Introducing MotoCMS – A Top CMS and Website Builder

MotoCMS is a one of its kind website builder tool that is super fast, sleek and easy to use. The new MotoCMS 3.0 version makes it possible to create responsive websites that look great on all devices, be it a desktop, tablet or mobile.

MotoCMS is a website building tool aimed at developers and users with no programming skills, as MotoCMS’s drag and drop functionality allows you to quickly create stunning and responsive websites.

Notable Features and Numbers

Main highlights include: Lots of industry specific designs (over 2,500 ready-made templates), built-in ecommerce functionality and powerful SEO options. Responsive site designs. Drag-and-drop site design. Professional and helpful installation assistance available plus 24/7 support.

Try MotoCMS now and get a free 14-day “all features included” trial. This website builder price is  39.00 (one-off cost).

Our MotoCMS review (2022 update) will help you decide if you should get this website builder, or if you are better off going with a competitor.

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About MotoCMS

MotoCMS logo

MotoCMS is a privately held company founded by Demetrio Fortman in 2009 that provides website templates bundled with the MotoCMS website builder.

As the founder and CEO, Demetrio has founded several projects including MotoCMS, MotoPress and Defrozo, and he is currently the COO at TemplateMonster.

MotoCMS’s concept is easy: each template is an 80% ready website and you have a feature-rich admin panel to quickly complete the remaining 20% (add text and image content). Within an hour or so your website is ready for launch.

Try MotoCMS. 14-day free trial.

Why Use MotoCMS?

You have probably already heard about website builders – those handy tools that help anyone create their own website without knowledge of coding or web design.

MotoCMS is one of those systems that can be used for building a website for business, E-commerce or personal needs. You can try it right now for free throughout 14 days and see how powerful this CMS is.

Overview of Top Features

Here is a short overview of MotoCMS features and opportunities.

Choose from Thousands of Professional Website Designs

It offers over 2,500 templates for various niches along with a unique CMS using WYSIWYG principles.

Thus, you purchase a template and tweak it with the use of MotoCMS admin panel to get a unique and beautiful website.

Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating and Customizing Sites and Online Stores

Let’s check out all its features one by one:

  • Drag and drop content
  • Drag and drop design
  • Widget functionality for media and more
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom responsive adjustments available
  • Google analytics
  • Webmaster and SEO tools
  • E-commerce functionality
  • 2500+ templates
  • Top-of-the-range security

Let’s Take an In-Depth Look at the Features

Is MotoCMS right for your project?

This in-depth look will give you a good idea of whether you want to research this product further.

Drag-and-Drop Features

Inside MotoCMS admin panel you will find a handy builder where you can customize every tiny thing about your website.

It uses intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, so you don’t have to dive into the code to, say, add images or adjust buttons.

motocms admin panel
The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

On the sticky menu above the admin panel, you see such sections as “Design,” “Pages,” “Media library,” “Settings.” Each section is aimed to help you to set up a specific part of the future website.

Thus, in “Design” section you can configure the template’s text properties (Size, Font, Style etc.) or change the color palette of the entire website with the use of a handy MotoCMS Color Picker.

Customize Your Text and Images with “Pages” and “Page Dividers”

“Pages” section allows you tweaking each page of your website separately. Sleek dashboard with drop-down menus contains Widget panel. Here you can find all elements you may need for tweaking a template: “Image,” “Text,” “Video,” “Menu,” “Button,” “Contact Form” and others.

Just dropping a couple of widgets into the container, adding an “H. Divider” to provide more space and adding your own content provides you with a nice looking page. Actually, you can customize the entire template within a few hours.

Media Library and File Management

Inside “Media Library” you store and manage all your media files – from images and videos to audio files and documents.

The “Settings” section provides all the options for tweaking up the general settings of the website like its URL, language, favicon etc.

Can I Add a Blog?

Yes, the separate “Blog” section allows setting up and adding a blog to your website what can be very useful for portfolio websites as well as for commercial projects.

