Expert customer service and affordable pricing are common selling points in the hosting world. But the company “walk” doesn’t always match the “talk.”

Globat Hosting Puts Customers First

Globat Web Hosting should be categorized as a hosting solution that gives you exactly what it advertises. The pricing is good, the domain registration is simple, and you’re not bogged down by a complicated dashboard.

You get the best of both worlds when it comes to customer support. Globat delivers 24/7 customer support, but the representatives are knowledgeable and attentive.

Globat Aged
Many parts of Globat’s website are dated, but do not let that scare you. Screenshot via

Whenever we hear 24/7 support there’s always a little voice telling us that the person on the line is most likely reading from a script. And in those cases, chances are you’re right. But Globat manages to make the support high-quality and available at all times. A true win-win.

Web Hosting Plans

Globat’s web hosting plans are pretty similar to those offered by other web hosting services and include everything you need to get a website up and running.

Globat offers two different web hosting packages from which you can choose. Both come with:

  1. Unlimited disk space
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Email accounts
  4. Support for additional domain names
  5. Free setup
  6. Image albums
  7. Blogging applications
  8. Shopping cart
  9. SSL certificates
  10. Complimentary analytics
  11. Free domain name

The Globat Website Builder

The Globat Website Builder is a full-featured drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create websites quickly and easily. There are three different options available (including one that’s free), but regardless of which plan you pay for, you will get access to:

  • Over 100 mobile-friendly professional templates
  • Pre-built sections and pages you can use like Lego bricks for your website
  • SEO tools
  • Social media links
  • Stock image library
  • Support for integration with PayPal
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy media integration
  • Built-in contact forms
  • Built-in blogging functionality

Globat Builder

Please note, however, that if you want e-commerce store features included in your website builder, you will need to spring for the top-tier Business plan.

Is There a Certain Type of Company Globat Targets?

Hosting is an important component of improving your site loading speed. You want lots of disk space, bandwidth, and room for your site to breathe on the server. Globat provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and a shared hosting environment that’s not going to overwhelm your website.

So, who should consider Globat?

This solution makes sense for organizations that plan on potentially adding e-commerce functionality in the future. We’ll talk about the complete e-commerce functionality below, but you should just know that it’s fairly easy to convert your current website into an online store.

Affordability at Its Best

We also enjoy the Globat hosting platform for brands with small budgets that don’t want to sacrifice anything in terms of site speed or performance.

The unlimited bandwidth and disk space show that Globat has set up an infrastructure that puts the customer first. Your website should run fine as long as it’s not bogged down by too many visitors or large media elements. Simply put, the Globat system has the tools to run small business websites without any problems. The pricing is reasonable too.

First-time bloggers should look into Globat since beginners typically want cheap hosting that’ll support growth. There’s also no reason that small businesses and creative people shouldn’t consider Globat hosting company as well.

Buffet Hosting – Literally

As for general users, we like Globat for those who crave unlimited everything. There’s technically no such thing as unlimited in the hosting world, but you at least know that Globat is not going to limit your data storage or bandwidth unless you’re abusing it.

Globat also has that coveted e-commerce functionality. This isn’t just e-commerce hosting, but a full shopping cart that supports dozens of products. Therefore, retail stores can convert their business sites to online shops, and blogs can start selling merchandise.

Globat is a Complete E-Commerce Solution

Moving on, the Globat e-commerce module requires a little extra money depending on the plan you decide to go with. However, the e-commerce builder is included with the basic hosting, so you’re able to launch a site whenever you want.

Globat PayPal Integration
PayPal’s shopping cart is excellent with competent support and structure. Screenshot via

Globat also integrates with the following shopping cart solutions if you’d rather go that route:

  • AgoraCart
  • osCommerce
  • PayPal Shopping Cart

As for the Globat e-commerce tools, you can sell a large number of products and get the same unlimited bandwidth and disk space found in the regular website hosting plans. The control panel is one of the sleekest you’ll find on the market, and it even has a drag-and-drop page editor for those who don’t want to mess with any coding.

Solid E-Commerce Integration

It’s pretty surprising to find such a powerful e-commerce system hidden inside the offerings of a hosting company. Most of the time, hosting companies sell e-commerce capabilities, but this typically involves an integration or a watered-down site builder.

But no, Globat is the real deal. And here are some of the e-commerce features you can expect:

  • Support for webmail so your emails look professional and you can give all your employees branded email addresses.
  • A secure e-commerce shopping cart with an SSL and speedy checkout process.
  • Easy to use scripts for integrating with other programs.
  • A beautiful photo gallery that presents your products in a way that’s more likely to improve your sales. It can also be used for promotional banners.
  • Content management through the Mambo system. This allows for blog posting and the uploading of photos and videos.
  • QuickTime streaming for posting your own product videos and hosting webinars.
  • Support for a WordPress blog.
  • A free domain registration.
  • The ability to host additional domains if you need to.

Along with secure networks, site promotional tools, and analytics, the Globat e-commerce feature-set stands strong against the competition. What’s nice is that Globat users gain access to a hosting interface that’s combined with a legitimate e-commerce website builder. You can start your site with an online store or decide to implement it later on. It’s up to you.

