IM Creator is an intuitive tool that enables even novices to build professional-looking sites with a few clicks of a mouse. With more than 11 million sites created with this tool, the company has become a leader in simplifying website creation. Users will find that the process of creating a site with IM Creator is enjoyable and fun. Even professionals are using the tool to build sites for clients.

If you want to create a professional-looking website as quickly as possible, then this is a great tool to test out. Although it lacks an in-depth feature set this restriction makes it easier to build out your site without being overwhelmed with details.

Below we take a look at IM Creator and break down its overall features, so you can decide if it’s the right website builder for your needs.

About the IM Creator Site Builder

IM Creator came onto the market in 2011, which makes it a relatively new addition to the website builder space. The service currently boasts over 11 million sites built using the tool, so you won’t be alone in using this site to bring your dreams online.

It’s a simple tool that caters to beginners who want to have a website online. Period. If you are concerned about the limited feature set, IM Creator has steadily added new features over time.


The core functionality of this tool is built around the extensive template selection and a built-in editor. The templates are quite attractive and will leave you with a site that looks like it was designed by a professional. If you’re looking for a theme builder that can help you create a minimal, yet aesthetically pleasing site, then this is a great choice.

IM Creator review
The IM Creator website is simple and straightforward — just like their site builder tool.

Its templates allow you to build a site without having to edit any of the HTML code. Plus, it comes pre-populated with content, so all you have to do is delete the existing content and add your own. Beyond the expansive template selection this builder is also equipped with features like:

  • A Polydom website builder that requires no HTML or CSS skills
  • An intuitive click editing experience that makes building your site easy
  • Free hosting and account setup
  • A “5-minute site” option for speedy site setup
  • Incredible educational resources.

The feature set is quite minimal compared to other website builders on the market, but it can help you get a simple website online in the speediest manner possible.

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IM Creator’s XPRS editor is a departure from their more traditional drag-and-drop offering.
You can think of the XPRS elements as digital analogs of building blocks:
  • At the simplest level, there are Elements.
  • Elements come together to create Items.
  • Items come together to create Stripes or Sections.
  • Stripes or Sections combine to create Pages.
  • Pages combine to create your final website.
However, you are not responsible for this building process if you don’t want to — IM Creator offers plenty of modern templates built using this style. The pages are modern, aesthetically appealing, and geared toward working well on devices with small and large screens.

Additional Features

Beyond the features highlighted above IM Creator has a few additional features worth exploring. As you’ll learn below it offers built-in hosting, mobile compatibility, and basic search engine optimization tools.


This builder does come equipped with some basic SEO tools, but it’s probably not enough to be the only SEO tool you use. You set your sitewide title, meta description, and keyword set, but you can’t access these SEO fields for individual pages like blog posts. Newer releases of the software might offer upgrades to the overall SEO functionality, but currently it’s a little lacking.The company states “Our internal SEO system is a super strong one and sites built on it are usually first in searches.”

IM Creator review
Simply click on the green pencil icon at right to begin editing a website design of your choice.

If you’re building out a content heavy site and want to rely on search engine traffic to power your site, then another builder might be better suited.

That being said there are other means for driving traffic to your site beyond the search engines, like social media, paid traffic, and more. If you end up using this builder then those alternate traffic sources might have to be your focus.

Data and Analytics

IM Creator supports integration with Google Analytics to track user behavior. All you have to do is provide your Google Tracking ID just once (no need to populate it onto each page of your website).

Bundled Hosting

When you sign up for IM Creator, whether that’s a free or paid account, you’ll automatically have access to a free hosting account. This is incredibly helpful for users who don’t want to go through the hassle of signing up with a separate host, as the process can be technical and time-consuming.

If you’re trying to build out a larger site, then you’ll want to upgrade to one of the paid packages, as the free package only supports sites that have up to 50 megabytes of content.

With the bundled hosting, you’ll have access to integrated security upgrades and management of any technical tasks required to maintain your website. Plus, the hosting is scalable and can allow you to build out a massive website, all without having to handle hosting yourself.

Another cool feature of the hosting is that you have the ability to export your entire site over to another host, so you’re not locked into this service indefinitely. However, it might be difficult to make changes to your site, as you’ll no longer have access to the site builder. Unless you can make the necessary changes to the code yourself you might have to hire a developer.

IM Creator relies on Amazon Web Services to host all of the websites built using IM Creator/XPRS.

Mobile Compatibility

Every single one of the templates is mobile responsive. This is a must-have if you want to succeed online today, so we’re glad every single template is built to the latest web standards.

