IX Web Hosting is Closed: What Does This Mean For Customers?

IX Web Hosting was acquired by Endurance Internation Group (EIG) in 2015, and later in 2018, all IX Web Hosting customers were migrated over to Site5, another one of EIG’s hosting brands.

Now, however, the IX Web Hosting domain is redirecting to Bluehost, another one of EIG’s brands.

If you are looking for hosting, EIG’s other top brands include HostGator, iPage, and Domain.com.

Alternatively, take a look at our list of web hosting providers and expert reviews.

Are you looking for dedicated IPs for your new or existing website? Then consider IX Web Hosting, which differentiates itself from its competitors in the jam-packed mid-range hosting marketplace by offering dedicated IPs to all of its hosting clients.

That’s right — even the entry-level shared hosting plan offers up to two dedicated IPs to each customer. Is this enough to warrant choosing IX over other hosting providers? Possibly not, but it might be enough of a sweetener to make IX Web Hosting the right choice for your brand.

IX Web Hosting offers a number of types of hosting solutions, and which one is right for your needs depends on your goals.

Company Background

Fathi Said founded IX Web Hosting in 1999 and still serves as its CEO even today. The company is now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

In November 2015, the IX Web Hosting parent company, Ecommerce LLC, was acquired by EIG for $28 million, a purchase that encompassed both IX Web Hosting and its cloud-hosting subsidiary, Cloud by IX, in addition to Host Excellence. Said also serves as the CEO of Host Excellence.

IX Web Hosting review

IX owns and operates its own datacenter in Ohio. This 11,000 square foot datacenter houses the IX Web Hosting servers, which are reserved for its own customers’ use and are not shared with other companies, adding an extra layer of benefit to IX users. With two backup generators protecting against any sudden outages, specific IX services can provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee, which is impressive.

IX Web Hosting Plans

IX Web Hosting offers three main types of hosting solutions, similar to many of its competitors in the consumer hosting marketplace. Each solution is aimed at a different market niche and is available at different price points.

As with other similar hosting providers, the entry level solution from IX Web Hosting is built around a shared hosting structure.

Unlike some of its competitors, IX Web Hosting does not offer reseller hosting plans. However, some of its plans can be split and resold. If this is something you’ll be exploring later, make sure you inquire first before you sign up for a specific plan.

Shared Hosting Plans

IX Web Hosting provides three levels of tiered plans for its shared hosting product. Each of the three plans offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk storage, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited domains and subdomains.

Customers at all three levels also enjoy 24/7 customer service via email, ticket system, telephone, and site-based chat.

Other Hosting Services

IX Web Hosting also offers cloud hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting packages.

With cloud hosting, you don’t need to manage your own servers –IX Web Hosting will do that for you.

This plan provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting but at a price that’s generally more budget-friendly than dedicated hosting plans or owning and maintaining your own physical servers.

The IX Web Hosting “Cloud by IX” service boasts an uptime of 99.999%.

IX Web Hosting review
On the IX Web Hosting homepage, you can access video testimonials from their customers.

You can also select virtual private servers (VPS) for your hosting solution from IX Web Hosting. This gives you access to your own operating system and full root access to your server, as well as guaranteed uptime. It’s like having your own dedicated server, but at a reduced cost.

The IX VPS solutions run on Linux or Windows, and you get to choose which platform works better for your needs (the IX professionals will help you make that choice if you’re not sure).

With either platform you can choose from two levels at tiered price points, offering guaranteed RAM of either 768 MB or 2048 MB, and either 1500 GB or 2000 GB data transfer rates. Storage is available at either 50 GB or 100 GB levels. You’ll also get two dedicated IPs with any VPS plan.

IX Web Hosting review
IX also offers WordPress hosting, that includes up to three free domains, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, WordPress installation, and WordPress-trained customer support. You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as up to 15 dedicated IPs.

Control Panel

Whereas IX Hosting’s VPS and cloud customers can choose to use either cPanel or Plesk for a control panel, shared hosting customers get something else entirely. It’s called H-Sphere, and it’s quite different from the other options. You can take a look at and play around with a live demo on the IX Web Hosting site.

It’s a stripped-down graphical interface, with only a handful of graphic icons to choose from, that’s overall a bit clunkier and harder to navigate.

For example, you can choose either “Email” or “Webmail” — but what’s the difference between these two choices? An experienced cPanel user might conclude (correctly) that “Email” is where you set up your new email addresses and gather the requisite configuration settings and information, and “Webmail” is where you actually access your email. But that isn’t readily apparent from the interface itself or its labeling.

Sitebuilder Tools and Templates

SiteStudio, a point-and-click site building app, is included at no additional charge in all of IX Web Hosting’s shared hosting plans. Its native interface looks a bit dated, judging from the demo that’s available, but seems fairly intuitive to use and navigate.

You can add specific page elements with fairly impressive degrees of detail and control, although the starting templates seem standard and not particularly dynamic or modern.

SiteStudio is not available in any other types of hosting products, such as cloud or dedicated hosting packages.

However, Linux-based cloud and VPS hosting customers get access to cPanel, which also includes a one-click app installation process for a number of apps from Softaculous, including popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and shopping cart tools.

You can also use SiteBuilder, which is an add-on product offered by IX Web Hosting for a small extra monthly fee. This is a somewhat more robust point-and-click site building app that can enable you to create a visually impressive website even if you have no design experience. An added plus: This tool also enables you to build a professional-looking Facebook Page for your organization or business — no need to hire a graphic designer as some businesses do.

Customer Service

Does the IX Web Hosting claim of “best support in the hosting industry” hold up? The company provides a specific, named “Personal Support Representative” to each new customer. That helps new users feel more confident in putting the IX tools to use.

Any time the customer creates a new ticket request for support, the ticket is flagged to that representative’s attention, fostering a sense of “organizational memory” that’s reassuring to new customers and hard to come by elsewhere. Customers can even access their representatives via social media.

IX Web Hosting also offers a variety of methods through which customers can seek support and answers to their questions. IX Web Hosting discloses the email addresses for specific departments on its support portal, as well as providing access to toll-free telephone support within the US (elsewhere, toll charges may apply) as well as live web-based chat.

In addition to active service/support through the company’s social media accounts, IX also publishes video tutorials, a how-to guide and a series of published FAQs.

Billing and Cancellation

In addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee, IX Web Hosting also offers a free one-week trial period. That’s not something you see its competitors doing, necessarily, and it’s a great way to take a peek under the hood before committing to a new hosting provider.

For cloud hosting, you can choose how you’d prefer to be billed — either via incremental billing (where you’ll get billed when you hit a specific limit) or deposit billing (where you prepay a certain amount and it gets drawn from as items are billed). You can even select hourly billing, for any instance in which you only need a server for a specific limited amount of time. When that period of time is over, the server is “destroyed” and you only pay for the time in which it was actively used.

You can cancel cloud hosting simply by selecting “cancellation” in the billing interface. You’ll only be charged for the resources you use (storage, CPU, etc) and if your server is stopped, you only get charged for the services that continue to be used (such as storage).

Is IX Web Hosting Right for You?

If you need a dedicated IP, you should give IX Web Hosting a closer look. Dedicated IPs help high traffic sites maintain a smooth, efficient operation, and they’re required for SSL-certified e-commerce transactions. While adding a dedicated IP isn’t necessarily cost-prohibitive, it’s still a nice bonus to avoid having to shell out extra cash for it.


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