the questions and tools are set up in an intuitive flow, that lets you answer the questions easily and in the right order.”

Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro is a comprehensive business planning tool that’s designed for first-time owners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. It includes over 500 business plan templates, so you can find one that matches your company’s needs. The step-by-step wizard makes the process intuitive, but there are also expert consultants on hand to offer advice and guidance if you require it.

Its reporting capabilities are okay, if slightly limited. Business Plan Pro produces progress reports and financial forecast reports, in addition to financial projections. Furthermore, it’s one of the few providers that offers fundraising management to help users connect with investors.

Because it’s not cloud-based software, collaborators need to find creative ways of using it interactively. Luckily, Business Plan Pro includes collaboration tools to make the team work process easier, and it integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks to help you put plans into action. Unfortunately, like many providers, it doesn’t have a legal/HR document builder.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Premier: $159.95
Standard: $99.95
60-day money-back guarantee>Deployment: Windows - Installed
>Support: Business hours
>Integrations: Xero,
>More features at Business Plan Pro

Pros & Cons of Business Plan Pro Business Plan Software
Business Plan Pro is traditional software in that you make a one-time purchase for lifetime use. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options on our list. The 60-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to find out if it works for you — and this software app is used by high profile companies. That said, it doesn’t include any framework for HR/legal documents and it’s not cloud-based.

>Affordable one-time purchase for creating a business plan
>60-day money-back guarantee
>Used by over half of Fortune 500 companies
>You can't create HR/legal documents using this software
>No cloud-based options 

What Customers Are Saying
Business Plan Pro is popular with customers online, with lots of people complimenting the broad selection of templates and intuitive interface. A charity director says, “This software makes creating a new business plan and getting investors on broad a breeze. I wouldn’t use anything else.”


BizPlanBuilder is a tool that allows people to turn their ideas into actionable, realistic business plans. As well as offering fundraising management with a route to investors, it lets you create pitches that will appeal to investors in your specific industry. You can gain insight from a broad variety of reports, including incident reporting and market analysis reports.

Although it doesn’t offer one of the features we value most in business plan software, expert consultation, it does provide everything else we’d expect. Users can create business roadmaps, as well as collaboration tools to help them communicate and delegate ideas to a wider team. It’s one of the few providers to offer an HR and legal document builder, so you have practically all the tools necessary for a start-up.

BizPlanBuilder also provides financial projections and business plan templates, so first-time operators can use this software to grow an idea into an enterprise step by step.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$97/month14-day free trial>Deployment: Installed - Windows, web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Support: Business hours, online
>Integrations: Microsoft Office 
>More features at BizPlanBuilder

Pros & Cons of Business BizPlanBuilder Software
BizPlanBuilder is a great tool for creating pitches to grab the attention of potential investors and has 30 years of experience in helping people create business plans. That said, it’s not possible to run it on a MacOS.

>Highly efficient at creating compelling and credible pitches for investors
>More than 30 years experience in the field of helping budding entrepreneurs create business plans
>No installed deployment options for Macs 

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are enthusiastic about how easy to use BizPlanBuilder is for first-time business owners who require help raising capital. A managing partner in electronics says, “I like the information given in this website because everything has been put in the open and easy to access.”

ClearPoint Strategy

Though ClearPoint Strategy is one of the most expensive business strategy planning tools, it does offer comprehensive strategic planning and project management. It helps operators set goals and track their progress against measurable KPIs. One of its main strong suits is that it includes full management reporting capabilities, with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

In addition to offering collaboration tools that let multiple people contribute to projects, ClearPoint Strategy is cloud-based. This means the software can be used remotely from any device. Although it has a lot of features, its price point puts it out of reach for many people. Plus, it doesn’t provide any access to fundraising or help you manage the investment process — which you’d expect for the cost.

Additionally, this software doesn’t provide templates for the HR or legal documents you need to produce when you start a company. Still, it features a business roadmap, collaboration tools, financial projections, and business plan templates. It’s decent for more experienced operators with extra money to invest in BI.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Basic: From $250/month
Professional: From $800/month
Enterprise: Custom quote
Free trial>Management reporting capabilities
>Deployment options:
Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Support: Business hours
>More features at ClearPoint Strategy

Pros & Cons of ClearPoint Strategy Business Plan Software
ClearPoint Strategy is a great tool for experienced users that offers strong financial support, including projections and reports. It also provides qualitative updates so users can track progress in real time. Nonetheless, the software doesn’t include fundraising management or an HR/legal document builder.

