Arvixe was founded in 2003 and offers high quality and reliable web hosting services at a cost that everyone can afford.

Their mission is to deliver competitive prices without compromising on quality and reliability of their services.

They have been acknowledged as one of the quickest growing companies in the world, a fact well-known to their three million users around the world.

Arvixe offers a free domain name, unlimited disk space and storage, free website transfer and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Their cheapest hosting plan is  175.00 per month.

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Arvixe was founded by Arvand Sabetian in 2003 in Luis Obispo, California, and is regarded as being among the better hosting companies. One reason is that they offer a huge list of plans and types to select from. They take pride in delivering high quality, reliable service at a cost that everyone can afford. Arvixe is an award-winning hosting provider so that speaks volumes in terms of credibility in the industry and among the general public.

Their initial goal was to be number one on the list of hosting providers and have achieved gotten much closer to that goal every year. They have been acknowledged as one of the quickest growing companies in the world, a fact well-known to their three million users around the world.

Currently, Arvixe maintains data servers in two cities: Dallas, TX and Hong Kong. Both centers feature multiple redundancies at all possible failure points to ensure that the chance of your website seeing downtime is as low as possible.

Arvixe features

Arvixe is a US-based company that has been in the web hosting business for more than 10 years. The company was founded in Luis Obispo USA in the year 2003. In 2014, Avixe was sold to Endurance International Group, which also owns other popular web hosts such as iPage, A Small Orange, BlueHost, and a lot more.

Going back, Arvixe started as a corporation that caters to personal sites and enterprise-sized businesses. They wanted to be the number one name in the web hosting industry that can deliver high reliability, services, and support.

Consequently, they have provided an array of services, from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

Since then, Arvixe stood out from the crowd of web hosting services because of its simplicity and straight-to-the-point deals. Simply put, it is the best choice for beginners in the Website scene.

Now that you know what web hosting is and what Arvixe can do for you or your company, it is time to delve into its features, processes, and different sides.

Arvixe has created a special partnership called the “Arvixe Advantage – the advantage of working with the best web host in the industry.”

Here are the elements that are offered as part of this partnership:

» Full and free transfer of your site from another provider to Arvixe at no cost to you (and this includes your databases, domain name and everything else connected to your site).

» 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

» A 99.9% guaranteed uptime for your site. If this doesn’t occur, you’ll receive a credit on the hosting fee for a month.

» 24/7/365 support via phone, forum, FAQs, live chat and support tickets. Our U.S.-based team will help solve your problems as fast as possible, regardless of the time.

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It can be confusing to determine if Arvixe offers the Softaculous One-Click Script installer, but the short answer is that you have access to this tool if you have access to a cPanel. This means that unless you explicitly opted for a Windows-based shared hosting plan, you have a tool that allows you to install things to your website with just a few clicks: blogs, message boards, forms, and so on.

Hosting types and plans

Shared hosting

Their personal shared hosting is among the most common options people look for when searching the internet. Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla can all be used on Linux servers. Arvixe plans are all user-friendly in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

There are two plans for businesses. Ironically, it seems that the only two differences are the cost of each plan and that the lower plan only offers six domains while the higher priced plan offers unlimited domains. These plans offer a large collection of options to help your business.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting gives you the power that a dedicated server will provide, but at a fraction of the cost. It’s also more scalable and flexible. Arvixe’s Cloud Hosting utilizes true Hyper-V technology with the powerful resources to help your business but it also securely protects you.

VPS hosting

The VPS plans provide better performance and stability, as well as giving customers complete access to their operating system. Having access to the rootkit means you can install customized applications because you’ll have admin access. The most recent software is pre-installed for all new customers and Arvixe configures it to match the company’s shared hosting environment.

Dedicated servers

You can have your own server, regardless of whether you have sufficient admin knowledge. If you choose the server you want and add a control panel and operating system, your site can be fully managed and you won’t have problems with any aspect of your site or business. You have access to a state-of-the-art data center, tier-1 providers, redundant power, your choice of Windows or Linux cloud hosting, Hypervisor-based technology and much more.

Reseller hosting

Arvixe’s reseller hosting options are aimed at web designers and entrepreneurs looking to launch their own web hosting business accounts yet do not have server administration knowledge. Upon signing up, your account is immediately available, and your clients each get their own logins. There are two different plans from which you can choose, though the only difference is the resource allocation — all features and functionality are present in both options.

Specialized Hosting

One notable Arvixe offering is its Windows-based plans — the company brands these as choice offerings for those working with ASP.NET.

