What is DotEasy Hosting?

Doteasy is a Canadian web hosting company founded in May 2000 — one of the few survivors of the Dotcom Bubble.

Doteasy was one of the first players to offer free hosting that didn’t include banner ads on their customers’ websites or skimp on services. They no longer offer any free hosting options, and the company since then has evolved toward providing a full suite of domain name services, web design options, easy-to-integrate (and free!) apps for your site, and paid web hosting services.

However, their goal to this day is to offer “quality, affordable, banner-free, domain-based web hosting solutions.”

Web Hosting Options

Doteasy offers full-featured shared hosting packages that are appropriate for small- to medium-sized businesses. If you need additional assistance with the hosting aspect of your website, you can add on the managed hosting option to whichever shared package you decide to purchase.

For those who need more from the web hosting package than what’s offered in the shared plans or those who are web hosting resellers, Doteasy offers affordable cloud-based hosting. You can think of their cloud-based offerings as being very similar to VPS hosting.

Doteasy review
Signing up with Doteasy is a quick, simple process.

Shared Hosting

Doteasy offers three different shared hosting plans from which you can choose: Starter, Unlimited, and Unlimited SSD. Doteasy does not charge any setup fees for their shared hosting packages, and you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at any time. All plans come standard with:

  • cPanel for easy site administration
  • Shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for security
  • Domain forwarding.

Starter Hosting Plan

The Starter Hosting Plan is the cheapest plan Doteasy offers, but it includes everything you need to get your website up and running:

  • A free domain name for your first year of service
  • 1 GB disk storage space
  • 10 GB of data transfer
  • ~30 000 monthly visitors
  • Free SSL included
  • Ten email accounts
  • A MySQL database
  • Access to the basic version of the Website.com Site Builder
  • Ten subdomains
  • Ten FTP accounts for file transfers from your servers to Doteasy’s servers.

Unlimited Hosting Plan

If you need more than what the Starter package offers, you can opt for the Unlimited package. Doteasy considers this to be a significant upgrade over the Starter package. In addition to the free domain name for the lifetime of your contract with Doteasy, you get unlimited:

  1. Disk space
  2. Data transfer
  3. Email accounts
  4. MySQL databases
  5. ~300,000 monthly visitors
  6. Access to the ultimate version of the Website.com Site Builder
  7. Add-on domains (note that you don’t get any add-on domains with the Starter plan)
  8. Subdomains
  9. FTP accounts.

Unlimited SSD Hosting Plan

The Unlimited SSD (solid-state drive) package is identical to the Unlimited package, but instead of unlimited hard disk storage space, you get 100 GB of storage on a solid-state disk drive.

Shared Hosting Requires a One-Year Contract

All of Doteasy’s shared hosting plans require, at the minimum, a one-year contract. (Note: Their Cloud hosting does not require a contract. Cloud hosting is covered further down in this review.)

If you opt for a two- or three-year contract and pay for it at the time of purchase, you will receive a discount off the total cost. Those who opt for a three-year contract receive a larger discount on their purchase than those who buy a two-year contract.

After Renewal, the Price Will Likely Rise

When you look at the pricing for Doteasy, keep in mind that you’re looking at a promotional price. For the first year of your contract, you’ll receive the promotional price for whichever package you have chosen. Afterward, your contract will renew, and you will be asked to pay the regular price.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

If you decide that you aren’t satisfied with your hosting plan, Doteasy offers a 30-day money back guarantee (though domain name purchases are non-refundable).

If you cancel within 45 days, you’ll get a refund but will be charged a processing fee.

Money-back guarantees are not applicable to accounts that are billed monthly.

