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Our Editor’s rated Pressidium 3.5 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

Pressidium Introduction

Pressidium offers high-performance managed WordPress hosting. Their various plans are hassle-free, lightning-fast, highly secure, and feature some of the best technology and innovation.

Pressidium has got to be one of the best-kept secrets in the managed WordPress hosting space. You probably never heard of them before but you should give them a closer look!

Quick Brief of Perks

You’ll get free website migration, state of the art infrastructure that is optimized for speed, security and scalability, free automated backups and WordPress auto-updates, SSD storage, plus loads more.

Plus they offer a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. Pressidium’s cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan is  17.90 per month.

pressidium homepage

About Pressidium

pressidium logo

Pressidium was founded in 2013 by John Andriopoulos, Andrew Georges, Giannis Zachariadis, and Filip Slavik. Pressidium’s parent company is TechIO Limited and the headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.

Yes, Pressidium is relatively new to the world of managed WordPress hosting.

Innovative and Efficient

Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away that they’re run by a team of experienced engineers and developers that envisioned and evangelized a truly high performance and hassle-free managed WordPress hosting solution. Therefore, you can be sure that the services provided by this company are on par with web hosting industry standards.

Pressidium’s promise is to ensure that your WordPress site is constantly available, seriously protected against threats, shielded from attacks, and tuned to be lightning fast.

Pressidium Features

Running a WordPress blog or website is hard enough without having to deal with a hosting provider that keeps giving you headaches. That is why you need a reliable partner such as Pressidium to help keep the back-end of your WordPress site running smoothly.

Although relatively new to the world of managed WordPress hosting, Pressidium is run by a team of experienced engineers and developers. Therefore, you can be sure that the services provided by this company are on par with web hosting industry standards.

Enterprise Hosting for WordPress
On the Pressidium website, you can request a custom quote for your Enterprise Hosting query.

Pressidium covers all of the important aspects of managed WP hosting. The various plans offered are hassle-free, lightning-fast, highly secure, and feature some of the best technology and innovation.

Enterprise Architecture

Pressidium’s greatest strength lies in their state of the art infrastructure, which happens to be one of the best in the market. This infrastructure is generally made up of several amazing mini-features, the best of which is a multi-tier 5-layer caching platform that enables the implementation of multiple layers of security, caching of systems, and load balancing.

As a result, all Pressidium clients get to enjoy fast access to content, database query results, PHP objects, etc.

What Does It Include?

Other aspects of the infrastructure include:

  • Cloud-based hosting for all Pressidium sites that features replicated SSD storage with a nearly infinite number of storage nodes. This basically allows for simple and quick upgrades, as well as improved security and performance stability.
  • Integration of CDN services into your WordPress site for optimal performance and speed.
  • An optimized PHP platform that helps to further improve site performance.
  • An accelerated SSL process for security purposes.

All in all, Pressidium’s infrastructure helps to provide a fully optimized website experience with super-fast speeds and great performances with zero to minimum issues such as downtime and hacking.

pressidium review
Pressidium features.

E-Commerce Functionality

Running an e-commerce website is super-easy thanks to Pressidium and the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. WooCommerce is a good e-commerce solution for use with Pressidium because it is covered by the hosting company’s adaptive caching strategies.

This means that your site will load faster which helps ensure a better page ranking for your e-commerce store. Another reason to use Pressidium for your online store is the hosting company’s high-end security features.

Fully Featured Plans

Presidium offers a variety of professional-grade WordPress hosting plans that not only cater to a wide range of clientele but also offer all of the basics of managed hosting.

PersonalProfessionalBusinessBusiness Plus
WP Installs3102550

Pricing above is on a yearly basis – the monthly subscription will incur higher ongoing costs.

What You Get With All Plans

With options for entry-level users, personal bloggers, professionals, and businesses, all of Pressidium plans include the following, to name a few:

  • Pressidium’s simple control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL
  • CDN support
  • Automated backups
  • SSD storage
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Bad-bot filtering
  • Malware monitoring
  • Cache management
  • Fully-managed automatic updates
  • SFTP service

Additionally, all plans allow for the installation of multiple WordPress Websites (ranging from 3 to 25 depending on the selected plan) except for the Micro plan, which is geared towards users who are just getting started with WordPress.

Fast, Reliable, and Free Domain Transfer

Moving a WordPress website from one host to another is usually costly and difficult, especially if you have no technical skills. Pressidium, however, lessens the load by doing the work for you without charging an extra dime.

All you have to do is simply send over a support ticket with your site’s URL, username, and password, or an archived file with the Duplicator plugin. And soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of your new hosting plan.

Performance and Uptime

Presidium has data centers spread out across different locations around the globe including:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

The servers are pretty powerful, which enables Pressidium to easily handle a load of all hosted websites without compromising on performance. And that’s not all!

Pressidium Architecture
Pressidium architecture diagram.

The inclusion of a premium load balancing system, multiple caching systems, CDN, and PHP acceleration system all help to speed up your website thus allowing for fast response times even during the critical moments of additional data.

Uptime of Pressidium

As a result, website downtimes brought on by too much traffic are very rare when you are using Pressidium.

The company is so confident about their load management capabilities that they offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Pressidium even goes as far as giving back 5% of their customers’ monthly fees (in the form of SLA credits) for every hour of experienced downtime should they fail to meet their uptime promise.

Security and Backups

With Pressidium, you’ll not have to spend extra on WordPress security plugins as all included plans come with the company’s inbuilt foolproof security system.

In addition to featuring fully protected servers, Pressidium’s security system offers secure file access via SFTP, a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), bot filtering, and malware monitoring system that continuously scans files to protect them from any online threats (hacks, cyber-attacks, etc.).

