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Our Editors rated AccuWeb Hosting 4.5 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

AccuWeb Hosting Review

The responses were overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that the vast majority of individuals and businesses that use AccuWeb are completely satisfied with the services they receive. There are, of course, some complaints out there from unsatisfied customers, which is inevitable when running a company of this size.

We found that the most common user complaints were focused on issues with its customer support. While this was initially concerning, after reading through the complaints and responses, it appears that most people who complained actually received support, but just didn’t like the solutions that were provided. This isn’t uncommon no matter what hosting company you look at and is the same in any industry.

In the end, while there are some customers who were unsatisfied, most people who sign up for services with AccuWeb are very happy and stay with the provider for many years.

With that in mind, we here at don’t hesitate to recommend AccuWeb to all of our readers no matter what type of website you’re running. Visit AccuWeb Hosting today.

AccuWeb Quick Overview

AccuWeb isn’t a company that pops into most people’s minds when they think of web hosting. This is, at least in part, because it doesn’t engage in as much active marketing as you find with companies, such as HostGator or Bluehost. Despite that, however, it’s still one of the most popular hosting companies out there with more than 1 million websites hosted and growing. This is only possible because of the fact that it offers quality services at an affordable price.

This hosting company first made a name for itself by offering quality Windows-based web hosting, which was quite rare at the time. The founder, Rahul Vaghasia, only began the company in 2002 because he could not find another hosting provider that offered high-quality Windows-based hosting. While it’s still best known for its Windows-based solutions, you can also get Linux hosting for those who need it.

Whether you’re looking for a hosting solution for your business or your personal website, AccuWeb has much to offer. It operates state-of-the-art data centers around the world and has a reputation for exceptional customer service. In addition, it offers a free hosting option for students currently enrolled in school. Of course, no hosting provider is ideal for every person, so make sure to read through this full review so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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Source: AccuWeb

What Are the Pros and Cons of AccuWeb

Overall, there’s a lot to love about AccuWeb’s hosting services. It has won many awards for quality and continues to work hard to ensure it’s using cutting-edge technology to provide its customers with what they need.

Of course, no company is perfect, and it’s important to be aware of any shortcomings that may impact its services. The easiest way to do this is to break it down into key pros and cons of using this company for your hosting.

AccuWeb Pros

  • Exceptional Windows hosting
  • Free hosting for students
  • Options to select data center location
  • World-class customer support
  • Excellent uptime

AccuWeb Cons

  • Outdated email features
  • Price premium for month-to-month billing

AccuWeb Pros

This company started out with a focus on Windows hosting, and it’s never forgotten that fact. If you want Windows-based hosting, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better company. If you’re a student and want to run a website, this company has the best free hosting around.

You can pick which data center you want your site to be housed in so you can be sure that it’s as close as possible to people who are likely to visit your site. This is even an option on its shared hosting packages, which is rare.

The customer support team is staffed 24/7 and has an average response time of seven seconds, which is very impressive. AccuWeb offers extremely stable hosting environments so you can be confident that your site is up and running smoothly at all times.

AccuWeb Cons

Unless you sign up for a dedicated server and pay extra each month, you cannot have unlimited email addresses. Email is a very standard service these days so it doesn’t make sense to have such strict limitations on the number of accounts that can be created.

While all hosting companies give a discount if you pay for multiple months (or years) at a time, AccuWeb charges significantly more if you want to go month to month. For its entry-level shared hosting solution, for example, you pay $5.99 per month if you pay for a year at a time but $10.99 if you pay monthly.

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Source: AccuWeb

What Makes AccuWeb Stand Out?

There are many things that help AccuWeb to stand out from the crowd. These aren’t just things that the company is good at, but areas that make it unique in the industry. For example, while there are several hosting providers that offer excellent uptime ― AccuWeb among them ― very few have a strong focus on offering more obscure operating systems.

While the following may not be important to every customer, these are the areas where AccuWeb stands out. Those who need these types of things are happy that they found a company that can provide them.

Less Common Hosting Options

This company has its roots in offering less common hosting options. Originally, this was quality Windows hosting, which most hosting providers now offer. Today, AccuWeb still prides itself on allowing customers to decide what features they want and making sure that its hosting can meet their needs.

The area that this is most obvious is when it comes to what operating system you want to use for your hosting. It doesn’t just offer Windows and Linux like most providers. You can choose from dozens of different operating systems ― both different OS software and different versions of the operating system.

The customer is in control of what operating system they want to use, which is almost unheard of in this industry that thrives on standardization.

Award-winning Hosting

AccuWeb is one of the most award-winning hosting providers in business today. The awards it has won are from legitimate companies such as Microsoft and sites that hold some weight, which is unlike many other hosting providers that can pay for recognition.

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Source: AccuWeb

Data Center Locations

While many hosting companies have multiple data centers, AccuWeb has more than most. In addition, it’s spread throughout the world so that its customers can have their site hosted in the ideal location.

