If you like going with the big boys when it comes to web hosting, then both Arvixe and GoDaddy will undoubtedly make the cut. There’s no denying both companies have a huge user base and their services are highly sought after which makes choosing between them a little frustrating.

Looking for Secure, State of the Art Hosting?

So, you’re looking to host your website on a secure, state of the art data center? Or perhaps sign up for a web host that guarantees up to 99.9% uptime each month? Well, check and check! Arvixe might just be GoDaddy’s brother from another mother – a newbie certainly won’t be able to tell them apart.

And even if you’re looking to sign up for shared, VPS, dedicated, or reseller hosting solutions, both Arvixe and GoDaddy will deliver.

Here below is a tl;dr summary version of our of Arvixe and GoDaddy head-to-head comparison.

The following web hosting features have been compared and scored (click on the link to scroll to each feature section): 1. reliability, 2. security, 3. scalability, 4. cancellation, 5. support and 6. extras.


CompanyMain featuresPriceRatingMore
Arvixe review
Free domain name
Unlimited space and transfer
24/7/365 support
60-day money back guarantee
More features at arvixe.com
From 175.00 /mo34% score Visit website
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GoDaddy review
Free domain name
Unlimited bandwidth
24/7/365 support
45-day money back guarantee
More features at godaddy.com
From 12.99 /mo71% score Visit website
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What Are The Top Differences Between Arvixe & GoDaddy?

What’s a confused webmaster going to do? Well, all hope is not lost because there are subtle differences between the two companies when it comes to pricing and hosting plans.

GoDaddy offers a wider range of hosting plans at different price points, while Arvixe has fewer options in each category. In addition, Arvixe’s 60-day trial period is longer than GoDaddy’s 45-day money back guarantee.

go daddy arvixe review

If you cannot make up your mind between Arvixe vs. GoDaddy, fret not.

In the following review, we made a comparison between these two companies based on important factors such as uptime, security, support, and extra features.

Keep reading to make an informed choice on which company would qualify as the better option.

arvixe review

What Types of Hosting Plans are Available?

Both hosts offer a wide range of hosting options. Including shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting

Arvixe’s shared hosting plan comes with support for six domains and a free domain. The basic plan offers unmetered disk space, meaning you won’t be charged according to how much data you need to store to run your website.

GoDaddy’s shared hosting starts with options for one website and goes right up to unlimited websites.

VPS Hosting

Arvixe VPS hosting starts with 50 GB on the entry level, increasing to 100 GB. You get unlimited data transfer and two IP addresses.

GoDaddy’s VPS first hosting plan has 40GB storage and three dedicated IPs. Its VPS hosting offers up to 240GB storage, and 3 IPs.

WordPress Hosting

Arvixe promises you fast WordPress hosting and they’ll do most of the technical things for you; you won’t have to install WordPress.

Godaddy has a similar offering, and they’ll do daily backups too. If you’re running your site using WordPress, you may also want to look into SiteGround and Bluehost. Both provide hosting optimized for WordPress, and these web hosts are officially recommended by WordPress.

Manage Your Hosting Easily with the cPanel Control Panel

Arvixe and GoDaddy come with the industry-standard cPanel, an easy-to-use dashboard from where you can manage your hosting account.

Here are a few things you might do from your cPanel:

  1. Install, create, and delete files
  2. Change contact email
  3. Edit domain information
  4. View site statistics
  5. Access domain information
  6. View available account resources, such as CPU usage
  7. Add users
  8. Manage images
  9. Access site backups

From your cPanel, you can also add a tool like the Softaculous script installer to make it easy to add apps like WordPress. Using the Softaculous script installer, you can quickly add new features to your site easily.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do from your cPanel, which is why it is nice that both use the popular cPanel, which most users are familiar with.

Reliability: Is there an uptime guarantee?

Arvixe. 4/5

Arvixe provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee to people on shared plans and a 100% uptime guarantee to those on dedicated servers. If they fail to meet their commitment, you’ll receive a credit for the hosting for the month.

However, you need to request this credit as it’s not always an automatic task. These guarantees only apply to hosting only. They’re not applicable to your domain name, admin costs or other add-ons.

The dedicated servers may have software or hardware failures so the guarantee doesn’t apply there but if you’re not back online within four hours, you’ll receive a credit.

In terms of site speed, Arvixe discusses it’ server technology, and it’s two data center locations: one in the United States of America, and another in Hong Kong. Arvixe hosting also uses the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure faster site load time for your customers across the world.

