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Our Editor’s rated A2 Hosting 4.5 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

A2 Hosting: Quick Overview

A2 Hosting offers plenty of diversity in the types of plans and the various inclusions available. Plans can be used for a huge variety of purposes and you can manage your own site or have the A2H gurus do it for you. It’s already optimized for WordPress users when you open your account.

While you may pay a bit more for hosting and the additional benefits and features, you’re getting high-quality, premium hosting that has 99.9% uptime and genuine 24/7/365 support from people on the phone if you have problems of any sort.

What Are the Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting?

There are lots of pros and cons to weigh up when considering A2 Hosting as your new web host. So, is it the right choice for your hosting needs? Before you decide, consider the pros and cons.


  1. 24/7/365 high-quality, English-speaking, expert support staff available via phone, email, and live chat.
  2. Choose a server location from Europe, the USA, or Asia.
  3. Unmanaged and managed plans with plenty of options.
  4. Free SSDs included.
  5. Shopper Approved reviews reveal that 96% of the reviews posted on their site certainly would suggest friends and family use A2H.
  6. Ideal for users of WordPress and loads pages six times faster.
  7. High-speed load performance. Compared to several hosting providers, A2 Hosting performs at high speed. There may sometimes be unresponsive pages, but they don’t happen often. Lags and load delays are also present but they’re almost unnoticeable.
  8. Reseller hosting options for hosting startups and expert website designers.
  9. Installation of programs can be done automatically, quickly and securely.
  10. 10 GB Quadruple redundancy network offers good peace of mind.
  11. A2H is 100% carbon neutral.


  1. Mod_perl, Plexum, HTMLDoc, PDFLib, MS SQL or ColdFusion not supported.
  2. They only have two data centers. If your target audience is located in neither North America nor Europe, you would want to find and choose another nearer service provider.
  3. Limited hosting plans for Windows hosting.
  4. Slightly more expensive than other hosting plans (but prices are still competitive)

What Makes A2 Hosting Stand Out?

Source: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting stakes its reputation on “high powered hosting” making speed and reliability their top priority. A2 calls its SSDs “Turbo Servers” that can load pages up to 20 times faster than a typical non-SSD server.

Top speed isn’t limited to their high-end clients, either. Their shared hosting plans also feature Turbo Servers — even if you’re only paying a few bucks a month for your plan.

A2 Hosting has won plenty of top hosting awards and consistently ranks high on best hosting lists. They promise 99.9% uptime on all their servers. But if you do have a problem, their “Guru Crew” support team is available around the clock.

Green Energy – Green Hosting

It’s worth noting that A2 Hosting is committed to green energy practices. They’ve partnered with Carbonfund to offset and reduce their carbon footprint with the FutureServe program. A2 has been 100% carbon neutral since 2007.

Whether you’re a newbie creating your first blog or an advanced developer looking to mine bitcoins with your own OpenStack cloud, A2 Hosting is worth adding to your consideration list.

Superior Site Speeds and World-Class Support

A2 Hosting’s core goal is to create and maintain such a good web hosting company that the staff want to use themselves.

These are the four main aspects they focus on: lightning-fast loading times, the best developer tools, 99.9% uptime, and a first-class, dedicated guru support team available 24/7/365.

A2 Hosting Types

A2 hosting web solution
Source: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers a wide range of plans to suit everyone from simple blog owners to the most advanced corporate sites.

All options give you super-fast performance choices. You can choose: shared, reseller, managed VPS and managed dedicated hosting options

The chart below breaks down the different shared hosting solutions A2 Hosting offers by feature.

Compare A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

Disk spaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email accounts25UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ExtrasFree SSD. Free Site Migration.Free SSD. Free Site Migration.Free SSD. Free Site Migration. Turbo Server. Site Accelerator.Free SSD. Free Site Migration. Turbo Server. Site Accelerator.

There are a lot of features included in the three sharing plans.

