Despite having a somewhat odd name, A Small Orange (ASO) distinguishes itself by its commitment to integrity as individuals and as a company. They promise to act with integrity even “when things are going well.” They back up this idea by offering plans that cover only what you need from a hosting company — without stuffing in higher-overhead features you don’t need.

Most companies promise a certain level of support but in ASO’s case, they demonstrated their commitment to outstanding support by hiring a CEO who came from running an entire support department at her previous company. ASO is also committed to customer service innovation by encouraging employees to invent new ways to improve the customer experience.

If you’re overwhelmed with choices at other web hosts, ASO offers a handy little tool that helps you decide which of their plans will give you exactly what you want. Their shared hosting plans start inexpensively, and they’ll give discounts to nonprofits and charities. So, whether you’re starting a personal blog, running a nonprofit, or looking for a business website, ASO is worth checking out.

A Small Orange reviews

About A Small Orange

A Small Orange logo

A Small Orange (ASO) was founded in 2003 in Atlanta by Tim Dorr. The company’s original goal was to deliver powerful hosting backed by the sharpest team of customer service and support people possible. Douglas Hanna is the current CEO, having come from a customer service manager role at HostGator.

These lofty goals and aspirations still apply today, even though the company is much bigger, has more employees and offers a vast range of plans and options for individuals and small business owners. ASO has tens of thousands of clients scattered right around the world and continues to grow stronger and bigger with each passing year.

The ASO staff are also actively encouraged to explore new projects with the purpose of finding even more ways to improve their customer service experience. Feedback from customers is welcomed with open arms and minds because customers know what they want and, by combining all sources of feedback, the best ideas continue to be implemented.

A Small Orange features

A Small Orange has plenty of basic features such as FTP accounts and the sub-domains, unlimited SQL databases, mail lists, POP3/IMAP mail accounts and more. ASO does backups daily and creates multiple restore points as well.

Advanced features include Python, SSL, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and a few more. cPanel is used and this is regarded as one of the best features of ASO because it has easily recognizable icons and names and is user-friendly. This means emails, files and other aspects become much simpler to use. ASO offers Softaculous, an installer that’s part of cPanel and 100 scripts can be installed with no hassles at all.

Hosting types and plans

When you order 12 months or more of any plan, you’ll get two months free as well as a dot com domain name of your choice (subject to availability). As for the types of hosting available, you can choose from: shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, business or reseller hosting options. Each type has its own group of plans you can select, depending on your particular needs.

Shared hosting

ASO offers an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains (the tiny plan is the exception; you can only have one domain), 24/7/365 customer service and support, Solid State Drive (SSD) servers that provide super-fast speed equal to 15 times the average performance of other servers, and so much more.

The cost of plans for share hosting depends on which one you choose. There are large, medium, small and tiny plans that will suit most people. Naturally the bigger the plan, the more access you have to storage, bandwidth and number of domains you can use. The costs will also increase as the plans get bigger.

While some of this may be stating the obvious, it’s best to provide as much information for new customers with minimal knowledge about hosting. The harder something looks, the harder it will be to get more customers. ASO pride themselves on providing simple solutions for all your needs.

Another hosting plan is the Clementine Managed Hosting. For a small monthly cost, your site will be managed by the friendly team at ASO, where they’ll look after all security issues, patches, updates and anything else necessary to keep your site running. This is extremely useful for the non-technical customers who don’t know how to manage back end tasks.

Cloud VPS hosting

This is a good choice for those who need a more powerful server. There are still different plans with a variety of speeds, storage allowance and memory, depending on your specific needs. It’s the hosting type you would want if you’re unsure whether you need a dedicated server yet.

Dedicated hosting

ASO offers eight different plans on 2 multi-CPU servers and six that are single-CPU servers. Pricing varies according to your specific needs, as with all plans and types.

WordPress hosting

Most hosts have customized hosting packages for WordPress because it’s the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). All of ASO’s WordPress hosting plans come with a free domain, and set-up is easy – in about a minute you’ll have WordPress installed. The WordPress plans all feature technologies like SSD, Nginx and Varnish to improve the speed of your site. Faster sites are especially important for online stores. Sites with higher speeds have more conversions.

If you’re not a WordPress user, ASO promises easy integration with the most popular CMS including Joomla and Drupal.


If you’re running an e-commerce store, you must have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. An SSL certificate keeps your customer data safe by encrypting your connection. Even sites who are not selling anything are encouraged to use SSL. Starting in July 2018, Google starts to flag sites without SSL as “not secure”. If you buy an SSL certificate from A Small Orange or another provider, A Small Orange will install it for free. ASO’s higher-end plans come with a free SSL certificate.