When you’re choosing your template you’ll also be given a view of what your website will look like on mobile devices, so you can gauge if it’s the right template right from the start. In the site editor, you’ll also be able to preview what your site looks like across mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.

IM Creator review
The CEO is right. This site builder is extremely easy to use.

If you’re always on the go, then you’ll be able to manage, edit, and update your site from the included mobile app.

Ease of Use

This tool is quite simple to use but still doesn’t have the intuitive feel of a lot of other builders on the market. It’s a point-and-click builder which focuses on adding and customizing “stripes” — horizontal content blocks. You don’t have a granular level of control over the customization but that’s partly why IM Creator’s simple approach works: they’ve simplified many of the options in advance for you. Unlike working with drag-and-drop tools, you can’t place a content block just anywhere — all of them span the full width of your site. However this can be a positive: it’s a limitation that imposes a form of design discipline on you so you don’t inadvertently create an ugly, awkward Frankenstein site.

The editor has several different menu options that allow you to choose the features you want to add to your site. The editor takes a little getting used to, especially if you’re used to drag-and-drop editors. But you’ll be impressed with the simplicity of the tool.

All you have to do is pick a theme, change the elements to your liking, and you’re all set. There’s no reason you couldn’t build your site in less than an hour, depending on how many pages you want in your site.

For those in a time crunch, you can use the five-minute site option to quickly build out a one-page website.

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Pricing Levels

IM Creator technically offers three different pricing levels, free, premium, and pro. But, as you’ll see below only two of those levels will actually be applicable to beginners, which makes the selection even easier.


If you’re looking to get started building your site, the free option is a great choice. It allows you to build your very own site and get comfortable using the editor without any money down. Some of the features of this level include:

  • A free URL with a IM Creator domain extension
  • Up to 50 MB of hosting space
  • Access to the entire template collection
  • Basic levels of support.

If you’d like a site on a fully branded domain that’s also free of all advertisements, then you’ll want to upgrade to the premium package.


The premium level will allow you to access all of the features of the website builder. If you’re serious about building out your website for your online business, then you’ll want to upgrade to this level. Some features of this package include:

  • The ability to connect your site to any domain
  • Unlimited site bandwidth
  • Unlimited site hosting
  • Up to 10 business email addresses
  • Complete access to the template collection
  • Access to a 24/7 support team.

This package should be enough to support any website owner, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of getting started online.

Pro & Whitelabel

The top tier package of the website builder caters to a very specific kind of website builder.

For independent designers, design firms, domain/hosting companies, corporations, and so on — people who need to build out multiple websites for their clients or manage an entire roster of websites — IM White Label allows you to take advantage of IM Creator/XPRS’ features and functionality while branding the product with your logos and design.

You won’t need this level of service if you’re just building out a site for your business, or personal needs.

Essentially, you’ll be able to re-brand this tool as your own and sell the use of the builder to your clients. Some features of this package include:

  • The ability to remove the XPRS branding and have your own branded website builder
  • Access to a reseller control panel
  • The ability to launch your clients’ sites and give them an editing portal that displays your brand
  • Access to the highest level of support.
The benefits of this program include unlimited resource allocations, the ability to manage all of your client accounts, and tracking/analytics on how your clients are using the products they purchase from you.
Essentially, the IM White Label program can help you streamline your website building workflow by eliminating a lot of the work you would need to do to launch your clients’ sites.


While IM Creator can support a basic e-commerce website, it is by no means a product designed to support such endeavors. Nevertheless, for small-scale transactions, you can embed things like the PayPal button or embeddable storefronts from providers like Shopify or BigCartel to add such functionality.
However, we suggest looking for website builders with more robust e-commerce options, since this will likely make the setup and management process easier for you. Some companies you might look into include:
* Squarespace
* Weebly
* Wix

Customer Support

IM Creator offers a few different support options for helping you resolve any technical issues that might arise. For starters, there’s a ticketing system that allows you to submit standard support requests. Requests through the ticketing system are typically handled within 12 hours.

There’s also a user manual you can download that explains in detail the ins and outs of building your site using this tool. It’s quite comprehensive and will walk you through every feature included in this tool.

Also included is a massive online knowledgebase that is filled with answers to common how-to questions and questions related to using this service. You could probably solve any technical problems yourself, without the need to consult support, with all of the additional resources offered.

Finally, there’s also a community forum section that allows you to post and answer related questions. The forum is actually quite sparsely populated, but this is probably due to the fact the provided educational resources are so in-depth.

IM Creator Guarantee

One of the great things about this tool is that it’s completely free to start using. Unlike other builders that make you pay a monthly fee or flat rate to get started, this tool gives you access to most of its features from the start.

