HostGator vs Arvixe – Summary of Both Contenders

HostGator and Arvixe both offer compelling reasons as to why they should be the web host of choice for you.

For instance, every new hosting package you select from Arvixe comes with a domain name that’s free for the life of the account. What’s more, you get a free RVS site builder along with a Softaculous script installer, and can fully migrate other sites to Arvixe at no cost.

If you think the above Arvixe features are pretty generous by themselves, then you’ll be equally impressed with HostGator because they’ve raised the bar in the world of web hosting when it comes to speed, reliability, and customer support.

Below is a tl;dr summary version of our of Arvixe and HostGator head-to-head comparison.

The following web hosting features have been compared and scored (click on the link to scroll to each feature section): 1. reliability, 2. security, 3. scalability, 4. cancellation, 5. support and 6. extras.

CompanyMain featuresPriceRatingMore
Arvixe review
Free domain name
Unlimited space and transfer
24/7/365 support
60-day money back guarantee
More features at
From 175.00 /mo34% score Visit website
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HostGator review
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
24/7/365 support
45-day money back guarantee
More features at
From 32.95 /mo67% score Visit website
Read reviews

Both Have Their Magic

With each web host offering its own share of amazing features and uniqueness, it’s easy for a new customer to be overwhelmed when choosing between Arvixe and HostGator.

Therefore, if you’re currently in such a situation, here’s an in-depth comparison of the features, strengths, and weaknesses of each web host to help ensure you make the right choice for your website.

WordPress Options

How do the two gladiators fare when taking WordPress hosting into account? There are dozens of hosts offering this service, so we are bound to find similarities.

Arvixe – 4/5

Arvixe offers specialized WordPress plans where websites are located on servers dedicated to and optimized for the WordPress core.

Arvixe claims that these environments are compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins.

HostGator – 3/5

HostGator is sneaky. When navigating its website, you will find a page dedicated to WordPress hosting options. However, be aware that these are simply the company’s shared hosting plans — the company does not offer truly dedicated WordPress hosting options.

Hatchling Baby Business
Features 1 Domain

One-click Installs

Unmetered Bandwidth

Email Marketing Tools

Unlimited Domains

One-click Installs

Email Marketing Tools

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Domains

Free Private SSL

Free Private IP

One-Click Installs

Free Dedicated IP

Email Marketing Tools


Pricing $2.75/month $3.95/month $5.95/month

With that said, HostGator does offer one-click installation for WordPress, so it should not be too difficult to get WordPress installed and running on your account.

Control Panels: How Easy is it to Manage Your Website?

Website management is not something to ignore when picking your designated host for the next year or two. Both of these hosting providers offer flexible means of management in the forms of popular control panels.

Arvixe – 4/5

Arvixe includes a control panel with all its packages. Whether you get a cPanel or Plesk depends on the operating system of the server on which your site is hosted (cPanel comes with Linux hosting and Plesk comes with Windows hosting).

All options provided are stock options — Arvixe does not customize the control panels it offers to its customers (though other hosts have felt that customizing the control panels for ease of use is something that is well-received).

Plesk Home Screen - Arvixe
Arvixe’s Plesk Control Panel.

HostGator – 4/5

The specific control panel you will receive depends on the plan to which you are subscribed. Currently, HostGator offers the following options:

  • cPanel
  • Web Host Manager (WHM)
  • Plesk

Regardless of which option you get, all of the ones offered by HostGator are popular and commonly used. HostGator does not modify the control panels they offer, and all are fairly simple to master and use, even for the novice webmaster.

With that said, some hosting providers have found that their customers fare better when they customize the control panel and optimize its ease of use.

Reliability: Is There an Uptime Guarantee?

Both HostGator and Arvixe are industry standard in the uptime department, although Arvixe does take the lead with an attractive exclusive offer with one of their higher plans.

Arvixe – 4/5

Arvixe offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime for your site and will give you a credit for that month’s hosting if they don’t comply.

With the dedicated plans, Arvixe offers a 100% uptime and power guarantee. If they fail to meet this obligation, you’ll receive a pro-rate refund on that month’s hosting. It’s essential that you request the credit as it may not be done automatically.

The guarantee doesn’t apply to software or hardware as an immediate discount. The company promises to replace any faulty hardware within four hours and if you’re not back online within this time, a pro-rated credit will be applied.

Arvixe Advantages

HostGator – 3/5

HostGator also offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime for your website and may give you a credit for that month’s hosting if they don’t comply. The guarantee doesn’t apply to planned maintenance.

You must request your credit (within 30 days of that month’s end) through the site’s billing department and explain why you deserve the credit. HostGator has discretion regarding whether you receive your credit.

Security: What Security Measures and Backup Protocols Are in Place?

