You can buy templates for many different content management systems (CMSs) on a variety of marketplaces.  Template Monster is one of the most well-known.

This review will walk you through the most important aspects of a template marketplace, and evaluate how Template Monster performs:

  1. How Many Theme Options Are There?
  2. How Expensive is Template Monster?
  3. How Easy is it to Find a Theme You Like?
  4. How Difficult is it to Install a Purchased Theme?
  5. What Support is Available if You Have Trouble With a Theme?

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1. How Many Theme Options Are There?

If you use WordPress, but a marketplace doesn’t have WordPress themes, it’s not useful to you.

The same goes for any other CMS that you might use.

Template Monster has themes for a wide variety of CMSs, both for blogs and e-commerce sites.

template monster cms

As of the writing of this review, here are the number of themes available for each platform:

CMS Number of Themes
WordPress 1490
Joomla 1111
PrestaShop 914
OpenCart 689
Drupal 497
Magento 412
WooCommerce 358
Shopify 310
ZenCart 296

These numbers will only grow over time.

From a quick glance of the themes, it’s clear that most have a modern, attractive design.

Having hundreds of themes to choose from for even less popular software is the sign of good diversity. It’s almost impossible not to find at least one that you like from that many options.

On top of those software-specific themes, you can also purchase web templates on Template Monster. These templates are themes built from plain HTML5 and Javascript, great if you’re not using any CMS to begin with.

2. How Expensive is Template Monster?

Many businesses use templates mainly because they save money by not having to code a website from scratch.

So cost is an important factor here.

The most common price is $75 USD. In general, the templates range from $55-120 for the most part.

template prices

Those prices are a little higher than themes you might find on other marketplaces like ThemeForest, but not a crazy amount.

Keep in mind that the initial price only covers a single theme license. If you’d like to install it on multiple websites, you’ll either need to buy multiple copies, or some themes offer developer licenses (usually up to 5 websites) for an extra fee.

On top of the base fee, there are a bunch of optional addons that the theme author can offer.

template monster addons

The most common are hosting, plugins, and installation done for you. It’s easy to spend $200-300 when by the time you check out.

These are more expensive than doing it yourself, but if you’re non-technical it can save you time having to learn how to do them.

3. How Easy is it to Find a Theme You Like?

Just because a marketplace has hundreds of themes for your CMS, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find one that you actually like.

No one wants to manually go through 300 different themes one by one.

The first main part of looking for a theme is the search results panel, which you get to by searching a word or clicking a category (e.g. “WordPress”):

search results

Depending on your screen size, you can see 2-4 themes per row. They are large enough that you can get a good idea of what the theme looks like without having to click through to the individual theme page.

You can further narrow down the search results using the side filters, starting by choosing a sub-category (e.g. “fashion and beauty” or “education and books”).

wordpress categories

Finally, there are additional filters like features (e.g. responsive), popularity, styles, and colors.

template monster filters

Depending on your CMS, you’ll likely be left with 50-100 themes after you select all the filters you’d like, which is a good number of themes to go through.

4. How Difficult is it to Install a Purchased Theme?

You can pay for a theme using PayPal or any major credit card.

After you buy a theme, you’ll be able to download the source code in a compressed file.

From there, installing your theme is no different from installing any other theme.

On some CMSs, like WordPress, it takes only clicks to upload the file you downloaded and activate it:

add theme

There’s nothing special here overall, accessing and downloading your theme can be done at any time in your account.

5. What Support is Available if You Have Trouble With a Theme?

Most, though not all, people buying themes are relatively non-technical.

They don’t have extensive backgrounds in coding.

If that sounds like you, it’s always nice to have support available if you run into issues, which do happen occasionally.

On every page of the Template Monster website, there’s a little live chat bubble icon that pops up in the bottom right corner. From there you can ask questions to support staff in either consulting (before buying), technical support, or billing.

This chat operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is useful if you just have a simple question or problem that can be solved in a few minutes.

If it’s more complicated, you can always submit a ticket, where you’ll get a more detailed answer, but will have to wait longer for it.

Template Monster Summary

Overall, Template Monster does all the aspects of a template marketplace very well.

Here’s my best attempt at a summary table of Template Monster:

Factor Summary
Number of theme options Wide selection of themes for all popular CMSs.
Cost The most common theme price is $75. If you purchase addons like hosting or installation help, you can easily reach $200-300+.
Search functionality You can filter by CMS, category, feature, style, and color. You can clearly see what a theme looks like from the search results, which saves a lot of time.
Installation difficulty Once you purchase a theme you can download a copy of it at any time from your account.
Support Live chat is available 24/7 whether you’re a potential customer or existing customer. You can submit tickets for more complicated issues.

It’s possible to save on the cost a bit on other theme marketplaces (stay tuned for upcoming reviews). However, considering the variety of themes, functionality, and support, the pricing at Template Monster is definitely reasonable.

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