Introducing Atlantic.Net

Most hosts want to sell you a plan and be done with it. No customization, no personal interaction — just a business arrangement and nothing more. But Atlantic.Net is cut a little different from the average hosting cloth. The company wants to hear your vision and dream, and deliver a service tailored directly to your business’ needs.

Whether you run a healthcare business that must remain HIPAA compliant, own a large, resource-hungry site that eats most hosts for dinner, or just need something that will adapt to your quickly growing ideas, is all set to provide you with the perfect server.

Atlantic.Net Adapts to Your Needs

And the best part is, the company is willing to change its service to meet your needs. In most cases, it’s the opposite — you have to slice this or that off to meet bandwidth requirements. For Atlantic users, that’s a thing of the past.

This host well and truly puts their clients first.

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How Did Atlantic.Net Start?

You may be asking yourself, “Why would a large host provider care about some small fry’s pipe dreams?” Truth is, Atlantic.Net began in a similar spot just a couple decades ago.

In 1994, when the internet was just beginning to expand, two University of Florida college students, Manoj “Marty” Puranik and Jose Sanchez, set up their own service provider to get past their university’s internet restrictions.

Students flocked in, and by the next year, this ragtag duo became a company with thousands of customers. Just like that, two college kids were running their own successful business. review continued life as an ISP for several years.

Becoming SAS 70 and SSAE 17 Type 2 Certified

Finally, in 2009, they began their venture into web hosting and cloud computing. In 2009, Atlantic.Net completed SAS 70 certification.

That same year they took on the Orlando Magic as a client and launched managed hosting services for international government agencies and businesses. In 2012 the company completed SSAE 16 Type II certification.

From dial-up provider to a leader of the new cloud industry, it’s come far in only 20 years.

Large-Scale Hosting for Growing Businesses

For those in the healthcare biz, Atlantic’s got you covered. It’s HIPAA-compliant hosting, managed and unmanaged, is designed to secure critical data and records and is audited by a third party.

This hosting is SOC 1, SOC 2 certified and HIPAA audited. The numerous security layers and encryption exceed HIPAA guidelines. When dealing with HIPAA-governed data, the choice of a secure host is critical in order to avoid costly regulatory fines.

Compliance Exceeding HIPAA Standards

Atlantic.Net offers HIPAA-complaint hosting that exceeds HIPPA guidelines.

Atlantic.Net Hipaa Compliant
Atlantic.Net offers hosting that exceeds HIPAA compliance requirements.

HIPAA hosting is a very niche target, but don’t worry, there’s a plan for other businesses as well. Its managed dedicated hosting suits e-commerce websites with high traffic and a need for fast and secure transfer of data.

See Atlantic.Net plans

Cloud Hosting and Noteworthy Resources

Finally, there’s cloud hosting, the plan to look to if your site either isn’t quite large enough to justify a costly dedicated server or grows fast and needs scalability.

If you need more resources, just scale up. Further features include:

  • cPanel
  • Per-second billing
  • Free data transfer
  • Cloud distribution worldwide
  • CPU cycles
  • RESTful API
  • 3 methods of support via phone, live chat, and email
  • One-click installations
  • RAID redundancy
  • Daily backups

This is the only hosting type that includes plans, so if you don’t want to get a quote, this is a great option. Though, if you need a dedicated node or a private cloud, it’s back to hopping on the phone for you.

Additional Services From Atlantic.Net

It’s also worth mentioning the company’s other services:

  • Hybrid servers
  • Colocation servers
  • Mobile app
  • Database hosting

Whatever your hosting needs, however specific, Atlantic probably has a solution.

General Cloud Hosting Services

Atlantic.Net’s cloud hosting service categories are:

  • General purpose
  • Storage-optimized
  • Memory-optimized
  • Compute-optimized
Atlantic.Net Free 50 GB
Flexible, customizable plans are available from Atlantic.Net.

There is an offer of 50 GB extra block storage with custom cloud plans. 

