Kamatera: Quick Overview

Kamatera first opened for business in 1995. It’s a part of an organization that offers a variety of different information technology (IT) services to companies around the world. While it has a variety of different services available to choose from, this review focuses exclusively on web hosting and other related things that it offers.

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This company currently operates 13 data centers around the globe and has thousands of servers under management. While Kamatera is certainly not a household name, it does help tens of thousands of customers get the web hosting and other IT services that they need every day.

For small businesses, its most popular hosting solution is going to be its cloud hosting options, which start at just $4 per month. If you want to use this type of service for specific processing or other application purposes, you can also opt to pay an hourly rate of just five one-hundredths of a cent ― this type of pricing is more common with cloud services.

Whether you’re a small business with the hopes of becoming a very popular site, or you just want top-notch web hosting today and long into the future, Kamatera has much to offer. Read through the rest of this review to see if it’s the ideal hosting solution for you and your business.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Kamatera Hosting?

To get started, read through some of the pros and cons of using Kamatera for your web hosting. Understanding the basic advantages and disadvantages of choosing Kamatera helps you to decide whether it’s a good option based on your specific needs.

Kamatera Pros:

Kamatera cons:

  • No shared hosting services available
  • Main focus is on serving enterprise-level customers
  • Daily backups aren’t free

What Makes Kamatera Stand Out?

The main thing that sets Kamatera apart from all the other hosting companies is that it’s primarily focused on serving major corporations. Its high-end cloud infrastructure and other related things have made it very popular with big companies that need the best possible services.

Even if you aren’t a big company, you can benefit from the fact that it can serve major companies. For example, even if you use its entry-level virtual private server (VPS) options, you benefit from having your site housed in one of 13 data centers located around the world. In addition, you receive excellent service since this company has premium network equipment, Internet connectivity, and other benefits that are necessary for high-end customers.

If your business grows well, or your website becomes more popular than you expect, you can upgrade as much as is needed. This company can host the largest sites in the world so you can be certain that it can handle your needs.

Kamatera Hosting Types

Kamatera has a variety of different types of hosting available to choose from. The one notable thing that’s missing from its lineup is a traditional shared hosting account, which is what most hosting companies offer as its entry-level option. If you’re looking for a basic web hosting service and don’t have a big need to grow in the future, not having shared hosting is likely a disappointment.

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The total number of hosting packages available is extensive since it breaks its services up into many different options. The following are among the most popular types of hosting that it offers:

  • Cloud servers
  • Cloud block storage
  • Managed cloud servers
  • Basic cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Mobile application hosting

You may also notice that it doesn’t offer traditional dedicated servers. Anyone normally using a dedicated server can use one of its cloud server solutions instead. This provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated server with some added resiliency and the ability to grow quickly and easily.

Kamatera Plans and Prices

You can choose from several different plans to ensure you’re getting the exact type of service that you need. The following chart gives you a basic idea of what types of plans and prices you can expect to see. To see the exact deals that are available today, visit the Kamatera page and browse through the various hosting solutions it’s offering.

Central Process Unit (CPU) InformationRandom Access Memory (RAM) DetailsPrice
Cloud HostingOne to four vCPUs256MB to 512GB RAM$4 to $3,000+/Month
VPS HostingOne to 32 vCPUs1GB to 128GB RAM$4 to $1,000+/Month
Cloud Block StorageN/A1GB+ storage.05 cents per GB per Month
Managed Cloud ServicesN/AN/A$50 per month, per server

$120 per month for extended managed hosting

Cloud Load BalancingOne to four CPUs1GB to 4GB$19 to $114/month

Features Included With Kamatera Hosting Plans

When you sign up for hosting with this company, you receive a variety of great features and services included with your account. The following are some of the key features that you can benefit from. These features are based on the VPS hosting package, which is its entry-level hosting that most small businesses sign up for.

  • Rapid server setup: You can have your customized VPS provisioned and ready to go within minutes of signing up and paying for this service.
  • Instant scaling: As you need more system resources, they can be added to your account instantly and without any type of downtime.
  • 99.95 uptime guarantee: Kamatera guarantees that your hosting is up and working properly 99.95% of the time or more.
  • Choose your operating system (OS): You can choose from a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server (multiple editions), Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, and more.
  • Fast internal networking: Each VPS connects to its internal backbone with a 10Gbit/second connection.
  • Unlimited email: You can create unlimited email accounts to use for your website.

How Is Kamatera Performance and Uptime?

Kamatera offers some of the best hosting services available today. When you sign up for a hosting account, you receive a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is quite impressive. Most companies today offer just a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In the web hosting industry where seconds matter, this is quite an improvement.