>Strong financial capabilities
>Qualitative updates
>No HR/legal document builder
>No fundraising management platform

What Customers Are Saying
Customers compliment ClearPoint Strategy’s platform and its ability to help them make and implement plans. A strategy consultant says, “Top benefits include ease of use as well as report customization.”


Enloop is a business planning software tool that has a strong focus on the financial aspect of the process. This is ideal for people who have great ideas but aren’t necessarily financial wizards. Demonstrating profitability is essential for raising capital from investors, and this app delves into the financial viability of your vision. It allows you to add graphs and charts and analyze 16 distinct financial ratios.

It also lets you compare financial projections with industry averages so you get a clear picture of how your idea stacks up. Enloop provides a score so you know how strong your plan is. You can consult with a business planning and financial expert in case you need guidance. It also offers business plan templates and an HR/legal document builder, which makes it one of the strongest candidates for first-time start-ups.

If you’re looking for a business planning app that lets you connect with and manage fundraising, Enloop might not be the best option. Although it doesn’t offer collaborative tools, it’s cloud-based software, so teams can access the business plan remotely from anywhere. It doesn’t provide a business roadmap, so it may not be the best choice for those looking to use a platform as a long-term business strategy tool.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Detailed: $19.95/month
Performance: $39.95/month
7-day free trial>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Support: Online
>Expert consultation
>More features at Enloop

Pros & Cons of Enloop Business Plan Software
Enloop includes the most elusive feature on this list — it has templates and guidance to help you build legal and HR documents. It’s one of the most affordable cloud-based business plan software providers and offers a 7-day free trial. However, it doesn’t offer fundraising management or a business roadmap.

>Includes an HR/legal document builder
>Affordable cloud-based option with a 7-day trial period
>Good for people who aren't from a financial background
>Doesn't include a business roadmap
>No fundraising management

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are positive about Enloop’s numbers-driven platform and its ability to make complex tasks easier. A CTO in healthcare says it’s a “relatively simple and straight-forward solution for making business plans with an interesting business plan score system. It’s relatively easy to use.”

GoSmallBiz is designed for people new to business plan development. It’s cloud-based and includes collaborative tools, so you can bounce ideas between partners and work independently on your own ideas. The app offers business plan templates that are industry-specific, and a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process and help you understand the context.

It’s a strong financial assistant too, with the option to generate financial projections and statements. GoSmallBiz also lets you create a range of insightful reports, such as profit and sales analysis, and you can review balance sheets, cash flow, and income reports.

While this app is one of the more expensive long-term options, it does have a lot of features. In addition to the above, start-up operators benefit from a website builder, website analysis, an HR document builder, a dedicated customer relationship manager, and unlimited business consultation support. The only thing we’d expect to see that it doesn’t offer is fundraising management, but this is possible through the social media integrations.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
$39/monthFree demo >Integrations: Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
>Support: Online
>Deployment: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
Android, IoS
>More features at

Pros & Cons of Business Plan Software
Although doesn’t have fundraising management capabilities, it’s one of the few providers on our list that links with all major social media platforms. It’s also one of the few that provides a legal/HR document builder, which is particularly useful for first-time business owners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a free trial.

>HR/legal document builder
>Integrates with all major social media platforms
>No fundraising management capabilities
>Doesn't offer a free trial

What Customers Are Saying
GoSmallBiz is particularly popular with groups and individuals who are starting their first business venture. A director in retail says, “This software helped me create two business plans and websites and both are performing well. The support is second to none.”


LivePlan is a good tool for first-time business owners and established entrepreneurs alike. It has more than 500 business plan templates for a broad range of industries, so getting started is easy. When you’ve chosen the template that best suits your needs, a step-by-step wizard walks you through the process.

With LivePlan, you start off with one page and build on it. Consultation from an enterprise planning expert allows you to get the answers to important questions quickly. It covers all aspects of financials, from projections and reporting to fundraising management. Lots of people prefer to use business plan apps that help them find investors in addition to helping with strategy.

LivePlan has a business roadmap feature that lets you make forecasts into the future. It’s possible to enter a range of potential outcomes so you can make decisions based on hard data. Considering that it’s one of the most affordable offerings on this list, it boasts lots of features. The only functions it’s missing that we would want to see are HR/legal document building templates and guidance.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Annual: $15/month
6 months: $18/month
Pay as you go: $20/month
60-day money-back guarantee>Integrations: QuickBooks and
>Deployment options: Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Reporting: Performance reports, Financial forecast reports
>More features at LivePlan

Pros & Cons of LivePlan Business Plan Software
As cloud-based software, LivePlan is already well designed for collaborative projects. It also has plenty of collaboration tools to ensure everyone who needs to contribute can. As with many business planning software options on our list, there’s no HR document builder. However, it’s one of the least expensive offerings, and you can get your money back within 60 days if you’re not impressed.

