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For gamers who want to use Tekkit mods with Minecraft, having your own gaming server is a luxury. Not every hosting provider will be ideal, though, so read on for our recommendations.

If you’re looking for a server to run Minecraft and Tekkit you’ll need a private environment with plenty of RAM. You’ll pay a premium for a specialized host. It’s cheaper to use a general-purpose host. Keep in mind, though that you’ll have to provide your own technical expertise to keep everything running smoothly.

We’ll breakdown the best hosting options later in this post, but here’s a sneak preview of the best 5 hosts for Tekkit servers:

  1. LiquidWeb
  2. 1&1 IONOS
  3. Dedicated Solutions
  4. Contabo
  5. Sharktech

How Did We Pick the Best Hosts for Tekkit Server Hosting?

We’ve examined over 1,500 hosting plans and selected the ones which meet all the technical requirements for running Tekkit servers. We then shortlisted the hosts which offer VPS or dedicated hosting with high amounts of RAM.

For the last cut, we consulted our database of real user reviews, consisting of over 1 million words of independent customer reviews to round out the top 10 hosts for Tekkit server hosting.

What is Tekkit Server Hosting?

Based on the popular Bukkit toolset, Tekkit is a server-based collection of modules (“mods”) and tools for players of the popular 8-bit crafting and adventure game Minecraft.

About Tekkit

Not everyone who buys hosting is looking to start up a small business or create a blog. For fans of the game Minecraft, purchasing a hosting package allows them to create and share a server-based version of the game with friends and other folks around the world. These servers are often modified (“modded”) with custom content and code that add features and functionality to the game and its virtual environs. One very popular server mod is Tekkit Server, built on the Technic Pack Platform.

The Tekkit Server is based on the Bukkit module, or mod. This set of enhancements and add-ons for Minecraft is one of the most popular for hardcore players of the game, and Tekkit Server is designed both for compatibility with existing Bukkit mods as well as considerable expansion of their capabilities. Tekkit Server modules include enhanced gameplay elements (e.g., rocket ships, space exploration, factory and inter-dimensional travel) and additional content (new types of blocks, tools, clothing, etc.).

Developed by the Minecraft fan community, Tekkit Server is available as a free and open-source download directly from Technic Platform. A wide variety of gamer-friendly hosting providers (many focused exclusively on Minecraft servers) offer Tekkit as a part of their packages, and will add it to existing packages upon request.

Features of Tekkit Server

Tekkit is a mod built on the Technic Pack, which is a heavily modified version of the game with it’s own Java files which allow Minecraft to have a much more extensible amount of features. The Technic Pack Platform can be further enhanced with content which uses the new programmatic layer offered by Technic. This means that new gameplay mechanics are introduced that enhance the user experience greatly!

Tekkit itself is actually just one of the many “Packs” which can be plugged into the Technic Platform. The Technic Platform client (not the server) can be downloaded for any operating system, and installs a “Launcher” which allows the player to choose which “Pack” has the flavor of gameplay that they would like to play. For example here are some of the major official packs:

  • Tekkit – the pack which started it all, Tekkit adds a variety of gameplay elements focused on real-world engineering principles. this includes energy systems, automation tools, dimensional doors, and new methods of transportation. With a focus on constructing automated resource production, players can setup automated mines, but need to take storage, energy, and engine heat into consideration. Smaller gamplay improvements include “Treecapitator” which breaks apart a tree when cutting the base of the stump, and some modules even allow for writing computer code within the game itself to control virtual world assets.
  • Hexxit – where Tekkit is inspired by principles of engineering, Hexxit is inspired by magic concepts pioneered by old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. The player is able to morph into various creatures found in the game, learn spells, brew potions, and explore dark dungeons, towering spires, and weathered ruins in search of artifacts to improve their spell-crafting.
  • Voltz – Where Tekkit had a broad approach to adding engineering principles to the game, Voltz focuses purely on modeling electricity correctly. Various implementations of electricity were created for both Tekkit and core Technic, but Voltz has simplified both into a standard API which can be extended by yet additional mods.
  • Attack of the B-Team – with heavy inspiration from campy science fiction films and literature, the B-Team modpack adds a variety of fun gameplay elements, which include paleontology (finding fossils) to clone dinosaurs, constructing battle robots, and building spacecraft to travel to the Moon and Mars. Additionally, new biomes have been introduced with an emphasis on tropical environments and gigantic trees which can be turned into forts.

There are additionally hundreds more user-created packs, with a variety of novel gameplay additions. Some simulate being stranded on a desert planet, others increase the difficulty of the game by adding extremely challenging enemies. The complexity and scope of gameplay available is extremely complex, and so many players who enjoy the game will choose to play in a Technic-pack world. The server itself runs on Java, and operates over TCP and UDP, often with dedicated ports open and sometimes secure socket communication.

Technic (based on Bukkit) adds a few additional layers for disseminating content between players, either through a direct host or dedicated server. Often servers will have a pre-set capacity, so that the network does not get overloaded with requests. Typically this capacity lives in the range of having a few hundred players maximum, with typical worlds handling between 10 and 100 players. This amount is up to the discretion of the server administrator, based around what style of gameplay is desired.

Installation and Hosting

For hosting your own server, there are two major options. One is to purchase a dedicated machine from a specialty provider, the other is to either setup a server on a local machine, or to buy time on a virtual private server.

With a specialty provider, configuration and support often come directly from the provider. For setting up on a virtual private server, nearly all of the configuration will need to be done manually. The biggest challenge to setting up a server by yourself is in making sure that the network security will allow for the free exchange of data over special ports and across sockets.

If setting up your own server, be ready to debug your host’s network. Depending on the hosting provider you choose, you may have to make manual adjustments to your Minecraft installation to take advantage of all the bells and whistles available with Tekkit Server.

Providers who focus on Minecraft often package Tekkit Server with several other mod packs, worlds, and other content. Your hosting options will also likely include a firm limit on the number of players who can use the server at once. For the most current compatibility and performance information, check with your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tekkit Server

Do all “Packs” have equal support for setting up a game server?

No, all the components included in a modpack need to be tested for network replication and will have different requirements. Many of the core network messages will stay the same, but getting custom content to transmit takes time to figure out. The official modpacks all have been figured out extensively, and most modpacks in general allow for direct client to client hosting. However, for dedicated servers on obscure modpacks, much more additional work will be needed.

Can I monetize my game server?

Yes, but only under terms which the developer, Mojang, will allow. This service agreement is subject to change with newer releases of Minecraft. Be sure to do research on the current state of this agreement before charging money.


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