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Best Business Name Generators



Best overall business name generator

  • AI-assisted generation
  • Free to use
  • Logo maker and design generation


  • Why it’s best
    Brainstorming names and even logos and design elements is easy with Namelix, and generated names are creative and relevant


Namelix is another dedicated free business name generator and logo maker with a modern touch. Its complex algorithm allows you to enter a word, which presents you with a set of filters like:

  • Preferred name length
  • Branding style
  • Naming style

Once your filters are selected, Namelix presents you with name and logo options. You can register a domain name directly from the website.

Pros and cons of Namelix


  • Relevant name suggestions
  • Easy design process
  • Editable options


  • Domain check isn’t automatic
    Wix Logo


    Best no-frills name generator

    • AI-assisted generation
    • Free to use
    • Domain check


    • Why it’s best
      It’s free, easy to use, and has a helpful AI generator to ensure your name is unique and appropriate to your business


    Wix is a popular website building and hosting service offering a free business name generator that uses AI technology that transforms the words you input into a list of creative and catchy business names to choose from.

    It provides industry-specific names by specifying the nature of your business. Enter one or two phrases, and the keywords-based business name generator can give you several options to find the best one.

    Pros and cons of Wix


    • Easy to use
    • Lots of suggestions


    • Names can feel a little generic

    What customers are saying about Wix:

    Wix is an easy to use platform that’s great for entrepreneurs or small business owners who don’t have the experience or money to hire a professional to build them a website. It’is a good platform for quick, easy, low-budget websites.



    Best for branding

    • Logo generator
    • Free to use
    • Domain check


    • Why it’s best
      This not only generates a name and checks domain availability, but creates a logo and sample website design as well


    BrandBucket is a dedicated business and domain name curation site. It offers you many choices pre-selected by a team of experts from around the globe.

    You can choose “invented” words, keywords, or “all” words and see a range of potential catchy business names with prices to suit all budgets.

    BrandBucket has over 100,000 names, so you should be able to find one you like. As with most business name sites, you can also select a domain name.

    Pros and cons of BrandBucket


    • Full design templates are generated
    • Thousands of potential options


    • Generated names can feel unspecific
    • Domain registration can be steep

    What customers are saying about BrandBucket:

    Customers find BrandBucket’s service to be helpful and easy, but admit that domain registration can be pretty expensive. However, they particularly liked that they were contacted by a human agent who walked them through the process.



    Best control options

    • Great control options
    • Free to use
    • Domain check


    • Why it’s best
      Panabee may not generate fancy logos or branding design palettes, but its brand name generator gives a fine level of control, helping you fine-tune your results


    Panabee is another fun AI-powered brand name generator laden with several other user interfaces (UI) and hosting-related microservices. Start with your two keywords and then look at the results. You may be lucky and find something right away. If not, you have other ways to expand your search.

    You can also use this site for a domain name, which cuts your search in half. Customize your list to check different extensions and variations on your keywords and then compare suggestions via social media to see what’s available and suitable.

    Try different top-level domains (TLDs) to make it something more country-specific. You won’t know what you’ll find until you look.

    Pros and cons of Panabee


    • Domain registration links to outside services with the best prices
    • Great generated suggestions


    • No other design or idea services on offer
    • System can feel a little hard to use

    What customers are saying about Panabee:

    Customers say that Panabee is a great website to help find and create a new domain, but admit that the new interface can be a little hard to use.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Business Name Generators

    How do I choose a business name?

    While there are no universal rules for choosing creative business names, keep a few things in mind. Your business name is expected to be:

    • Short and memorable
    • Embodying your brand identity well
    • Readily available as a domain name (some might run you a hefty bill)
    • Following the naming regulations of your state — in most states, businesses aren’t allowed to use the word ‘bank’ unless they’re a financial institution

    Should I register my business name?

    Yes, it is a good idea to register your business name based on the institutional category it falls under – LLC, .corp, etc. This helps your business get recognized as a legal entity, entitling it to several benefits like limited liability protection.

    Why is the “.com” domain so important?

    The .com domain is important because it’s the oldest, most widely used domain on the internet. Sites with a .com domain enjoy much greater visibility on the internet, attracting a substantially larger number of visitors.