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Pressable: Quick Overview

Here’s our Real Pressable review (2022 update) from real reviewers to help you make the best-informed decision whether you should buy managed WordPress hosting from Pressable.

If you like WordPress but don’t want to worry about things like security, scalability, unplanned downtime, and having to update WordPress, then Pressable may be the right managed WordPress hosting solution for you.

Pressable offers managed hosting plans to optimize WordPress sites for fast performance and protection against security threats. Plus, their hosting platform makes it easy to scale as your website grows.

If you’re still on the fence about using Pressable, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial to test their platform. Pressable’s cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan is $19 per month.

If you’re still on the fence about using Pressable then sign up for the 15-day free trial that Pressable offers to test their platform. Pressable’s cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan is 20.83 per month.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Pressable?

Is managed WordPress hosting from Pressable any good?


  1. WordPress and plug-in are updated automatically.
  2. Useful staging feature lets you test various templates and design layouts before your WordPress site goes live.
  3. The admin-level tool lets you collaborate with other experts when designing or managing a WordPress site.


  1. Lack of collaboration features; no adding of multiple users to the admin panel
  2. No affiliate system and built-in email hosting tools

What Makes Pressable Stand Out?

Pressable is a managed hosting provider specializing in services for WordPress professionals – namely agencies, freelance WordPress designers and developers, and e-commerce businesses.

It also works with small and medium-sized businesses looking for an affordable and versatile alternative to Kinsta, WP Engine, and Bluehost.

Pressable Offers a Choice of Premium Managed Hosting Plans

Pressable offers multiple managed WordPress hosting plans that house websites on the company’s cloud-based infrastructure. They have two one-site plans – priced at $19 and $25 per month – designed for smaller businesses with a single website.

The rest of Pressable’s plans are best for agencies, freelancers, or larger businesses. These plans range from $45 to $1,000, depending on the number of WordPress sites you’re managing or your expected traffic.

Additionally, Pressable offers three WooCommerce plans – priced from $45 to $105 per month – that provide extra storage and visits compared to Pressable’s standard WordPress hosting plans.

You can contact Pressable’s sales team if you need an enterprise-level offering or customized hosting plan.

Pressable Hosting Types

Pressable offers two types of managed hosting packages:

  • Website Plans
  • WooCommerce Plans

Website Plans in Detail

There are currently ten WordPress hosting plans from which you can choose. Each plan varies from others based on the following:

  • Number of websites supported
  • Allocation of NVMe SSD storage space
  • Page-views per month
  • Jetpack product included

All Pressable plans come with:

  • Tierless online support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free CDN access
  • Free automatic failover
  • Free migrations (by plugin or handled by the Pressable team)

Pressable Plans and Prices

Let’s see how they fare against each other:

Managed WordPress Hosting PlansWordPress InstallsVisits per MonthStorage Per MonthJetpack Security DailyStarting Price (Per Month, billed Monthly)Starting Price (Per month, billed Yearly)
Entry Plan15, 0005 GBNo$19$15.83
Personal Plan130, 00020 GBYes$25$20.83
Starter Plan350, 00020 GBYes$45$37.50
Pro Plan10150, 00020 GBYes$90$75
Premium Plan20400, 00050 GBYes$155$129.17
Business Plan501, 000, 000100 GBYes$350$291.67
Business 80 Plan
801, 600, 000160 GBYes$545$454.17
Business 100 Plan502, 000, 000200 GBYes$675$562.50
Business 120 Plan1202, 400, 000200 GBYes$805$670.83
Business 150 Plan1503, 000, 000250 GBYes$1000$833.33
Business 150+ PlanCustomCustomCustomYesCustom QuoteCustom Quote

All of their WordPress Hosting plans come with 24/7 expert support with an average response time of a minute. It also includes Free Site Migrations and WP Cloud Platform.

WooCommerce Plans

For those looking to develop and maintain their e-commerce presence, the WooCommerce options are best. (WooCommerce is the most popular and commonly used WordPress e-commerce plugin.) The option that is best for you is dependent on the amount of revenue your business earns in a year.

