What is vDeck Hosting?

So much more than a control panel, vDeck is a way to manage not only your website, but your entire hosting account. Straightforward navigation, easily implemented tools, and management support make vDeck the ideal program for website development and maintenance.

What is a web hosting control panel?

Back in the early days of computers, you had to access programs from a command line. No graphical interface, just text input and text output.

Then, after a while, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) became common. Now, to do something on your computer, you just click the icon and use the menus.

A similar evolution took place with web servers (which are just computers, but far away). In the past, you had to connect with them through a command line interface and type arcane commands onto a black screen. Was it hard? It was hard.

Today, web hosting control panels provide a GUI for managing your web hosting account. They are easier to use than ever before, and they provide integration to a lot of additional features and apps that help you design, run, and market your website or online store.

One popular web hosting control panel is vDeck 4.

Overview of vDeck Control Panel

Ideal for both hosting customers and hosting resellers, vDeck enables clients to truly control their web presence. Whether you operate one very simple site or fuel the success of multiple complex domains, vDeck adapts to your needs. Use this single location to oversee the content of your site or sites, tend to email communications and settings, add or remove domains, and keep up with billing.

By using a tabbed interface and consistent style throughout its pages, vDeck minimizes clutter and maximizes efficiency. Several site creation tools are available, without demanding HTML proficiency of users. E-commerce solutions, pre-installed scripts, and drag-and-drop site building functionality let you design a website that meets your needs for style and substance. Once you’ve created pages, enhance and maintain them with application install wizards, programs for site statistics, email and billing management, file transfer protocol (FTP) tools, and more. You may also keep up with your hosting account settings.

Taking it a step further, vDeck supports your efforts toward growth. Marketing services such as Google and Yahoo advertising credits, assorted search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and pay-per-click assistance are available, as are perks like gift card and credit card options in your shopping cart application.

Summary of Key vDeck Features

Website Management

  • Website builder
  • One-click install of Content Management Systems
  • File manager
  • FTP manager
  • Database managers


  • Email server setup and management
  • Webmail
  • Spam filtering
  • Autoresponders
  • Email forwarding and aliasing

Domain Management

  • Register new domains
  • Transfer domains
  • Setup subdomains
  • Manage domain-level redirects
  • Edit DNS records

Ecommerce and Marketing

  • Shopping cart
  • Credit card processing integration
  • Gift cards
  • Google, Yahoo, and Facebook ad management
  • SEO tools

Account Management

  • Billing
  • Hosting and domain renewal
  • Upgrades
  • User management

Changes in vDeck 4

If you have used earlier versions of vDeck and were unhappy with it, you might want to look at it again. Version 4 totally redesigned vDeck with a focus on user experience. It is more modern, more consistent, and more user-friendly.

vDeck Control Panel for Web Hosting Customers

If you are an entrepreneur or a small company looking for a web hosting package to launch your online presence, you really need a simple and straightforward hosting control panel that provides the features you need, but will also get out of the way and let you focus on your business, instead of focusing on your website.

vDeck provides the tools you need to design and deploy a website, a blog, or an ecommerce store and the integrations you need to market it. It’s easy to use, letting you get online and on with your business.

vDeck Control Panel for Web Hosting Companies and Hosting Resellers

If you run a web hosting company or are a web hosting reseller, consider providing vDeck to your customers. vDeck makes your customer’s web hosting experience easier, which helps you keep them as customers. Additionally, integrated account management and payment features make your hosting business simpler and more profitable.

vDeck Control Panel Hosting

Most web hosting companies offer some kind of control panel, but not all will offer vDeck. If you prefer vDeck over other control panels, make sure you select a package that includes it.

Frequently Asked Questions About vDeck

Can I customize features of vDeck for myself or my users?

Yes. vDeck is highly customizable, both by hosting providers and users. Common applications and features are listed in categories, allowing users to easily locate their tools. The sidebar, which provides information about a user’s hosting account such as username, email, DNS info, FTP logins, and more, can be customized with different widgets, depending on the information you want displayed.

What other hosting control panels are available besides vDeck?

The most popular Linux hosting control panel today is cPanel. It is used by many of the largest hosting providers, including HostGator, Bluehost, and InMotion Hosting. Like vDeck, it provides an easy to use, graphical user interface with a number of built-in features for managing website files, email, and domain names. ZPanel is available for Windows, Linux, BSD, and OS X hosting. Like other control panels, it enables users to manage website files, email, FTP, and their databases. For Windows hosting, Plesk is the most popular control panel.

Can I install vDeck?

If you want to use vDeck, you will need to find a hosting provider that is using vDeck. You cannot install it yourself.

Is vDeck available for Windows hosting?

Yes. vDeck can work with both Linux and Windows servers. If you are interested in using vDeck with a Windows server, you may need to shop around to find a host that provides both.

Is there support available for vDeck users?

Yes. vDeck comes with a searchable knowledge base, links to help articles, FAQs, and tutorials. All support features are accessed via a pop-up box, so users don’t have to leave their control panel and can practice the steps as they learn them.

How much can I customize my vDeck sidebar?

You can select which widgets are displayed or hidden. Available widgets include system settings, disk usage, user bandwidth, domains list, personal information, account information, performance feedback, user mailboxes, and more.

What information does the vDeck System Settings widget show?

The system settings widget gives you easy access to your website IP, nameservers, FTP address, incoming and outgoing mail servers, webmail URL, control panel URL, logs, document root address, platform information, and path and versioning information for your database, PHP, and more. That’s a lot of information to display in a sidebar, so by default only the most commonly needed information is displayed, and you will have to click an expand button to see the rest.

Can I adjust my landing page with vDeck?

Yes. By default, users are taken to their homepage, which includes all of the programs and settings available to you. However, if you prefer to go directly to a specific section, such as website tools, you can customize your control panel to go there upon login.

Will the available vDeck features be the same regardless of the hosting provider I go through?

No. While many features will remain the same, such as the look and feel, email and FTP management, and billing tools, each hosting provider will offer their own selection of website development tools, one-click installations, database management services, and more. While a good control panel can make it easier to navigate the available resources, make sure your host provides the resources you need before committing just for the control panel.

Do I have to access my vDeck control panel any time I want to make changes to my website?

That depends on how you set up your site. If you used one of the provided drag and drop website builders, you will probably have to go to your control panel any time you want to make updates. However, if you built your website using a content management system, such as WordPress, you will instead go to a separate site and make edits through your WordPress control panel. If you used desktop software, such as Dreamweaver, to build your site, you should be able to make edits directly from that program.

As a host, can I use vDeck to send notices to users?

Yes. You can send system notifications and have them displayed for users in the top-right corner of their control panel.

How easy is it to navigate between sections of vDeck?

Navigating between sections is a cinch, provided you remember there are multiple ways to get everywhere. When you first log in, you’re taken to the home screen, which includes categorized icons for every feature, setting, and installed application. Simply scroll down until you find the program you want, click it, and you’re on your way. Once you leave the main page, or if you change the main page, you can instead use the tabs at the top to search through each category. Every icon listed on the home screen is also represented in the top tabs. There is even a shortcut list on the top-right, in case two ways of getting everywhere just isn’t enough for you.


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