Responsive Design

MotoCMS templates can boast to have a responsive nature from the shelf. Each template is set up to function and looks perfect on:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

This is regardless of resolution, as a result of a tidy job by MotoCMS.

MotoCMS Templates
MotoCMS templates are available in their online store.

Mobile Breakpoints and Sizing

It means you don’t have to adjust your image or text separately to each breakpoint: just add the properly sized image in the desktop view – and you’ll get it automatically resized for tablet and smartphone resolutions.

There’s a special “Sizes & Values” section that allows adjusting any block of the page manually to make your content look perfect. Thus, you can set up spacing values around the text or image container to add more air to the layout.


MotoCMS themes are extremely SEO-friendly. They have all the options for proper on-page SEO.

Thus, you can set up custom URL for pages and blog posts, page title, meta description, keywords etc.

Similar options (title, ALT-tags, description) are also available for images what is essential for SEO too.

You can also set up “no-follow” and “no-index” attributes as well as “rel=canonical” tag that you hardly find with other website builders.

MotoCMS offers an SEO audit of your site and a roadmap to improvement.

Integrate with Google Tools

You can also easily add Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) accounts inside your MotoCMS admin panel.

It helps you to track all metrics that show how well your website performs and also setup necessary parameters to boost traffic and improve ranking.

Will My Site Load Fast?

Loading speed is one of the crucial factors for a high-ranking website. It is included in Google’s algorithm and affects website positions in SERPs (search engine results pages) greatly. So it’s good to know the MotoCMS templates are well-optimized to load and perform lightning-fast.

What About Web Hosting?

Despite the fact that MotoCMS doesn’t offer you a hosting, you can get a really good bargain from their partners of Bluehost and host your website very cheap. MotoCMS also offers you hosting installation services for as low as $48 with your template purchase.

Do They Offer Customer Support?

One of the best things about MotoCMS is their technical support services. You get help from tech support team available 24/7 for free.

And you can also buy Advanced Support services that broaden your opportunities greatly.

The advanced support comes with:

Guaranteed ticket response time of 2 hours

  1. 24/7 live chat
  2. Pre-sale chats
  3. Exclusive technical support (Mon – Fri between 8 A.M and 4 P.M EST)
  4. Template installation support
  5. Website transfer support
  6. Phone consultation (Mon – Fri between 8 A.M and 4 P.M EST)
  7. Knowledgebase
  8. Community forum
  9. FAQs

This is a serious support package with 9 avenues of gaining information.

E-Commerce Functionality

If you want to use MotoCMS to launch an e-commerce site, there are two ways you can go about doing this:
  1. Using a template that specifically offers e-commerce functionality
  2. Using the e-commerce plugin in conjunction with a template that was not specifically designed for e-commerce

The first option is definitely easier (but then if there is a theme you love that does not offer e-commerce functionality, you are not out of luck).

Unique E-Commerce Themes

One of the latest additions to MotoCMS functionality is a creation of special themes aimed at online store owners. Ecommerce templates from MotoCMS have all the necessary functions that help you to create a successful online shop within a few days.

MotoCMS E-Commerce Templates
MotoCMS’s e-commerce templates are incredibly popular.

It has all the functionality to ease your work of adding and labeling products, for managing orders and receiving payments. Store visitors will get a user-friendly online store with a great categorization of products and effortless checkout process.

E-Commerce Plugin

If you opt for the plugin, however, you’ll get sufficient functionality that you can build a fully-fledged web store using your theme, including product pages and checkout/purchasing functionality.

To get a better idea, learn about some of the highlighted features of the plugin and what they do:

Feature Custom Dashboard Product Catalog Discounting Payments
What It Does Allows the user to navigate the plugin and its various functionalities. Section of product management, where you can add, edit or delete products, furthermore edit data like metadata and pricing. Allows you to create and use custom discounts and promotional codes. Ensures the secure flow of funds between you as the business and your customers.
User Experience Importance The most important of all – a good dashboard makes a plugin easy to use. Some plugins do not have dashboards, so consider this a luxury. Again, it is paramount to have a simple product management system. It saves time as well as mistakes. Marketing is key, therefore the ability to offer discounts and coupons is an asset to value. Vital. If this isn’t set up properly, you will experience a loss of funds, or worse, loss of customer data.