PlanWordPress InstallsVisits Per MonthStorage Per MonthStarting Price (Per Month, billed Monthly)Starting Price (Per month, billed Yearly)
Woo Entry Plan350, 00030 GB$45$37.50
Woo Stater Plan5100, 00040 GB$70$58.33
Woo Pro Plan10200, 00050 GB$105$87.50
Custom PlanCustomCustomCustom$Custom Quote$Custom Quote

Choose Between 4 E-Commerce Plans

Like the Website Plans, there are four different WooCommerce Plans from which you can choose. They vary in:

  • Storage allocation
  • The maximum number of visitors supported on a monthly basis
  • The maximum number of websites you can build using one account

All plans come with 24/7 online support, Jetpack Security Daily, and Free Site Migrations.

Pressable Hosting Plan Features

The team behind, WooCommerce, and WordPress VIP supports Pressable. It offers a variety of premium features as part of its standard offerings, such as:

  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Staging Environments
  • Admin Level Access
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Jetpack with All Plans
  • Free Global CDN
  • Simple-to-Use Control Panel

Automatic Upgrades

Pressable takes care of updating WordPress, WooCommerce, or Jetpack for you. Within 24-hours of a new, public version of WordPress, your site (or sites depending on the plan selected) are automatically updated to the latest version for security and optimal performance.

Staging Environments

When designing your WordPress site, Pressable lets you make changes on a staging URL that clones your actual site. The staging feature lets you test your website’s layout, themes, and other design aspects before it goes live.

Admin Level Access

Pressable lets you create WordPress login accounts for different users and set up access level limitations. This feature will come in handy if you have hired a content creator, web designer, or other experts to work on your WordPress site.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Sites hosted on Pressable live on the same infrastructure as and WordPress VIP, a cloud-based global network with multiple levels of redundancy.

Pressable is so confident in the power and stability of its network that it’s the only managed WordPress host currently advertising 100% network availability on their website and in their Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Free Jetpack With All Plans

Pressable offers Jetpack free with every site for added website security and better performance. If you’re unfamiliar with Jetpack, it’s a plugin that provides malware scanning, brute force attack protection, extra backup options, performance optimization tools, and much more. The $19 per month plan comes with the free version of Jetpack, while all plans $25 per month or greater come with Jetpack Security Daily (a $239 per year value).

Free Global CDN

All of Pressable’s hosting plans come with access to their global CDN for free. Not only does the CDN ensure a high-quality user experience for your website regardless of where in the world your visitors are located, but it also helps enhance security and SEO as well.

Simple-to-Use Control Panel

Pressable has recently invested a great deal of time and energy into upgrading its control panel. The control panel now has a clean, modern look and runs efficiently, whether you’re managing one site or 200. You can easily create new websites, turn on the CDN, access site backups, enable admin access for contributors, manage your account, and much more via the control panel.

Pressable Features
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How Is Pressable Performance and Uptime?

Pressable sets the highest standard by being the only WordPress hosting provider to guarantee 100% network uptime in their SLA. It is designed to automatically failover to another data center so that your website continues working like normal even if servers or other parts of the infrastructure fail. 

Pressable has automatic scaling and architecture that ensure your site runs its best even with a traffic spike. To ensure that your website will not affect your web traffic and SEO ranking, they regularly perform maintenance work on their servers during off-peak hours.

Their experts help websites to diagnose coding issues and provide advice on the right plugins to use to optimize your website performance.

How Does Pressable Keep Your Site Secure?

To keep security threats at bay Pressable conducts nightly malware and virus removal scans. They also have an intrusion detection system that is designed to keep hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your WordPress site.

What’s more, your website will be configured to backup daily on its own.

How Is Pressable Help and Support?

To keep security threats at bay Pressable conducts nightly malware and virus removal scans. They also have an intrusion detection system that is designed to keep hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your WordPress site.