Features include server rewind backups, 24/7/365 full support, quadruple redundant network, numerous developer features, 25 separate emails, WordPress hosting, cPanel, e-commerce features and much, much more.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most common web hosting that the majority prefer to purchase. It is a kind of web hosting used for most entry-level sites. All plans have the same features like the shared hosting plans as well as some extras.

The main benefit is that you have the privacy usually given only to dedicated servers but you only pay the low shared hosting prices.

Additional features include 24/7 network monitoring, European and U.S. options for server locations, full network control, 10 GB redundant network, SSD option, and a lot more. If up to three U.S. servers go down, you’ll still be up.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are usually used for medium or large-sized websites. This hosting service is basically a virtual machine that can run a copy of its own operating system.

Most of the same features as the VPS server but it has the following extras:

  • Dedicated RAM from 2048 MB – 4096 MB
  • Two dedicated IP addresses
  • Cloudflare content network delivery

Dedicated Servers

You have your own server, everything that VPS has, and much more. Naturally, you’ll have to spend more on this server but it’s worth it.

Dedicated servers are typically recommended for large enterprises.

Flex Dedicated Server

This is ideal for experienced system administrators and developers. You configure the server and have a Linux OS option, root access, 24/7/365 monitoring of your server, and hardware maintenance.

Managed Flex Dedicated Server

Ideal for people wanting a solution that’s managed for them. It’s already configured, has free cPanel, a user-friendly management level, and HostGuard comprehensive management of the server.

A2 Hosting Plans and Prices

A2H offers a range of affordable hosting solutions to choose from; shared, VPS and dedicated servers, and WordPress and cloud hosting. Here below is an overview of their plans and current price list.

Plan NameHosting TypeDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly Price
StartupShared Web Hosting100 GBUnlimited$2.99
DriveShared Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$5.99
Turbo BoostShared Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$6.99
Turbo MaxShared Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$12.99
RunManaged WordPress50 NVMe GBUnlimited$11.99
JumpManaged WordPress250 NVMe GBUnlimited$18.99
FlyManaged WordPressUnlimitedUnlimited$28.99
SellManaged WordPressUnlimitedUnlimited$41.99
Lift 4Managed VPS Hosting150 GBUnlimited$39.99
Lift 8Managed VPS Hosting250 GBUnlimited$54.99
Lift 16Managed VPS Hosting450 GBUnlimited$67.99
Mach 8Managed VPS Hosting150 NVMe GBUnlimited$59.99
Mach 16Managed VPS Hosting250 NVMe GBUnlimited$89.99
Runway 1Unmanaged VPS Hosting150 GB2 TB$4.99
Runway 2Unmanaged VPS Hosting250 GB3 TB7.99
Runway 4Unmanaged VPS Hosting450 GB4 TB$9.99
Supersonic 8Unmanaged VPS Hosting150 NVMe GB2 TB$34.99
Supersonic 16Unmanaged VPS Hosting250 NVMe GB3 TB$54.99
Warp 1Managed Dedicated Hosting2X1 TB6 TB$179.99
Warp 2 AMDManaged Dedicated Hosting2X1 TB10 TB$249.99
Warp 2 Turbo AMDManaged Dedicated Hosting2X1 TB NVMe M.210 TB$279.99
Warp 2 IntelManaged Dedicated Hosting2X1 TB10 TB$249.99
Warp 2 Turbo IntelManaged Dedicated Hosting2X1 TB NVMe M.210 TB$279.99
Warp 3 AMDManaged Dedicated Hosting2X960 GB U.210 TB$569.99
Warp 3 Turbo AMDManaged Dedicated Hosting2X960 GB NVMe U.210 TB$599.99

Money-Back Guarantee

If your website goes down for any reason, it can cost you a great deal in terms of revenue and potential new clients.

A2 Hosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the technical experts work tirelessly to ensure your online business remains live at all times.

A2 Hosting uses the most advanced data centers and industry best practices to make sure your site has all the latest security patches.

