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ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server-side scripting language released in 1996 by Microsoft. Sometimes referred to as ASP Classic, it was superseded by ASP.NET in 2002.

ASP websites require Windows servers running the most up-to-date version of Internet Information Services (IIS).

Best ASP Hosting

ASP.NET is a web hosting service that supports the .NET platform in building dynamic websites, apps, games, and online services. We will discuss the best ASP hosting below, but for now, here are our experts’ choices for the best ASP web hosts:

  1. A2 Hosting – Best Web Hosting for ASP
  2. HostGator – Best Web Hosting Customization for ASP
  3. GoDaddy – Best Web Hosting Bundle for ASP Hosting

How Did We Pick the Best ASP Hosts?

From hundreds of hosts, we selected those offering skilled support for ASP and ASP.NET, as well as in-demand programming modules like MVC 3.0. We also looked for a good selection of admin tools and the latest version of IIS.

Then we compared our findings with thousands of user reviews from our databases.

ASP Hosting

compare asp hosting

What You’ll Learn

So – let’s find out:

  • What is ASP?
  • Is it the same as ASP.NET?
  • What are the benefits of using ASP?
what is asp hosting

What is ASP Hosting?

“[T]he haters and naysayers are wrong, and ASP.NET is a technology that you should try and get to know.” — Jeremy McPeak

With ASP hosting on a Windows-based server, you can run scripts using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology to create interactive pages, provide database access, and more.

Servers and Operating Systems

Your web hosting provider uses an operating system (OS) to run their servers, just as you run an OS on your personal computer. While Linux-run servers are the majority among web hosts, hosts with Windows-driven servers are becoming more common for some websites.

That’s due in no small part to the growing popularity of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP). Now in its third iteration, ASP is a scripting language you can use to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

ASP and Its Competitors

Competing with the likes of PHP and other similar programming languages such as CGI, ASP was the third dynamic web-based technology released in the 1990s.

ASP was created to work with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS is a built-in Windows component that handles web server and other internet functions within the Windows operating system.

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What is ASP?

ASP is a versatile server-side scripting language. It can be used to create interactive websites, code standalone applications, access databases (such as Microsoft Access databases), combine HTML pages, or even to perform simple user customizations like displaying the local date and time for each visitor to a page.

In addition, it can be used to allow site visitors to interact with your site content objects like Active X or Java elements.

active server pages documentation
Microsoft’s Developer Network houses documentation on Active Server Pages (ASP). Also on tap: an FAQ, tutorials, and code samples.

ASP/Active Server Pages

ASP/Active Server Pages are HTML pages that embed directly into ASP scripts. From there, the ASP scripts process on your host provider’s server before sending them to your site visitor’s browser for viewing.

In short, your hosting solution server runs the HTML code, then the ASP code, and then finally delivers the content to the browser for your site visitor to see.

ASP is particularly known for its:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Independence from scripting languages, so you can use whatever you want. You do not have to use Microsoft languages.
  3. Short learning curve
  4. Lots of documentation
  5. Large online community

ASP can refer to two different frameworks: ASP and ASP.NET.


If you’re a bit confused, it might be because there are two things out there that go by the name of “ASP”:

  1. ASP or “ASP Classic”
  2. ASP.NET

How Does ASP.NET Differ From ASP?

ASP.NET was first released in 2002. It has many of the same features as ASP but incorporates a more stable foundation based on Microsoft’s .NET server technology.

asp-net homepage
Microsoft’s ASP.NET website offers documentation, tools, and training.

Adding to that, while ASP.NET is much more secure and works well with multiple websites, it may require more resources to run properly, leaving ASP Classic as an excellent alternative for well-established websites.

What are Some ASP Use Cases?

Both ASP Classic and ASP.NET languages still remain popular, though.

Several major websites, including Yahoo Music and, run on ASP Classic, as well as

Anytime you see a URL ending in “.asp”, you’re seeing an ASP-generated web page. Many other pages rely on ASP as well, but use URL redirection to mask its use.

Language TypeInterpretedCompiled
Database Connection ProtocolActiveX Data Objects (ADO)ActiveX Directory Objects (ADO).NET
Separation of ConcernsMixes HTML with coding logicSeparates logic code from HTML

Does Microsoft Support ASP?

Microsoft has promised continued support for ASP for at least a decade following the release of Windows 8.

This gave developers and users alike plenty of time to make any necessary upgrades to and replacements on their proprietary and hosted systems, and upgrade to ASP.NET if they wish.


What are the Advantages of ASP Hosting?

ASP hosting is a good option if you need interactive web pages and applications that are powerful, yet easy to create and maintain.

The Need for Windows Hosting

Because ASP is a server-side scripting language, it requires a web server to execute its tasks. The web server is provided by Microsoft’s IIS, so if your site relies on ASP for its content, you’ll need a Windows server hosting option.