All Pressable sites are protected by a web application firewall (WAF). It guarantees security to all of their websites by blocking common attack vectors, such as SQL injection. When the WAF is triggered, our servers will return an HTTP 406 Not Acceptable response code.

What’s more, your website will be configured to backup daily on its own.

Does Pressable Handle Site Backup?

Pressable ensures that your website is backed up daily and can be restored quickly. These backups are accessible for 30 days. With their new, intuitive dashboard, you can easily access WordPress backups, download them locally, and restore them in just a few simple steps.

Pressable makes a backup of your website files every 24 hours and they offer hourly backup for your databases. You can also manually back up your files using SFTP or phpMyAdmin, or their 24/7 support team can assist you.

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Pressable?

If you are looking into Pressable for WordPress hosting, what other web hosting companies might you want to consider before joining? Here is a brief list.


When you think of WordPress hosting, you probably think of Bluehost. The company works closely with Automattic, the company behind WordPress, and pretty much all of its offerings will work well with WordPress.

There are a wide variety of options available in terms of hosting types and packages, including managed options. BlueHost is a large company, so it lacks the boutique-feel of Pressable. Its customer service, however, seems to be a bit more available to its users.


Flywheel is another general hosting provider that offers WordPress-specific plans. Its servers and services are tailored specifically for WordPress. This guarantees the highest quality of performance and security for your website because every server is optimized for a single CMS. If you want a container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform that enables you to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between, check out Flywheel. 


Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting for businesses of all sizes. With the help of tools like NGinx and MariaDB, sites load quickly and are automatically scaled. Their latest framework helps your development stack run, and simplified site management allows you to easily view site analytics. Nonetheless, Pressable has more flexible plans to choose from.

Who Is Pressable the Company?


Pressable logo

In 2010, a group of friends created a tech startup called ZippyKid to provide WordPress lovers a unique managed hosting platform to build and launch websites without worrying about security, stability, scalability, and common hosting issues.

Years later, ZippyKid – now called Pressable – was acquired by Automattic, who invested in upgrading the platform’s technology and improving customer service and support capabilities.

Today, the company boasts thousands of managed hosting customers, a world-class, global data infrastructure, feature parity with some of the biggest names in the industry, and hundreds of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot and G2.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressable

Here are a few questions we’ve received about Pressable. Contact us if you have more questions you’d like us to find answers for.

What is Pressable?

In short, Pressable offers managed WordPress web hosting services for businesses and developers. Pressable prides itself in delivering high performance, secure, and scalable WordPress hosting services.

Does Pressable offer site migration services?

Yes, Pressable will migrate your WordPress site to their servers through their control panel. They do not offer site migration services for static HTML and CSS written contents.

Do I need to update my website manually?

All WordPress updates will be done automatically. This also includes all the plugins hosted at However, you’re still required to manually update themes.

What plugins come preinstalled with Pressable?

The Pressable installation comes with various popular plugins. They include Akismet, Jetpack Premium, Batcache, Never Email Passwords, WP SMPT Config, Disable Welcome Email, Nginx,, and Pressable’s own in-house plugin.With the exception of Akismet and Jetpack, which can be uninstalled, the rest of the plugins should not be removed.

Are there plugins that are not allowed on the Pressable platform?

Yes, backup plugins are not allowed since Pressable offers backup services for every account hosted. A number of other plugins have been banned too and they include catching, database, site management, and other miscellaneous plugins.The knowledgebase sub-section under the help section on the website gives specific details on why such plugins are not allowed.

How fast are Pressable hosted sites?

Pressable has partnered with services like Google PageSpeed to optimize their services. A CDN will, therefore, be included to speed up delivery of your website by ensuring static content is cached. You should, however, keep in mind that the configuration of your site may also affect the speed of loading a page.

Does Pressable offer reseller accounts?

Pressable does not offer typical reseller accounts. However, a Pressable account can still be configured to host client websites. If you need a reseller-type of hosting arrangement, you can discuss the details with Pressable so that you can be advised on what can be set up.

Try Pressable. 15-day money-back guarantee. It’s risk free.

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