To cover some ground, let’s compare the first 4 levels of the General purpose plans side-by-side:

G2.1B G2.2B G2.4B G2.8B
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Processor 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 4 vCPU
SSD 40 GB 80 GB 100 GB 160 GB
Transfer 3 TB 4 TB 5 TB 6 TB
Cost $0.0208/hr $0.0402/hr $0.0804/hr $0.1607/hr

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Flexible Plans and Refreshing Transparency

The best thing about Atlantic’s plans, along with its raw tech power, is its transparency. Many host’s websites skirt around questions as simple as “managed or unmanaged?” Perhaps these companies think you won’t like the answer.

This host, however, gives you every scrap of information you might need. Every plan description is accompanied by clear information to let you know exactly the product you’ll receive.

Choose From 20 Types of Cloud Plans with Atlantic.Net

But don’t forget the sheer flexibility Atlantic.Net offers. There are 20 cloud plans, each optimized for a specific use:

  • Storage
  • Memory
  • Computing
  • General

On-demand, completely contract-less, or on a years-long term — whatever your needs, they will be met. A hosting provider that offers such an extensive variety of options is unprecedented.

atlantic-net review specializes in regulatory compliance in web hosting.

Even dedicated hosting resources aren’t set in stone. Sure, you could get about a hundred gigs of RAM or you could get a few terabytes. For reference, your average work computer comes with 4 GB, while a decent gaming computer has 8 GB.

How about one of the best processors on the market? Maybe two? Public, private, dedicated, virtualized, and so forth; the amount of choice given is dizzying.

Businesses grow fast. You need to find a host that will grow with you, and provide the adaptability you need.

VPS Cloud Hosting doesn’t specifically refer to any of its plans as VPS plans, but they state they have combined their VPS and cloud hosting packages.

To determine which hosting package will best meet your needs, it may be useful to take stock of your needs and anticipated traffic.

If you’re starting out and you’re not seeing large volumes of traffic (yet) you should manage with a shared hosting plan, where you’re sharing a server with other sites.

Flexibility and Resources

With VPS hosting, you’re allotted a virtual server giving your more resources than with a shared hosting plan. While you’re still sharing server space with other virtual servers, your virtual server is largely independent.

Cloud VPS hosting combines the benefits of traditional VPS hosting with the reliability and flexibility of cloud services.

Cloud hosting is more flexible than traditional VPS hosting; you can request more resources when you need them, and you’re not depending on a single server. Your RAM, bandwidth and other resources are spread across multiple devices.

Pricing of Cloud Plans

The cost of cloud services isn’t fixed, increasing as you add more resources. But you’re only billed for the resources you use.’s cloud servers offer the following features:

  • Cloud-hosting means additional hosting resources are provisioned instantly – this is the feature that sets cloud hosting apart
  • Daily backups at a cost
  • You’ll get access to a Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel as an add-on

WordPress Hosting

If you want to use WordPress to run your site, does offer 1-click installation. One of their speciality offerings is HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting. So if you have a healthcare business — or are launching one — on WordPress, should be on your list of hosts to explore and assess.

But there may be other web hosting providers to consider for WordPress optimized hosting packages if you are not in the healthcare business.

Atlantic.Net WordPress Hosting
Healthcare businesses will want to explore this HIPAA-compliant host. Also on offer: HIPAA-compliant hosting for WordPress sites.

Some WordPress Alternatives to Atlantic.Net

BlueHost and SiteGround offer WordPress specific plans. This includes automatic WordPress installation and they’ll take of regular updates.

Bluehost and SiteGround are also officially endorsed by WordPress – an indicator that the hosts make it easy to use the CMS, and update their software regularly.

Technical Details

Atlantic provides datacenters in all corners of the US, Toronto, Canada, and London, UK. You may need a CDN, such as CloudFlare if you deliver to countries outside these areas. They’re audited and SSAE certified, so you can trust in their security standards.

Security and Compliance

Cloud hosting providers deliver increased benefits to customers. You get flexible and reliable hosting, ensuring you’re able to meet a sudden spike in demand. But security is another critical component of cloud hosting.