Try A2 Hosting for yourself. If you decide that, for whatever reason, A2 Hosting isn’t ideal for your needs, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days or a pro-rata refund on the unused services if you cancel after 30 days.

A2 Hosting Coupon Codes, Discounts & Deals

A2 Hosting offers fast, reliable and cheap web hosting, and A2 have established themselves as experts in optimized hosting that is 20 times faster than their competitors. Take advantage of our special A2 Hosting coupon and you’ll save 51% on your first billing cycle for your new web hosting package (i.e. you get a discount on an already cheap price)

A2 Hosting Plan Features

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting providers available. For more than a decade, this hosting company has delivered:

This company is known to be reputable for its ultimate speed performance.

The single most important feature demanded by companies today is super-fast site loading times. A2 Hosting’s SwiftServer platform has been developed over the last 10 years by the company’s IT gurus.

A2 Hosting is known for its speed performance; screenshot of speed features.
A2 Hosting is known for its speed performance.

To explain all of the features offered by A2 Hosting would take hours or pages of notes. That’s actually a major feature in itself because it demonstrates that you’ll get a great deal of value for your money.

Features to Boost Your Small Business Site

A2 Hosting stands out from the competition to make sure your small business site performs optimally:

  1. SSD Drives to enhance speed and performance
  2. Cloud Hosting increases reliability
  3. Cloudflare CDN improves site loading time
  4. Multiple back-ups
  5. Unlimited storage and data transfer
  6. 24/7 support on all hosting plans
  7. A 99.9% uptime guarantee
  8. A range of SSL certificates to keep your site secure
  9. Advanced technology to make your site load 20 times faster

These are some of the key offerings, but A2 Hosting has quite a lot of unique and impressive features. They offer both the latest and traditional options to balance all the services to perfection.

A2 Hosting has several features to make it stand out from competitors.
A2 Hosting has several features to make it stand out from competitors.

Solid-State Drives

A2 Hosting uses solid-state drives in almost all hosting packages it offers. Compared to traditional hard disk drives, SSDs perform much faster and better.

SSDs store information such as read and write requests in microchips, while traditional HDDs use a mechanical arm to process information from a certain location to another. SSDs contribute a lot to the speed and load time of your site.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Security and lack of control over specific data are two of the most common issues in every web hosting company.

With the power of advanced technology, A2 Hosting is supplemented with Cloud Hosting, a special hosting service provided for customers to help them solve each and every issue at hand.

This is another feature that makes A2 Hosting much more reliable. Customers never worry about their sites going down or becoming unresponsive.

RAID-10 Storage

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) 10 is a storage configuration that stores all the data in multiple hard drives. This is to ensure zero data loss in case one hard drive fails.

The lost data in the corrupted drive automatically stores to other drives and the corrupted drive will just be replaced. This unique backup feature really makes A2 Hosting reliable amongst the others.

Modern Developer Tools

You get access to the most up-to-date developer tools available. You’ll have instant access to all newer versions as they become available. If you want the latest and best but don’t want to manage it all, choose a plan where A2H looks after everything for you.

How Is A2 Hosting’s Performance and Uptime?

A2 Hosting promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, there can be instances like outages and problems beyond their control.

They mentioned they are not responsible for instances like Distributed Denial of Services and issues with browser caching and ISPs.

Issues mentioned above are often caused by a lack of maintenance and upgrades. Before claiming an issue as a part of their shortcoming, professional staffs from A2 Hosting run routine maintenance and installation of upgrades first.

If issues are still present even after performing the said tasks, A2 Hosting will then take full responsibility and will try to work things out again, professionally responding to the promised guarantee.

A2 Optimized ensures that pages load quickly.
A2 Optimized” ensures that pages load quickly.

Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Cloudflare is a popular CDN, or content delivery network, which works to help reduce site load times. It does this by having a group of servers that are geographically distributed and used to cache content.

So, instead of having to pull files from your main server every time a page is loaded, the CDN pulls the cached files from the closest server.

