12 Excel Tricks You Need to Know

Despite the wide availability of spreadsheet tools, data analysis suites, and other powerful programs that do a lot of what Microsoft Excel does (and probably better), we still return quite frequently to Excel itself. One of the reasons we do is the

Small Business Statistics and Marketing Trends (2017)

According to the US Small Business Administration, there are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States employing 47.8 percent of US workers. All of these small businesses have a big impact on the US economy through job creation,

How Your Small Business Can Sell to Big Companies

As a small business, one important opportunity you're probably considering is expanding and growing by including enterprise corporations in your sales portfolio. In addition to such contracts being more lucrative, pursuing relationships with larger

An Introduction to the .htaccess File

.htaccess is a configuration file that seems to scare a lot of people when they’re just starting out. Yes, doing the wrong thing can break your site. But, usually the changes you’ll make are quite simple and straightforward. Knowing how to edit

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business

Coming up with a new business idea is such an exciting moment. But there's always one question that follows... "What do I do now?" You have a vague intuition that you need to register your business in order to start building it but have no

Fun with Robots: Getting Started With Robotics

Robotics is the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. But this definition is rather uninspiring. What is a robot? What can you do with robots? And how can you build your own? This article will show you: How you can get started

A Step-By-Step Guide to Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Being able to pre-sell a product and create that product with that revenue is the dream. It’s why crowdfunding can be a great way to fund your project. You bring people who want something together with people (like you) who are happy to make

How to Promote Your Nonprofit Online

When extending the reach of your nonprofit, the internet is invaluable. By creating a website and developing your online presence, you can share your nonprofit's mission with those beyond your local community and provide information about your

60 Second Guide to Web Typography

Typography is an essential aspect of web design. Some may even argue that it’s the very core of it. In the simplest of terms, typography is the styling of letters or fonts and web typography is the digital version of this. Harkening back to the

Enter Shopify’s “Build a BIGGER Business competition”

Over the past seven years, Shopify has helped over 100,000 merchants to launch businesses, through the annual "Build a business" competition. This competition had the intent to see whether freshmen entrepreneurs could  practically answer to

How To Hire A Professional Content Marketer For Your Business

When you're looking to hire a professional content marketer, here are some essential tips for the qualities you can't compromise on.   Content marketer hiring tips Find someone with a strong voice This is an absolute must. They

10 Amazing Ways To Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

Around 90 billion emails are sent every day for business purposes worldwide, and there is no indication that this number will fall anytime soon. So, yes, you should spend some time and resources trying to find the best ways to grab your potential

GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder Review

Want to start a website or online store, but have absolutely no idea how to? Good Great news. GoDaddy just launched their new website building tool called GoCentral. GoDaddy GoCentral is unlike any other website builder tool out

StudioPress Sites Review: All-In-One Hosting & Website Builder

StudioPress Sites is a WordPress powered all-in-one website builder tool that is built on the Genesis Framework and includes themes + plugins + web hosting. We are huge fans of Genesis (this site is powered by the Genesis Framework + a