The following are the countries where AccuWeb has its facilities ― note that in some of these countries, it operates multiple data centers.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • South Korea
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Source: AccuWeb

AccuWeb Hosting Types

You’ll find that AccuWeb has almost every type of hosting you can imagine. This not only makes them a great option for just about everyone but also means that you have options available to upgrade or downgrade as your site grows or changes. The following are the main types of hosting from which you can choose.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common option for individuals and small businesses. It allows multiple different websites to be hosted on a single physical server.

AccuWeb has shared hosting options based in all of its data centers so you can choose which one your site is in, which is a great option not offered by most hosting providers. It also offers multiple types of shared hosting, including Linux hosting, Windows hosting, and more.

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Source: AccuWeb

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is similar to shared hosting in that it has multiple customers hosted in one environment. The big difference is that rather than having all the websites housed on one physical server, they’re housed in one virtual environment.

This helps to improve the reliability of the hosting since a single hardware problem won’t bring all the sites down. AccuWeb offers standard cloud hosting and cloud-based virtual private servers. Standard is configured like shared hosting, and cloud-based virtual private servers ensure each customer gets its own separate environment.

WordPress Hosting

Technically speaking, WordPress can be hosted on any type of web server. However, AccuWeb’s separate WordPress hosting options are optimized for WP sites.

This is because WordPress is the most common platform for building websites today. You can choose from standard WordPress hosting or WooCommerce Hosting, which is focused more on e-commerce websites.

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Source: AccuWeb

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is where multiple websites are housed on one physical server but each of them is given their own separate virtual environment. This means that each customer can choose what operating system they want, what version of the software they want to run, and much more.

In addition, most hosting companies, including AccuWeb, place fewer total websites on a VPS environment than they would for shared hosting. This means you get better overall performance from this option. More about AccuWeb’s VPS hosting here.

Dedicated Hosting

If you have a large website or you plan on getting a lot of traffic, dedicated hosting servers are the way to go. With dedicated hosting, your website is the only one that’s on a server.

This means you have complete control over every aspect of your site and the server. When it comes to speed, reliability, and overall quality, dedicated servers are the best option. Of course, it’s also the most expensive but AccuWeb has great pricing options.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a great option for individuals or companies that want to sell web hosting services to make money.

With AccuWeb’s reseller hosting option, you receive a quality hosting environment with all the tools you need to sell space on it to your customers. It even helps to facilitate payments and support, which makes this a very simple money-making opportunity for anyone who has a source for people who need basic web hosting.

AccuWeb Plans and Prices

Within each type of hosting listed above, you have multiple different options for what specific plan you need. Each option has different specifications for things like disk space, bandwidth, operating system, and more.

The following are among the most popular plans offered by AccuWeb and the prices it charges. Of course, every feature for each plan isn’t listed here. You’ll find a complete list of features, plans, and pricing on the AccuWeb website.

Also, note that the monthly price listed here is its lowest price for that plan, which may require a multiyear commitment.

Plan NameDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly Price
Personal ++10 GB500 GB$5.49
Small Business ++30 GB750 GB$7.49
Enterprise ++50 GB1 TB$12.49
VPS Mercury20 GB150 GB$7.99
VPS Earth30 GB250 GB$15.99
VPS Saturn50 GB450 GB$31.99
VPS Galaxy90 GB800 GB$139.99
VPS Universe120 GB1 TB$291.99
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Source: AccuWeb

There are other hosting plans available, and this doesn’t include a list of dedicated servers. This is because the system specs of dedicated servers change frequently based on availability.

In addition, there are dozens of different configuration options available so that you can get the exact type of server that you need.

Features Included With AccuWeb Hosting Plans

In addition to the main server specs with each plan, you also get many other important features. The following features are included with most of the AccuWeb plans, so make sure to take advantage of them to make your website the best that it can be:

  • Solid-state drives (SSD): All hosting plans at AccuWeb use SSDs for storage, which makes them much faster and more reliable.
  • Email hosting: You can create email accounts and use your web hosting server to manage them professionally.
  • Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate: All hosting plans come with access to an SSL certificate. Most of them use a shared certificate, though you can upgrade to a private SSL certificate if you pay extra.
  • Litespeed: The Litespeed caching service helps your page to load more quickly for your visitors automatically.
  • Control panels: All hosting packages come with the proper control panel based on what operating system you choose. cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows are the most common.
  • Host unlimited websites: All of the hosting plans from AccuWeb allow you to use one hosting plan to run an unlimited number of websites. This is great if you run multiple businesses or need a lot of sites for any other reason.
  • Fast network connections: The web servers at AccuWeb use internet network connections that are at least 1 Gbps ― with higher-end packages offering 10 Gbps speeds. This helps to eliminate any latency issues caused by network traffic within the AccuWeb facilities.
  • Money-back guarantee: AccuWeb offers a seven-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with its services for any reason.
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Source: AccuWeb

How Is AccuWeb’s Performance and Uptime?