Add-Ons and Extras

Doteasy offers some add-ons and extras that you can include (or are included) with your hosting packages so that your plan meets your needs exactly. These include:

  1. Website Design
  2. Managed hosting
  3. WordPress
  4. Softaculous
  5. Email Protection
  6. SSL Certificates
  7. Automatic website backup
  8. Domain name registration
  9. Drupal

Website Design

Doteasy has partnered with Website.com to provide you with site building functionality. Website.com’s Site Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to easily create a website based on their pre-built design templates. You can also create password-protected pages, a product catalog, gather traffic-related patterns and data, and create custom forms (such as those used for email newsletter signups).

With Doteasy’s Starter shared hosting plan, you get access to the basic version of Site Builder. You can certainly build an excellent site with this version, but know that there are some very stringent restrictions on what you can and cannot do. You are limited to creating five site pages, you can only upload files that are 5 MB or smaller. You can only create five forms, and if you create a product catalog, you can only display fifty items total.

With either the Ultimate or Ultimate SSD plans, you get access to the ultimate version of Site Builder, which offers a larger share of resources (including increases in the number of pages you can create and the maximum file size you can upload). It also includes e-commerce features like checkout, and the ability to create sites that are mobile-friendly.

If the do-it-yourself route isn’t your cup of tea, Doteasy does sell all-in-one web design packages. The in-house design team can get you up and running with a simple website at an affordable rate. You will receive regular contact with your designer to ensure that you get the site design that you envision.

Doteasy review
Have a small business? Doteasy offers hosting plans for businesses.


Managed Hosting

If you need a website for your business, but you don’t want to (or can’t) devote the time necessary to maintain it, Doteasy offers a convenient managed hosting add-on that might fit your needs. Under this arrangement, Doteasy handles the security, administration, and maintenance of your site.

With managed hosting, you get one hour per month of website administration service. These services include:

  • Installation and upgrades to open-source apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
  • Changes to your site’s HTML source, such as new images and updates to your logo or business address
  • Setup of Doteasy web tools and hosted applications
  • Importing, exporting, and optimizing your MySQL databases
  • Automatic site backups
  • Email archiving
  • Log review
  • Installation of third-party SSL certificates
  • Data migration.

While the Doteasy page makes it seem like the managed hosting option is a full web host package that comes with additional support services, it is not. You’ll need to buy a shared hosting package and the managed hosting add-on service.

Furthermore, if you exceed the one hour of administration time and need additional assistance, you can purchase additional service hours at a discounted rate. Even at the discounted price, support services are not cheap: an additional hour of site assistance currently costs less than two months of the managed hosting service plan.


Doteasy offers WordPress hosting plans that come with WordPress pre-installed and access to expert WordPress support. They’ll take care of the updates for you, so you’ll always have the latest version of WordPress (this is key for securing your website).

If you want to use WordPress, you may want to consider Bluehost and SiteGround. Both are officially endorsed by WordPress. Hosts that receive this recommendation are recognized for using updated software and an easy installation process.


Softaculous is Doteasy’s auto script installer. With just a few clicks, you can install any of the 250+ scripts onto your website. Options include Joomla, Open Real Estate, and AbanteCart.

Softaculous is included free of charge with all shared hosting plans.

Email Protection

To protect the email addresses associated with your Doteasy-hosted site, you can purchase and add the Email Protection System to your hosting package.

The Email Protection System is a “versatile, rule-based, enterprise-level anti-spam system” that allows individual users to customize their filter. This system is also designed to prevent any virus or malware from entering your inboxes. It is compatible with all Doteasy web hosting packages, and the monthly flat rate for this add-on extends to all email accounts under the same domain name.

SSL Certificates

To prove that your site is secure, you’ll need to prep your server, update the appropriate domain records, and obtain and install an SSL certificate. Previously, this was only necessary if you planned to conduct any sales or receive any payments via your website. But, in a movement led by Google, SSL has become the standard connection for all websites, regardless of their purpose.

Doteasy is an authorized provider of SSL certificates, so you can purchase your certificates and your hosting at the same time instead of going to a third-party and integrating their certificates with your Doteasy hosting plan. Additionally, all SSL certificates purchased through Doteasy come with free installation and support.

