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Our Editor’s rated Arvixe 4 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

Wix: Quick Overview

You need a modern website with an impressive design at a budget cost. But you don’t want to create a site only to find out that it take forever to load. What to do?

Speed test the site builder before you explore its other features. That’s what we did and we found out that — which is built on the Wix platform — loads in under 1 second.

Wix is an easy-to-use website builder with a wealth of features.

You get hundreds of professional templates that are built for both desktop and mobile devices, create unlimited pages, first-rate web hosting, and a free domain name.

Wix Alternatives

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Get a 14-day “no-questions-asked” money-back guarantee plus loads more features. Their cheapest plan is  5.00 per month.

Our Wix review (2022 update) will help you decide if you should get Wix’s website builder, or if you are better off going with a competitor.

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About Wix

Wix logo

Wix was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, in Israel, by Giora KaplanAvishai Abrahami (CEO) and Nadav Abrahami, a group of 3 developers who decided to build a platform to help anyone with no coding or design skills to create a website.

When the platform was launched, it set a new trend in the web design industry.

As of October 2018, Wix reports they host 110 million websites in 190 countries. This high user base comes as no surprise because Wix is an easy-to-use website builder with a wealth of features.

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Overview of Plans and Features

Although Wix is generally known as a monthly subscription-based site-builder, there’s also a free plan available.

Is the Free Plan Any Good?

The free plan is completely customizable as far as design is concerned.

What’s more, it comes with 500 MB each of storage and bandwidth. However, users have no control over the URL/domain name for a free Wix website, which would have this format:

Paid Plans Give You More Control and Options

Paid Wix plans provide full control over the domain. This means you can change the URL to a more appropriate name that describes the nature of your website. Wix premium plans also remove banner ads on your website and offer more bandwidth and storage.

There’s no obligation to upgrade when using the free Wix site builder. However, if you’re serious about designing a professional-looking and interactive website, then make sure to consider the premium versions.

Every Wix paid plan offers premium support, Google Analytics integration, custom domain names, and free hosting. Bandwidth, storage, and additional features vary depending on the chosen Wix site builder subscription. In a nutshell, here are current Wix site builder plans and the features that you’ll get:

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You Can Choose From These Wix Plans

Starting from the most basic to their e-commerce plan, here are summaries of what you’ll get.

Connect Domain

This is the cheapest and most basic Wix premium plan. Storage remains the same as the free Wix site builder version, but users get up to 1GB bandwidth. Keep in mind, though, that the Connect Domain plan does not remove Wix ads, which will appear automatically on the side and at the bottom of your website.


The Combo Wix site builder plan offers extra features such as $75 credits to spend on Google AdWords, a customized favicon, and a free domain name for one year. Storage and bandwidth are increased to 3 GB and 2 GB respectively.


When on the Unlimited Wix site builder plan, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and up to 10GB of storage space. As such, this plan is a great choice for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a site builder to showcase their portfolios.

Users also receive all the features provided in the previous plan with the addition of form builder and site booster apps.


If you want to establish an online store, this is the best Wix plan to go for. With the e-commerce Wix site builder subscription, users have access to all features offered in lower-tier plans plus the addition of an online store builder.

Bandwidth and storage space are also increased to 10 GB and 20 GB respectively, which would suit most mid to large sized e-commerce sites.

wix editor dashboard
Once you select a template (a pre-designed website), it takes less than one minute to access your new site via this editor dashboard. The editing dashboard is laid out in a clear way. There are helpful wizard tools embedded in the dashboard. Wix provides step-by-step tutorials. Note: this particular template has a live chat function built-in (see lower right corner) so customers can send you messages.

What are the Main Features of Wix?

Wix offers a lot under the hood. Here’s a guided tour of what you’ll get when you sign up with this site builder.

It’s Easy to Use

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need any coding knowledge to design a website with Wix. This site builder offers an easy-to-use editor.