>Affordable software with a money-back guarantee
>Strong collaboration tools
>No HR/legal document builder

What Customers Are Saying
LivePlan is popular because of its affordability and functionality. A food and beverage business owner says, “After one year in business, I revisited the plan and saw that my projections on revenue, margins and start-up costs were spot-on, thanks in part to this great software tool.”

MAUS MasterPlan Lean

MAUS MasterPlan is an Australian business plan tool with more than 60,000 clients around the world. It aims to make the creation and implementation of your strategy simple by providing templates, walkthroughs, and education for every step of the process. You can create detailed action plans based on your goals and projections for the future. Furthermore, you can delegate tasks within the program and track progress.

Cloud-based software like MAUS makes collaboration easy, although there are no specific tools for working directly with partners. However, because it’s not traditional physical software that you download, collaborators are able to access the tool remotely. On the downside, the software lacks fundraising management. So, while it lets you create a polished plan that’s supposedly bank- or investor-ready, it doesn’t connect you with these entities.

MAUS includes information about segmentation so you can break large markets down into smaller ones that are easier to tap into. It also lets you create different strategies for the various segments. In addition to financial reports for budgeting and projections, it can generate marketing and performance reports.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
KPI Dashboard: $299/year
Business Planning Pack: $499/year
Business Planning & HR Pack: $97/month
7-day free trial>Deployment options: Installed - Windows
Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Integrations: Xero
>Support: Business hours
>More features at MAUS MasterPlan Lean

Pros & Cons of MAUS MasterPlan Lean Business Plan Software
MAUS MasterPlan Lean is well-designed for people who are new to business and finance, but it’s also a useful strategy and project management tool for experienced executives. It lets users create cash flow and financial budget plans, along with other useful reports. The step-by-step wizard makes the process easy to understand, but the software lacks collaboration tools and fundraising management capabilities.

>Step-by-step wizard for strategic planning
>Lets you create 5-year cash flow and financial budget plans
>Automated action plan monitors tasks to keep the whole team on track
>Lacks collaboration tools
>Doesn't have fundraising management capabilities

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are impressed by MAUS’s capabilities as a business performance management tool in addition to its planning function. An executive administrator says, “It’s a relatively simple but powerful online tool for doing business. Interesting and practical “Project” tools. Nice and understandable data analysis.”

NetEkspert iPlanner.NET

NetEkspert is designed as a planner for new businesses, but it can also function as a project management tool. You can tap into a feature that lets you work with a mentor. This unbiased third-party can review the project remotely and offer you real-time advice and support as you develop your vision. When your business plan is complete, it’ll be ready to present to banks and investors.

It helps you prepare the reports and gather the information necessary to raise finance for growth or a startup. There’s a strong focus on strategy and risk management, in addition to project management tools. You can use this cloud-based software to drive accountability and engagement within your team.

You can integrate NetEkspert with MS office and Dropbox, so collaboration and contribution are extremely easy. There are business plan templates that you can use, and a huge library of how-to articles and business plan examples to help you stay on track. It’s a powerful financial engine too, with automated reporting and analytic tools to help you visualize your business’s future success.

Like many software providers on our list, NetEkspert doesn’t provide an HR/legal document builder, which is a valuable tool for first-time start-ups.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
Starting at $59/yearFree demo>Integrations: MS Office, Dropbox
>Support: business hours, online
>Deployment options: Web-based, cloud-based, SaaS
>More features at NetEkspert iPlanner.NET

Pros & Cons of NetEkspert iPlanner.NET Business Plan Software
NetEkspert is a cloud-based business plan and project management tool that offers targeted financial and business reports, such as what-if analysis, modeling, and financial forecasting. You can connect with your mentor to get expert consultation and it includes learning tools. Unfortunately, the software lacks fundraising management capabilities, so you can’t link directly with investors using the platform.

>Expert consultation from dedicated mentors
>What-if analysis, financial forecasting and modeling
>Lacks fundraising management capabilities 

What Customers Are Saying
Many reviewers comment on NetEkspert’s capabilities as a business planning tool for people with a basic understanding of financials. A marketing manager says, “I routinely use iPlanner to create business plans along with business models and financial projections in a collaborative way with my customers (small business owners, start-ups, investors, mentors, students).”