Companies that store customers personal information such as financial or health data have to ensure they take legal precautions to protect client information. That means when companies outsource their cloud computing needs to third parties (cloud hosts), they must make sure they have the right security controls in place. features the below security controls:

Enhanced Security with SSAE and SOC Reports

To regulate this, the American Institute of International Certified Professional Accounts (AICPA) introduced Service Organization Control (SOC)  reports. These SOC reports would determine if the service provider, in this case, a cloud web host, meets the security requirements to prevent data breaches.

To obtain these reports, hosting providers must meet criteria outlined in the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 1.

While it sounds complicated, these audits are simply seeking to measure the following:

  • The measures a service provider has in place to protect data
  • The security controls at data centers
  • Controls to protect the confidentiality

HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a United States law that governs the protection of medical information.

Any organization handling private health data needs to be HIPAA compliant, which includes:

  • Strict access control to health data, including data encryption and the use of unique user IDs
  • Tracking logs to record details of access to identify any security violations
  • Disaster recovery and offsite backup to ensure patient data can be recovered quickly details its HIPAA compliance, confirming its hosting solutions meet the privacy and security criteria outlined in the regulations, and that this has been verified by third-party auditors.

Need Web Hosting?

If you're launching a new site or just looking for a new web host, check out one of our top hosting providers:

Uptime Guarantee and High Performance

This host provides a 100% uptime guarantee. And the company puts its money where its mouth is, paying back whatever time you lose, should downtime ever occur.

Atlantic.Net offers Windows, Debian-based, or RedHat-based servers. Cloud users can even choose FreeBSD, an OS that isn’t typically in these sorts of lineups.


Backups are an option, if a costly one, for all host types. RAID-10 comes with most plans, so no HDD failure will kill your data. And with hardware this good, you won’t have to worry about some cheap host computer dying and knocking your servers offline.

Extras and Add-Ons from Atlantic.Net

Atlantic doesn’t shove a bunch of add-ons in your face or design their servers around certain programs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some nice tools, features, and guarantees to offer.

Here’s a list of a few.

  • Full Control: get root access to your dedicated server. Scale your cloud’s resources up at any time. Atlantic.Net believes in giving you full control over your server
  • 24/7 Support: email, phone, live chat, a community, and a variety of articles. All of this is at your fingertips whenever you need it
  • Cloud Hosted Apps: one-click installs for cPanel, WordPress, LAMP, and more
  • Guaranteed Resources: no overblown host specs. You get what you pay for and nothing less. With the cloud, you can even burst additional CPU cycles
  • RAID-10: prevents data loss when HDDs go bad
  • Regulation Certification: if you’re in an industry overseen by HIPAA, PCI, or SSAE, no need to worry about accidental noncompliance, and the costly fees associated with it
  • 100% Uptime: a bold guarantee that applies to all of Atlantic.Net servers
  • Downtime Refunds: its “100% uptime” claim better be true, or else the company will be paying out a fortune. These refund rates are costly.
  • Additional IP Addresses: You can add as many IP addresses as you desire to your default one you start with per server.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

While Atlantic.Net does not offer a money-back guarantee, they use a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so you only pay for the services you use.

Contracts are automatically renewed each month, and you can give notice of non-renewal to cancel your plan via the control panel.

Who is Atlantic.Net Not For?

Atlantic.Net is a great host for all the right reasons, but it isn’t perfection incarnate. There are a few things that may make you not want to use this host, and they’re at least good to keep in mind.

Overkill for Small Sites

The smallest general purpose cloud server is cheap enough if you’re just getting your feet wet, but an increase of even 1 GB will cost you. If you have the money, then good on you; these quality servers will suit your needs. But Atlantic.Net is clearly after businesses that are already on their way up in the world.

The company is also not here to hand out freebies. Hosting sites tailored to new users will often throw apps at you like there’s no tomorrow: free backups, cPanel, and more are typically included at no additional cost.

But with Atlantic.Net, all of these things are going to raise your monthly fees. review
The Atlantic.Net website features testimonials from business leaders.