The Tools are Intuitive

Its interface is extremely intuitive yet powerful. The provided drag-and-drop tools make it easy to move elements around the screen when working on your website layout.

Since Wix is a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get ) site builder, your website will appear just as it looks like on the site viewer when it goes live.

Try Wix for free for 14 days. Get started now.

How Do I Set Up a Website on Wix?

Wix markets itself as an easy website builder and the set-up process is quite simple, even if you don’t have tech experience.

Here’s how to set up your website on Wix:

  1. Choose the right template for your business website; there’s more than a dozen categories to select from
  2. Customize your website with the drag-and-drop editor
  3. Decide on the number of pages you want, you can easily add or delete pages in the editor
  4. Add your business content, e.g. testimonials and business background
  5. Enable a Wix contact form so customers can reach you from your website
  6. Use Wix Blog to add a blog to your site – a great way to provide new content to your customers and increase visitors to your site
  7. Add relevant apps from the Wix App Market
  8. Publish your site
  9. Once you publish your site, you can use Wix SEO to make it easier for your customers to find you online

Unlike other website builders that rely mostly on toolbars, Wix lets users edit text or change image attributes with right-click menu options.

Wix Alternatives

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Starts at: $29.00 / mo
(Billed as $29 Per Month)
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(Billed as $9.80 Per Month)
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Starts at: $2.95 / mo
(Billed as $2.95 Per Month)
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You Can Click for Help

Another great feature that enhances this site builder’s ease of use is the inclusion of help buttons almost everywhere, even down to individual design elements.

Thanks to this feature, you can pull up tutorials on specific elements instead of spending time browsing through generic help pages.

Video: See the Wix editor in action and see how you can customize your website.

Add-Ons and Extensibility: the Wix App Market

The Wix App Market offers over 250 apps that you can add to your website. To give you an idea of what is available, here are some of the apps recently listed on the App Market homepage:

  • Wix Forum (build an online community)
  • Wix Pro Gallery (showcase your photos)
  • Site Booster (improve your SEO and get more traffic)
  • 123 Form Builder (create forms to gather information from your visitors)

Some apps are free, though some are available only to users with premium plans. Regardless, all are easy to install and require just a few clicks.

wix screen shot

SEO is critical for small business owners: in order to purchase your services or products, potential clients must first be able to find you online. Browse the App Market for SEO add-ons to get an idea of what’s available to boost your e-commerce.

Themes, Design, and Customization

Wix offers more than 500 stylish design templates to choose from so you can be sure of finding one that offers the best layout for your website.

Most of the templates are free to use, although some may require a subscription at the e-commerce level. The templates are contemporary, attractive and feature the latest trends in web design.

Browse by Industry or Hobby

When looking for a theme and design template, Wix allows you to narrow down the choices to specific industries. For instance, there are themes tailored for restaurants, photographers, online stores, and many other specific website types.

If you’re wondering what type of website you can build with Wix, the options are unlimited but these are a few of the categories you can browse:

  • Business
  • Online store
  • Restaurants and food
  • Blogs and forums
  • Community and education
  • Photography
  • Creative arts
  • Design
  • Events
  • Fashion and beauty

It’s Easy to Customize Your Template

After choosing the desired template, you can customize page design to your liking. Wix offers templates with all the elements we have become accustomed to on modern web pages. These include login pages, static pages, blog posts, text sections, as well as social media widget and buttons.

Editing the template design is quite simple. Simply click on any element and you’ll see resizing handles as well as dragging buttons. Gridlines appear as you move objects around the screen, which help to keep everything properly aligned.

You’ll Have Built-In Access to Stock Images

Wix has a big advantage over Squarespace and Weebly when it comes to working with photos and videos.

For instance, there are millions of stock images to choose from when creating a highly visual website.

The integrated Aviary editor offers full photo editing capabilities. You can use it to add borders or animation effects around pictures and even experiment with a variety of resizing behaviors such as stretch, auto-fit, crop, and center.

