The internet was a much different place when Heart was founded in 2004 in Nottingham, England. Since then, the company has evolved into a major part of the European web development community.

Right from the start, the company adopted innovative practices, offering cutting-edge tools to its customers. Heart Internet was able to establish itself as one of the largest web hosting companies in the UK in just a few short years.

Today, Heart Internet has the hardware and infrastructure to serve a wide range of users, which makes it a formidable competitor in the web hosting landscape. Whether customers are searching for web hosting to satisfy their enterprise-level needs (like complex multi-site networks) or needing something less substantial for their small business, Heart Internet appears to have something for everyone.

Overview and History of Heart Internet

Heart Internet’s success is less a story of bloody cyber warfare and more one of success through perseverance, where preparation meets opportunity. Its technology, customer service, and feature-rich hosting plans helped it garner a reputation as a reliable web hosting company.

Heart Internet review

Over the years, Heart Internet has incrementally added new services to provide the well-rounded offering it has today. Here is a quick recap of what has changed:

  • 2008: Windows dedicated servers
  • 2009: Windows reseller hosting
  • 2009: API for resellers
  • 2011: VPS
  • 2013: Cloud hosting

Corporate History

When it was acquired in 2011 by Host Europe Group (HEG), the company expanded exponentially. The acquisition sparked the addition of a full suite of new products, as well as a more powerful network infrastructure.

Along the way, Heart Internet also became a pillar of the software development community, sponsoring events such as WordCamps, the Smashing Conference, MK Geek Camp, and many others.

In December of 2016, Host Europe Group was acquired by GoDaddy, making the latter the market leader for small business cloud hosting in Europe.

Awards for Best UK Web Hosting

Over the years, Heart Internet has won awards from multiple technology publications for:

  • Best shared hosting
  • Best UK web hosting company
  • Best web hosting services, and more.

However, these awards just scratch the surface. You can find a full list of the awards Heart Internet has won over the years on their website.

Overview of Web Hosting from Heart Internet

Heart Internet uses high-spec Dell servers with the latest generation of Intel processors to ensure fast data transfer speeds. Also, its network is powered by equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

Below are some technical specifications for Heart Internet’s server technology:

  1. Wholly-owned datacenters
  2. 99.99% uptime guarantee (for VPS and Dedicated packages)
  3. Servers are built on 15k SAS disk drives
  4. High bandwidth 10GB/s network infrastructure
  5. RAID 10 arrays for ultimate data protection
  6. Single or multi-core processor
  7. 1GB MySQL Databases
  8. Dedicated RAM allows multiple processors to run simultaneously, ensuring peak performance
  9. Failover systems keep customer data safe from extreme circumstances (e.g. fire, flood, hurricane).

With the reliable system of hardware and software technology, Heart Internet can offer customers the full gamut of web hosting solutions–everything from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Let’s take a look at each.

Shared Hosting: The Basics for Individuals and Simple Small Businesses

Heart Internet has some basic shared hosting plans that are simple to use. This is a good choice for:

  • Small businesses who want to establish themselves online, but don’t need a website with heavy resource demands
  • Simple websites, like brochures and online business cards
  • Blogs and personal website projects

Heart Internet’s starter web hosting plans come with email and security services as well as a choice between Linux or Windows. They also come with the eXtend control panel–Heart Internet’s proprietary control panel solution.

Choose from 3 Plans

If you are interested in one of the shared hosting plans, there are three options in which you will be interested.

The Starter Pro plan is a “pocket-friendly hosting for a simple website, with easy upgrade options as your business grows.” You will get the resources needed to support one website, 10 GB of storage space, a max of 50 GB of bandwidth per month, and 1000 email inboxes (each with a maximum storage allocation of 1 GB). Unfortunately, this option does not come with any MySQL databases.

Next step up is the Home Pro plan, which gets you ten times as much storage space as the Starter Pro option (10 GB –> 100 GB), unlimited bandwidth, and 10,000 email inboxes capable of storing 2 GB each. You will also get an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

The most expensive and feature-rich option is the Business Pro plan, which gets you unlimited web space, bandwidth, email inboxes (5 GB storage max for each inbox), and MySQL databases. You can host up to three websites using this plan.

Cloud Hosting

In the next tier up, Heart Internet has a number of cloud hosting plans available for larger websites. Although all of the plans offer customers the ability to manage an unlimited number of websites from a single plan, there are different caps on the number of visitors your site can receive each month.

For those with larger, more sophisticated projects, the premium WordPress hosting packages offer the flexibility and power needed to get the job done right.

Heart Internet review fast speed customer support

Premium web hosting plans from Heart Internet are ideal for design agencies and other businesses responsible for managing high volumes of traffic as well as extensive networks of websites.

WordPress Hosting

Although Heart Internet calls out WordPress hosting as a separate category of hosting on the site, it’s actually the same as shared and premium hosting. (If you look at the pricing and features of the WordPress plans with the others, you’ll see the overlap.)

Since all basic and premium plans automatically come with WordPress one-click install, this might be confusing for some customers, so we wanted to call attention to this here.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t a good choice for WordPress, just that there is nothing particularly different for WordPress users.

VPS Hosting – For Growing Businesses and High Performance

VPS plans can serve the needs of small websites with dozens of pages as well as large enterprise-level websites with tens of thousands of pages.

Who is VPS Hosting For?

Heart Internet recommends VPS hosting for these scenarios:

  • Small sites that want the superior performance of VPS
  • WordPress sites
  • Complex websites
  • Online stores
  • Apps
  • Testing sites
  • Sites that need peak performance

The host offers 3 levels of VPS: Standard, Advanced, and Premium

VPS Hosting Features

Heart’s VPS hosting has some killer features for larger website installations – giving you an optimized hosting environment right from the start: solid-state disk drives, VPS, and fast caching ensure that you won’t hit any roadblocks when it comes to the performance of your site.

