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Best MS SQL Hosting Providers

HostGator Logo


Most affordable MS SQL hosting

  • Inexpensive and trustworthy hosting packages
  • Windows hosting includes Plesk control panel, IIS, and ASP.NET
  • 24/7 phone, email, chat support


  • Starting price
    • $2.75 per month
  • Why it’s best
    Inexpensive but reliable, 24/7 support

HostGator lies on the inexpensive but reliable end. Its Windows web site hosting plans include the Plesk control panel, IIS, and ASP.NET. Plus, you get unlimited subdomains and email accounts. Support is available by phone, email, or chat 24 hours a day.

Pros and cons of HostGator


  • Inexpensive and reliable hosting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • unlimited subdomains and email accounts


  • Servers still run SQL Server 2008 R2

What customers are saying about HostGator

HostGator is a good fit for beginners seeking a web host with various features. The customer service and prices are favorable but avoid paying for unnecessary extras. Note there are limitations to the SEO capabilities.
Liquid Web Logo

Liquid Web

Best fully managed MS SQL hosting

  • MS SQL database available
  • Use MS SQL services from either a Linux or a Windows platform
  • high availability and multiple hardware nodes, backup included


  • Starting price
    • $25 per month
  • Why it’s best
    Specializes in fully managed hosting plans

Liquid Web specializes in fully managed hosting plans, but the cost is substantial. The host makes the MS SQL database available as a separate service, so you can use it from either a Linux or a Windows platform. The service is designed for high availability, with multiple hardware nodes, and backup is included. Windows or Linux is available on dedicated, cloud VPS, and cloud dedicated host plans.

Pros and cons of Liquid Web


  • Use from Linux or Windows
  • Designed for high availability


  • Fully managed service is more costly

What customers are saying about Liquid Web

Liquid Web allows you to easily host many websites. The tech support is open every day of the year, but there are some billing and customer service issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About MS SQL

What is MS SQL?

MS SQL is Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a database technology produced by Microsoft.

What is an RDBMS?

MS SQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). An RDBMS is a software application that creates and manages data that is saved in a table format, where all tables are related to other tables – hence the word ‘relational’. The table structure is sometimes referred to as a relational model. MySQL and MariaDB are also relational databases.

Is Microsoft SQL Server open source?

No. It is closed source, proprietary software that is developed and sold by Microsoft.

Is there a free version of Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes, the Express version is free. However, it’s designed for very small projects. In a business or hosting situation, the free version is not powerful enough to run a website.

Why would I use MS SQL instead of another database?

If you’re developing applications on Windows servers, using Windows technologies, MS SQL is probably the most logical database to use. It is the best option if you need to tightly integrate an application with Windows authentication, and the easiest choice for developing .NET applications.

What are the most popular alternatives to MS SQL?

There are many alternatives to MS SQL, and if you don’t need Windows, a Linux-compatible database server will be cheaper to obtain on a hosting environment. The most commonly deployed database servers are MySQL, Postgres, and MariaDB, which are all open source. The vast majority of hosting providers include at least one MySQL database with every hosting account, as part of the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Some developers prefer to use MariaDB, which was created in reaction to Oracle, which builds their own closed-source database of the same name, purchasing MySQL.

What development tools are available for MS SQL?

Microsoft Visual Studio has built-in support for MS SQL Server. Developers can use it to write queries and debug code. It also includes a visual interface for data designers to graphically create a database schema. Microsoft also develops an application called the Business Intelligence Development Studio, which is an IDE used for developing data analysis.

Is MS SQL a good choice for a new CMS?

Probably not. Content management systems are relatively easy to create, and MS SQL could be overkill in that situation. Additionally, if you are hoping that other people will use your CMS, it is probably better to use something that has more cross-platform support, like MySQL.