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If you need to create a website for yourself or your business, you have options. Many people use a website builder because it’s quite fast and easy while still being able to produce beautiful sites.

Best Website Builders for Beginners

The most difficult part of using website builders is deciding which one is right for you. There are several different options available today, so make sure to consider all your options. We take a brief look at five of the most popular options available so that you can decide which one is right for you.

  1. Web.com – Best Overall
  2. Zyro – Best Premium Features
  3. Squarespace – Best Templates
  4. Shopify – Best For E-commerce
  5. GoDaddy – Best Customer Support

Which Website Builder is Easiest to Use?

If you’re trying to figure out which website builder is best for you, you want to evaluate all of the top options available. To that end, we have taken a close look at each of the following website-building services and given you a brief evaluation of each. This is just a simple evaluation and introduction to the service that can help you to narrow down your options based on the type of site you’re going to be making.


Web.com Homepage

Web.com was one of the first companies to offer website-building options, and it has done a great job at keeping its services updated with the latest technologies. It uses a convenient drag-and-drop system that makes creating your website faster and easier than most other options. It has also updated all of its tools and templates to ensure it’s mobile-friendly so that you have one less thing to worry about.

When you purchase an account, you receive plenty of great tools, hosting, and even your domain name included. Note, however, that once you create a website on web.com it’s not very easy to transfer off of its platform if you ever decide you want to.

Web.com is for e-entrepreneurs who want to establish their website with online credibility that serves as the face of their brands. It gives you more freedom and flexibility to stand out and builds connections with their customers. You can make the most out of their premium features with their cheapest plan starting at $4.95. Their website builder comes with hosting built-in, providing fast website loading speeds & backup features.


Zyro Homepage

Zyro is one of the most affordable options on this list, and despite its low price, it offers a great service. Creating your website is fast and easy thanks to its interface, which primarily uses drag-and-drop design options. When you first set up your site, everything will seem to be very simple.

Zyro uses an all-in-one eCommerce platform that offers designer-made templates built to meet your needs. You can customize everything by choosing a template of your choice and edit anything from changing the colors, fonts, images, and more with no coding skills needed.        

If, however, you decide you want to update your page to a new template, it isn’t quite as easy as we would like, although still far easier than coding your own page. Note that it has good customer support if you ever run into difficulties. Zyro offers its services for free and you can create a professional portfolio, blog, or personal website using their premium features at a starting price of $2.99 /month.        


Squarespace Homepage

Squarespace provides more than 60 high-quality, professional-looking templates to choose from that are all mobile-friendly. It is another popular service in this space, and it’s done a great job at building its reputation.

It’s widely seen as one of the most user-friendly services from start to finish, which is exactly what many people want. It is equipped with easy-to-edit website templates with no coding needed and full commerce and marketing features to run your business online. 

Squarespace offers a free trial, no credit card is required. You can use its hosting services for your site as well, so you don’t need to find your own. While more expensive than many other options, it provides great services, especially to e-commerce sites for $14/month, their most basic plan. 


Shopify Homepage

If you want to make an e-commerce site, Shopify should be on your short list of options to consider. It’s one of the most popular services around for business sites, and once you try its all-in-one service, you will understand why.

You can choose from over 70 professional and free store templates and customizable colors, imagery, and fonts with ease with n design skills required. This makes it easy to create your site, manage your product availability, and much more. It also makes it simple to run reports and track information about how your site is doing.

The Basic Shopify plan is priced as low as $29/month. Shopify offers its services for free for 14 days and explores all the features you need to start a business fast.


GoDaddy Homepage

When it comes to domain name registration services, there’s a no bigger name than GoDaddy. It’s working to become more popular with website hosting and creation, which is where this tool comes in. Its platform is great for beginners with a user-friendly interface with ready-made mobile optimization features.

It has a great service that allows you to create and manage your website from one convenient interface. This includes the ability to set up and run marketing campaigns, which are important for businesses. 

If you love the idea of having your domain, hosting, website creation, marketing, and analytics all in one simple place, this may be the perfect option for you. Their cheapest plan starts at $6.99/month. 

Criteria We Used to Determine If These Website Builders Are Easy to Use

When evaluating all of these website-building tools, we looked at several different factors. Things like how intuitive the tool was, how many features it had, how quickly a site can be created, and much more. The main criteria we used was whether someone new to setting up a website would have any trouble with the service.

You may have noticed that while each site is a little different, we considered them all fairly easy to use. This is because here at Digital.com, we only feature sites and services that we would be comfortable using ourselves. No matter which website builder on this page you choose, you will undoubtedly have a great overall experience.

What To Do Next

Website builders help you to entirely modify and personalize your website. Even technophobes can easily use them because of their straightforward drag-and-drop user interface, an enormous selection of templates, and features such as contact forms and media galleries.

If you’re thinking about opening an online store or starting a portfolio, define your branding and business model. It’s important to choose the best website builder that will suit your need by comparing and contrasting these website design builders. After this, strategize on how you will promote your website using marketing tools and social media platforms.