Here are just some of the features that come with the VPS plans:

  • Choose a single or multiple core processors
  • HDD or SSD storage
  • High-performance disk usage with Dell PowerEdge servers
  • RAID 10 mirroring for maximum performance and data redundancy
  • Choice of operating system and control panel tool
  • Backups and recovery tools included
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • FTP backup space
  • Load balancers
  • Full root access

With Heart Internet’s virtual private server hosting, users still don’t have to worry about the management of their server’s resources; Heart takes care of that. However, there is greater control and flexibility available than with the basic and premium hosting plans Heart has to offer.

Managed VPS Hosting — Let the Host Handle the Technical Details

In addition to offering standard VPS hosting, Heart also has managed services available. This means that customers that opt for these plans can have Heart Internet manage their server’s resources for them. This includes proactive monitoring, automatic updates, free site migrations, and snapshot backups.

Heart Internet review uptime

For customers wanting more support than is provided in the managed VPS hosting plans, they can work with Heart’s Professional Services team on an ad hoc basis (basically, like paying for an on-call developer).

Dedicated Server Hosting: Enterprise-Grade Hosting

Mission-critical projects need powerful, high-end servers, but that doesn’t mean you need to spring for a large expenditure like your own personal server.

Instead, you can secure a dedicated server from Heart Internet. This is the way to go for projects like building web apps, testing environments, running video game servers, and developing enterprise-level software.

Technology and Features

Heart’s dedicated server plans give you access to the latest Dell and HP server technology, coupled with ECC RAM, powered by Intel Xeon family of processors. Server administrators concerned with performance understand the need for customization, which is why Heart Internet enables you to design your server environment (the software, operating system, and control panel) the way you want.

Here are just some of the features that come with the dedicated server plans:

  • Dedicated resources give you speed, reliability, redundancy, and more
  • Reliable hardware, network availability, and backup
  • Full root access gives you granular control over your hosting environment.

Earn Revenue with Reseller Hosting Plans

Heart Internet also offers reseller plans for those who want to create a new stream of revenue through hosting, but without the hassle of managing server infrastructure.

With flexible servers, and a suite of tools and interfaces to connect with, resellers can sell web hosting, domain names, VPS, dedicated servers, SSL certificates, and other products under their own brand. In many cases, resellers can establish their own branding through customized control panels and servers.

eXtend Control Panel: It’s Easy to Use

Heart Internet’s eXtend control panel is designed to give you lots of control over your website and web hosting while being easy to use.

Some of the features you will find include management of your email accounts, website monitoring and optimization, one-click app installation, and more.

What Type of Customer Service and Technical Support is Available?

Heart Internet asks that all technical support inquiries be logged using the company’s online customer service system. To access this system, you will need to log in to your account and navigate to your Heart Internet account control panel.

Heart Internet provides technical support 24/7.

While this reliance on just the ticketing system is limited compared to other hosts (many offer all of the following, if not more: a ticketing system, telephone line, Live Chat, and email), the service itself seems to be well-regarded by Heart Internet’s customers.

Refunds and Money-Back Guarantees

You may cancel your contract within 30 days and receive a full refund of what you paid for hosting service, as long as you did not purchase a dedicated or VPS/hybrid server — these options are nonrefundable.

Additional Notes

Heart Internet offers more than just hosting. Here are a number of other offerings it provides:

  • Domains: one of their original services, you can buy or resell domain names (there are even discounts if you buy them in bulk).
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange: business-class email. You can either buy this separately or use the email addresses that come with each of the basic and premium web hosting plans.
  • SSL Certificates: Heart Internet offers a few different types of SSL certificates for its customers, all with varying amounts of encryption and built-in security, based on your website’s needs.

Bluehost vs. Heart Internet

If you are looking for a shared hosting package, you cannot go wrong with either Bluehost or Heart Internet. Both offer well-priced web hosting options that include everything you need to get your website up and running.

There are several differences between the two companies, however. First, Bluehost offers more in a given package than Heart Internet at a lower price. Second, Bluehost offers options other than shared hosting and offers zero-downtime upgrades in select instances.

If you are interested in reseller hosting, know that Bluehost does not offer this option, while Heart Internet does.

Selecting Heart Internet for Your Website

Let’s face it: there are a lot of hosting providers out there — each offering something similar to one another, but not all of them are solid options and not all of them serve every audience.

While Heart Internet is set up to serve a wide range of users and website needs, it’s with enterprise-level clients and resellers where this web hosting company really shines. If your company falls into either of those categories, you’ll want to prioritize your consideration of Heart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heart Internet

Still not sure if Heart Internet is the right hosting choice for you? We answer some of the most-asked questions about this UK host below.

Does Heart Internet offer reseller hosting packages?

Yes, Heart Internet offers a robust reselling program that is 100% white-labeled, which means your clients will only see your branding. They also offer a wide range of tools, discounts on products, and a reseller API. The reseller package enables you to resell shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting, domains, and SSL certificates.

What is Heart Internet’s uptime?

They don’t offer a guarantee for shared hosting packages, but they do offer a 99.99% network availability for VPS and dedicated servers. They say they aim to fix any issues in four hours or less and offer a credit equivalent to the cost of 1 day hosting for every 30 minutes of downtime. Again, this is only for VPS and dedicated hosting customers.

How much is Heart Internet hosting?

As with most hosts, Heart Internet’s pricing will vary based on the type of hosting package you choose. For example, shared hosting will be much cheaper than dedicated hosting. As of writing this, their hosting packages start around $4 per month for shared and $40 for managed VPS host. Their pricing is in line with their competitors who offer similar hosting packages.


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