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Pressidium standout features
PerformanceFast, reliable hosting
Average load timeConsistently under 2 seconds
Average responseApproximately 10ms
Free domainNo
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)Free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt.org
1- Click passwordYes, included with all hosting packages
Support24/7 support via ticketing system
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Pressidium?

If you want to run a no-hassle WordPress website, it would be hard to find a better hosting company than Pressidium — if you don’t mind paying a premium. This company handles all aspects of hosting so you can focus exclusively on building your site, creating content, and driving traffic.

Pros of Pressidium

  1. Fully managed hosting: If you choose Pressidium, you won’t have to worry about your website. This company handles every aspect of the back end of your site so you can focus on building it the way you want.
  2. Grow with your site: Whether you are building a small site for a local business or a large Fortune 500 company page, Pressidium can handle it all.
  3. Very reliable hosting: Pressidium uses advanced redundancy, security, monitoring, and more to ensure your site is up and running at all times.
  4. Exceptional customer support: If you have questions or problems with your site, the support team at Pressidium can help 24/7.

Cons of Pressidium

  1. Cost: This is one of the most expensive hosting companies, but you get what you pay for. The entry-level hosting package at this company starts at $21 per month.
  2. Only for WordPress sites: I hesitate to list this as a con as it is a core aspect of the Pressidium business model, but it is important to note this company is exclusively for WordPress-based websites.
  3. Support is not live: Customer support is 24/7, but you can only contact them through email or a ticketing system. As an IT professional, this makes sense. From a customer perspective, I like to talk to someone on the phone or via live chat when I’m having an issue.
Pressidium features
Source: Pressidium

1. Impressive architecture for complete redundancy

The team at Pressidium seems to understand that for many customers, uptime is essential. If you are running a website where you sell products and services or run advertisements, you lose money every minute your site is down.

Pressidium has built its infrastructure with uptime in mind, setting up systems with full redundancy across the entire environment.

Somekey features that ensure your site does not go down include:

  • Internal network built for redundancy – Pressidium uses multiple load balancers as well as layered hardware to ensure even if something goes down, your website will stay up.
  • Denial of service defense – Many hosting companies use third-party denial of service attack defenses, but Pressidium’s internal solution involves a demilitarized zone(DMZ) firewall layer for added uptime and security.
  • Redundant solid-state drives (SSDs) – All servers are built with redundant SSDs, so your website is fast and reliable.
Pressidium data centers
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2. WordPress engineers available to assist with your site

Pressidium is focused entirely on providing the best WordPress hosting possible. To meet this goal, this company offers not only premium hosting environments but access to a team of professional WordPress engineers to help with anything you need.

For example, if you want to build your own WordPress plug-in for some type of functionality, you can work with an experienced developer to make it happen. While these engineers are not free (beyond whatever is needed for standard support), they can be an invaluable resource to many people.

3. Automatic backups with offsite storage

Most hosting providers have some type of data backup system in place, which is great. But Pressidium has automatic backups available for all customers and even keeps the backed-up data offsite.

This means that your site’s data is as safe as possible at all times. Even if there is a disaster at one of the Pressidium data centers, you can get your site online very quickly (if it goes offline at all).

4. Free SSL certificate and other advanced security features

You will have a free SSL certificate for all your websites no matter which Pressidium hosting package you choose. On top of the SSL certificate, you can take advantage of a variety of advanced security features to keep your site and visitors as safe as possible.

These features include both hardware and software-based firewalls, antivirus and antimalware software, and more. WordPress is the target of many types of hacking attempts because it is so popular, so having excellent security is very important.

5. Global facilities for speed and reliability

To meet the needs of its worldwide customers, this company has
facilities all over the globe
. This includes the facilities it operates and edge locations where it rents space from other companies. Either way, having a presence in North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia Pacific regions helps keep your website up and running at all times.

In addition to the benefits of uptime for your site, having international sites will help ensure your visitors have fast response times on your site. This is because Pressidium can have your site served from any of its facilities. The system will determine where a visitor is from and use the correct servers to give the best response times.

Pressidium additional features
Source: Pressidium

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Pressidium?

If you are running a WordPress site, it will be difficult to find a hosting provider better than Pressidium. Of course, the high price and only working with WordPress sites means this company is not right for everyone. Check out the following quality hosting providers that may be great alternatives.

See how Pressidium compares to these top-rated hosting providers selected by the editors here at Digital.com.

Web hostPricingHosting packagesBasic plan featuresCompare

Overall rating

$21 to $790+ per month
  • WordPress
  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • 1 website
  • 5 GB storage
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • 24/7 support from DevOps Engineers
  • Free SSL certificate

Overall rating

Consider SiteGround if: You want quality hosting at a more affordable price.

$3.99 to $400 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Cloud
  • Reseller
  • 1 website
  • 10GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free email
SiteGround offers extremely fast and reliable hosting at a fraction of the price of Pressidium. But Pressidium has a more specialized environment for WordPress hosting.

Overall rating

Consider DreamHost if: You aren’t using WordPress or you want a lower price.

$1.99 to $279 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • Dedicated
  • 1 website
  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
DreamHost is one of the best hosting providers, with options for all types of websites. While DreamHost is a great all-around hosting option, Pressidium has more redundancy and other options to keep your site always running.

Overall rating

Consider GreenGeeks if: Using an environmentally friendly hosting company is important to you.

$2.95 to $109.95 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Reseller
  • 1 website
  • 50 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free nightly backups
GreenGeeks has found that perfect balance between quality hosting and minimizing its impact on the environment. Pressidium puts all its focus on offering premium WordPress hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressidium

Who owns Pressidium?

Pressidium is a private company that is based in London, England. It first opened for business in 2014 and it has been an award-winning WordPress hosting provider ever since.

What are the Pressidium nameservers?

The specific nameservers for your Pressidium hosting will depend on a number of factors including whether you are going to use a content delivery network (CDN) and where your site will be housed. When you sign up for a new account at Pressidium, you will receive an email that provides the nameservers you should use. They will look like this:

  • NS1.Pressidium.com
  • NS2.Pressidium.com

What kind of support does Pressidium offer?

The Pressidium support team is staffed 24/7 to help with anything you need. Simply submit a request through your customer portal. While you cannot call them, you can be confident the team is extremely knowledgeable and will help you right away.

Where are the Pressidium servers located?

Pressidium has servers in North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia Pacific regions.

What are the best alternatives to Pressidium?

Pressidium is a great hosting provider, especially if you don’t mind the higher prices. If you want to look at some alternatives, though, I recommend checking out: GreenGeeks, SiteGround, HostGator, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting, and DreamHost.

How I Rated Pressidium

I had never used Pressidium, so I was excited to evaluate whether it would live up to its reputation. Reading through its website offered important information about how the company set up its network and overall hosting environment. This was quite impressive and showed me that the team at Pressidium is committed to providing the best WordPress hosting possible.

After this, I read through reviews from customers that have used Pressidium. I also experimented with the hosting itself to see how it worked. Finally, I used various third-party testing tools to figure out how good the hosting was.

Throughout my entire experience evaluating Pressidium, I was extremely impressed with every aspect of what is offered. While I started out thinking the prices were too high for WordPress hosting, I am convinced this hosting company is not for everyone, but the services offered are worth every dime.