PlanGuru is all about financial planning and offers more than 20 insider forecasting methods that let you create projections for up to 10 years. On top of budgeting and financial analysis, it allows you to set goals and analyze performance. It also provides a rolling forecast, which helps you understand the implications of spending on overall cash flow before you do it. Additionally, strategic planning helps you manage your team and keep everyone accountable.

With PlanGuru’s income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, you can clearly see how your venture will map out in a range of different scenarios. It also lets you harness turnkey methods and use business drivers to predict growth. Considering that it’s one of the priciest software providers on our list, it does lack some of the features we’d hope to see.

There’s no expert consultation function included in the price of PlanGuru, so you’ll need to seek mentorship elsewhere. It might not be the best option for people who are new to starting a business because it doesn’t include fundraising management, templates, legal document building, or collaboration tools. All of these features are particularly helpful for individuals who haven’t started a business from scratch before.

PriceFree Trial/DemoFeatures
30-day free trial>Deployment options:
Installed - Windows
Web-based, cloud, SaaS
>Integrations: QuickBooks Online, Xero, Excel Import
>Support: Business hours, online
>More features at PlanGuru

Pros & Cons of PlanGuru Business Plan Software
PlanGuru is one of the most expensive business planning software providers on this list. However, it does offer a 30-day free trial so you can decide whether it’s right for your business’s needs. It also has strong financial tools for forecasting, budgeting, and performing what-if analysis. Still, it lacks an expert consultation feature, and it doesn’t include business plan templates.

>30-day free trial
>Strong budgeting and financial tools
>Lacks integrated expert consultation 
>No business plan templates

What Customers Are Saying
PlanGuru gets a lot of praise in online reviews for streamlining the financial aspect of setting up and running a business. A CFO in accounting says, “I’ve been able to help my clients create future plans and look at many what-if scenarios and their effect on the balance sheet without having to worry about whether my formulas are correct in excel.”

PlanMagic Business

PlanMagic is a helpful tool for assisting new and existing business owners in creating actionable plans and tracking progress. The business roadmap allows you to look at financial and BI projections far into the future, while expert consultation provides a direct line of contact to knowledgeable business planners. It also has all of the tools an operator needs to make realistic financial projections and analyze strategy.

Collaborators may need to purchase multiple versions of this software. It’s not cloud-based, and it doesn’t feature collaboration tools. Fundraising management isn’t possible through the platform, so you won’t be able to connect directly with investors. However, it does get your plan into shape for presentation to banks and investors.

Like many of the tools on our list, there’s no HR/legal document builder included with PlanMagic. However, it does let you make plans that include media, marketing, finance, and business. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial for PlanMagic.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Plan Magic Business: $138
Advanced edition: $239
Free demo>Deployment: Installed - Windows
>Support: Online
>Reporting: Financial analysis and reports
>More features at PlanMagic Business

Pros & Cons of PlanMagic Business Business Plan Software
PlanMagic isn’t cloud-based, so it’s not as easy for everyone involved in a project to log in and track progress. It also lacks collaboration tools, so it’s better suited to a sole proprietor — unless you purchase multiple versions. That said, it offers expert consultation and a business roadmap, which are great for helping first time operators through the process. The software’s insightful reports and analytics also simplify planning.

>Business roadmap
>Insightful reports and analytics
>No free trial
>Lacks a cloud-based deployment option

What Customers Are Saying
Customers who review PlanMagic online are particularly impressed by its financial and marketing functions. A business owner says, “It gave me the tools I needed to put my business vision into practice and I still use it two years on to measure success and plan for the future.”


Strategyzer is a companion piece of software to a book about the canvas business model. This means that there are no business plan templates to choose from — instead, you follow the business model laid out in the book. The software integrates with Excel and PowerPoint to help streamline workflow, while research reports give you insight into the viability of your venture.

There are extensive training courses and opportunities to network with fellow operators. Plus, expert consultation allows you to get advice from experienced business planners. Although fundraising management and financial projections are lacking, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee to see if Strategyzer’s other innovative tools make up for it.