When working with videos, you can set them to play automatically on page load, loop repeatedly or even add a unique video background image for the homepage.

For more advanced tweaks, the Wix site builder allows tech-savvy designers to embed HTML and Flash code.

Wix themes

What Is Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)?

While we have spent a lot of time going over Wix’s site builder, all of the features and options available can be overwhelming for a busy small business owner who just wants to get up and running with a website with as little hassle as possible.

Enter Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

ADI takes advantage of artificial intelligence, and using the information you provide, creates a stunning website for your business.

How Does Wix ADI Work?

More specifically, Wix asks you questions, and you respond. Then, Wix ADI combs through its library of design and content elements to create the “unique, dynamic, and robust website” that best fits your brand and the needs of your business. Wix easily takes care of the design decisions that you do not want to make.

From there, you can further customize your site, or you can ship it as is.

Video: WIX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) can build a website for you. Get a glimpse of how this works.

Built-In SEO Features and Mobile Friendliness

Like most site builders, Wix allows you to optimize your website for search engines. The SEO functions allow users to edit title tags, meta descriptions and insert keywords for each web page.

You can also integrate your website with Google Analytics or the Web-Stats app to start evaluating traffic sources and visitor behavior on your website.

Are the Designs Responsive?

Wix offers templates that offer a good browsing experience on mobile devices. The templates are not exactly designed to be responsive to every device, but rather provide a separate mobile website version for visitors using smartphones and tablets.

Wix even lets site owners customize templates in mobile view. If you’re not happy with how the mobile site appears, you can hide elements that you would not want to show up. Additionally, Wix throws in a mobile “action bar” that allows visitors to call or email you directly from their mobile devices.

Help and Support for Wix Users

Wix offers comprehensive help and support channels that cater to customers and anyone interested to learn about their site builder. While there’s currently no live chat support, you can get in touch with a Wix customer service representative via phone or email.

If you have a question, you can also post it on the Wix forum or browse for answers on the support center, where there are plenty of FAQ sections and help articles.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Wix?

The following Wix overview would be incomplete without highlighting the pros and cons that users should expect from this site-building platform. With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to remember about the good and bad aspects of Wix.


  1. Wix has a free plan site builder. You can also sign up for the free 14-day trial to get a feel of the premium plans.
  2. Hosting is included at no additional cost, even for the free plan.
  3. There are over 500 professional looking templates to choose from.
  4. Website templates are mobile-friendly and fully customizable.
  5. The intuitive drag-and-drop website editor is perfect even for users with no web design skills.
  6. Extensive help and support are provided through knowledgebase articles, FAQs, phone, and email.
  7. The e-commerce plan offers an online store builder that lets online merchants to track orders as well as configure taxes and shipping costs.
  8. You can extend your website’s functionality by installing third-party apps on your Wix website. The Wix App market has more than 260 apps that provide additional functions for email marketing, live chat support, price comparison, and so much more.


  1. You can’t export Wix websites to other web-hosting providers. So, before making any commitment, it’s advisable to try the free plan to see if Wix fits your website design and maintenance needs.
  2. No SSL certificate provided. This means online merchants will have to procure digital certificates from a third-party provider.
  3. Currently, Wix does not provide support via live chat.
  4. Once you’ve enabled a template, you cannot switch to another one. One way to get around this limitation is by testing as many templates as possible before committing to one.
  5. The best features are not available in the free plan. Therefore, Wix is not a great choice if you don’t want a subscription-based site builder.
  6. It’s clear from the above review that this platform has plenty of features as well as a few downsides to contend with when used to create and host a website. Whether or not to make Wix your site builder of choice ultimately boils down to your specific needs.

Overall, Wix is a solid site builder with plenty of features. It’s easy to use and offers scalable plans that can grow with your website. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to try the free plan. Alternatively, you can sign up for a premium version at no cost thanks to the 14-day free trial to see if Wix fits your web design needs.