This can help to reduce buyer’s remorse because you can actually give this tool a test drive and even build and publish your first site without having to pay a fee.

IM Creator review
There are plenty of design templates to choose from.

Beyond the free entry level starting point, there is a 14-day money back guarantee if you decide to upgrade your account to one of the paid membership levels. The combination of having a free starter package and a 14-day guarantee for higher product levels will give you plenty of time to tell if this builder is the right fit for your website goals.

Three Reasons to Use IM Creator Site Builder

IM Creator is a great tool if you’re looking to build your site very quickly. A lot of site builders offer customizable templates, but this builder takes it step further.

Below we look into three of the main reasons you’ll want to check out this tool.

Beautiful and Eye Catching Templates

IM Creator has over 70 different templates for you to choose from that fit a wide range of website niches:

  • Business
  • Service and freelance based
  • Art and design
  • Health and wellness
  • Restaurant and food
  • Retail
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Weddings
  • Music and video
  • Hotel and lodging
  • Technology.

The templates are very easy to customize and are quite stunning. Most are heavily based around beautiful imagery along with plenty of whitespace. Beyond the templates offered you also have the ability to create your very own site from scratch. Needless to say, it’s a very flexible builder that’s sure to suit any style of website you’d like to build.

Pre-Built Templates for Speedy Building

This builder is equipped with pre-built templates that are filled with sample content. This is a huge time saver. When building out your new site all you have to do is swap out your written content for the pre-written content and your site is good to go.

Once you choose your template just switch the text, add your own images, and change up the color scheme, and your site is complete.

Customizing your template in this manner won’t leave you with an incredibly unique website, but it will allow you to get your site online very rapidly. If you want to take your design even further, then all you have to do is insert new sections with the easy to use editor and your site will stand out from the basic sample template.

Quickly Add More Features to Your Site

Adding more features to your site doesn’t have to take a lot of time. There are numerous pre-built sections that can help you add more functionality to your site.

The custom sections are similar to the templates highlighted above and all it takes is a few clicks to make your site more feature rich. Some additional sections include, pricing charts, team profiles, active projects, and more.

The ability to swiftly add features to your site makes it stand out from other modern website builders.

Three Reasons to Not Use IM Creator Site Builder

IM Creator is a solid tool for beginners, but more intermediate or advanced users might find this tool lacking. When it comes to speed and simplicity, this tool is perfect, but if you want to build a feature heavy site, then you’re better off using another website builder.

IM Creator review

The easy to use templates are a great feature, but there are some drawbacks, as you’ll learn below.

Intrusive Ads on the Free Version

If you plan on using the free version of the software, then you need to be aware of one large drawback. There are intrusive advertisements throughout your site. This is common practice for free website builders, but you might not like the aesthetic of having advertisements all over your site.

IM Creator places ads at the very bottom of your screen and these ads are present across all pages of your site. If you don’t want to have advertisements cluttering up your site, then you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid packages.

Lack of E-commerce Integration

IM Creator does offer design options for e-commerce sites, but there isn’t any native functionality. If the main goal of your site is to build out a sustainable online storefront, then this builder isn’t for you.

There are some e-commerce extensions, like the ability to add a Shopify, ShopRocket, or PayPal buy button, but this isn’t enough functionality to support an entire online store. You could sell products here and there, but if e-commerce is your goal, then there are better builders on the market.

Im Creator review
IM Creator currently offers 12 design templates for e-commerce stores.

Recent upgrades have continued to push IM Creator e-commerce development forward, however core e-commerce functionality is still lacking.

Transferring Content Is Difficult

If you want to have the freedom to redesign your site on an ongoing basis, then you’re going to have trouble with this builder. Setting up your original site is easy, but if you want to change your template, then you’re going to have to insert your content all over again.

So, before you switch templates you need to make sure to copy your content and make sure the new template will support your existing content.

It’s not a major drawback, but it’s an inconvenience if you want to test out different templates to see what you like best.

In Closing

Overall, IM Creator is an easy to use website builder that’s the perfect fit for beginners who want to build their first site in the shortest amount of time possible.

This builder stands out from the pack with pre-populated templates that make building a site as simple as clicking a few buttons and inputting your own content. However, the simplicity of this tool does have its trade offs. The obvious audience for this tool is beginner website builders who don’t need a complex tool or fancy features.

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Plus, if you need to build an e-commerce site, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But, if you’re trying to save as much time as possible and have a simple website online in an afternoon, then it’s worth checking out. You can always start with the free builder tools and upgrade your account once you can see if you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

In the end, advanced users looking for more features will find themselves wanting, but beginners who want a functional website with the least amount of time invested will love what this tool offers.