PriceFree Trial / DemoFeatures
Small team: $25/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: Custom quote
30-day money-back guarantee>Support: Online
>Integrations: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and training
>Reporting: Research reports
>More features at Strategyzer

Pros & Cons of Strategyzer Business Plan Software
Strategyzer doesn’t include multiple business plan templates because it follows a specific methodology. However, it offers extensive training on starting a business and connects you with a community of like-minded operators and experts. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it doesn’t offer financial guidance or projections.

>30-day money-back guarantee
>Expert consultation
>No financial guidance or projections

What Customers Are Saying
Reviewers are enthusiastic about the way Strategyzer helped them get the training they needed to move forward with a business plan. A marketing director says, “This tool gave me the knowledge I needed to train my small team and get my business off the ground.”

What Is Business Plan Software?

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. As the internet opens up a truly global marketplace for small and medium-size businesses, there are more opportunities for starting an enterprise than ever before. However, having a fantastic idea is one thing, but putting together a business plan and making your dream a reality is something else altogether. To get your brilliant idea off the ground, you’ll need to create a business plan.

In the past, entrepreneurs’ only options were to start a business plan from scratch or recycle someone else’s work. Luckily, technology can now save you from the menial aspects of creating an operational plan for a new company. Business plan software helps you ensure that you include all the necessary details, and it takes the design legwork off your hands.

A business plan outlines your vision and provides you with an opportunity to flesh out your idea and make workable projections. Whether you’re looking to expand a current business or start a new one, you’ll need one of these plans to get funding from investors.

However, it’s more than just an investment tool. A business plan also helps you as you get your company off the ground. A well-constructed strategy lets you foresee potential issues and make the adjustments necessary to crush the competition.

Benefits of Business Plan Software

Launching a new business is no time to wing it. Stay one step ahead of the competition by using business plan software to create a roadmap for future success. If you’re looking to impress investors, a good business plan allows you to set measurable goals and demonstrates that your vision can be translated into growth and success.

Lots of people opt to use spreadsheets and documents or presentations to create their business plan. However, this is a lengthy process — particularly if your aim is to create something that stands out from the crowd. Using software lets you customize your plan and removes much of the menial formatting and admin work. Some other benefits include:

  • Step-by-step guidance: The wizard included with most software walks you through all key components, so it’s ideal for people who have never started a business before. The wizard also helps you understand what you need to put in and why.
  • Built-in financial knowhow: People who don’t come from a finance background gain a huge advantage by using this type of software. It takes your raw figures and organizes them in the best way to present to potential investors and partners.
  • Easier collaboration efforts: A particular benefit of cloud-based business plan software is that it lets multiple collaborators review and contribute to the plan. When multiple people — with permission — can tap into the file and make changes, you save time and effort in taking action. Lots of businesses involve more than one person, so collaborative tools are a must for many.
  • Considerable time savings: The amount of time you save is one of the biggest benefits of using business plan software. Instead of conducting multiple meetings across various locations and trying to piece together ideas and numbers, it’s all there in an easy-to-manage central hub. Tools such as templates, integrations, reporting, and projections further streamline the start-up process.

Must-Have Features of Business Plan Software

When you’re considering which business plan software is the best for your small or medium-size business start-up, there are some key features to look for:

  • Expert consultation: Some of the best examples of business plan software offer direct contact with consultants who specialize in creating business plans.
  • Financial projections: Most software apps provide financial tools for you to lay out your case for a prosperous venture. With this type of function, you plug in your numbers — cash flow, revenue, expenses, etc. — and the system produces financial projections.
  • Templates: Business plan software provides a starting point so you can focus on developing your vision rather than worrying about formatting. Most programs include dozens of templates and there are often specific designs for particular industries.
  • Integrations: The best business plan software integrates with other tools commonly used during the start-up process, such as Quickbooks, Facebook, and Mailchimp.
  • Reporting: Lots of great business planning apps have extensive reporting capabilities to help you make the best decisions. Performance reports, financial analytics, market analysis, and other tools guide budding entrepreneurs through this critical process.
  • Collaboration: Lots of people choose to go into business collectively, so in these instances, it’s crucial that multiple users can amend the plan remotely. Some providers set a limit on the number of users, whereas others permit an unlimited number.

The Cost of Business Plan Software

The cost of business plan software varies significantly among providers, so there’s something to suit every budget. The software on this list ranges from $15 to $800 per month. The main variable with pricing is the way the software is hosted. Larger one-time fees tend to grant licenses for traditional software downloads, whereas smaller monthly fees are usually for cloud-based programs.

Additional functions such as expert consultation from business plan experts and creating pitches for potential investors tend to drive prices up, but not in every instance.

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