Malware and Advanced Security

Should any malware manage to bypass the company’s security, Pressidium performs free cleanup services that get rid of the threat.

As a further means of security, Pressidium provides an automated backup system that makes daily backups of all pages of your website. This backup system protects against any unforeseen circumstances and ensures you’ll always have a copy of your site’s pages should anything untoward happen to your website.

WordPress Security

Pressidium uses industry best practices to ensure that your website is kept safe. In fact, their security procedures exist on various levels.

Security features include:

  1. Restricted PHP
  2. Provisioned WordPress installation
  3. Chrooted environments
  4. WordPress update layer
  5. Virtual patching layer
  6. OWASP filtering
  7. Malware and vulnerability scanning
  8. Brute-force attack ban
  9. Instant and Automated Backups

However, the company does not include two-factor authentication, a security procedure some companies may find important.

Help and Support

Whether you’re having problems with something as simple as navigating your Pressidium dashboard to something a little more complex like adding plugins to your account, the company is always there to lend a helping hand through their customer support system.

Led by a team of highly skilled technical engineers, Pressidium’s support is available 24/7 via email, support tickets, and phone.

pressidium wordpress blog
Pressidium’s blog features over 145 blog posts to assist you in optimizing your site and making it successful. They also provide a searchable knowledgebase.

Monitoring System

Furthermore, Pressidium uses a proactive support system that’s made up of a number of monitoring equipment that tracks the backend of things on a 24/7 basis. The purpose of this system is to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Meanwhile, the hosting provider says that response times that are over 15 minutes for critical issues are absolutely unacceptable.

Pros and Cons

Is Pressidium a well managed WordPress web host?


  • Accepts all major forms of payment.
  • All new plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows users to determine if Pressidium is an ideal fit.
  • Delivers extra fast load times.
  • The price at Pressidium is slightly cheaper than similar hosting companies with the same WordPress specific service.
  • Has a nice, clean, and simple dashboard that allows you to easily customize the administration process and tools to suit your WordPress site.
  • Offers a bot filtering system that protects your site from all known bad crawlers that can use up your bandwidth or slow down the load time on your pages.


The only possible problem with Pressidium is that it charges clients based on the number of visits to their sites. So, the more visits you get, the more you’ll need to pay.

Pressidium vs. WP Engine vs. SiteGround

Pressidium is a popular WordPress hosting solution. However, it has some differences when compared with competitors such as WP Engine and SiteGround. One of the key differences is that all but one of Pressidium’s plans are aimed at the business market and are priced at the higher end of the market compared to Siteground’s budget offerings.

However, it shares similarities with WP Engine in this regard. While Pressidium may not be the most economical WordPress hosting solution around, it certainly offers premium value for money.


Pressidium provides everything you need to successfully manage as well as push your WordPress websites to greater heights.

With their intuitive top-notch architecture, extra security, reliable uptime, and high speeds, you’ll be well equipped to push your start-up website to online success without worrying about downtime, sluggish speeds, and incompetent support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last but not least, addressing a few common queries about this incredibly powerful host is our priority, to try to answer any immediate questions you may have.

What does the term visit mean in regards to Pressidium’s hosting services?

A visit corresponds to the measure of traffic that your website receives in 24 hours. Pressidium calculates your traffic through the aggregation of your total visits in any given month. Using their system represents an accurate measure of how many server resources your website requires.

Will Pressidium help me select a managed WordPress hosting plan?

Absolutely! Pressidium understands that you may not know which plan is best for your requirements. Their support is only a phone call or clicks away, and they are happy to recommend what WP plan is best for your needs.

Can I switch hosting plans later?

Yes, you’re able to switch plans whenever you want. The upgrade or downgrade process is simple. For example, you can begin with a Personal plan, then upgrade to the Professional plan when your website traffic increases.

Does Pressidium offer free website migrations?

Yes. This is one of the most popular requests the company receives and while other providers are known to charge upwards of $100 per website migration, Pressidium is more than happy to migrate your website to their platform for free. Schedule your migration at your convenience upon sign-up, and then simply open up a support ticket. The Pressidium staff will handle the rest!

What are the available payment options?

Pressidium accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and Maestro-UK, with more to follow. American Express and PayPal should be available shortly.

Does Pressidium offer a discount on yearly payments?

Absolutely yes. When you purchase an annual package, Pressidium rewards you with an annual discount by providing you with an equivalent of 2 free months of service. When you choose the annual option at signup, you can reap the savings. Please note that the company’s money-back guarantee does not cover annual plans.

What is Pressidium’s cancellation/refund policy?

Pressidium’s philosophy is not about vendor lock-ins. So, you’re able to cancel your subscription anytime. They also offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try out the services risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with our services for whatever reason, Pressidium will issue you a full refund. Take note that the money-back guarantee does not cover annual plans.

Does Pressidium offer email accounts?

Unfortunately not. Because the company specializes as a best-of-breed WordPress hosting provider, they are not willing to sacrifice quality over quantity. Pressidium aims to stick to their core focus of WordPress hosting only.

What are the best alternatives to Pressidium?

All WordPress web hosts come with their advantages and disadvantages and Pressidium is no different. Best alternatives to Pressidium are Flywheel, Pagely, Cloudways, Media Temple, WP Engine and Liquid Web.

Pressidium Plans and Prices

Pressidium offers a variety of managed WordPress hosting plans. Here below is an overview of their plans and current price list. For the latest and most up to date prices visit Pressidium’s website.

Plan nameDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly price
Micro Plan 5 GB SSD 10K visits/mo 17.90
Personal Plan 10 GB SSD 30K visits/mo 24.90
Professional Plan 20 GB SSD 100K visits/mo 69.90
Business Plan 30 GB SSD 500K visits/mo 199.90


Try Pressidium. 60-day money-back guarantee.


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