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FastComet standout features
PerformanceReasonably fast and stable hosting
Average load timeApproximately 1.5 seconds
Average responseApproximately 1229ms
Free domainNo free domain available
SSLFree SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt.org
1-click passwordYes, included with all hosting packages
Support24/7 support via phone, email, or live chat
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Source: Fastcomet.com

What Are the Pros and Cons of FastComet?

FastComet has been around for almost 10 years and has earned a top-tier reputation over the years. This company is working hard to become one of the top options in the hosting industry. With various hosting options available, you will want FastComet on your shortlist of options to consider. Before you make a final decision, make sure to review these pros and cons of FastComet:


  1. Solid state drives (SSDs): Using SSDs for web hosting just makes sense. This data storage drive is far faster and can handle more requests per second than traditional drives. When I’m shopping for web hosting, I won’t even consider an option that doesn’t use solid state drives.
  2. Multiple data center locations: FastComet operates out of eleven data centers worldwide. This means you can have your website housed in a facility that is geographically close to most of your users, which results in faster response times.
  3. Free daily backups: Keeping your data safe is one of web hosting companies’ most important tasks. With free daily backups, FastComet does a great job at accomplishing this.
  4. Cloudflare CDN included: A Cloudflare CDN can dramatically increase the speed of your website by housing key files in locations throughout the world. I love that FastComet offers Cloudflare CDN solutions to all of their customers, even those who are just using an entry-level shared hosting service.


  1. Higher renewal prices: While all hosting companies raise prices after the initial signup period, FastComet seems to do it more than the others. For the entry-level hosting, for example, you will pay $1.99 per month at first but then $9.95 per month after the promotional period.
  2. No free domain name: You can transfer domains from other companies to FastComet for free, but you cannot register a new one. Most major hosting companies today offer a free domain name for the first year, so while this isn’t a huge expense, it is disappointing that FastComet doesn’t offer this.
  3. Some concerns with uptime: Overall, FastComet has an uptime of well over the 99.9% that it guarantees, so that is good. Some months dip below that level so that can be a concern.

FastComet cPanel

1. Hosting packages tailored to your site

FastComet has a lot of desirable hosting options to choose from, and on its site, the different choices are laid out in a way that is easy to understand. For example, I could run my WordPress site by clicking on the ‘WordPress Hosting’ link on the FastComet site. This is a big improvement over the way many companies just offer generic shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

FastComet offers these options if you make a website that does not use a popular content management system such as WordPress, WooCommerce, or others. Ultimately, having these specific options makes it easy to find exactly what you need and choose the right hosting package for your site.

Fastcomet Uptime Results

2. All hosting packages use solid state drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) are quickly becoming the standard storage drive type in almost every environment. These drives are especially useful for hosting because they can handle far more requests at a time and can read and write information much more quickly. While there are many times when a traditional hard drive has advantages, it is not with most web hosting functions, so I am always glad to see when a hosting company offers this type of service.

3. Cloudflare integration on all hosting packages

One of the best ways to speed up your website’s loading times is to use a content delivery network or CDN. A CDN is a service that places key files from your website onto servers in data centers worldwide. This lets visitors to your website load these files from the location closest to them, allowing for much less latency.

FastComet includes the Cloudflare CDN with all of its hosting packages, which will help to speed up your site. While a CDN is not essential for good hosting, it is a great feature I always like to have if possible.

With an average load time of approximately 1.5 seconds and an average response time of approximately 1229ms in my testing, the CDN seems to help with speed.

4. Full 45-day money-back guarantee

No matter how much research you do before signing up for a hosting company, it is always possible that you won’t be happy with the services that are provided. FastComet is very confident in its hosting solutions, so it will let you run your site on its servers for up to 45 days and still request a full money-back guarantee. This illustrates the confidence that FastComet has in its services.

5. Free SSL certificate on all hosting accounts

An SSL certificate is a basic type of security that all websites today require. This technology makes it possible to ensure data that is sent between a website and a visitor is authentic and authorized without any real effort on the part of the visitor. While this is not enough on its own to keep your site safe, it is an essential first step in overall site security.

