Everything you Need to Know About Small Business 401K Plans

If you're a small business owner, retirement planning isn't something you'd typically get excited about. It's easy to see why. ROTH IRA, 457(b),401 (k), pension? A lot of acronyms and terms get thrown around. Of course you know most larger

Accounting & Bookkeeping 101: Introduction for Small Business Owners

Figuring out where your money is coming from and going to -- and how much you have -- is a crucial part of building and maintaining a healthy small business. But the process can also be complex, and overwhelming. This post breaks down the world of

Easy Guide to Small Business Health Insurance in 2020

In the United States, medical insurance coverage is most often provided by employers. This creates an issue for the more than 57 million freelancers and independent contractors and the owners and employees of the 30.2 million small businesses in the

How to Value Your Small Business [+Calculator]

Getting ready to sell your business? Tapping into equity to grow? Maybe you're looking for investors to finance future operations? Then you need to determine the value of your small business. We'll walk you through the process, providing you

Equipment Financing: Everything You Need to Know

You have to have money to make money. When it's time purchase necessary equipment and there isn't enough money, where do the funds come from? Enter equipment financing, a method of funding business equipment purchases. "Equipment" typically

Beyond Grammarly: 11 Top Grammar Check Software Apps Compared

When it comes to writing, good grammar is a must. In both personal and professional settings, good grammar helps make your writing more persuasive and inspires trust. The problem, however, is that grammar is a challenge for most people. If you

Best E-Commerce Fulfillment Services for Your Business

If you want to launch an online business selling physical goods, then order fulfillment needs to be a critical part of your planning. Fulfillment includes storage and inventory of your goods,  packing orders, and shipping to customers. Small

13 Secure Antivirus Software For Your Small Business [Free & Paid]

Just as you wouldn't leave the front door to your open, you should not leave your computer open to unwelcome parties. To close the figurative door to your computer, you will need antivirus software (and, if you have a valuable website, you might even

15 Secure Check Printing Services For Businesses

Checks are essential for small businesses. They are one of the key methods for making payments to employees, partners, and suppliers. As such, working with a reliable, secure check-printing company is important. You need to have a set of quality

The 9 Best Secure Mobile Payment Apps [Comparison Table]

Thanks to mobile payment apps consumers no longer have to dig through their wallets to find the right card, swipe, wait for authorization, and sign. Popular apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay enable you to pay seconds with a tap of your smartphone

12 Easy iPad POS Systems for Small Business

iPad POS (Point Of Sale) systems are well-known for being easy to use. That means less time getting new employees up to speed on checkouts and order-taking. Some systems, like Square, are so intuitive to use that they’re popular with amateurs and

10 Top Keyword & SEO Tools for Small Business [Comparison Table]

As a small business, do you need SEO? Is it worth the cost? Absolutely. Google is responsible for more than 90% of search volume according to data assembled by SEO expert Rand Fishkin. He notes that this volume is 4 times that of YouTube. It dwarfs

Enterprise WordPress Hosting: What You Need to Know

There's no doubt that WordPress is a powerful CMS. That's why it powers more than 26% of all sites on the web. However, finding the right enterprise WordPress host is a daunting task. Not all WordPress hosts have the performance and experience you