So, if you’re an ambitious startup who’s struggling to pay your mortgage, you may wish to look for something a little bit smaller scale, one that’s willing to give you more free tools to help you get started.

This may come at the cost of quality hosting, but it’s important to take baby steps.

For HIPAA and Dedicated Hosting, Expect to Spend Time Discussing Your Needs

Since hosting plans here is a custom-fit, you may find yourself on the phone hashing out the details of your plan. Luckily, the cloud server has a fast sign-up process and for that, you’ll be online in minutes.

For HIPAA and dedicated hosting, be prepared to spend some time on the phone or waiting for an email.

To be entirely fair, this is Atlantic’s entire business model; that is, creating a hosting plan tailored to your needs. So, obviously, the company would need some way to get your input in order to customize your plan. If you’re just trying to get something online without any hassle you may want to look elsewhere.

Don’t Expect Freebies

There are a few things you just come to expect among hosts. A free version of cPanel is one of them, as are free backups — even if it’s just limited to 1 GB. Atlantic.Net supports these things, but both cost a significant fee to use.

This is just a minor complaint. The rest of the features and plans certainly aren’t badly priced, and the cost of these two tools are negligible on larger plans.

But if you find a free cPanel and daily backups to be necessary (as many people do), but you don’t have the cash or simply don’t want to pay that much, you may wish to look elsewhere.

View Atlantic.Net features

Who is Atlantic.Net a Good Fit For?

For the right user, Atlantic.Net makes a wonderful host, and their servers are of top-notch quality. There are quite a few reasons to choose them, enough that it’s hard to narrow them down.

Those Who Expect Trustworthy and Professional Services

Atlantic.Net has been in the business for over 20 years, so it’s safe to say that the company knows its stuff. It shows in the great quality plans it provides, and the professionalism that permeates this site’s polished design. The only experience could fuel such an expert company.

Atlantic.Net Team
Atlantic.Net isn’t only experienced but extremely transparent. 

Staffed by Veteran IT Professionals

Veteran IT professionals dominate the support team, so problems are often stamped out as soon as they appear. Plus, the company is transparent about what it has to offer. The whole site is filled with paragraphs of detailed tech descriptions informing you exactly what you’ll receive.

With amazing technology at its disposal, an array of seasoned professionals, and a great-looking website to top it off, Atlantic.Net is the epitome of sophistication and dedication.

Those Who Need a Web Host With Regulatory Compliance

We’ve underscored Atlantic.Net’s extensive certifications and compliance. Those with businesses that need such compliance know there is no shortcut around these requirements.

No Unnecessary Frills

A lot of hosts will tack on useless apps and plugins like there’s no tomorrow. Atlantic, however, does not go down this route.

It supports plenty of useful programs and offers one-click installers, but none of this is shoved down your throat. Only what is absolutely necessary is included, and the rest is up to you.

If a blank slate, without even cPanel, is what you like, then go for it. Otherwise, the option to install what you need is there.

Those Who Want a Customized Plan and High-Performance Hosting that can Scale

To top it all off, it’s impossible to not get exactly what you need. No matter what type of plan you choose, there are so many ways to customize it and make it your own. No paying for unused data or programs; that’s what Atlantic is all about.

Need a cloud server? Windows or Linux? With WordPress or cPanel? Or maybe you need something that’s memory optimized? Whatever you’re going to use your server for, there’s a way to make it work.

Most other hosts don’t offer this degree of customization and scalability for such decent prices.

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Perfect for Businesses, Small and Large

Next time you’re in the market for a new host for your growing business, consider Atlantic. The company takes a unique approach when compared to many other hosts, offering tons of plans with variety and scalability that’s just unbelievable. If you’re sick and tired of constantly outgrowing hosts and getting bandwidth warnings, it’s time to find a company that cares about you.

And with its unprecedented 100% uptime guarantee, amazing host computers, and a team of professionals running it all who are ready to help you get started, is a solid choice.

Visit Atlantic.Net

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