Users of Microsoft products, especially those needing support for ASP.NET and other related website technologies, can choose from two different shared hosting plans running the Windows operating system. The two plans are virtually identical, with the more expensive option allowing you to host more websites and granting you use of more SQL Server databases.

Uptime and performance

Arvixe instantly just became the game changer when they announced that they run a 99.9% uptime for the websites of their clients. Alright, so you might be shaking your head saying this is what all web hosts claim. I hear you.

But what sets Arvixe apart from the rest of the web hosts is this: if your website did not have a 99.9% uptime, they will give you a one-month subscription for free! Now, what is holding you back again? For those who are still hovered with skepticism, this offer is good enough to give it a try.

In terms of performance, Arvixe has been known to bring in their A-game any time of the day. Page speed, uptime, and customer support have always been satisfying. In fact, Arvixe is on the charts of benchmark tests, even competing with major hosting companies.

Arvixe’s server hardware has been modified so that it will always perform to the highest of standards. Their servers may sometimes fail, for there had been incidents that it went down once or twice a month but only for a few minutes. In no time, it went back up like nothing happened.

Customer support and help

You have access to superior customer service and support staff 24/7/365 so there’s no more “waiting until the morning” to get problems sorted out if you happen to need help at 2 am. Access is via phone, live chat, email tickets, their forum and a large database of FAQs.

They have customer representatives that are ready to take your call or answer your queries at any time of the day. They make sure that whatever problem you may be experiencing, they can aid you over phone or instant messaging.

Problems such as upgrading an account, setting up, or anything under the web hosting tech radar. Their patience and service to customers always come first. They also have the Arvixe blog, which serves as their tutorial slash get-to-know-everything-about-us page.

Money-back guarantee

Perhaps you’re still not sure if Arvixe can satisfy all your requirements. That’s fine because you have up to 60 days to test everything out for yourself and, if you decide you don’t want to continue, you’ll get a 100% refund.


You receive your domain name free for life with every hosting package you choose.

If you’re a returning customer, you’ll get up to a 50% discount on all hosting accounts for the rest of your life. Order your accounts through and watch the discounts add up because you added other accounts. You’ll receive a 10% discount on all your shared hosting accounts whenever you link to Arvixe.

All customers are treated equally well. You’ll get your domain name registered and renewed for the rest of your life. The URL can only end in .org, .biz, .us, .net, .command and .info.

Pros and Cons

There are lots of pros and cons to weigh up when considering Arvixe as your hosting provider. So, is Arvixe a good web host?


  1. Each time you pay for hosting, you get your domain name at no extra cost. This applies to life, not just when first signing up.
  2. Arvixe is dedicated to all customers and this is evident in the provided solutions and even the solutions within the solutions. They don’t believe in a “one size fits all” policy.
  3. Arvixe is acknowledged as one of the most popular providers in the world, and have received numerous awards that clearly verify that fact.
  4. Support is offered through live chat, phone assistance and the use of support tickets. You also have access to a large knowledge base of FAQs and an active forum where you can chat with other users.
  5. You can migrate a site (and everything connected to it (including your domain name) from a different provider to Arvixe and it won’t cost you a dime
  6. There are no unexpected fees that come out of the woodwork to surprise you at the last minute.
  7. Arvixe offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This has two effects. Firstly, it says that you’ll hardly ever have downtime (and that can cost you lots of money and time and potential new business. If, however, your site is down for any length of time and this 99.9% commitment towards uptime isn’t met, you’ll receive one month’s subscription for free.
  8. Arvixe has over three million clients worldwide and 93% of those people would recommend this provider to people they know.
  9. CPU power allocation of up to 700 CPU seconds, 2000 MB of RAM, and 500 physical processes.


  1. Although 24/7/365 support is offered, there have been times when customers have had to wait because phones aren’t answered, live chat is busy or emails take a long time to get replies. There are times when live chat isn’t working and email may be the only way to communicate. Some support people can be very unhelpful (depending on their experience).
  2. Limited installs for WordPress applies to smaller plans and the reason is to save resources.


Choosing the right hosting provider is critical to the success of your business. While price is certainly a factor, performance, support, the type of plans available and other factors also need to be considered before making a final decision. Once you do choose Arvixe, you still have 60 days to test drive it just to allay any concerns so you can’t lose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arvixe

Here are a few questions we’ve received about Arvixe. Contact us if you have more questions you’d like us to find answers for.

Who owns Arvixe?