In addition, Google and other search engines have made it clear that sites that do not have an SSL certificate will not rank as well in the search engine results pages. This means your site won’t get as much traffic from Google if you don’t have one.

All hosting accounts with FastComet come with a free basic SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. This will allow your site to operate more securely without any additional effort on your end. I would never consider a hosting company that does not offer at least this level of security.

FastComet DataCenter

What Are Some Good Alternatives to FastComet?

There is a lot to love about FastComet hosting, it’s not perfect or a good fit for every user, so you should look at all of your options.

Take a few minutes to look at FastComet, and some of the top alternatives, so that you can compare them to each other. This will help you to make the most informed decision possible so you can have confidence that your site will run perfectly.

Web hostPricingHosting packagesBasic plan featuresCompare

Overall rating

$2.95 to $349 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated
  • 1 website
  • 15 GB SSD storage
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Free domain transfer
  • Free SSL certificate

Overall rating

$3.99 to $400 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Cloud
  • Reseller
  • 1 website
  • 10GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free email
SiteGround has an excellent reputation for quality hosting, including some higher end cloud options. FastComet may have more types of hosting available, and in more locations, but it is hard to beat the overall quality of SiteGround.

Consider SiteGround if: You’re looking for quality hosting, including higher end cloud solutions.


Overall rating

$1.99 to $279 per month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • Dedicated
  • 1 website
  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
DreamHost has some of the highest overall quality hosting in the industry today, and it has a major focus on safety and security. FastComet can rival DreamHost in most categories, and has more server locations to choose from.

Consider DreamHost if: You prize speed and quality over diverse hosting options.


Overall rating

$2.95 to $109.95 to month
  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Reseller
  • 1 website
  • 50 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free nightly backups
GreenGeeks is best known for its environmentally friendly take on hosting. It also provides good overall hosting options, even if it doesn’t have dedicated servers. FastComet has more overall hosting options, which can make it a better choice for many.

Consider GreenGeeks if: You need standard hosting that is environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions About FastComet

Who owns FastComet?

FastComet is a privately owned company. It got its start in 2013 and has grown to one of the larger and more respected hosting providers in the world today.

What are the FastComet nameservers?

If you register your domain through FastComet, your nameservers will be set automatically. If you have your domain registered with another company, you will need to update your nameservers. The exact nameservers will be assigned to you when you register and are determined by which data center your site will be hosted on and other factors.

When looking for the nameservers from FastComet, they will be in the following format:


What kind of support does FastComet offer?

FastComet is known for providing excellent customer support 24/7/365. This company has an average response time of under 15 minutes on all types of technical support issues. In addition, you will have access to three levels of escalation if you do not feel like you are getting the level of support that you need.

Where are the FastComet servers located?

FastComet operates out of eleven separate data centers spread out around the globe. It has servers in Dallas, Newark, Fremont, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney.

What are the best alternatives to FastComet?

FastComet is an excellent option for most types of sites, but it is not right for everyone. When trying to choose which hosting company you want to work with, make sure you also read the reviews of the following top hosting companies: GreenGeeks, SiteGround, HostGator, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting, and DreamHost.

How I Rated FastComet

When I rate web hosting companies, I do my best to take a comprehensive approach that will give readers as much useful information as possible. While much of what I do is data-driven, I also take into account that not every customer is going to need the same thing when it comes to web hosting. For example, if you are just running a personal blog for your family, your hosting needs are dramatically different than a small-business owner who wants to run an e-commerce website.

With this in mind, I took the time to carefully review every hosting option that FastComet has to offer and determine if it is a good option at a fair price point. I then created an account with this company and experimented with their interface to see how easy it was to use and determine whether it was only appropriate for advanced users or if anyone could figure it out.

Finally, I used a variety of third-party testing tools to accurately determine how fast the servers would respond, how stable they are, and much more. The information from this type of testing helped me to form my thoughts on the quality of this hosting and what types of sites it would be best suited for.

In the end, I can confidently say that FastComet is a good hosting company that can meet the needs of most types of sites. It has been around for quite a while and has earned a positive reputation from both current and former customers. If you read through this review and believe that FastComet will be a good option for your website, I encourage you to give it a try. I think you will be very happy with its services.