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Our Editor’s rated Webnode 3 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

Webnode: Quick Overview

Our Webnode review (2022 update) is made up of genuine ratings from real users on social media. We will help you answer your ultimate question; should I buy a website builder from Webnode?

Webnode offers a variety of features to develop personal, business, and e-commerce websites. The most prominent function of all is of course the drag and drop website editor.

With this tool, you can literally create a website in minutes and not have to deal with any special code, unless you want to.

Sign up for the 15-day free trial to find out if Webnode is your ideal site-building platform. Webnode’s cheapest paid plan is  3.95 per month.

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What is Webnode?

Webnode is a Swiss-built point-and-click website builder used by over 22 million site owners worldwide.

So, if you’re searching for a website building tool, the natural question to ask is why do so many users settle for this platform? Well, the following Webnode review seeks to give you an answer by laying out all the important details that you need to know.

What Does Webnode Offer? Here’s a Look at Their Main Features

Webnode offers a variety of features to develop personal, business, and e-commerce websites. The most prominent function of all is, of course, the drag and drop website editor. With this tool, you can literally create a website in minutes and not have to deal with any special code, unless you want to.

Some of the most popular features from Webnode include:

  1. Easy-to-use online editor
  2. No ads, ever
  3. A wide range of modern-looking templates
  4. E-commerce features
  5. Google Analytics integration
  6. Ability to share on social media
  7. Full support for SEO marketing
  8. Four pricing plans based on storage needs
  9. Ability to use your own domain

You’ll Get Four Plans to Choose From

Whatever category your particular site falls in, Webnode offers four paid plans to choose from: limited, mini, standard, and profi.

While the packages vary in terms of bandwidth, storage, and functionality, all include a form builder, password protection, premium templates, custom domain names, personalized emails, as well as site backup and recovery.

Multi-Lingual Websites

One unique feature you will find with higher tier plans when using Webnode to design a website is multi-lingual support. If you’re looking to create an international website, Webnode can translate your website in 20 languages.

There’s a Free Version

Webnode does offer a free package if you want to create a personal e-commerce site. Although it is quite basic, you’ll still get your own domain name, full access to the site builder, 100MB storage, and 1GB bandwidth.

The best part about the free package is that Webnode does not bombard your site with ads. Alternatively, consider signing up for the 15-day free trial to get a feel of the premium plans.

Try Webnode for free for 15 days. Get started now.

Is Webnode Easy to Use?

Yes, it’s simple to create a website thanks to their wizard.

First, Create an Account

The process of launching a new site with Webnode starts with creating an account. New users simply need to fill out their email address, website name, and password for accessing Webnode’s back end. After entering these details, simply hit the “Sign Up” button. From there, the registration wizard will take you through the sing up process step-by-step.

The Wizard will Guide You Step-by-Step

The first course of action on the registration wizard is choosing the type of website you wish to create, with options being e-shop, business, or personal website. Next, Webnode will take you to the themes selection page. There are navigation buttons at the top to help you browse through the wide range of site templates that Webnode has to offer.

Choose the Page Types You Want: They’re Created Automatically

Once you select a template that you find appealing, the final step of the registration process is specifying pages you for your website, and the wizard will create them automatically. For instance, you can choose to include About Us, Contact Us, News, Products, FAQ, Our Team, or Photo gallery pages on your site.

Drag-and-Drop Tools Make Tweaks Easy

After this, the Webnode site editor opens, which features drag-and-drop tools, and a ribbon menu bar to help you edit various elements for your website with ease. When done tweaking your website, you can hit the preview button on the editor to get a quick glimpse of how individual pages will look like upon publication.

Does Webnode Come With Hosting?

As an all-in-one website builder, Webnode provides hosting for all sites created using its tools. While the company provides very little information on the hosting that powers its websites, it is likely to be similar to other shared hosting options. There are no options to upgrade the level of hosting provided.

Webnode does not provide stand-alone hosting services for a website that you have built elsewhere.

Is a Domain Name Included?

All websites come with a Webnode subdomain. Those with premium plans, however, also get a free custom domain name for the first year.

If you already own a domain name, you are free to use it with your new Webnode site.

Get a Professional Look with Themes, Design, and Customization

When it comes to pre-designed website themes, Webnode does not disappoint.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, all offering full CSS access. If you dig deeper into the themes gallery, you’ll find some great looking fully responsive designs.

webnode templates
Pick from dozens of professionally pre-built website designs. Then customize by adding your content, altering colors and elements to suit your taste.

Pre-Built Components Make it Easy to Customize Your Pages

The Webnode site builder puts plenty of design elements at your disposal. You can use typical tools like text boxes, social media widgets, web forms, image galleries, or embed YouTube videos.

Add a map: With tools to insert Google and Bing maps on your site, Webnode allows you to give customers directions to your business address.

Integrate with third-party tools: The site builder also integrates with files and Survio if you’re looking for some rare elements to include on your website.

What Image Options Will I Have?

Working with photos in Webnode’s site builder is fairly easy. You can use the slideshow or lightbox options when creating a photo gallery. The lightbox option enlarges photos when users click on them, which is a great way to show close-up photos of products that customers intend to buy.

Built-In SEO Features

When you are interested in learning more about a business, what is one of the first things you do? Search for it on the internet (and more specifically, search for the business using Google). Your potential customers are no different. As such, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial driver of traffic to your business’ website.

Just the Basics: There are SEO Fields for You To Fill in

Optimizing your website for search engines with Webnode is quite simple. Page titles, URL fields, Meta tags, and image ALT tags are all editable.

Can I add a Blog?