If you use other Microsoft web-friendly products like Office and Exchange Server, integrating your web content with your communication and collaboration systems is a snap.

choosing asp host

Choosing an ASP-Ready Host

The vast majority of hosting service providers run their servers using UNIX or Linux-based operating systems, such as.

While the reverse is true when it comes to personal computers, the lightweight, free, and open source features of the Linux OS make it an ideal choice for most web hosts to run their servers.

No Linux Allowed

But Linux can’t do everything and isn’t the ideal option for everyone. ASP-run websites can be a better choice depending on your website needs and preferences. And ASP can’t run on Linux — it requires a Windows-based server.

Windows-based servers are in the minority and require more investment on the part of the hosting provider.

For that reason, you can expect to pay a little more for hosting than you would for a comparable level of UNIX-based hosting.

Why Does It Cost More?

But it’s worth the investment if:

  • You use Office or Exchange Servers
  • Your site depends on Microsoft products
  • Your site relies on technologies like Silverlight
  • You use languages like Visual Basic or Visual Basic.NET for scripting
  • You use MS SQL (Microsoft’s proprietary version of the Structured Query Language) for content distribution or data collection

If you’re planning on running a website that relies on ASP, it’s a good idea to check with your potential web host to be sure they can support your website and provide all the options you need.

Pros & Cons of ASP

As with everything, ASP also has its Achilles heel alongside its wonderful features.


  1. Add, edit, or change dynamic content on your website using your hosting provider’s Windows server
  2. Lower learning curve than its advanced successor, ASP.NET, including ease of data integration into existing web pages
  3. Easily build advanced web applications in a familiar programming program, complete with less coding


  1. The newer, more popular ASP.NET solution has XML-based components, better language support, user authentication, and new controls to take advantage of making ASP Classic seem inferior
  2. Running under the IIS process space, ASP Classic is prone to crashing and forcing the IIS to restart, not to mention there are no built-in security measures
  3. Despite quick development environment, forced code interpretation each time ASP pages render reduces scalability
best asp hosts

3 Best ASP Hosts

We recommend the following hosting providers for ASP hosting.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the number one choice for those looking for a web host service that supports ASP. In fact, it offers ASP-specific hosting plans that come with blazing fast site performance, around the clock support, and 99.9% uptime guarantees.

A2 hosting asp hosting

In addition, you receive a free SSL certificate, perpetual security to protect your website’s data, and free CDN for faster content delivery to site visitors.


Another hosting provider offering ASP-specific hosting is HostGator. For example, it offers customers the powerful Parallels Plesk Panel, the Windows-based hosting control panel, IIS (Internet Information Services), and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

Hostgator Website Hosting Services

Moreover, HostGator’s Windows hosting provides free website building tools, one-click installations of popular scripts, and premium support in the form of phone, live chat, and email.


Lastly, GoDaddy offers Windows web hosting services complete with a free domain name, utilization of Windows Server 2012 R2, one-click installs for scripts like Joomla, and Drupal, and 24/7 site monitoring and security protection.

Godaddy hosting

Additionally, GoDaddy provides users a free Microsoft Office 365 business email for the first year, 50 FTP users, and access to an intuitive control panel for managing your site’s account information.

Frequently Asked Questions About ASP

What does ASP stand for?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages.

What is ASP?

An ASP file contains a combination of HTML and scripts to create dynamic web pages.

What is a server side script?

Server side scripts are executed on the server before the content is sent to the visitor’s browser. This allows you to present customized content, without placing any load on the visitor’s computer.

Who uses server side scripting?

Most common scripts, including popular CMS tools, include an element of server side scripting. You don’t have to know how to code to use it.

Is ASP a programming language?

No. ASP Classic and ASP.NET are frameworks that allow developers to use a number of languages to build websites. VB script or C# are common choices, but it supports variants of Java, Ruby, Python, c++, PHP, and others.

Why do ASP files have .asp or .aspx extensions?

Generally speaking, an .asp extension denotes an ASP Classic file. An .apsx extension indicates an ASP.NET file.

What are the main alternatives to ASP?

Java and PHP are the most common alternatives, but Python and Ruby are gaining ground.

Why would I want ASP over other scripting languages?

If you already use Windows technologies, it makes sense to stick with the same toolset. If you’re starting from scratch, there may be cheaper alternatives, providing you don’t need to use Windows-specific functionality in your application.

What database technology is best used with ASP?

MS SQL is the obvious choice. It is also possible to use MS Access and others.

Why are Windows web hosting packages less popular?

There are two main challenges: cost and availability. Windows always costs more because of the price of the licensing. Additionally, fewer web hosting providers offer Windows packages. If you plan to set up a blog, forum, or simple website, you may find it easier and cheaper to use PHP on Linux.

Can I code in ASP on my Windows PC?

Yes. In the control panel, under Programs and Features, you will need to review your Windows Features to ensure ASP and IIS are enabled. Check under Internet Information Services.
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