Automatic Site Backup

If your website ever goes down, Doteasy makes it easy to restore your files with their backup copies. By default, Doteasy’s plans all include automatic daily backups complete with multiple versions, so you can choose the particular version to restore. However, this extra is not free — if you do not want to pay for this service, be sure to remove it from your cart during the checkout process.

Furthermore, you have the option of doing a partial restore: restoring just parts of your website instead of the everything. This can come in handy when you want to avoid overwriting particular work or data. Whether it’s bringing back a damaged database or reverting a single file to an older state, you don’t have to touch files that aren’t affected by the issue at hand.

Doteasy review
Need a website? Doteasy can help with that too.


Domain Name Registration

Doteasy also sells domain names and provides domain name registration.

If you purchase a domain with Doteasy and you decide to cancel your hosting plan or move to another domain name registrar, you’ll have to pay Doteasy to cover the domain registration fees.

Cloud Server/Reseller Hosting

Doteasy offers a managed cloud hosting service that provides you a hassle-free hosting environment. You may be interested in this option if:

  • you’ve outgrown your shared hosting package
  • you’re hosting large amounts of content and seeing high traffic levels
  • you’re interested in reselling web hosting packages.

You get control over your server and customization options not available to those on a shared plan, all at reasonable prices.

When you sign up for a cloud hosting plan, Doteasy sets up and configures the virtual machine and takes care of all file migration from your previous host or server.

What’s Different About the Performance and Security?

Your site then has access to a pool of resources made available by multiple, clustered servers. This increases your processing power, site performance, reliability, and availability.

Everything is fully redundant, and Doteasy has implemented automatic failover so that your site isn’t at the mercy of any one component in the overall infrastructure.

To further protect your site, Doteasy isolates your account from others’ and separates it at the operating level. This reduces the likelihood that someone gains unauthorized access to your site’s backend.

Cloud Hosting Feature: What All Plans Come With

Feature-wise, all cloud hosting plans come with:

  1. Unlimited domain support
  2. Unlimited subdomains
  3. Unlimited MySQL databases
  4. Unlimited FTP accounts
  5. Unlimited e-mail accounts
  6. WHM Admin Control Panel
  7. Dedicated IP address.

The Control Panel is Easy to Use

Finally, all packages come with a cPanel so that you can easily manage your website (or plans, if you’re reselling web hosting) with a GUI, not just the command line.

A Web Host Manager (WHM) Control Panel lets you create cPanels and gives you full administrative functions. It’s best suited for resellers or businesses managing VPS hosting or dedicating hosting accounts.

There are currently three tiers of cloud hosting packages from which you can choose.

Budget Cloud Hosting

At the lowest end of cloud hosting packages, the Budget plan offers:

  • 1 CPU core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 50 GB hard disk storage space
  • One public IP address
  • 250 GB per month of bandwidth.

While this plan does include reseller capabilities, it is geared more toward those whose needs have exceeded that which is offered by the shared hosting plans. Users in this category might include bloggers and webmasters whose sites are laden with rich media, such as high-resolution images or videos.

Power Cloud Hosting

For sites that need greater security and additional reliability, accessibility, and affordability (such as business sites with e-commerce features), Doteasy recommends the Power Cloud Hosting plan. It includes:

  • Two CPU cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 GB hard disk storage space
  • Two public IP address
  • 500 GB per month of bandwidth.

Extreme Cloud Hosting

For those with corporate-level websites or resellers that have a larger number of clients, the Extreme Cloud Hosting package offers you double the resources allocated to the Power-level hosting plans:

  • Four CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 200 GB hard disk storage space
  • Four public IP address
  • 1,000 GB per month of bandwidth.