Templates and Prices

MotoCMS now has over 2,500 templates for various business niches and personal needs. They include cool themes for photographers portfolio, themes for business consulting, cafes, beauty salons, and online shops.

The company offers a set of multipurpose themes that include powerful functionality, pre-made pages, and child themes. It will be a great deal for developers that allows them creating various websites purchasing one theme.

Premium Quality Templates Have a Price

MotoCMS templates cost $199. Additionally, you can get installation services, Ecommerce plugin, SEO audit etc. Ready-made website service is a great opportunity to get a website done for you by professionals in a few weeks.

MotoCMS recommended hosts
Recommended hosts and plans by MotoCMS.

As we already mentioned, before the purchase you can try it within 14 days and see whether it suits your needs. If you’re satisfied with the result – you will get your templates with all the changes you’ve done to it during the trial period.

Summary of MotoCMS as a Website Builder

Let’s sum up what are the main features and advantages of MotoCMS:

  • Thousands of templates for any niche
  • Effortless drag-and-drop website builder
  • Huge collection of widgets
  • Responsive design out-of-the-box
  • Powerful SEO-friendly options
  • Advanced e-commerce functionality
  • 24/7 free tech support
  • Lifetime free updates right in the admin panel

If you’re already got your free MotoCMS template trial, you may need our handy free guide from web design professionals to help you create an astonishing design. Get it right here and good luck with your business!

MotoCMS vs. WordPress

How does MotoCMS compare to the king of content management systems, WordPress?

Out of the box, WordPress requires some work on your part to get it up and running. Though the process itself is fairly easy, you will need to be comfortable with basic web server administration and management. MotoCMS, on the other hand, is somewhat easier to launch given its web-based platform.

However, those who are interested in WordPress without futzing with infrastructure could opt for hosted WordPress.

Similarities in Functionality

Both MotoCMS and WordPress offer similar functionality, but the extensibility of WordPress blows that of MotoCMS out of the water. Due to the sheer size of the WordPress community, as well as its open-source nature, you are likely to find that WordPress more than meets your needs.

With that said, MotoCMS might be slightly easier to use due to its simpler feature set and interface.

All-in-One Site Builders

MotoCMS, despite it being branded as a CMS, might be closer to all-in-one site building options like Wix and Weebly. All are great options for those who want to purchase something that includes everything needed to get up and running with as little hassle as possible: a site builder, web hosting, and possibly even a custom domain name.

Popular MotoCMS Templates

Here are some of the bestselling MotoCMS templates to get you started:

Spectrum All-In-One Business Solution

Spectrum is one of the MotoCMS flagship templates. It includes the broaden functionality of MotoCMS platform with 4 child Home Page theme for business, restaurant, financial firm, and photographer.

MotoCMS Spectrum Theme

19 ready-made pages just waiting for you to add your content and the website is done.

Try a Live Demo Here

Photographer Portfolio Theme

This template is a great base for an online portfolio. It is based on a black-and-white color scheme that allows presenting photos in the best light.

MotoCMS Photographer's Portfolio Theme

The overall design and functionality are aimed at helping a photographer to showcase their works and get traffic as well as new customers.

Try the Live demo Here

Evolution Multi-Purpose Theme

The latest creation of the MotoCMS developers that provides broad opportunities for any kind of business or personal projects.

MotoCMS Evolution Theme

4 Homepages for:

  • Web design studio
  • Medical
  • Real estate
  • Car repair business website

These add a great spectrum of opportunities for individual buyers and web developers.

16 pre-designed pages for About Us, Contacts, Team and other website sections make the template customization quick and effortless.

Give the Live Demo a Go Here

Frequently Asked Questions About MotoCMS

Here we answer some of the most common questions people have about the MotoCMS website builder.

What Is MotoCMS?