Cloudflare comes with all hosting plans for free. This is just one more way A2Hosting offers faster site load times than its competitors.

Correct Pre-Cautions in Place

Moreover, these issues still don’t beat the fact that A2 Hosting really is worth going through.

What A2 Hosting lacks in some aspects, they make up with SwiftServer. SwiftServer is the latest advanced technology with the maximum level of specification that ensures indisputable hosting performance.

Here are some of A2 Hosting’s top performance features:

20x Faster Turbo Server

This special feature from SwiftServer enables a high-speed performance in every user’s server. Driven by Turbo Drives, sites will load 20 times faster. Your great side will finally have a perfect and fast hosting match.


The greatest goal of A2 Hosting is to provide the fastest speed performance for all. Because of that, A2 Hosting has been frequently studying how to make the fastest hosting solutions.

Caching, on the other hand, is one of the features A2 Hosting discovered. It involves the use of Ram or any hard disk and works with Turbo Cache, producing a full-speed web experience for all users.

How Does A2 Hosting Keep Your Site Secure?

An SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that verifies a website’s identity and encrypts data sent between the website and its server. This offers an added layer of security that is vital for sites accepting payments. It also changes your site address from “” to “”

A2 Hosting offers several SSL certificates to fit your site’s needs, including a basic SSL for free and an Advanced SSL with top-level business protection.

SSL certificate options for A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting‘s SSL certificate offerings, a wide range to choose from.

Does A2 Hosting Handle Site Backups?

The Quadruple Redundant Network feature from SwiftServer allows users to still stay connected even when several US A2 Hosting data center links go down.

How Is A2 Hosting’s Help and Support?

A2 Hosting firmly believes in the best possible customer service 24/7/365. While some companies claim to offer a similar service, you’re most likely to have to leave a message if you need help at 3 am because staff from other companies don’t actually work at night.

A2H offers a personal touch. If you do ring at 3 am, you may be asked to leave a message if they’re inundated with calls at the same time but (and this is a significant difference) you’ll get a call back as quickly as possible. If you read testimonials from existing customers of A2H, you’ll see this actually happens.

More About the Staff

All A2H staff speaks fluent English. The support staff is never outsourced at A2H. Many competitors believe they’re saving money by outsourcing their support services to overseas, cheaper centers.

The support staff is regarded as friendly and helpful, regardless of how easy or hard your request may be.

A2 Hosting has several support options
A2 Hosting has five different support options along with further resources.

What Are Some Good Alternatives to A2 Hosting?

A2H offers high-powered hosting solutions that won’t disappoint you. HostGator and GreenGeeks are two of the most popular hosting providers, but are they better than A2Hosting? As you can see from the table below, on paper the three hosts are very similar.

Best A2 Hosting Alternatives

A2 HostingHostGatorGreenGeeks
Starting Price$2.99 36/mo term$2.64 12/mo term$2.95 36/mo term
Support24/7/365 and very knowledgeable24/7 and online knowledgebase24/7/365 and online knowledgebase
UpTime99.9% (offers credits for the downtime)99.9% (offers credits for the downtime)99.9% (offers credits for the downtime)
Windows Hosting?YesYesNo
Linux HostingYesYesYes
Shared HostingYesYesYes
Dedicated HostingYesYesYes
Cloud HostingYesYesNo

    Who Is A2 Hosting the Company?

    A2 Hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig and is known for its high-powered and easy-to-use web hosting. It was originally designed to handle a small number of clients.

    However, by 2003, the company had gained a lot more clients than anticipated. The name was changed to A2 Hosting, named after Ann Arbor, Michigan, the town where it all began. The company continued to grow rapidly.

    Their turbo servers promise up to 20 times faster page loads compared to standard hosting. A2’s core goal is to create and maintain a web hosting company that the staff uses it themselves.

    Its servers come with either solid-state drives (SSD) or NVMe without additional charges. It also offers 6TB -15 TB monthly transfer and free site migration for a faster and better website.