Reseller Benefits

If you use the reseller capabilities that come with your Cloud Hosting plan, you can get discounts for the following products:

  • Softaculous licenses
  • Additional IP addresses
  • Backup services
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain name registrations and renewals.
Doteasy Plans Screenshot
Doteasy offers some bargain-level prices.


No Contract Required for Cloud Hosting

Unlike the shared hosting plans, Doteasy does not require a long-term commitment or contract with their cloud hosting plans. Costs are reasonable, and going up a tier regarding hosting package doubles the number of resources available to you, without doubling your cost.

Be aware that Doteasy is very strict about the bandwidth limitations that they’ve imposed onto your site. For each gigabyte of extra bandwidth your site requires, Doteasy will charge you $1.

How Fast Can You Get Online? That’s Not Clear

Additionally, you cannot purchase a cloud-hosting plan via the Doteasy website. If you’re interested, you must first contact their customer support team, who will then get in touch with you to set up your package.

There’s no mention of what the onboarding timeline looks like or when the team will get back to you, so be aware of this if your project has deadlines you need to meet.

Doteasy Domains Screenshot
The Doteasy website.

Doteasy vs InMotion Hosting

If you’re a small business starting out online, you’ll need a reliable hosting provider with solid support options. You may be wondering how Doteasy stacks up against other web hosting companies.

InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting services. Comparing the shared hosting packages, InMotion’s entry-level plan comes with support for two websites, you’ll get unlimited disk space and regular back-ups at no charge.

When it comes to customer support, InMotion Hosting might be a better option for a small business. The web host offers live chat, in addition, to support by ticket and a comprehensive help database.

Beyond Hosting HostGator Bluehost
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
One Click Installs Yes Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Not Included Included Included
Support Unknown 24/7 24/7

Is Doteasy Right for You?

Doteasy is an established full-service web hosting company that also offers domain name-related and web design services. Their portfolio includes over 500,000 accounts.

If you’re a smaller or medium-sized entity that doesn’t need every single bell and whistle for your website, you don’t need a hosting package that comes with extensive server management, or you’re comfortable with the basics of managing a website, Doteasy might be the right web host for you.

A Good Option for Starting Out

Doteasy offers shared web hosting packages, as well as cloud-based plans for those who need more resources (but not so much that they’re splurging for the top-tier plans offered by other vendors).

Doteasy is a good option if you want to get started with your web presence without breaking the bank. You’ll get everything you need with the ability to add features so that you can create a package that’s somewhat customized to the needs of your organization.

No 24/7 Technical Support

Despite the fact that Doteasy claims to make all things web hosting as easy as possible, they offer rather limited support when it comes to system administration services for your site.

If you want help outside the scope of things typically covered by your support contract, you’ll have to pay for it at a rather high price.

Finally, Doteasy’s technical support coverage seems to be lacking when compared to those of its competitors. While you can contact the team by starting a Live Chat, submitting a ticket, or calling them on the phone, they are only available to help you with any issues or answer your questions Mondays through Fridays from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific time.

If you’re running a site where uptime is critical (note that Doteasy makes no uptime guarantees) and you need 24/7 support, Doteasy might not be the best fit for you.

See Doteasy’s Plans in More Detail

Frequently Asked Questions About Doteasy

Here are some quick answers to common questions about Doteasy.

Does Doteasy offer support options to customers?

Yes, Doteasy hosting offers a range of ways for you to contact the relevant people in the event that something isn’t quite right with your hosting package. There are a number of ways in which you can get in touch including by sending a ticket through the online service, picking up the phone or using the live chat function.

Does Doteasy offer WordPress hosting?

Yes, Doteasy offers a number of WordPress-friendly packages that come with WordPress pre-installed. The three packages – Starter, Unlimited, and Business – each come with a domain name included, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and expert WordPress support.

Does Doteasy offer free web hosting?

Despite being one of the original pioneers of the banner-less free hosting model, DotEasy no longer offers free hosting to customers. Instead, you must pay a fee to access their hosting services.


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