To ensure your e-commerce store meets industry standards, ASO’s business servers are scanned to make sure they comply with the Payment Card Industry’s data security standards, known as “PCI Compliance.”

Customer support and help

You may have the best product and/or service in the world but if your customer service personnel aren’t good enough, you’ll lose money, business and time.

A Small Orange provides 24/7/365 customer service to all clients.

Money-back guarantee

ASO fully stands behind the quality of their support and services. If you want a refund, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee on all hosting shared plans.

If you decide you want to cancel after that time expires, you’ll get a pro-rata refund for any services you haven’t used.


If you’re new to building your online presence, you might need help with marketing your site. By featuring in online search, you are driving potential customers to your website.

ASO offers Managed Pay Per Click services, where they’ll run paid search campaigns for you.

Managing Search Engine Optimization is another add-on. In this process, they improve your site’s SEO to help you rank higher in organic search.

By running the marketing for you, ASO said entrepreneurs will have more time to build their businesses.

Site builder

For an extra charge, you can get access to ASO’s website builder. It’s a drag and drop builder with unlimited pages. You can easily add images, slideshows, and video to your site, even if you have no web design experience. Before committing to ASO’s site builder, you might want to try some of the more popular site-builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. They are known for their easy site-builder and are similarly priced – in some cases cheaper than ASO.


If you want to create your own website, ASO can do it for you. There are different plans depending on your needs. The more you want on your site, the higher the cost. However, if you don’t have the technical skills to do it yourself, then it’s a good option.

You can become a reseller of ASO services. There are three different plans where you can create 30-100 websites in the one plan. Lots of website designers make good money by becoming resellers. You get a free dot com domain and two months worth of free hosting with every reseller plan you buy for 12 months or more.

All reseller plans are backed up daily automatically, have numerous restore points and strong passwords are used for added protection. Password-protected directories, hotlink leech protection, and IP-blocking are all included.

Pros and Cons

Consider the pros and cons of a hosting company before making your final decision. So is A Small Orange any good?


  1. A Small Orange is unlike most hosting companies in that it doesn’t offer unlimited plans that may be expensive. ASO believes that each client should only pay for whatever resources you actually need, instead of costly extras you won’t ever use.
  2. You get a free domain name for the first year if you choose a 12 month plan as a minimum. You also get a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  3. ASO offers great speeds and you can alter your speed accordingly, to help keep the company as green as possible.
  4. ASO is one of the few green hosting companies, striving to leave a small footprint on the earth. They have servers that save power and keep their energy output to a minimum.


  1. The cost of servers is a little high when compared to other hosting companies because they’re a green company, so lots of users feel they’re making a useful contribution in this way.
  2. ASO provides limited phone support in business hours according to the US clock. They rely more heavily on live chat and emails but will help you as quickly as possible.

While selecting a hosting company may seem like an easy choice to make, making the right choice is actually quite hard. A significant pro of this company is that it offers a number of plans for each type of hosting. While this may sound confusing, you can always contact ASO yourself and ask questions to help you decide which type and plan will meet your current circumstances and also give you room to expand when the times come.


As with all business decisions, do your own due diligence before making any sort of commitment to a hosting company.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Small Orange

Who Owns A Small Orange?

A Small Orange is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), who also happens to own HostGator and Bluehost, among many other award-winning web hosting companies. A Small Orange was established in Atlanta in 2003 and has since grown to a point where it serves thousands of clients from around the world.

Where Are A Small Orange Datacenters and Servers Located?

A Small Orange datacenters are located at two different locations in the USA: Dallas in Texas and Dearborn in Michigan. Both datacenters are manned by highly qualified staff that are always ready round the clock to attend to and resolve any issues relating to your web hosting.

What Makes ASO Different From Other Web Hosting Providers?

A Small Orange is an excellent web hosting service provider and they do not offer the common “unlimited plans” that many other web hosts do. This isn’t exactly a bad thing because more often than not, unlimited plans carry many terms and conditions that may not be good for your hosting needs. At A Small Orange, you’ll only need to pay for resources that you actually need and use depending on the level of your online activities.

What Are The Available A Small Orange Web Hosting Plans?

The company offers a wide range of web hosting plans to suit the hosting needs of different businesses. There are the Tiny, Medium, and Large web hosting plans, and within these plans are various levels of resources to meet your requirements. You also the options of choosing startup, small, shared, and level II cloud VPS plans.

What Are The Costs Like?

A Small Orange is one of the most affordable web hosting service providers you can find regardless of which plan you choose. Their Tiny plan starts from as low as 5.00 per month, which gives you access to 500 MB storage, 5 GB Bandwidth, 1 website, and round the clock support through both email and live support.