AccuWeb doesn’t offer any type of uptime guarantee, which at first may make you wary of its services. The fact is, however, that it has a long track record of providing exceptional hosting with great performance.

Rather than posting a 99.9% uptime guarantee like many other hosting companies, it focuses its efforts on giving the best possible service at all times. When looking at its historical services, it’s quite clear that it far exceeds the standard uptime rates of 99.9%.

If you choose to use them for hosting your website, the chances are that you experience very little, if any, downtime caused by its hosting services.

How Does AccuWeb Keep Your Site Secure?

You can be confident that your website is safe and secure at AccuWeb. It takes many key steps to help protect its systems and, by extension, your websites from a variety of different types of threats. The following are just some of the key security and stability services it provides:

  • Physical security: All of its data centers are protected by modern security services including physical barriers, electronic keycard access, video monitoring, and more.
  • Free daily data backups: All hosting plans come with free daily data backup services so if something goes wrong, you can always restore your data safely.
  • Virus and malware scanning: You can opt to subscribe to its advanced virus and malware scanning service that looks at your files, email, and much more.
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation: Many AccuWeb plans come with advanced DDoS mitigation solutions to keep your site safe from the most common types of attacks.
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Source: AccuWeb

Does AccuWeb Handle Site Backups?

AccuWeb offers complimentary daily backups for all its web hosting plans. You can either set up the backup manually so that you know exactly which files and folders are being protected, or you can ask the AccuWeb technical support to take care of it on your behalf. It’s also more than happy to help you with any data restoration that’s needed should something go wrong.

Source: AccuWeb

How Good Is AccuWeb’s Help and Support?

If you ever need technical support, you’ll be glad that you picked AccuWeb for your hosting. It has some of the best help and support options in the industry. To start with, it’s staffed 24/7/365 so no matter when you have trouble, you can contact its support staff to get the help you need.

It’s also extremely responsive. When you attempt to contact its support team, it has an average first response team of 7 seconds. This means you won’t be waiting on hold for phone support or in a queue for live chat support very long at all. In addition, when customers submit a ticket to its support team, the issue is resolved in an average of 11 minutes, which is very impressive.

While most people won’t experience any type of problems with the high-quality hosting provided by AccuWeb, it should be a comfort to know that its technical support is going to be there if needed.

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Source: AccuWeb

What Are Some Good Alternatives to AccuWeb?

There’s no doubt that AccuWeb is a great hosting company and is a good choice for many people. If you don’t think that it’s a good fit for you or your company, however, there are many other great hosting companies to consider.

At, we strive to provide our readers with comprehensive resources that help you to make the best possible decisions. Consider reading our reviews of some of the following web hosting companies. They may make the ideal alternative to AccuWeb for you and your company:

  • Bluehost: This is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world, and for a good reason. It offers an excellent lineup of different hosting plans to meet almost any need.
  • HostGator: This is an iconic company that has been around a long time. Its fun advertising campaigns have made it a household name.
  • GoDaddy: This company is best known as a domain name registration company, but it also offers great hosting services for many people.
  • Dream Host: Another global hosting provider with a sterling reputation. It offers excellent shared hosting solutions as well as some more advanced options.
  • A2 Hosting: A great choice for those who may need higher-end hosting. While it does offer shared hosting solutions, it’s best known for its VPS and dedicated hosting options.
  • WP Engine: This provider has all of its services focused on providing the best possible WordPress hosting services. If you are using WordPress, you should at least consider WP Engine for your hosting.

Who Is AccuWeb the Company?

AccuWeb was founded by Vaghasia in 2002. He wanted to make a personal website and wanted it hosted on a Windows-based server.

At the time, he could not find a hosting provider that offered the high-quality hosting he needed. Because of that, he decided to quit his day job and start a hosting company to fill this need.

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Source: AccuWeb

Through the years, this company maintained a focus not just on Windows hosting, but also on making sure that it offered high-quality hosting solutions to all types of customers. In 2009, it added VPS.

Today, you can choose from a wide range of different types of hosting including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and more. It also allows you to pick from dozens of different operating systems to ensure every customer can get the exact type of hosting that it wants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About AccuWeb

This AccuWeb hosting review should give you all the information you need to decide if it’s the right option for you. If you’re looking for quick answers to common questions about AccuWeb, the following may be of assistance.

Why Choose AccuWeb Hosting for Your Website?

There are many reasons why someone would want to choose AccuWeb for its hosting. The fact that it offers all different types of hosting makes it a great choice no matter what type of website you want to run. It’s also set up in such a way as to allow you to upgrade your hosting easily so that its services can grow right alongside your business without needing any type of website outage.

Where Are the AccuWeb Data Centers Located?

AccuWeb has data center facilities in the U.S., UK, Canada, Africa, Singapore, Australia, India, Germany, France, Poland, and the Netherlands.

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Source: AccuWeb

How Long Has AccuWeb Hosting Been in Business?

AccuWeb Hosting first opened for business in 2002 and is still one of the most popular hosting providers in the world.