If You Can’t (Or Won’t) Do it Yourself, Hire Globat

Do you have any experience with web design? Then maybe you should hire a designer! That sounds easy enough, but most of the time you get stuck in freelancing marketplaces where the talent may be unpredictable. On the other hand, you might get sold on a web design package that’s far out of your budget.

Another way that Globat keeps most of the hosting and web design elements in one place is by offering services on top of the hosting. For instance, Globat has a page for you to ask for website design or website maintenance.

Let’s compare the basics of maintenance plans:

Hours-Per-Month When Service Begins Phone Consultations Priority Response Service Text Editing Pricing
Standard Maintenance 1hr/month Following website completion Yes (inc. in maintenance time) Standard (1 day or less) Yes $25.00/month
Webmaster 5hrs/month Following website completion Yes (inc. in maintenance time) High-priority (4 hours or less) Yes $99.00/month

Globat even has advertising and marketing services for boosting the number of visitors that come to your site. The advantage of going with Globat for your web design is twofold. One, Globat already has access to your hosting dashboard and website. The reps know the interface and are most likely willing to go above and beyond to keep you as a hosting customer.

Website Maintenance by Globat

The website maintenance service comes in handy for many types of businesses. One of the main reasons people get confused with hosting (and web design in general) is because they don’t understand that a website needs to be maintained well into the future. Otherwise, you stumble upon a situation where your site lacks security or you lose data due to a lack of backups.

Globat Maintenance

With these plans, you get a representative assigned to your account who checks in on your site for a certain number of hours every month. The person completes backups, product, and structural changes, script installations, navigation changes, and more.

E-Commerce and Image Maintenance

Globat provides a full e-commerce store maintenance package as well, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day work, leaving these technical tasks to experts.

Image editing is another part of the maintenance packages. Therefore, if you need a certain product image cut down to a smaller size, the Globat reps are there to help you out. We also like that database diagnostics and migrations are all completed with the web maintenance service.

Further Maintenance Extras

Some other services include:

  • Troubleshooting, specifically for the osCommerce platform.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • Full website and script installation.
  • Broken link repairs to ensure that all of your web pages look nice and the search engines don’t penalize you for empty pages or broken links.
  • Priority response service that puts you at the front of the line before most other customers.
  • A complete phone consultation to make sure you understand everything the service entails.

How’s Globat’s Customer Support? Any Guarantees?

We mentioned in the introduction that Globat has a wonderful support team and is available 24/7.

If you need immediate help and would rather not speak with a person, the user guide or knowledgebase are useful for researching your own topics. For example, you might type in a keyword relating to e-commerce. This would bring up a collection of articles and resources, all of which are made to guide you through your specific problem.

The ticketing system is the primary way to go about contacting Globat. You might get bumped to the front of the line depending on which plan you select. Regardless, the reps at Globat respond quickly.

Telephone Support and Live Chat

You can also send an email directly to the support email address, but that most likely places you back into the ticketing system.

The Globat brand doesn’t have a live chat module, but a phone line is available for both sales and support. Therefore, you can call in at 2 AM and still get someone to speak with you, should you need the immediate help.

Globat Maintenance

Overall, the support teams hold up, and so does the Globat hosting platform.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantees

Globat offers a 30-day money back guarantee, less the cost of your domain name ($15) if you would like to keep it.

Please note that the money back guarantee is only valid for those who have paid for a hosting plan using a credit card. Add-on services are excluded, as are any purchases paid for using any other method of payment.

Globat is Great for Small Business

Whether you’re a business owner, startup, or creative blogger, Globat has a hosting plan to serve your needs. Combined with its reasonable pricing, 24/7 support, and e-commerce add-ons, Globat is a standout choice.

Alternatives to Globat

If you are in the market for a shared hosting plan, but Globat is not quite the company for you, there are several companies in the particular you should look into. They are:

  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • HostMonster

Bluehost is known for its support of WordPress, but even if you are not a WordPress user, you will find solid hosting options. HostGator is similar to BlueHost, but from our experience, users tend to have better luck with HostGator’s support than Bluehost’s. Finally, if you are looking for a host offering a simple menu of options (a la Globat), check out HostMonster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a handful of frequently proposed questions by existing Globat customers, along with a few necessary administrative ones which you may find helpful knowing the answer to.

How do I cancel my Globat hosting account?

It takes a few short steps. They are:

  1. Log into your control panel and select the Account Manager option
  2. Go to Account Renewals
  3. Select the appropriate option, in this case, to NOT renew
  4. Save your changes

You’re done!

How do I backup my files?

Backing up your files is simple. First, you will need to create a zip archive of the files you desire to back up. Following that, connect to your hosting account via FTP and download your files.

How can I restore a backup?

Similarly to a backup procedure, connect to your hosting account using FTP. Next, upload your files to the desired (or necessary) location.

Can I view statistics via the website builder? What can I see?

Yes, you can. In order to access various website statistics in your website builder menu, navigate your mouse to the left-hand side menu and select “stats”. Once you do, you will see:

  • Unique visitors
  • Total visits
  • Page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Average visit duration


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