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If you’re interested in becoming a web designer, you need to learn how to perform all of the required tasks to create a good website. While you can certainly take classes and even get a degree from a traditional college or university, most people in this industry prefer to take specific courses to learn the craft.

Fortunately, there are many different courses available that do a great job at teaching web design. In this article, we look at a variety of different options to help you to be able to identify which ones are best for you.

Specifically, we answer questions like:

  • What are the best free web design courses?
  • What are the best paid web design courses?
  • What web design courses are best for beginners?
Searching for Web Design Course
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Our Choice for Best Course for Web Design: Udemy

While we would love to be able to pinpoint one specific course on web design that would be best for everyone, that isn’t practical. Each person who is trying to learn web design is going to have different needs, which means different courses are going to be ideal for their situation.

Taking the time to learn about a variety of different types of courses is a solid place to start. This helps ensure you’re able to evaluate them and decide which is right for you. While there are lots of different courses, both in-person and online, one of the best places to start for most people is Udemy.

Udemy offers thousands of courses on an almost endless number of different topics, including web design. You can find web design courses on Udemy for beginners, intermediate users, advanced designers, and much more. If you’re looking for the best place to start when it comes to finding great web design courses, that’s a wonderful option.

Best Udemy Business Course

What Are the Best Free Options for Web Design Courses?

You’ll have no trouble finding free online courses for web design. Udemy has several excellent options that you can take for free. These are often surprisingly comprehensive and go a long way toward helping you to master the art of web design.

Another option you may want to consider is taking free courses that are set up by specific web builder tools. There are many great web-building tools out there, and you can learn how to use them by watching free YouTube videos or visiting their sites and going through their introductory courses. This is almost certainly the best option if you’re just looking to learn how to make a website for yourself and you don’t need to master all the different tools out there.

What Are the Best Paid Options for Web Design Courses?

While many of the courses on Udemy are free, there are also quite a few premium options that you can purchase. The costs of the courses vary greatly, depending on what’s offered and other factors, but many of them are well worth the investment. For those who want to learn web design from the ground up, the Web Design for Beginners course is a great option to consider. It teaches you HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, and much more.

Another great option is a series of courses from Frontend Masters. It offers separate courses on each aspect of the web design process. This is great because it allows you to choose exactly what you need based on your experience and where you feel you need to improve. They charge a flat monthly fee as well, which can make budgeting for these courses very easy.

What Are the Best Beginner Options for Web Design Courses?

When it comes to beginner courses for web design you can go one of two ways. The first option is to take courses that teach you the basics of key web design tools like HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. These are commonly used languages that give you a great foundation on how to build websites.

They give you the knowledge needed to modify other websites so you can always get the custom results you’re seeking. One of the best places to learn the basics of this type of thing is W3Schools.com. It has been around for a very long time and does a great job at making it easy for you to learn the basics of web design.

The other option is to learn how to properly use the best web design tools and builders out there. While these tools won’t give you the full ability to create and modify every aspect of a website, they’re excellent options for creating most basic sites.

The vast majority of people are very happy with the results from website builders, which is why they’re so popular. The courses that are best for learning this type of thing are customized to each individual tool. Most top site builders have documentation and other instructions that you can use to learn how to use them.

Make Sure You Learn What Is Required for Websites

While learning about web design is very important for many people, it’s not the only type of knowledge you need to be able to make sites for people and businesses.

In almost all situations, if you want to work as a web designer, you also need to have at least a basic understanding of things like domain name registration and web hosting. This allows you to set up sites for clients completely, giving them the full service that they need.

Do You Need Web Design Courses?

There are many different options available when it comes to courses on web design. Finding the best ones can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort if you want to enter the web design industry or start your own web design business.

If you’re not interested in making a career out of web design, you may be better off either hiring a designer to create your website or use web-building tools and services. For example, if you just need a basic website that’s functional and looks good, you can set up a new site on Wix. Wix is an easy-to-use service that allows you to create websites without any coding or other experience.

Learning how to use Wix is quite simple, and it offers a variety of videos and other things to help you get started. There are, of course, many other tools and services that can also help you meet your website needs.

Create a website you're proud of
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Now that you know about the various web design courses that are available, and how to decide if you need that type of course, it’s time to make a decision. If you want to learn how to properly create and design websites, pick a course that you like and work your way through it.

Most importantly, even after you’re done with your first course, continue to look for additional learning opportunities because in the world of web design you need to always be learning and innovating or you can fall behind quickly.