Many web hosts have so many customers that you feel more like a number than a valued customer. Sometimes the support teams take forever to get ahold of. Other times, they don’t offer much more than shared hosting.

That’s not the case with DailyRazor. With high-quality customer support and an interesting service offering, this company has a wider focus than just on hosting, allowing you to spend more time on your own business. If you’re eager to focus on your business without getting bogged down in website creation, digital marketing, and graphic design, then DailyRazor might be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a deeper look.

What Does DailyRazor Provide?

The main offering from DailyRazor is shared hosting. This involves sharing a server with various other websites, making it ideal for small sites without much traffic. The upside is that you don’t have to pay much money for the shared hosting. Most small to mid-sized businesses do fine with this.

DailyRazor review
The company also has VPS hosting, which provides more support, power, and control over your server. The prices are still pretty low, as we’ll discuss below, but the power is greatly enhanced.

DailyRazor also has reseller hosting if you’d like to create a hosting business without owning your own datacenters or servers.

Along with SSL certificates, domain names, and ID protection, the selection from DailyRazor is pretty standard in this regard.

The main area that makes the company stand out is in the extra services category. This includes things like website design, graphic design, e-commerce development, and social media marketing.

How DailyRazor Compares in Terms of Pricing

DailyRazor shared hosting is some of the most affordable you can find online. The basic plans start rather low, and they’re all extremely easy to get setup. The company offers both Linux and Windows server hosting, so you can choose between those. The good news is that the pricing generally stays the same regardless of which server type you select. What’s cool is that even some of the higher priced plans from DailyRazor compete with the lower-priced plans from competitors.

DailyRazor review

As for the features that come with each of the plans, some of the things you can expect across the board include unlimited web space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains and websites, multiple MySQL databases, unlimited PostgreSQL databases, and multiple MySQL server databases.

There is also support for programming languages like Apache 2, PHP 5, CGI, Python, Django, IIS 8, IIS 8, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, MVC 5, Classic ASP, PHP 5, and more.

For Linux hosting you can expect to find some of the following great features:

  • Host multiple domains and get a free domain with some of the plans
  • Gain access to a beautiful free site builder
  • Get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts with all plans
  • Get multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with some plans, and unlimited for others.

For Windows hosting the features are a little different:

  • Free site builders
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts with all plans
  • Unlimited MS Access databases with all plans
  • Multiple MySQL databases.

It’s also worth mentioning that regardless of the plan you choose, you get a free one-click installation for open-source apps, free migrations and consultations to get your site up and running as soon as possible, multi-domain hosting, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money back guarantee for those who simply want to test out the hosting.

Free domain transfer and registrations, some free Google Ads, and support throughout the entire year is also included. The free domain names are only available when you sign up for extended hosting plans.

The pricing options displayed are per month: you’ll at least have to pay for three months in advance. The fewer number of months or years you sign up for, the higher your monthly pricing is going to be. Therefore, a three-year plan is going to be less expensive in the long run than a two-year plan.

When you walk through the checkout process, you’ll see all of the monthly and yearly plans. After you select a plan it sends you to the shopping cart to either choose a domain name or transfer a pre-existing one. You can actually go all of the way up to a 10-year plan if you’re certain your website will be around for that long.

Additional Costs and Services

As with all hosting companies, this one typically asks if you’d like to pay for anything extra along with your hosting. You might end up paying for the domain name depending on the length of the hosting plan’s term. In addition, you’ll see some upsells for the following products and services:

  • A dedicated IP address: This option allows you to utilize your own IP address, helping you access your website a little easier.
  • Dedicated application pool: This process isolates your apps, programs, and websites from other users on the server. With shared hosting, the server resources are divided amongst the users
  • ID protection: your personal information is attached to your website so that anyone can technically look you up and contact you. This is nice if someone is trying to hire you or buy your website, but most of the time it results in lots of spam. Therefore, the ID protection hides your identity
  • SSL certificates: you only really need this if you’re running an e-commerce shop, since it keeps your customer data secure when making transactions. It’s not given away for free with DailyRazor, but the security is top-notch.

VPS Hosting

With Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting), you’re still putting your website or app on a shared server. The only difference is that you gain more power, you typically get put on a server with fewer websites, and you get far more control over the server, similar to that of a dedicated hosting plan. Most people would describe this as a mix between shared and dedicated hosting, with a price point in the middle of both.

In short, VPS hosting gives you full root access to the server, letting you install any type of more advanced software. You typically need someone who knows what they’re doing to utilize VPS hosting, and it’s most often used by websites with more demands on their server. The good news is that the VPS hosting from DailyRazor is pretty close to the shared hosting rates.

DailyRazor review

DailyRazor has quite a few pricing plans so that you have some flexibility when choosing. As with the shared hosting, VPS hosting plans come in monthly and yearly packages.