To make things even better, all the data that’s available points to the fact that its performance and uptime are significantly better than the 99.95% guarantee that it offers. This means that most customers of Kamatera experience virtually zero downtime each year, which is very impressive. If you use your website for business-critical functions, you’ll appreciate the fact that its systems are so reliable.

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How Does Kamatera Keep Your Site Secure

All of the services at Kamatera are protected by advanced cybersecurity policies. It does a great job at monitoring all traffic that comes in and out of its data centers to see if there are any viruses, malware, or other unwanted information. It monitors for threats like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and takes steps to mitigate the harmful traffic as soon as it’s detected so that your site remains functional at all times.

The fact that this company hosts sites and services for many large corporations should give you confidence that it takes security seriously. These companies often have governmental regulations related to what type of security steps need to be taken to protect their sites and other information. Kamatera goes further to ensure all the data that’s located on its servers is kept safe and secure at all times.

Another key thing to take note of when it comes to the security of your sites is that it operates many data centers around the world. This means that even if the Kamatera systems were the target of an attack, the chances are that your site wouldn’t be impacted. Most of its services are operated out of two or more facilities, which gives you greater redundancy. Overall, this company does a great job at keeping sites up and running while also keeping them safe from virtually all security threats.

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Does Kamatera Handle Site Backups?

All hosting accounts come with advanced backup and restoration services included. You can configure your site to engage in almost any type of backup strategy that you would like. Unlike many hosting companies, this one doesn’t limit you to how frequently you want your backups to run or how much data to use. Its pricing is generally based on how many system resources you use. So, if you want to run daily backups of your data and keep it for months at a time, that’s fine, but it costs you a little more.

Fortunately, its usage charges are very reasonable so that you can set up an affordable backup and restoration strategy that provides you a greater level of protection than most other hosting companies offer. This occurs at a price that’s still very competitive.

In addition to its backup and restoration options, it also monitors your data to make sure it’s safe. If you have some data on your hosting server that isn’t covered by the backup strategy that you have set up, its monitoring tools let you know. You can then decide if you want it added to your backups or left unprotected.

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How Is Kamatera’s Help and Support?

The services from Kamatera are extremely good and most people won’t run into any major issues. If you do, however, you can be confident that you get the support you need. Customer support is available 24/7/365 to help you with any types of issues that you may run into.

The specific level of support you receive, and what ― if anything ― it costs you depends on what services you signed up for. For example, if you have a managed service, it can assist you with anything you need ― free of charge. For its VPS hosting solution, it also offers comprehensive technical support to all its customers.

One of the best things about its support is that it not only offers its assistance if you contact them for help, but its technical teams are monitoring its environments for problems actively 24/7/365. This is critical for keeping its corporate-level customers up and running, and all its other customers benefit from this type of service.

In most cases, the technical support team at Kamatera identifies system issues before you even notice a problem. It also fixes outages right away so that by the time you realize there’s an issue, it’s already bringing things back online. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a hosting company with better overall technical support no matter what type of hosting you use.

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What Are Some Good Alternatives to Kamatera?

While there’s no doubt that Kamatera has exceptional services for its customers, it isn’t going to be the right option for everyone. If you don’t think you want to use it for hosting your website, consider some of these popular alternatives. Make sure to read the reviews of these hosting companies as well to make sure you’re choosing the right one:

  • Bluehost: Bluehost runs more than 2 million websites, making it one of the most popular hosts in the world. It’s an excellent option for many types of sites.
  • WP Engine: WP Engine specializes in hosting WordPress-based websites. If you plan on running a site on the WordPress platform, you should consider this company.
  • DreamHost: DreamHost is one of the top-rated hosting companies in the world for small businesses. It has been extremely popular for many years, and for good reason.
  • SiteGround: SiteGround is a great option for those who are new to running websites as well as experienced webmasters.
  • A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting claims to have some of the fastest hosting servers in the world. It also has an excellent reputation for overall quality hosting.
  • HostGator: HostGator is one of the most popular hosting services available today. It specializes in entry-level hosting solutions, although it does offer some higher-end packages as well. This company has spent a lot of money on marketing through the years, making it one of the best-known hosting companies in the world.

Facts About Kamatera

Kamatera is much more than just a web hosting company. It’s been in business since 1995 and has grown to be an international company that serves thousands of customers. While based in the U.S., it has data centers and offices around the world.

It specializes in setting up and managing high-performance servers that are used for a variety of different things, including web hosting. The range of products it offers includes web hosting, cloud backup, private cloud networks, load balancing, cloud-based firewalls, and much more. This company has been innovating the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) business model for years and is seen as one of the leaders of this concept today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kamatera

This page has hopefully provided you with plenty of information to help you to decide if Kamatera is a good hosting company for your business to work with. The following are some additional questions that are commonly asked about this company. Take some time to go through them to get answers that may be of use when deciding whether to sign up for an account with this company.