MotoCMS is an advanced content management system (CMS) that allows you to create attractive, functional, e-commerce-ready, mobile responsive and SEO-friendly websites using simple drag and drop / WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, meaning you don’t need any special knowledge or HTML programming skills.

Does MotoCMS Come With A Free Trial?

Yes, you get a free 14-day fully functional demo of any of MotoCMS 3 template. Your demo site will be saved for 7 days after the end of your free trial period.

Where Can You download MotoCMS?

Avoid MotoCMS nulled downloads at all costs, and only purchase and download MotoCMS from the official website. Check the MotoCMS website for latest deals, promos, and coupon codes.

What’s The Current MotoCMS Version?

The current MotoCMS 3 version is 3.0.26.

What Designs Can You Choose From?

MotoCMS comes with over 2500 design templates to choose from, designs for online store owners, photographers, designers, artists, bloggers, doctors, dentists, realtors, brides, lawyers, dancers, writers, actors, teachers, scientists, students etc. – meaning there will be a design to choose from for your industry or niche.

What Are The Payment Options?

MotoCMS offers payment processing through several vendors including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I Edit MotoCMS Templates?

Yes, every MotoCMS template can be edited, either using the drag and drop visual content editor, or by accessing and customizing the HTML and CSS code.

Recommended MotoCMS web hosting?

MotoCMS web hosting requirements are; PHP 5.4+ or 5.5+ or 5.6+, with Zend Guard Loader, with MySQL 5.1 database support. Recommended MotoCMS web hosts are InMotion HostingA2 Hosting, and SiteGround.

MotoCMS vs WordPress, What The Difference?

Comparing MotoCMS vs WordPress is no easy feat. Both are fantastic website building platforms. WordPress is an open source and hugely popular CMS while MotoCMS is better suited for developers that want ready-made niche templates, as well as beginners wanting simple drag-and-drop features,  free updates, and 24/7 customer support.

MotoCMS Plans & Prices

MotoCMS comes in a range of packages; from template only, template + installation to template + installation + hosting. For discounts and current prices visit MotoCMS website.

Template Only 39.00
Template + Installation$ 248
Template + Installation + Hosting$ 297
Ecommerce templates$ 159.00


Try MotoCMS for free for 14 days. Get started now.


MotoCMS Paid Add-Ons

There are a few paid add-ons worth mentioning and discussing in some depth.

Template installation/re-installation – $49

MotoCMS support crew will install the template to your server. You need to provide them with your server’s FTP access details or hosting Control Panel login and password. Make sure your server meets their hosting requirements (see our FAQ). MotoCMS users are able to purchase installation service during the checkout process.

Ready-Made Website – $149

If you want to launch your website as soon as possible, MotoCMS can help! They customize your website logo and color scheme, update up to 6 pages with your content, and install your ready website within 10 working days.

E-Commerce Plugin – $99

Sell anything to anyone online by installing the eCommerce plugin into your website. This tool is mobile- and SEO-friendly, it allows you to:

  • Set tax and shipping settings
  • Customize payment options
  • Manage your customers and orders
  • View statistics and more

Template Transfer From Server to Server – $49

MotoCMS support team will transfer your template from one server to another. You need to provide them with your servers’ FTP access details or hosting Control Panel login and password. Make sure your server meets our hosting requirements (see our FAQ).

Copy a Site to a Sub-folder – $49

MotoCMS will copy your original site into up to three new folders for a multilanguage site. You need to provide your server’s FTP access details or hosting Control Panel login and password.

Uptime Monitoring – $12

Get professional uptime monitoring service for your website for 1 year with the Starter Plan by MotoCMS. Check your website with the interval you choose and get alerts when the downtime is recorded.

Rebranding – $10

Support team will change MotoCMS logos and links to your custom ones so that you will be able to present CMS as your own product. You need to provide them with three images (dimensions will be provided) and link to your company website/helpdesk. You need to provide them with your server’s FTP access details or hosting Control Panel login and password.

Conversion Speed-Up – $99

MotoCMS support offers Website Template conversion into MotoCMS. That procedure takes up to 10 business days. For extra payment they will complete the job two times faster – just 5 business days.

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