    A2 Hosting’s cheapest web hosting plan is 40.00 per month. They offer a full refund within 30-days or a prorated refund for your unused service after 30-days.

    About A2 Hosting

    A2 hosting logo

    A2H is a green hosting company, partnered with (a major company working to reduce the effects of climate change worldwide).

    Since 2007, A2 Hosting has proudly claimed to be 100% carbon neutral. Its Icelandic datacenter has no carbon footprint due to its geothermal cooling system.

    Frequently Asked Questions About A2 Hosting

    Who owns A2 Hosting?

    A2 Hosting is a privately held company and its headquarters is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. A2H was founded by Bryan Muthig in 2003 and he is also their current CEO.

    What are A2 Hosting name servers?

    If you already have a domain with a different registrar you must change the name server (DNS) settings for the domain to point to A2 Hosting. At your domain registrar use,,, and

    What kind of support do I get?

    A2 Hosting offers 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and live chat. They keep their 24/7 promise. If you ring them at 4 am in the morning someone will actually answer the phone (you may be asked to leave a message if they’re inundated with calls but you will get a call back as quickly as possible).

    What languages does A2 Hosting support speak?

    All of A2 Hosting support staff speak fluent English.

    Where are A2 Hosting servers located?

    A2 Hosting owns all of its web servers and monitors them 24/7/365. Their primary data center is located in Michigan (United States), with additional data centers in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore.

    What is A2 Hosting cheapest hosting plan?

    A2 Hosting cheapest shared hosting plan is 5.00. A2 Hosting offers a 30-day money guarantee.

    If A2H isn’t ideal for your needs, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days or a pro-rata refund on the unused services if you cancel after 30 days.

    What extras do I get with A2 Hosting?

    When buying hosting with A2 Hosting you get a free Website Magazine subscription. You also get $50 Bing/Yahoo Ad Credits. Plus you get your site listed in Google in 24 hours with Attracta, and you get a free iContact email marketing trial. Last but not least you get discounts on purchasing WordPress themes from TeslaThemes.

    Can I install WordPress?

    A2 Hosting gives you the option of either having WordPress auto-installed and configured with your order. Once you have purchased your hosting account, you’ll receive an email with the login information. The other option is to use Softaculous 1-click WordPress installer that comes with your cPanel control panel.

    Will A2 Hosting help me migrate my website?

    A2 Hosting offers free site migration. If you use cPanel with your current host, they will migrate your site for you, for free. If your current site is not on cPanel you should contact their support team for website transfer assistance.

    Extra Features from A2 Hosting

    You receive some interesting freebies which are worth noting. These are:

    • A free Website magazine subscription
    • $50 Bing/Yahoo Ad Credits,
    • Your site listed in Google in 24 hours with Attracta

    Additionally, you get a free iContact email marketing trial. You get discounts on WordPress themes from TeslaThemes.

    What Are the Perks?

    These extra features also show how this web host will make your website load faster:

    • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
    • Risk-free money-back guarantee
    • Free support via phone, live chat and email – 24/7/365
    • Prime or Prime+SSD (Solid State Drive) choices
    • SSDs boost site loading speed up to 300% faster
    • The average load time of pages is 1.9 seconds
    • Unlimited bandwidth/data transfer and storage
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Free server rewind back-ups (for added security)
    • Single-Click software installations

    A2 Hosting uses cPanel, which is the industry standard for hosting control panels and will be familiar to many users.

    This graphical interface makes it intuitive to do a variety of tasks, including change your password, view promotions, and use Softaculous Apps Installer, which is extremely fast and allows you to preview applications before installation. The ease of use is a big plus.

    Green Web Hosting, Strong Infrastructure, and Backups

    Because A2 Hosting doesn’t want to be seen as “just another hosting company,” you also gain access to their green hosting, a quadruple redundant network, and regular backup services.

    A2 Hosting also offers additional features to add further value to their hosting plans, including increased support and several support options.

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