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Don’t know what to name your business? Business name generators can help you come up with a unique one or give you a starting point while brainstorming.

We also recommend you run a list of your favorite business ideas by your marketing team and brand image consultants to get their professional input.

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1. Zyro – Best Business Name Generator

Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro is web hosting veteran Hostinger’s web design tool that helps you design websites and host them on their registered domain. The tool also comes with several other useful microservices like Zyro’s AI-powered 100% free business name generator. The generator suggests a combination of simple, complex, and unique names based on the words you provide.

They offer an intricately designed system that picks from thousands of creative name ideas, all tailored to help you find that perfect one. By simply entering some specific industry keywords into the search bar, they offer business naming options for your company.

All you need to do is enter 2-5 keywords separated by commas and click on ‘generate’!

2. Wix – Easiest Business Name Generator to Use

wix business name generator

Wix is another leading website building and hosting service. Wix’s free business name generator uses AI technology that transforms the words you input into a list of creative and catchy business names for you to choose from.

They provide industry-specific names by specifying the nature of your business. Enter one or two phrases and the keywords-based business name generator can give several options that you can funnel down to find the best one.

3. BrandBucket – Best for Branding

BrandRoot hand picket business name marketplace

BrandBucket is a dedicated business and domain name curation site. It offers you lots of choices that have been pre-selected by a team of experts from around the globe.

You can choose “invented” words, keywords, or “all” words and then you’ll see a range of potential business names with prices to suit all budgets.

BrandBucket has over 100,000 names to choose from, so you should be able to find one you like. As with most business name sites, you can also select a domain name.

4. Namelix – Best User Control


Namelix is another dedicated business name generator and logo maker with a modern touch. Their complex algorithm allows you to enter a word, from which it presents you with a set of filters like:

  • Preferred name length
  • Branding style
  • Naming style

Once your filters are selected, Namelix presents you with name and logo options. You can register a domain name directly from the website.

5. Panabee – Most Fun to Use

Panabee generator

Panabee is another fun AI powered name generator that comes laden with several other U.I and hosting related microservices. Start with your two keywords and then look at the results. You may be lucky and find something straight away but, if not, you have other ways to expand your search.

You can use this site for a domain name as well, so you cut your searching in half.

Try customizing your list to check different extensions, variations on your keywords and then compare suggestions via social media to see what’s available and suitable.

Try different TLDs to make it something that’s more country-specific. You won’t know what you’ll find until you look.

Why Use a Business Name Generator?

Business name generators can help you find the perfect name that embodies the values and the brand image you want to have.

These generators take basic inputs like the sector in which your business belongs, its target consumer base, and a few keywords that you believe can help the algorithm come up with better brand names.

Online business name generators are cheap, quick, and easy to use. You’ll get plenty of business name ideas. And it’s a smart move to think about choosing a business name and domain at the same time since they’re typically related.

It is preferable that your domain name closely resembles or, in the best case scenario, is eponymous with your business. All good business names that a generator suggests might not have domain availability.

Moreover, some domains can cost you thousands of dollars and just might not be worth the hassle.

Key Points to Remember When Naming Your Business

You should note that all the business name creators listed above usually generate a mix of generic and unique names. For example, a search for keywords like ‘Rural, Farm, Intelligent, Automatic, Green’ may present unique words like EVOLV but also generic options like The Green Company or Farm Buddy. You should pick a name out of these based on the very important next step in the process: Registering a domain.

As mentioned, domain names are better off being as close to the actual business name as possible. This helps them sound more credible and propagate the brand. We also encourage you to talk to your legal team in case there are any problems with getting the chosen name registered as an LLC or a public company in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Name Generators

As simple as a name can be, the process of conjuring it can be a real brain teaser. Here are a few common queries with answers to clarify some of your own.

How do I choose a business name?

While there are no universal rules for choosing business names, you should keep a few things in mind. Your business name is expected to be:

  • Short and memorable.
  • Something that embodies your brand identity well.
  • Readily available as a domain name (some might run you a hefty bill).
  • Follow the naming regulations of your state. For example, in most states, businesses aren’t allowed to use the word ‘bank’ unless they’re a financial institution.

Should I register my business name?

Yes, it is a good idea to register your business name based on the institutional category it falls under – LLC, .corp, etc. This helps your business get recognized as a legal entity which entitles it to a number of benefits like limited liability protection.

Why is the .com domain so important?

The .com domain is so important because it’s the oldest, most widely used domain on the internet. Sites with a .com domain enjoy much greater visibility on the internet and hence attract a substantially larger number of visitors.

Additional Resources

If you’d like to read more about business naming conventions and registration processes, take a look at these SBA.gov sources: