Founded in 2007, West Chester, Ohio-based Beyond Hosting bills itself as a company “built and run by geeks for geeks.”

The company specializes in managed hosting solutions, with offerings that range from shared plans suitable for individuals or small businesses to enterprise-level solutions for high-traffic, resource-rich sites.

In addition to their datacenter in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has a data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well.

Serving Small Businesses with State-of-the-Art Managed VPS Hosting

Beyond Hosting provides growth-oriented businesses with scalable, state-of-the-art web hosting and impeccable customer and technical support.

Their motto says it well: “Focus on your business. We have your back on the technical stuff.”

Indeed, Beyond Hosting’s main product line is 100% managed Virtual Servers and they pride themselves on the accompanying concierge-like technical services. They’re also known for providing these services at attractive price points.

The business testimonials on the site are enthusiastic.

This isn’t a web host for a tiny hobby site. This is for individuals or businesses who have outgrown shared hosting or want more control over their web hosting configurations.

The Beyond Hosting infrastructure and technology services are designed for businesses or sites and apps with significant traffic.

Getting the Basics of Beyond Hosting Down

Beyond Hosting’s terminology for its hosting plans is a bit different from the industry standard, so read carefully to ensure that you’re purchasing the package that fits your needs and meets your expectations.

Here are 9 things you need to know before signing up with Beyond Hosting.

  1. Beyond Hosting does offer something akin to entry-level shared hosting, using hybrid servers. But in September 2018 the company told us: “The hybrid servers are being phased out and eventually all customers will be moving to MVS’s [managed virtual servers.]”
  2. Beyond Hosting uses the term MVS (Managed Virtual Server) in place of the more common term VPS (Virual Private Server).
  3. Beyond Hosting does not offer reseller hosting options
  4. Some of its current plans could be used by resellers (or those who typically use reseller plans)
  5. However, you do not get (as part of your package) specialized account management and reselling tools
  6. If you are in the market for VPS hosting  Beyond Hosting definitely has what you are looking for
  7. If you are looking for dedicated servers, then Beyond Hosting is also a good fit
  8. Fans of cloud-based hosting rejoice! Some of the plans are cloud-based versions
  9. Most of the company’s options are managed, which means they take care of some (if not all) of the system administration required on your behalf, that includes updates and security monitoring.
  10. However, it is possible to choose an unmanaged option with basic features.
Beyond Hosting Cloud Screenshot
The Beyond Hosting home page

What Products and Services Does Beyond Hosting Offer?

Beyond Hosting offers a wide variety of products and services designed to make hosting your website a piece of cake. Below is a list of some of the products and services offered by Beyond Hosting.

  • Non-Managed Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Pre-Configured Virtual Servers
  • Customized Virtual Servers
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Domain Registration Services
  • One-Click Installs (Including WordPress)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Technical Support

Understanding Beyond Hosting’s 4 Support Tiers

Beyond Hosting lists 4 levels of support that you can opt for based on your experience and preferences.

Before we get into plans, it’s helpful to understand that you should first choose which level of service you’d like.

These tiers are, from lowest to highest level of support:

  1. Basic
  2. Essential
  3. Complete
  4. Enterprise

The Basic plan includes assistance with setting up your server, protection against DDOS attacks, compliance with PCI/DSS regulations (important if your business plans on working with major credit card companies), and the option to add SSL installation and data migration services.

The Essential plan, which is the option Beyond Hosting recommends for most, includes server setup assistance, basic monitoring, daily backups, security updates, SSL installation service, protection against DDOS attacks, data migration assistance, CloudFlare CDN support, and compliance with PCI/DSS. You’ll also get a GUI-based cPanel control panel to manage your server.

The Complete plan is identical to the Essential plan, but you get a complete monitoring service and hourly backups instead. This is a good option for sites who need high uptime and extra security and protection against potential data losses.

The Enterprise plan: Enterprise-level users who need services above and beyond what’s offered in these plans can contact the sales team for a custom solution.

The only “unmanaged” option is the “Basic” tier, which provides initial set up, DDoS protection, and PCI DDS compliance.

beyond hosting support tiers
Beyond Hosting table of available service tiers.

The “Basic” Service Tier: Unmanaged Hosting

As we mentioned you can opt for the lowest tier unmanaged option. You would do this by selecting the “Basic” service tier, then what you’d get is similar to shared hosting — but it’s on a hybrid server.

Remember: Beyond Hosting is phasing out hybrid servers and will soon only offer its core product:  Managed Virtual Servers (or VPS).

Managed Virtual Servers (or VPS)

Beyond Hosting’s managed options use Managed Virtual Servers.

The Managed Virtual Servers are good for those who need more from their hosting plan than what’s offered by a shared package and who want security monitoring, server updates, 24/7 support, and (at the 2 highest service levels) the ability to request changes to the server, that are carried out by Beyond Hosting staff.

When opting for a Managed Virtual Server, you can choose from a pre-configured package, or you can configure your own.

All Managed Virtual Server plans, pre-configured or customized, are managed, so all include automatic daily backups (or hourly backups for the top 2 tiers) and proactive server monitoring.

The servers are also easily scalable, so you can upgrade or downgrade as necessary with just a few clicks of your mouse. Management is done with a Beyond Hosting-branded control panel.

If you opt for a pre-configured package, you can choose from four different plans, each with a differing allocation of memory, CPU cores, disk storage, and bandwidth.

Custom Configurations

If you decide to configure your own hosting solution, you can choose the number of processor cores (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 24 cores), amount of memory (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB), amount of SSD storage (20 GB, 40 GB, 80 GB, 160 GB, 320 GB, 640 GB, or 1 TB), and finally, the management and support tier for your account (Basic, Essential, or Complete).

You can choose any combination of these four things, and as you change the configuration of your server, the price automatically updates so that you know exactly how much your server will cost you on a monthly basis.

Additional Services for Your Website

There are a number of additional services also designed to enhance your web hosting experience. These are listed and explained below:

Domain Name Registration

Beyond Hosting offers domain registration services, and they charge a nominal fee for registering a new domain name (though the fees are slightly higher if you’re transferring or renewing a domain name).

In addition to offering domains with the usual extensions (such as .com, .org, or .net), you can get ones that are less commonly-used, such as .ninja or .website, for an additional fee.

Fast Site Loading via a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you’re interested in ensuring that your page is highly performant and loads as quickly as possible for your users, you might invest in a content distribution network (CDN) so that your site’s resources get cached and sent from the server closest to your users.

Beyond Hosting charges for CDNs (which isn’t based solely in the US, but extends internationally) based on usage. You must pay for a minimum of 50 GB, and the cost increases with each additional 50 GB of usage during the billing month.

SSL Certificates

Beyond Hosting sells SSL certificates, which is necessary for securing your managed server.

You can choose the Standard SSL Certificate, which is an inexpensive way for small and medium-sized businesses seeing limited traffic to prove their sites’ authenticity, or the Wildcard SSL certificate, which will secure the entire managed cloud and all of its URLs (including subdomains).

What Type of Help and Technical Support is Available?

Beyond Hosting prides itself on its great technical support, which is available 24/7. You can reach them via telephone or live chat, or by opening a support ticket.

Calls and live chat messages get responses instantaneously, while tickets tend to get responses within 3-7 minutes (though the company claims that the average is closer to 2-3 minutes).

Beyond Hosting review
Using a CDN can significantly speed up your site loading time. Speed has been proven to have a direct impact on web visitor conversions and sales.

Earn 20% Recurring Commissions with the Affiliate Program

Beyond Hosting offers an affiliate program, where you receive a recurring 20% commission on every new customer you refer. This is very generous and quite different from most other hosts, who offer you only a one-time payout for new signups.

What Do I Need to Know About Pricing and Billing?

Pricing for web hosting services is easily determined. If you opt for a Managed Hosting Plan or a pre-configured Managed Virtual Server plan, you’ll be billed the monthly rate to which you agreed upon signup.

If you opt for a customized Managed Virtual Server Plan, your fees are determined based on the specific allocation of resources you’ve requested, as well as the support and management tier you chose.

To get an idea of how much a customized Managed Virtual Server Plan might cost, you can use the provided cost calculators.

When you sign up for your plan, you can choose your billing cycle. You can pay on a monthly basis, or you can pay for one, two, or three years of service upfront. By paying upfront, you receive a discount off of your monthly fees — the more hosting time your purchase initially, the cheaper your overall plan becomes.


Unfortunately, Beyond Hosting does not offer any type of refunds or money-back guarantees. This includes SSL certificates, software licenses, domain names, and any services. The only time any type of refund is granted is if Beyond Hosting makes an error in billing.

Beyond Hosting review
List of Beyond Hosting features from their website.

Uptime and Downtime

On their website, Beyond Hosting promises a 99.99% machine availability and a 99.999% network availability. If they do not meet these expectations, they will credit all affected services for the entire month during which the downtime occurred.

However, their Terms of Service do not mention any type of uptime guarantee, so be sure that the terms specific to you and your account are clearly included in any contract that you agree to with Beyond Hosting.

What are Some Good Alternatives to Beyond Hosting?

Beyond Hosting HostGator Bluehost
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
One Click Installs Yes Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Not Included Included Included
Support Unknown 24/7 24/7

If the products and solutions offered by Beyond Hosting are more than what you need, check out Bluehost or HostGator instead.

Both companies offer high-end products similar to what Beyond Hosting offers, but they also offer entry-level, fairly inexpensive shared hosting plans as well.

If you are a WordPress user, you might find Bluehost more appropriate. If you think you will be in contact with tech support frequently, HostGator is likely to be a better choice.

If you are interested in managed cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers/dedicated hosting, but Beyond Hosting is not the hosting provider for you, check out Liquid Web.

Is Beyond Hosting Right For You?

Being a small business does not imply that you should stick with small or entry-level web hosting plans. If you already see a sizable amount of traffic, you might opt for a larger, more feature rich, and more robust hosting plan.

If you have plans for a large website, complete with lots high-resolution images of products, videos, and the like, you might want to get started with something more than a fairly limited shared hosting plan so that you do not have to worry about moving your website in the near future.

If you are planning on starting an e-commerce site/online store, the above considerations especially apply to you — moving a site is difficult, and if you can afford the small investment needed for upgraded hosting, you may be saving yourself a lot of headaches down the line.

Result: Affordable VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

Beyond Hosting is a web hosting company focused on VPS and dedicated level web hosting solutions, which are appropriate for medium- to large-sized businesses who see a fair amount of traffic or host dynamic, resource-intensive websites.

The company occupies an interesting niche; host providers typically feature shared packages as their flagship offerings, but this is not the case with Beyond Hosting — they don’t even offer shared hosting plans.

All in all, Beyond Hosting offers robust solutions that come with solid support and technical assistance. If you’re in the market for an affordable VPS or dedicated system where the pricing of your package is clear, and you have the capability of purchasing only the resources you need so that you don’t overpay, Beyond Hosting might be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beyond Hosting

Below are some commonly asked questions about Beyond Hosting, with answers.

Does Beyond Hosting offer ‘Live Chat’ technical support?

Yes, beyond hosting offers a number of customer service and technical support options. These include a customer care telephone line where it is possible to schedule a fixed-time in which to speak with a representative. Alternatively, customers can email queries or use the live chat service to speak with a representative about problems.

Does Beyond Hosting offer traditional ‘shared hosting’ packages?

No, Beyond Hosting does not offer shared hosting packages in the traditional sense. Instead, the hosting provider offers VPS / dedicated hosting-style packages which allow users to select fully-managed, partially-managed or unmanaged hosting solutions for their needs.

How fast are Beyond Hosting servers compared with those of other hosts such as Bluehost and HostGator?

Beyond Host’s servers are optimized and use the latest technology such as Apache 2.4 and Multi-PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.2 with OpCache. Meanwhile, they also speed LiteSpeed technology which can be enabled at any time to give 10x faster speeds. Internal testing found that Beyond Host’s servers are up to 2X faster than competitors such as HostGator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost.


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