Marketing Ideas on a Budget: 25 Best Tips and Tactics

Most marketing advice is for businesses who can afford to spend at least a few thousand dollars a month. But, not all businesses have a large budget. The strategies here are affordable or free. They will help you grow your business to the point

Become a LinkedIn Power User in Under 60 Minutes

LinkedIn is THE social platform for career and professional networking -- it is quite similar to Facebook, but where Facebook aims at keeping you in the loop regarding your personal relationships, LinkedIn aims to keep you in the know about your

25 Quotes to Help You Thrive During Periods of Change

Change is one of the few constants in life. From the time we are children, we learn that nothing ever stays the same for very long. For many of us, our relationship with change is complex. It can bring on a great deal of stress, but it can also lead

Business Acronyms & Jargon Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

No matter which environment you find yourself in, there’s always vocabulary and acronyms that are tossed around casually that everyone knows the meaning of. But if you’re new to a term, you can’t understand it and your life gets a bit harder. We

25 Killer Quotes About Success In Business & Life

Success. Few words in the English language have such a complex and ever-fluctuating meaning. According to, success means "the accomplishment of one's goals, the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like." Often, how we

Aspire to Be Great: Most Inspiring Leadership Quotes of All Time

Words are powerful. They inspire us, launch us into action, and they drive us to create the changes we want to see in the world. The power words carry are one of the reasons we love quotes so much. When worded just right, a sentence can become a

The 2018 Veteran Small Business & Startup Funding Guide

According to research by Bunker Labs, about 25% of transitioning veterans are interested in running their own business. You might be one of them. On top of general business training courses and funding options, there are many programs that were

Deleting Photos (or Yourself) from the Internet: A Practical Guide

We live in a world where almost everyone knows almost everything about everyone else. Think about it; if you wanted to know what Brad Pitt was wearing last weekend or where he likes to hang out, there is a good chance you can find it online. If

Inspiring Entrepreneur Quotes for Small Business Owners

Hearing the right words, at the right time, can be life changing. Especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. The best quotes contain meaningful lessons from successful (or at least experienced) people. I’ve compiled 10 of the most meaningful

How VoIP Can Save Your Business Thousands Each Year

Have you ever used Skype or had a voice call through Facebook? That’s VoIP in action. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It can be used to describe any service that transmits audio over an Internet connection. Great, so why should

How to Outsource Boring Work Without Sacrificing Quality

“I hate doing this, but I can’t trust anyone else to do it.” Sound familiar? Small business owners are a special breed. They’re usually talented in multiple fields, which allows them to handle everything. But there is a time, in any