Founded in 2012, Webydo started out as a web design agency. Tired of having to rely on developers, and sick of the difficulty of communicating with clients, it decided to make a code-free program where the designer calls the shots. That’s the story of Webydo, one of the most versatile site builders available.

The Webydo mission is to provide all designers with the tools and freedom to freely express their creativity. With a user-centric design, the agency behind this tool has turned to the community to listen to feedback and develop this program around their needs. This approach has created a site builder made first and foremost for its users, with the features they’ve specifically asked for.

Made for designers, by designers, the Webydo site builder really seems like something special. So, let’s dig into what makes this tool stand apart from the crowd of site builders and examine why a web designer may want to choose this site builder over others.

Sophisticated, Versatile Site Builder

This isn’t just another drag-and-drop builder; it’s much more than that. With a look and feel strikingly similar to Photoshop, those familiar with that program will feel right at home.

The editor is slick and full of options.

Webydo review

If you’re concerned about starting from a blank slate, don’t worry. “Freedom” is Webydo’s middle name, and you can basically start wherever you want. And, if you want a bit of guidance without all the flashy pictures and Lorem Ipsum, there are a few wireframe templates to serve as gentle guides.


Webydo only showcases about a dozen themes on its website, but each one is remarkably attractive. There’s no mention of how many themes you have access to once you sign up, but you won’t be at a loss for inspiration with these as your starting point.

webdyo themes

Each of the themes focuses on a specific style of business or design, including themes designed specifically for photography businesses, design agencies, corporate businesses, restaurants, and travel agencies.

Each theme comes with a variety of features that are fully customizable, including pricing tables, testimonial sliders, image galleries, live maps, and sliding hero galleries. These themes allow you to have as much or as little control over the design as you want.

Design Process

The design process is simple enough, too. You never have to worry about coding (unless you want to). If you prefer, you can start with one of the themes above and customize to meet your needs.

Otherwise, upload images, design CTAs, create responsive breakpoints exactly where you want them for mobile, and create custom parallax animation effects at your discretion.

webydo review

There are also a good amount of integrations and elements, as well as both free and paid plugins. Much like an image editor, you’ll be able to control aspects like layers, opacity, text, and more without having to fire up GIMP or Photoshop.

Here are some more reasons web designers should seriously consider using Webydo:

Hosting and Domain

As with most site builders, you won’t need to go through a third-party to purchase a domain. With Webydo, you have the choice of hosting your site on its subdomain or you can purchase a custom one from Webydo.

Free cloud hosting comes with the builder tool as well, so that’s taken care of as well. Backups and security are included.

As a bonus, Webydo has partnered with Google Cloud and has access to its CDN, so loading times are slick and fast, regardless of which country your site visitors are in.

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Easy Client Management

One of the major features Webydo flaunts is its CMS, and with good reason.

Working with clients and letting them examine or edit what you’ve done is a hassle if you don’t have the tools for it. On the other hand, giving them full control can lead to disaster. It’s not too often you find tools that enable you to give clients control, but to limit it.

webydo review
This is one of Webydo’s templates: suitable for a creative design or marketing firm.

So this CMS was created to enable designers to do this very thing.

  • You can manage all your clients and sites from within a single dashboard
  • You can grant clients the ability to create or edit content based on what you think makes the most sense and then restrict their access to everything else
  • You can also send invoices directly from within Webydo, which is a nice add-on.

Main Features for Webydo

Webydo is chock-full of features — so much so that you might not see them all at first glance. Here’s a list of the highlights so you know what you’re getting:

  • In-Browser Editor: create your website directly in your browser window.
  • Free Google Cloud CDN: with this CDN, your website’s content can be delivered quickly to any global location. It’s a major asset for sites with an international audience.
  • Custom Responsive Design: set breakpoints exactly where you want them and preview how the site will look on mobile and tablets.
  • E-commerce: using the Ecwid e-commerce builder, you have creative freedom to modify the store as you like. There are paid e-commerce widgets available, too.
  • Parallax: this feature not only includes the traditional smooth scroll but also comes with animation options. You can animate any element with custom motion paths, transitions, and speed.
  • Widgets and Plugins: there is a mix of free and premium plugins available, all of which seem to be high quality: perfect for adding advanced functionality and features to your site.
  • SEO Tools: details are sparse on this, but the site mentions that Webydo provides tools and statistics to help your site grow.
  • Coding: while most of the builder is codeless, you can easily jump into the backend and tinker with whatever you’d like.
  • White Label Branding: in other words, replace Webydo’s logo with your own, across all pages, even the login page or dashboard.

Enjoy Full Development Control

With a typical drag-and-drop builder, there are hard-coded limitations such as where you’re allowed to place content. Usually, this is to ensure mobile responsiveness, but with many site builders, it’s restrictive and annoying.

Not an issue with Webydo; it’s a little more work to set the breakpoints yourself, but you get the same final result without the penalty to freedom.

webydo review
This stylish Webydo e-commerce template showcases classy animation.