Where Are Kamatera’s Data Centers?

Kamatera has a total of 13 data centers that it operates. It has two facilities in Petah Tikva, Israel and 11 other data centers globally. This company continues to grow and expand its services, so it may add additional data centers in the future as well:

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Santa Clara, California
  • Toronto
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London
  • Petah Tikva (two)
  • Rosh Haayin, Israel
  • Tel Aviv
  • Haifa, Israel
  • Hong Kong
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What Is Kamatera’s Cheapest Hosting Plan?

Unlike most hosting companies, Kamatera doesn’t have any type of shared hosting options available. Its lowest-level hosting solution is VPS, which starts at $4 per month. This is a surprisingly affordable rate for a VPS hosting package, especially one that is with such a high-quality company. Many hosting companies have shared hosting packages that are more expensive than this.

Can You Register a Domain With Kamatera?

Kamatera doesn’t offer domain name registration services. It’s focused on other quality services, including web hosting. If you want to have your site hosted at this company, you need to register your domain name with another company. You can read Digital.com’s list of the best domain registrars to get some good options.

Which Kamatera Hosting Plan Is Best for a WordPress Site?

The basic VPS hosting plan with Kamatera is going to be a great option for most types of WordPress sites. If you plan on getting a lot of traffic or building in some complex features, you can always upgrade the VPS to have more virtual CPUs, RAM, and other features. Most small businesses, however, are more than happy with its entry-level VPS plan.

Are There Coupons or Other Special Discounts for Kamatera?

Kamatera doesn’t offer any coupons or discounts that we have been able to find. Companies that generally target large corporations typically don’t offer any type of discounts to their customers, especially at the entry-level.

How Can You Get in Touch With Kamatera’s Technical Support?

Kamatera’s technical support is open 24/7/365 so you can always contact them when needed. It can be contacted from anywhere in the world by calling (212) 738-9657 or emailing [email protected] It also has sales and account managers that are open during business hours. These people can help you to figure out what services you need and much more. It has employees in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to make it easier to communicate with them.

Is Kamatera a Good Option for a Small Business?

This is a difficult question. On the one hand, it has an excellent hosting package at a great price that more than meets the needs of most small businesses. From this point of view, it’s a great hosting company to consider and one that small businesses can benefit from. On the other hand, this company does primarily market itself to larger organizations, so small businesses may feel ignored or neglected at times. In the end, only you can decide if this is the right hosting provider for your business.

Are Cloud Hosting Services Safe?

Many people have the incorrect idea that cloud hosting is an insecure option because it gives hackers a single target to go after multiple different websites. While this is true from a certain point of view, the reality is that cloud security is among the best in the world. Major cloud services providers like Kamatera invest heavily into security to help ensure your site and all of its services are protected.

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Can You Upgrade Kamatera Servers on the Fly?

One of the best things about Kamatera’s hosting and other services is that it’s all cloud-based or configured in such a way as to allow easy upgrades. If you find that your site is becoming more popular and you need a more robust platform, open a ticket with its support team. It can add in additional CPUs, more RAM, or any other features that you need in seconds. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t need to take your site offline to upgrade your services.

Does Kamatera Offer High Availability Solutions?

If your website is a critical component of your business, you want to make sure that it’s up and running at all times. While all good hosting providers have excellent uptime, having your site hosted in two or more physical locations is a great way to dramatically reduce the risk of a true outage. Since Kamatera operates 13 data centers, you can set your site up to operate out of more than one. This way, even if one data center goes offline due to an emergency or other event, your site remains running smoothly. This is just one of the many great reasons why this is such a popular IT services provider not only for hosting but for many other great services as well.

Kamatera User Ratings and Reviews

This comprehensive review was written after spending hours reading through the actual reviews and ratings given by real customers. Real user rankings are one of the most important things you can look at when evaluating any hosting company. What we have found was that the overwhelming majority of ratings and reviews for Kamatera have been very positive.

Of course, there are always going to be a few outliers when looking at the reviews of a hosting company this large. Those negative reviews we did find, however, indicated that these few users were more unhappy with the types of services that were offered rather than the quality of what was available. It’s always the end user’s responsibility to research a company and its services before signing up. While it’s obvious that Kamatera isn’t the right hosting provider for every single situation, those who need the type of services that if offers are pleased with the hosting they receive.

It’s only after reading countless user reviews and performing extensive independent research on Kamatera that we here at Digital.com can recommend the provider confidently to most people. If you need quality VPS hosting, or advanced cloud infrastructure services, Kamatera is an excellent company to consider.