On the other hand, the blog function is very basic with no support for RSS or commenting. Nonetheless, it’s a handy addition for web site owners who want to publish optimized content that will increase rankings in organic search results.

As an added bonus, Webnode allows you to track site stats with the help of Google Analytics.

How Will My Website Look on Mobile Devices?

All plans provide responsive mobile-friendly templates, even the free version. Webnode lets visitors access your site on mobile devices, but more importantly, it offers you the tools you need to easily launch websites that look good on smaller screens.

Mobile Performance and SEO

While it is important to provide your website’s visitors with the best possible UI/UX possible, mobile friendliness is also important when it comes to SEO. Google, the most popular search engine, has launched its mobile-first initiative. What you need to know about this initiative is that Google’s crawlers are using the mobile version of your site when indexing and ranking websites. If your desktop site is top-notch, but your mobile version is not, then your site, as a whole, will not rank as well.

What is the Quality of Webnode Customer Support?

Webnode features a community forum and FAQs pages on its website to help users find answers to common questions without having to contact the customer support team. The knowledgebase has plenty of helpful articles as well, which helps beginners with valuable insights on how to use the site builder.

There’s Email Support Week, but No Phone or Live Chat

On the downside, there’s currently no phone and live chat support. If you have to get in touch with a customer support agent, Webnode offers email support — or you can use their contact form, but you need to create an account for this service.

Support is available 5 days a week with an estimated 24-hour turnaround time.

Pros and Cons of Webnode

Is Webnode a good website builder? It depends on your needs. Before you decide, consider the following pros and cons.


  1. Free site building package with a custom domain and access to mobile-friendly templates.
  2. No advertisements on free Webnode sites.
  3. Multi-lingual support allows you to create different versions of your site in 20 languages.
  4. Intuitive Drag and drop site editor with full access to CSS.
  5. Integrated SEO tools and support for Google Analytics.
  6. E-commerce options included.
  7. Competitive pricing with paid plans, plus a 15 days money back guarantee.


  1. Templates are a bit stale but on the upside, fully customizable.
  2. Blogging functions are limited.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth is only available in the highest tier package.
  4. No live chat or phone support provided as of compiling this Webnode review, but users can get in touch with the support team via email.

What are Some Good Alternatives to Webnode?

Now that we’ve covered the ins-and-outs, pros-and-cons of Webnode, how does it compare to some of its peers?

Webnode vs. Squarespace

At a glance, Webnode is not as sleek as Squarespace, but does that mean that it is also lacking under-the-hood?

Both products are easy-to-use, all-in-one website builders that come with e-commerce tools. Squarespace offers more e-commerce tools, like an optional cart abandonment feature, which allows you to automatically message site browsers who put an item in a cart but don’t check out. (You could offer them a discount to come back and check out, for example.)

Squarespace edges Webnode out in the design arena, and its site building tools and customer support are second to none. However, Webnode does offer a full-featured free option, which might be sufficient for a small business looking to get started.

Webnode vs. Wix

Webnode and Wix are very similar products, but we think that Wix is a slightly more powerful website builder (especially if you opt for some of the more premium plans). However, with increased power comes difficulty in use — Wix is not hard to use, but it does come with a steeper learning curve than Webnode.

Both options come with a free plan that is likely to appeal to small businesses on a budget, but Webnode might be slightly easier to use (and Webnode promises not to display ads on your website, no matter what). However, for those looking to grow in the future, Wix offers more potential.


With all the numerous features that Webnode has to offer, it comes as no surprise why many people choose this site-building platform. Webnode is generally a solid site builder that’s worth trying if you do not have any web design skills and have little funds to hire a professional web developer.

It’s easy to use even for beginners and comes with a ton of features such as SEO integration, mobile-friendly templates, a multi-lingual site editor, plus custom domain names even for the free package.

Overall, the advantages of using Webnode to create a website far outweigh the cons. However, ensure to test the free version or sign up for the 15-day free trial to find out if Webnode is your ideal site-building platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Webnode

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are a few of the most-asked questions about Webnode.

Can I create an online store with Webnode?

Yes, Webnode offers two e-commerce packages starting at $12 a month. These plans include email accounts, form builders, membership capabilities, premium support, and more. With a few clicks, you can add products to display. Your dashboard will enable you to view and track order status. And by adding Google Analytics you can create goals to boost conversions.

Does Webnode offer free trials?

Yes, you can build your site for free and upgrade to a paid plan later if you wish. This is a good way to take the site builder for a test drive and experience building a site. Decide for yourself if you like the interface.

Does Webnode have a money back guarantee?

Yes, all of their premium plans come with a 15-day money back guarantee. As with most site builders, the refund process follows specific criteria laid out in Webnode’s Terms and Conditions. See section 6.5 of their Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Webnode Plans & Prices

WebsiteBuilder offers website building plans for you to create a Personal website, Business website, Online store and Domains. For latest and most up to date prices visit Webnode’s website.

Plan nameDiskspaceFree trialMonthly price
Limited 100 MB Yes 3.95
Mini 500 MB Yes 5.95
Standard 2 GB Yes 11.95
Profi 5 GB Yes 19.95
Standard Ecommerce 1000 MB Yes 24.95


Try Webnode for free for 15 days. Get started now.


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About Webnode

webnode logo

Webnode is a point and click website builder that was founded by Vit Vrba and their headquarters are located in Zug, Switzerland.

The first beta version was launched in January 2008 following 16 months of meticulous development.

Webnode has been around for more than 10 years now and it’s currently one of the fastest-growing website builders.

Webnode’s website builder tool has helped over 22 million users from all over the world to create their own websites.

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