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Our Editor’s rated Namecheap 3.5 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

Namecheap: Quick Overview

Namecheap is best known as a domain name registrar, but they also offer cheap web hosting. Before you sign up with them you should read our Namecheap hosting review and find out if their hosting is any good, or if they should stick with domain names. Visit Most people know of Namecheap as a domain registration and management service, but they also offer web hosting services. Founded in 2000, Namecheap began by offering value-priced domains and excellent customer service. Today, they have over 3 million clients and manage over 11 million domains. Namecheap review In addition to domains and full web hosting packages, Namecheap sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more. Because Namecheap thinks that an Internet presence for all is a necessity, they provide affordable access to everything you need to run a website. Namecheap’s hosting plans offer fast, reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you need to build a new site, you can easily do so using one of Namecheap’s many site-building apps. If you have an existing website, Namecheap will move it for you for free. In addition to a solid knowledge base, you can consult if you need help, Namecheap offers 24/7 chat support. You can also submit tickets for review.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Namecheap?

Is web hosting from Namecheap any good? There are lots of pros and cons to weigh up when considering buying hosting from Namecheap.


  1. A well-known brand that has been around for 20 years.
  2. Cheap domain names.
  3. Support is of good quality.
  4. Reliable hosting services.
  5. The design and interface are very user-friendly.
  6. Free and fast migration from other hosting providers.
  7. Backups on a daily basis.
  8. Choose the largest shared plan and backup is twice per day and also weekly.
  9. Quick registration and setup process.
  10. Lots of TLDs available with varying extensions.
  11. No upsells when you sign up.


  1. Setting up SSL certificates is difficult and often needs help.
  2. Some aspects of the dashboard are hard to find.
  3. No phone support.

What Makes Namecheap Stand Out?

Here’s a concise overview of some of the benefits that Namecheap may provide for a small business.

Have a website?Free migration for current sites. Daily backups. “Softaculous” library of 400+ apps to add functionality to your site.
Need a website fast?EasyWP gets you a WordPress site in 30 seconds. Other site builders available include Weebly, Canvas, and Strikingly. Or, use the free website builder Namecheap offers for free with all shared hosting plans.
SpeedSSD (solid-state drive) storage, Cloud (Stellar Business plans).
DomainsPurchase or sell a domain, transfer, domain privacy.
MarketingOnline ad manager service runs PPC ads for you. Landing page included. Add marketing features to your site via a “Softaculous” library of 400+ apps.
WordPressEasyWP gets you a WordPress site in 30 seconds. Managed WP hosting takes care of software updates, security monitoring, and backups. Platform optimized for speed and performance.

Namecheap Hosting Types

Namecheap offers a variety of hosting types and plans, starting with shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

  • 3 plans to choose from.
  • Up to 3 websites on the smallest plan where most only offer 1 site and unlimited on the biggest plan.
  • Sub-domains range from 30 – unlimited.
  • All plans have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Plenty of autoresponders, databases, email accounts and email forwarding accounts, depending on your plan choice.
  • A healthy amount of disc space.
  • A long list of other features that easily compare to other providers.




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Frequently Asked Questions About Namecheap

How do I pay for Namecheap hosting?

Namecheap accepts American Express, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, bitcoin and Dwolla.

How do I choose my data center location?

When you order shared or reseller hosting, you’ll see a drop-down list where you can select the location. Right now, there are two choices: UK or US. You can’t select a specific city. All VPS plans are provisioned from its US datacenters in Atlanta, GA or Phoenix, AZ. All of its dedicated server plans are set up in Phoenix.

What is Supermicro server hardware?

On Namecheap’s dedicated server plans, you’ll notice it advertises Supermicro hardware. These servers are rack mounted units that are designed to offer exceptional uptime and low power draw, which can help them run cooler.

Will I get root access with my dedicated server?

Yes, if you select a self-managed. Root access is not available on fully managed dedicated hosting plans.

How long does it take to set up my hosting account?

If you buy shared or reseller hosting, it will be automatically activated, and available to use more or less instantly. VPS and dedicated plans are a little different. Namecheap says it may need to contact customers to verify their identity. If this happens, provide the information as quickly as possible to avoid delays. If Namecheap doesn’t need to verify you, it says dedicated hosting accounts will be provisioned the same day, with many being ready within 4 hours. VPS hosting will be activated automatically within 2 hours, unless you’ve ordered full management, which may add a couple of hours onto the setup time.

What is the Namecheap uptime guarantee?

Namecheap promises 100% uptime on shared hosting accounts, and most dedicated server accounts. If it fails to achieve this, you will receive a credit on your account.

Should I choose WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard hides your personal information from the global Whois database. This option is only available on some types of domains, so you may not see it in your cart. WhoisGuard may help to prevent spam, and it makes it more difficult for people to figure out who owns a domain. If you plan to sell your domain name later, you may wish to leave your contact information visible. Additionally, businesses should not generally hide their contact information, as it can make them look shady.

Should I choose PremiumDNS?

PremiumDNS is a Namecheap service that guarantees 100% uptime for your DNS information. This essentially means that your website is guaranteed to resolve. Your DNS is served from 17 different locations around the world, and the service also includes DNS DDoS protection. In general, only business users need worry about PremiumDNS. It’s inexpensive, but unless your site is mission critical, it may be unnecessary. Consider how important DNS uptime is for your website before you subscribe.