You should be aware of what the hosting provider does to have appropriate security in place. Is your site scanned regularly for malware and other vulnerabilities? If so, how?

Arvixe – 3/5

Arvixe has servers that feed through an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) so if there’s a power outage or anything else to do with the power running your sites, you’ll have zero problems with power.

This company has 24/7/365 redundant monitoring capabilities and Cisco-certified support personnel on duty at all times. So, even if there was a natural disaster, operations can be transferred to another center before the trouble becomes too bad.

You need to do your own backups as Arvixe only does daily R1 snapshots of systems. The data centers have multiple cross connections so if one connection is unavailable, traffic will be re-routed to the other connections automatically.

Spam assassin is offered as part of the security protection for all emails.

HostGator –  3/5

HostGator only does weekly backups so you should also do your own each day. To get your site restored from a backup, you need to pay. Malware scans are also only conducted weekly.

The company has multiple redundancies including:

  • Uninterrupted power supplies
  • Diesel fuel tanks
  • Generators
  • High-tech cooling systems
  • Redundant chillers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Nitrogen fire suppression units
  • Lasers that can detect mist
  • Excessive heat detection
  • Fire detection

Centers are manned 24/7/365, there’s 24/7 CCTV monitoring, mantraps, biometric locks, and security entrances all designed to guard against people breaking in. Technicians are always onsite to anticipate and fix faults the moment they happen.

Scalability: Is it Easy to Upgrade and Downgrade?

There is nothing worse than being hit with an additional fee when changing plans mid-way through a contract. The differences in plans are expected to be paid everywhere, that is standard. What you want to avoid is penalties when wanting to up or downgrade.

Arvixe – 4/5

If you want to upgrade your plan to, for example, VPS from shared hosting, the only cost is the difference between the two plans. In other words, there is no extra fee, charge or penalty for an early upgrade.

Upgrading to a VPS can be done for many reasons, usually, the extensive feature set it offers, some of them being:

  1. Scalable bandwidth
  2. Easily scalable storage
  3. Multiple IP addresses
  4. Free SSL for life
  5. Softaculous included
  6. Yahoo advertising credits
  7. Google advertising credits
  8. Free domain name
  9. Both private and anonymous name servers

HostGator – 5/5

HostGator allows you to choose a monthly contract instead of only having a yearly option. This gives you greater flexibility and you can upgrade any time you wish and only pay the difference between the two plans.HostGator pricing options

If you upgrade to a reseller plan from a shared plan, it will be moved “as is.” There’s unlimited bandwidth so upscaling is easy.

Upgrading to Premium Hosting

What about upgrades specifically? HostGator and Arvixe both score high with this one.

Arvixe – 4/5

In addition to its shared hosting packages, Arvixe offers a variety of premium-level hosting packages (VPS hosting and dedicated servers) so that you can upgrade your hosting without switching providers.

Depending on the hosting option you are currently using and the option you want to move to, upgrades might be quite easy. Unfortunately, Arvixe provides little information on the logistics of such a move (e.g. downtime).

HostGator – 4/5

Like Arvixe, HostGator offers multiple levels of web hosting service, so you can upgrade without having to change hosts.

Again, the difficulty of the upgrade depends on your existing service and the service to which you want to move. We had difficulty finding information on the logistics of upgrading (such as the amount of downtime your site might see).

Cancellation: Is There a Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee?

Considering the tedious nature of refund policies, both Arvixe and HostGator are reasonably straight up about their terms and pitfalls. They offer generous windows for their refund and clearly clarify which plans and services they are applicable with.

Arvixe – 5/5

Arvixe offers customers a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. However, it only applies to Business (Linux and ASP Plans) and Personal/Reseller (Linux and ASP Plans). Refunds won’t be given to people who have abused the system and have been suspended or canceled.

The refund doesn’t cover:

  • SSL certificates
  • Domain names
  • Marketing accounts
  • Dedicated servers

The refund request must be received within 60 days of the account being shut and it doesn’t apply to upgrades.

HostGator – 4/5

HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on the contract only. It isn’t applicable to dedicated servers, domain names, installation fees for customized software or admin fees. If you pay for your account with a check, a bank wire transfer, money order or Western Union, you’ll have the refund applied to your hosting account, not given as a cash refund.

Only people who have opened their first account with HostGator will be eligible for this refund.

Support: What Customer and Technical Support Options Are Available?

The more avenues of support available, the better. More importantly, you want those methods of support available to you at all times, or at least when you’re able to be online.

Arvixe – 4/5

Arvixe has 24/7/365 support via support tickets, live chat, phone support, a very active forum, an extensive knowledge base and a long list of FAQs. So you have plenty of options, depending on your problem or question.

HostGator Backup
The live chat functionality of Arvixe is quick and easy to use. 