Try Wix for free for 14 days. Get started now.

Wix Alternatives

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(Billed as $29 Per Month)
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Starts at: $9.80 / mo
(Billed as $9.80 Per Month)
Usual price: - Get % off!
BoldGrid logo



Starts at: $2.95 / mo
(Billed as $2.95 Per Month)
Usual price: - Get % off!


If you’re looking to determine if Wix is an ideal fit for your website, the following Wix FAQ may help.

Who is Wix for?

Wix can make a good fit for just about anyone since the website builder offers options for creating business websites, blogs, personal portfolios, one-page sites, and e-commerce stores. So it can be used for hobbyist sites as well as for product launches, business services sites, and online stores that sell digital or physical products.

What makes Wix different?

Wix has several features that make it stand out. It’s completely cloud-based, is known for its wide variety of modern design templates, offers hundreds of third-party apps that you can add to your website, and is one of the few site builders that allow you to animate text and other elements.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which is better?

Ease of use: Both are easy to use.Editor: Wix uses a drag-and-drop editor; WordPress does not. However, if a drag-and-drop editor is important to you, you could opt for BoldGrid, a platform that turns WordPress into a drag-and-drop experience. Apps/plugins: Wix has over 250; WordPress has over 56,000.Community: WordPress also has a large developer community and a larger user community. You can find WordPress MeetUps and WordPress Camps in virtually every major city in the world.Portability: Also consider: Once you build your Wix site you cannot move it to a host of your choice. With WordPress, you can use any host you like or opt for using — a hosted solution.Speed: You can get excellent site loading times from a site built on either Wix or WordPress. We ran multiple speed tests on and using the Pingdom Speed Test tool. Both loaded in under 1 second. Wix loaded in 881 milliseconds and loaded in 367 milliseconds.Switching themes: Also: You can easily switch themes (designs) of your WordPress website. With Wix, once you choose a design, you’ll have to stick with it.

Does Wix offer affordable plans?

Although Wix is not the cheapest web builder around, its prices are reasonable and substantially cheaper than hiring a developer.

Does Wix support do-it-yourselfers?

Yes. Through over 500 beautiful and professional templates, a drag-and-drop website builder, and useful knowledgebase, Wix enables anyone to build an attractive and well-organized website from the ground up without having to know how to code.The web builder also provides you with key SEO tools as well as interactive tutorials that help you attract more traffic and improve your site’s Google ranking.

Do I need to outsource other web-related services when I choose Wix?

No, you don’t have to. The company is a hosted website builder that provides you with everything you’ll need to create a website. These include a webspace, domain name, and editor.

What Are Wix’s payment processing options?

Wix offers payment processing through several vendors including PayPal,, WebMoney, PayU, Skrill, and offline methods (cash, check, wire transfer, etc.).

Can I edit Wix templates?

While Wix offers an impressive range of beautiful and professional templates, switching from one to another is impossible. Once you choose your template, you are stuck with it and can only change the design within the template.

What interfaces Does Wix support?

Wix runs in your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Therefore, your Wix website can be accessed by web surfers using both PC and Mac computers. You can also choose to have your site accessible via mobile phones with Wix’s mobile-builder.

What are some good alternatives to Wix?

Wix is one of the most popular website building tools out there and their main competitors and the best alternative to Wix is Weebly and Jimdo.

Wix plans & prices

Wix’s website builder comes with four types of plans; a basic, personal, startup and e-commerce plan. For the latest and most up to date prices visit Wix’s website.

Plan nameDiskspaceFree trialMonthly price
Connect Domain Plan 1 GB Yes 5.00
Combo Plan 2 GB Yes 11.00
Unlimited Plan Unlimited Yes 14.00
VIP Plan Unlimited Yes 29.00


Try Wix for free for 14 days. Get started now.


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