GoDaddy. 3/5

GoDaddy’s uptime guarantee is also 99.9%. However, this is where it can get tricky. They decide when the guarantee wasn’t met and who or what was the cause. They will only provide a maximum credit of 5% of your hosting for a month.

If you do have any downtime, keep meticulous records so you can debate the point if necessary.

GoDaddy promises superior load times, and for the VPS plan, they report using the latest Intel processors which could lead to increase in site load time.

HostGator is another hosting provider to give an uptime guarantee. Their shared hosting plans are among the most affordable and if they don’t live up to the 99% uptime guarantee you will receive one month’s credit.

Security: How will my website and data be protected?

Arvixe. 3/5

Arvixe does daily complete system snapshots so no individual backups. You need to do your own backups daily for your own protection. Your site will also be scanned daily for malware.

Arvixe has multiple data centers, all with the best systems and an uninterrupted power supply. There are round the clock redundant monitoring of all systems and they have technical staff working 24/7/365 to solve problems as soon as they arise.

Even if a natural disaster was to occur, all operations can immediately be transferred to another center before anything is affected.

GoDaddy. 4/5

Daily malware scans and backups are done every single day. For a small fee, your backups will be stored in the Cloud for safe keeping.

As the largest domain name provider, GoDaddy is a target for hackers. 2.5 million brute force attacks are blocked every hour by the best encryption software on the market.

Other security measures include: an uninterrupted power supply, first-class cooling systems, 24/7/365 network and CCTV monitoring and centers are always staffed so if anything does go wrong, they can quickly solve the problem.

Scalability: How easy is it to upgrade?

Arvixe. 4/5

You can upgrade your plan at any time and the only cost you’ll incur is the difference between the current plan you’re using and the upgraded plan you have chosen.

GoDaddy. 5/5

Upgrading is simple and affordable because you only have to pay the price difference between the plan you have right now and the upgraded plan.

If you have technical skills, you can even do the upgrade yourself.

Cancellation: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Arvixe. 5/5

Arvixe welcomes new customers with open arms. With a 60-day money-back guarantee (only applicable to Personal/Reseller and Business plans), you can try things out for yourself. However, be aware that the refund is only for the hosting plan. You’ll still have to pay for your domain name and any other costs you have incurred. It also won’t apply to upgraded plans.

You must make this refund request within 60 days of shutting down the account. The money-back guarantee won’t cover people who have been abusing Arvixe’s system and were either canceled or suspended.

GoDaddy. 4/5

GoDaddy provides a 45-day money-back guarantee on plans that are 12 months. If the plan is just for a month, then the guarantee is only 48 hours.

Both money-back guarantees are only applicable to the hosting plan and not to the domain name and any other fees that have been incurred.

Support: What customer and technical support options are available?

Arvixe. 4/5

You have plenty of options for support and customer service when you sign with Arvixe. Arvixe support is provided 24/7/365 via the phone, live chat, emails, a comprehensive knowledgebase and a very popular forum where members ask and answer questions.

arvixe support
Screenshot of the Arvixe knowledgebase.

If you’re a Reseller, your customers CAN’T access any of the live support options. The forum and the knowledge base are the only real options they have, apart from asking for your help, of course.

GoDaddy. 5/5

24/7/365 is when GoDaddy’s support services are available. Access is by phone, email or live chat. Their extensive knowledge base is full of answers to your questions as well.

godaddy support
GoDaddy’s contact page

GoDaddy also uses their “exclusive” expert services menu. It’s a vast collection of “how to” tutorials designed to help you grow your site and business. Lots of people prefer to learn things this way.

Extras: Are there any freebies or add-ons?

Arvixe. 5/5

  • With every new hosting package you purchase with Arvixe, you’ll get your domain name FREE for as long as that account exists.
  • Arvixe will help you transfer sites you may currently have hosted elsewhere and they won’t charge you a cent.
  • If you’re a returning customer, they offer a 50% discount on all plans for the life of the plan.
  • $100 Google AdWords advertising credits, but only if you’re in Canada or the U.S.
  • $100 Yahoo/Bing advertising credits only if you’re in the U.S.
  • Arvixe provides a free site builder.
  • Free online store.
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Arvixe also has promo codes on its website so you can get a discount off their hosting plans.

GoDaddy. 4/5

  • Migrate your site to GoDaddy for free.
  • Register or transfer your domain name for free for the initial 12-month contract.
  • $100 Google AdWords advertising cred its.
  •  You can use the free website builder.
  • GoDaddy has discount coupons so you can buy other products at a better price. You can pick up really cheap hosting plans and domains using these coupon codes.

Visit arvixe.com Visit godaddy.com

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