That said, Arvixe is not known for its support (nor does the company claim that it offers top-notch, best-in-class service). This is not to say that their technical support and customer service is *bad* — we just note that it can be a bit more work to get the help you need. Arvixe certainly does not compare to other hosts, especially those that emphasize great service.

Support Location and Resellers

Support staff are based in the U.S. but that’s irrelevant because you can get help at any time instead of waiting for business hours in their country when it may be 1 am in your country. Live chat can often be a long wait. They say five minutes and it takes 20 minutes and this is not uncommon.

If you’re a reseller, it’s vital to understand that technical support is not available for your clients. This means email support, the knowledge base, and the forums are the best methods for your customers to get help.

HostGator – 5/5

HostGator offers most of the same options provided by Arvixe (but HostGator places much more emphasis on how good its support is). This includes:

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Emails
  • Helpdesk

There are many different forums available to members. The general public only sees a few of them. If you want to get in touch with someone at HostGator, the support team is available 24/7.

For those interested in starting with a DIY-approach to support, there’s a large knowledge base, more than 500 tutorials and over 680 articles for you to access at any time.

Extras: What Freebies or Add-Ons Do These Companies Offer?

Whether it be free advertising, free domains, gigantic discounts or a rubber duck in the post, you should know what you’re in for. Imagine you’re in the market for an SEO tool alongside your hosting package and you get it on the same plate for free. How awesome would that be?

Arvixe – 5/5

Arvixe’s list of extras:

  • Free RVSiteBuilder.
  • Free Softaculous script installer.
  • $100 Google Adwords credit (U.S. and Canada only).
  • $100 Yahoo/Bing (U.S. only).
  • With every new hosting package you select, you’ll get your domain name free for the life of the account.
  • You can fully migrate other sites to Arvixe at zero cost to you. This is one of the only hosting companies that offer this.
  • If you’re a returning customer, you’ll get a 50% discount on all hosting accounts for as long as you want them.

HostGator – 4/5

HostGator doesn’t leave you empty handed either:

  • HostGator offers a free site builder and tools.
  • $100 Google Adwords credit.
  • $100 Bing/Yahoo credit.
  • You’ll get free migration of sites from other hosts and free upgrades. However, this must be done within 30 days of signing up. Downgrades don’t qualify for free transfers.
  • New packages vary in content and the availability for a free transfer. You can do the transfer yourself or have a support person do it for you within a couple of hours.
  • You also get a free domain name transfer with any new hosting account.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arvixe and HostGator

Finally, to help you make the decision between these two web hosts, and to answer any questions you may have, we’ve tackled some of the most common questions below:

What Does Arvixe’s WordPress Hosting Include?

As the web’s leading open source CMS, WordPress compatibility is a hugely important feature for many. Arvixe’s WordPress hosting is compatible and finely tuned to any plugin or theme used through WordPress.

Here’s what you get with the Arvixe WordPress hosting plan:

  • Optimized hosting environment to increase the security, scale, and speed of your site.
  • Shared, Cloud, Dedicated, and VPS hosting options available.
  • 24/7 support, including tech support from WordPress-savvy technicians.
  • Pre-installed and pre-configured WordPress.
  • International data centers for better reach.
  • Free website transfer.
  • 99.9% site uptime – or your money back.
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth.
  • 100% risk-free for 45 days.
  • The option of one-year AlphaSSL (this is billable).
  • Free advertising credits. 

Where is Arvixe Located?

At the time of writing, Arvixe has data centers in the United States (Dallas) and Asia (Hong Kong), with the latter being a recent addition.

Where is HostGator Located?

At present, HostGator’s data centers are located in Houston, Texas and Provo, Utah. The former is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility and the latter an 8,500 sq. ft. one.

Arvixe vs. HostGator: Which Should You Choose?

Here, we’ve summarized all of the points discussed above:

  1. Specialized WordPress plans are available with Arvixe, but HostGator doesn’t offer any dedicated WordPress hosting options.
  2. Both offer control panels that depend on the operating system you’re using. Neither providers customize or modify these control panels.
  3. Both provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime with refund’s if this isn’t met. Arvixe also offers 100% guaranteed uptime and power with dedicated plans.
  4. While both offer a multitude of levels to protect you from power outages etc., you do need to do your own backups to protect your site.
  5. If you want to upgrade plans, both providers allow you to do so easily – you just need to pay the difference between the two. The monthly contract with HostGator does make this even more flexible, though.
  6. Both allow you to upgrade hosting packages without having to change providers.
  7. Arvixe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee – come what may, while HostGator’s is 45 days and only covers the contract.
  8. Both offer 24/7/365 support but HostGator is more well-known for offering good customer service – Arvixe isn’t.
  9. Both providers offer $100 Google AdWords and Bing vouchers and site builders, but Arvixe goes one better than HostGator to offer a free script installer and domain name for life.


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