Arvixe is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG also owns HostGator, Bluehost, A Small Orange, IPage among many other award-winning web hosting companies available today.

Where are Arvixe’s nameservers?

To manage a domain that’s not registered with Arvixe, you need to use the following nameservers: and Please check with the company for the most updated nameservers.

How do I contact Arvixe?

You can contact Arvixe using the toll-free phone number or via email. What languages does Arvixe support speak? Arvixe’s customer service is only provided in English currently.

What are the best Arvixe alternatives?

Arvixe has been a dependable web hosting provider since 2003. Other good alternatives to Arvixe include HostGator, Bluehost and DreamHost.

What types of hosting services does Arvixe provide?

Arvixe offers shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting services. They can also accommodate your hosting requirements with personal and business class options.

What languages does Arvixe support speak?

Arvixe’s customer service is only provided in English.

What is the cheapest hosting option offered by Arvixe?

The cheapest hosting option offered by Arvixe starts at 175.00 per month. Arvixe also offers a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. There are no hidden fees and free instant sign-up included.

Can I automatically install WordPress through Arvixe?

It’s easy to install WordPress for free with Arvixe. You can even do a one-click install. You can also one-click install a wide range of other web applications such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many others.

Which Arvixe hosting plan is recommended for WordPress?

Arvixe currently hosts millions of WordPress websites offering full support services. Depending on the number of hits your WordPress website receives, you can discuss the specific plan that best meets your goals with the company’s friendly customer service representatives.

What special perks does Arvixe offer?

Arvixe offers unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, free site builder, free online store and free domain too. In addition, you also get a very easy to use control panel along with 24-hour support.

Arvixe plans & prices

Arvixe offers a range of affordable hosting solutions to choose from; shared (both Linux and Windows), VPS and dedicated servers, and WordPress and cloud hosting. Here below is an overview of their plans and current price list. For latest and most up to date prices visit Arvixe’s website.

Plan nameDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly price
Personal Cloud Unlimited Unlimited 7.00
Business Shared Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 22.00
WordPress Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 4.00
VPS Hosting 50 GB Unlimited 40.00
Pro VPS Hosting 100 GB Unlimited 70.00
Cloud Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 108.00
Dedicated Server Unlimited Unlimited 175.00


Try Arvixe. 60-day money-back guarantee.


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People share their opinions about companies on Twitter each and every day. We monitor tweets about Arvixe and apply a sentiment analysis algorithm that classifies these tweets as positive or negative. Every review is in a real person’s opinion. We use this information and output an approval rating score, which is based on real people, positive and negative, opinions about Arvixe on Twitter.

Arvixe Review on Twitter

We monitor tweets about Arvixe and apply sentiment analysis to classify tweets as positive or negative. This allows us to output an approval rating score, which is based on real people, positive and negative, opinions about Arvixe on Twitter. Arvixe approval rating score is 34%. This is based on a total of 2310 tweets that mention Arvixe on Twitter. There are 775 mentions that share a positive sentiment and 1535 mentions that express a negative sentiment. Find out more about how it works.

Arvixe Rating

34% Score

Arvixe vs Competitor Ratings

  •  All reviews: 2310
  •   | 
  •  Positive: 775
  •   | 
  •  Negative: 1535


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting


@arvixe Our business site has been down, opened a ticket and no help whatsoever. Poor customer service. Do not recommend #arvixe #hosting

Sohil Memon

@HGSupport Thanks! But seriously you need to learn from @arvixe that how to handle customers. I wasted my time and incurred huge loss

Snehal Patel

@ArvixeSupport @arvixe I would say spare yourself some time. If you do not work on tickets for weeks then no point of customer support.

Snehal Patel

@arvixe I already provided it to @ArvixeSupport once. If U can't keep track of all the messages then sorry I do not have time for this again

Suresh Bala

@arvixe @ArvixeSupport Your exec now says the engineers will be available in couple of hrs but not sure about ETA


@arvixe And likewise - however I may serve you (and make some $ too - lol). You are very important to me, and I appreciate your kindness.


@EnduranceIntl THANK YOU @arvixe @ArvixeSupport ! Merry Christmas! IM so happy … - Lance Foss, CEO US Public Domain


@arvixe @ArvixeSupport THANK YOU ARVIXE! Merry Christmas! I am so happy! - Lance Foss, CEO US Public Domain


Hallelujah! A very special tech at @arvixe @ArvixeSupport helped me get through a nagging problem I've lived with for 3 months! THANK U!


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