What Additional Services Does A Small Orange Provide?

The web host also offers managed hosting to help free up your time and remain focused on running your business. The company will install a high-performance server and manage it for you.

Do They Provide A Website Builder Tool?

Yes. Building a website may not be an easy task if you have no technical skills. But over at A Small Orange, you’ll get access to a professionally designed website builder that you can use to create a slick-looking website in no time. Unlike other service providers, this website builder does not include any of the company’s brandings and gives you access to 24/7 expert support. Furthermore, the website builder does not limit the number of pages you can create.

How Reliable Are A Small Orange Servers?

Everyone wants a fast and highly functional website and that’s why the company employs the latest technologies in all their servers and website builders. Your website will also stay up round the clock and you’ll get the added advantage of the R1Soft Bare Metal Restore (BMR) backup platform to help mitigate loss of data.

What Level Of Support Does A Small Orange Provide?

Customer support is very important when it comes to web hosting and A Small Orange has a highly dedicated team that’s always ready to address any issues you may have through email, phone, and live support.

What are the best alternatives to A Small Orange?

A Small Orange offesr plenty of good features at affordable prices, however if you are researching web hosts the best ASO alternatives are SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, Site5, A2 Hosting and Bluehost.


A Small Orange plans & prices

ASO offers a wide range of hosting solutions aimed and small business and ecommerce sites; from sharedVPS, and dedicated server hosting to fully managed cloud and managed VPS hosting. Here below is an overview of their plans and current price list. For latest and most up to date prices visit ASO’s website.

Plan nameDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly price
Tiny Shared Hosting 500 MB 5 GB 5.92
Small Shared Hosting 5 GB 50 GB 5.00
Medium Shared Hosting 15 GB 150 GB 10.00
Large Shared Hosting 30 GB 500 GB 20.00
Startup Shared Hosting 40 GB 600 GB 20.00
Small Business Shared Hosting 50 GB 800 GB 40.00
Enterprise Shared Hosting 60 GB 1,000 GB 60.00
#1 Cloud VPS Hosting 30 GB 500 GB 20.00
#2 Cloud VPS Hosting 50 GB 1 TB 30.00
#3 Cloud VPS Hosting 75 GB 1.5 TB 45.00
#4 Cloud VPS Hosting 100 GB 2 TB 60.00
#5 Cloud VPS Hosting 125 GB 2.5 TB 75.00
#6 Cloud VPS Hosting 150 GB 3 TB 90.00
#7 Cloud VPS Hosting 200 GB 4 TB 120.00
#8 Cloud VPS Hosting 250 GB 5 TB 150.00
Clementine Managed Hosting 30 GB SSD 1 TB 45.00
Clementine Plus Managed Hosting 2x128 GB SSD or 1TB HDD 5 TB 145.00
Starter Managed Dedicated Server 500 GB 5 TB 99.00
Standard Managed Dedicated Server 500 GB 5 TB 135.00
Professional Managed Dedicated Server 1 TB 5 TB 175.00
Ultimate Managed Dedicated Server 1 TB 5 TB 275.00


Try ASO. 90-day money-back guarantee.


Best A Small Orange alternatives

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We monitor tweets about ASmallOrange and apply sentiment analysis to classify tweets as positive or negative. This allows us to output an approval rating score, which is based on real people, positive and negative, opinions about ASmallOrange on Twitter. ASmallOrange approval rating score is 50%. This is based on a total of 1505 tweets that mention ASmallOrange on Twitter. There are 757 mentions that share a positive sentiment and 748 mentions that express a negative sentiment. Find out more about how it works.

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Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Jeff Appis

Looking for my website? I'm sorry to say that @asmallorange 's billing issues and slow support have resulted in "suspension". Mediocre.

Andrew Crites

@asmallorange Hey, seems like your support's not available / forgot password not working ... I can't log in to pay my bill

Victoria Borisch

@asmallorange how do I cancel my account? Just got a surprise invoice but don't want it anymore.

Victoria Borisch

@asmallorange how do I cancel my account? Just got a surprise invoice but don't want it anymore.

Victoria Borisch

@asmallorange how do I cancel my account? Just got a surprise invoice but don't want it anymore.

Victoria Borisch

@asmallorange how do I cancel my account? Just got a surprise invoice but don't want it anymore.

Victoria Borisch

@asmallorange how do I cancel my account? Just got a surprise invoice but don't want it anymore.


Dear @asmallorange your services are no longer needed, good luck revitalizing your once excellent service, and proud small company heritage.

Jan Percival

@asmallorange In agony. Tech companies with no human/phone customer support = frustration.


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