If you’re a developer on the side or you’re comfortable working with code, you can delve right into it and stylize every detail to your liking. There’s nothing worse than being forced to shirk a site’s full potential, but that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about here.


One of the most notable features is the community-driven style of the Webydo website. There is a system in which you can propose and vote for ideas, and, at the bottom of nearly every page, you’ll find a poll where you can choose which features the Webydo team will work on next.

There is also a “spotlight” of the best new websites created using Webydo. This is a great way to get some extra traffic and show off your favorite creation. And there’s nothing better than positive feedback for freelancers!

webydo review
The Maxology Marketing and Design website was built with Webydo and features subtle and delightful animations.

As a consumer dealing with businesses, the disconnect between you and them is often palpable. So it’s refreshing to see a company that takes the advice they get to heart and makes sure that every person is heard.

E-Commerce Features: Webydo and Ecwid

Webydo does not offer built-in e-commerce tools, but it does integrate easily with the Ecwid E-Commerce widget, an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly payment solution.

With Ecwid, you can control every aspect of your online store, including accept a wide range of payment types, control your stock, upload photos, create product descriptions, and much more. It is a popular and full-featured e-commerce tool, but it does come with additional costs.

A Web-Based Business for Designers

The key audiences for Webydo are professional web designers and front-end developers. If you are looking to extend your design business into offering fully- developed, professional websites with a white-labeled builder, Webydo could be a good choice.

Design Pixel by Pixel

Webydo allows you to design with “pixel by pixel accuracy” which is then converted into HTML code and a CMS for your client. It is important to note that site building functionality is not solely template based. You can start with a completely blank canvas and build a site from scratch. Templates are available if you prefer, though.

Responsive Design

All sites are responsive, which means they load quickly on mobile devices. This is particularly important as Google has placed more and more stress on the correlation between how sites perform on mobile and how well they rank in the search engine. Webydo also offers a CDN (content delivery network) powered by Google Cloud to increase site speeds.

It’s Not for Everyone

Webydo certainly isn’t going to work for everybody. They have positioned themselves well as a builder for designers, so if you aren’t in that category, this builder might not be a good fit.

Webydo may be a well-made program, but it has a number of issues as well. Consider the following:

Agency-Level Pricing

One look at the pricing page may have you quickly thinking about other options.

Unlike some other builder tools, there isn’t a free or personal plan available, so this isn’t the most friendly option for users simply wanting to build a single site or two for themselves or cash-strapped independent designers making their first stab at a design business. However, they do offer a free, 30-day trial if you want to see if it will work for you before buying in.

It’s probably safe to say that Webydo is specifically targeting designers and front-end developers who expect to serve multiple clients. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it is worth noting if you don’t fall into that category.

There’s also the cost of plugins to consider as well as these can cut significantly into your budget. And there’s a lot of them you’ll likely be interested in, too.

Design Experience a Must

If your knowledge of web design and usage of programs like Photoshop amounts to approximately nothing, this is not the site builder for you.

This is no DIY drag-n-drop you can work through on your own; it’s an extremely sophisticated program. If you don’t have an intermediate grasp on graphics editing programs — much less design — it’s better for you to start smaller.

Website Limitations

One of Webydo’s great features is the ability to make an otherwise boring site look rather interesting. The parallax and animation effects are stunning, and the image and layout choices lead to some pretty awesome results.

To go above and beyond the basics, it’ll require the assistance of third-party plugins and apps — most of which don’t come cheap.

This also isn’t necessarily the best solution for building e-commerce sites (if that’s the market you’re in). However, as mentioned above, the tool does integrate with Ecwid for e-commerce capabilities.

webydo review
The ability to set custom breakpoints and create custom animations — without coding — sets Webydo apart from competitors in the site builder space.

How Does Webydo Compare to Other Site Builders?

This is not a one-size fits all tool. Compared to most other site builders, Webydo is hard to use and expensive. At least if you are looking to launch a bare-bones site fast.

If, however, you are looking to use your considerable design skills to build beautiful, fully functional websites, then Webydo is precisely what you are looking for.

If you are looking to get a very basic site online quickly, Webydo is not your best option. Consider simpler site builders such as Wix or Weebly. Those site builders offer easy to use builders for the less-design savvy.

A Solution For Web Designers

Webydo markets itself as the perfect solution for web designers looking for a change, but what makes it better than more traditional site builders?

While it may not be the best for amateur designers for a variety of reasons, Webydo has a great tool here. It evokes the feeling of software like Photoshop and InDesign, both regarded as the pinnacle of design tools.

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Though Webydo has flaws, there’s one important distinction between it and others: this company listens. There are polls available, the Webydo team checks the forum and responds to complaints, and feedback is used to make a better program. Some have even likened this system to a form of democracy. People love to know they’re being heard, but better than that is knowing that your words are making a difference.

It might be pricey, but, if you can afford it, the future looks bright for this aspiring company. With such a great start, things are certain to get better from here.