As for the features, you can expect at least .5 Core, at least 500 MB of RAM, at least 20 GB of disk space, at least 500 GB of bandwidth, an IPV4 address, the ability to configure your own operating system, the option to choose how much memory you need, disk space options, an area to buy more IP addresses, and complete server configuration.

Other features include:

  • Support for CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian OS
  • Licensing for CPanel and Plesk
  • OpenVZ virtualization access
  • Operating system templates for free
  • Enterprise Grade Java PaaS
  • A state of the art data center with full backups
  • RAID 10 (also known as Raid 1+0) Hard Drives.

Overall, the VPS offerings from DailyRazor are rather impressive. Not only do you get full control over your operating system and server, but the pricing looks manageable for the average small business.

Getting Your Site Online with DailyRazor

One of the main benefits of going with DailyRazor as your hosting company is the fact that it has plenty of one-click installation buttons for open-source apps. For example, if you’d like to install the WordPress content management system on DailyRazor, you don’t have to go about the process manually. It’s all done within a few minutes, so you’re not required to have much knowledge about the installation. This is great news for beginners.

Some of the other CMS options include Joomla, Drupal, ColdFusion, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. Some are more complicated to use than others, but the installation process is equally easy.

To get started, you sign up for hosting, get your domain name, find the appropriate one-click installation option, and get to work. Some people might need to transfer a website over to DailyRazor. In that case, you simply call the company and DailyRazor will do it for you for free.

In addition, you can pay for things like custom web design, custom e-commerce design, SEO, social media marketing, and graphic design. All of these services are provided by DailyRazor, so if you’re not an expert in any of those areas you don’t have to worry.

Finally, you can also use a free website builder to create a site from scratch. The website builder works well for small business websites, but you’re probably better off going with a custom design or choosing something like a WordPress theme to get a more branded look.

The History of DailyRazor

DailyRazor has datacenters located in Washington, D.C. The company began in 2004 and has been offering web hosting and domain names since its inception. One of the main reasons companies and individuals choose DailyRazor is because of its incredible datacenter. This center provides the power, security, and certifications you would expect from any state of the art operation.

For example, the primary datacenter is almost 500,000 square feet, with AC and DC power, a generator for redundancy, and key card access. Some of the certifications include Energy Star, LEED Gold, PCI DSS, and SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2.

DailyRazor eventually started selling all sorts of website building and marketing services such as SEO and development. The majority of information about DailyRazor is fairly vague online, but you can learn more about the company by calling the customer support or sales team.

Standout Features of DailyRazor

The web hosting from DailyRazor is extremely affordable. This applies to everything from shared hosting to VPS to reseller hosting. Not only that, but the company has done a good job of making it easier for beginners and people who don’t want to spend the time installing an app or CMS manually. The control panel has a clear interface on how to get things setup, and you’re not left to your own devices since the support team is available 24/7.

Another reason DailyRazor stands out is that of the additional services it has available. Sure, you can find services like this elsewhere, but DailyRazor has professionals on salary who are going to know how to assist with your server. These professionals will most likely have direct access to your site(s) and can help with any issue that may arise.

Since you’re already a hosting customer, DailyRazor strives to keep the rest of its services priced low for those companies and individuals. So there’s a good chance you’ll have a tough time finding a better deal on everything from social media marketing to SEO to website design.

DailyRazor Customer Support

The DailyRazor customer support team is available 24/7/365. The company blog is available if you’re just starting to research the company, but the primary support resources include a hotline and a knowledgebase for completing your own research.

Submitting a ticket is done through the DailyRazor website, where you’ll typically receive a response within 24 hours. The company also has an online chat box on its website, but this is typically only used for sales purposes. Therefore, you’re better off calling on the phone or submitting a ticket. Along with lots of documentation, a News page, and a troubleshooting section, the DailyRazor site looks pretty solid in terms of support.

It’s also worth mentioning that DailyRazor helps with all transfers. And the company offers backup support just in case your website gets attacked or crashes at some point. If you lose any data, you can rest easy and get it restored within a reasonable amount of time.

Is DailyRazor a Smart Choice?

It’s important to consider several factors when selecting your hosting company. What type of hosting do you need? Are you going to need more storage or speed? What types of additional services are required? We’ve found DailyRazor to be a solid consumer choice if you’d like highly-affordable shared or VPS hosting; you have a need for additional services like web design, SEO, or social media marketing; or you’re in need of customer support that’ll be around all year.

On the flip side, DailyRazor may not be as suitable for those who require a semi-dedicated or dedicated server, a free domain name (without being attached to a multiyear plan), or if you need a free SSL certificate.

After weighing your options carefully, you may just find DailyRazor to be a good place to hang up your digital hat.

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