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GeoTrust: Quick Overview

Should you buy SSL certificates from GeoTrust? Our GeoTrust review (2022 update) will give you all the facts you need to know before making that important decision.

GeoTrust is one of the world’s largest digital certificate provider with more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries. GeoTrust offers a range of affordable SSL certificates behind a powerful security suite of SSL protection for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

GeoTrust is one of the top choices to consider if you’re looking for an SSL certificate to make your website more secure for online transactions. Their cheapest SSL certificate is  68.50 per year.

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About GeoTrust

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GeoTrust is a well-known Certificate Authority that sells encryption services to online merchants who want to process transactions on a secure connection. The company has been around since the late 1990s.

However, it was not until its rebirth in 2001 that GeoTrust became the SSL certificate provider we know today. In 2006, GeoTrust was acquired by VeriSign who were in turn bought by Symantec, the current parent company.

Currently, GeoTrust is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. It’s also one of the largest digital certificate providers serving more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries.

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Introduction to GeoTrust Features

If you want to learn more about GeoTrust SSL certificates, then make sure to gather all the facts. Even if you’re not tech savvy, knowing about the various features that GeoTrust offers with their SSL certificates will assist you in making an informed choice.

The following GeoTrust overview can help you with your product research. It outlines what you need to know about the various digital certificates offered by this company.

First, we’ll go over some basics.

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What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol designed to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client—such as a website and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client.

This allows for sensitive information to be encrypted and transferred securely across the internet. An SSL Certificate is required to be able to establish a secure connection.

The video below, from GlobalSign, gives a clear explanation of SSL. (GlobalSign SSL certificates are included by popular web hosts like HostPapa, in their host packages.)

What Types of SSL Certificates Does GeoTrust Offer?

GeoTrust offers a range of SSL certificates at different prices. Therefore, you can be sure of finding an encryption service that will be within your budget range.

But just as the prices vary, so do the features that come with each package.

  1. Classifications: GeoTrust’s Internet security products are either classified as Extended, Organizational, or Domain validation SSL certificates.
  2. For Business: GeoTrust offers SSL certificates for small businesses and large enterprises.

What Do You Get with GeoTrust Certificates?

GeoTrust SSL certificates come with all the features you need to secure the connection between your website and your customer’s Internet browser.

Every GeoTrust digital certificate provides the following:

  • A secure https:// URL and padlock logo that appears automatically next to the address bar. These let visitors know they’re on a trusted site.
  • A 256-bit encryption key when subscribed to any GeoTrust SSL package.
  • GeoTrust SSL Seal for display on your website.
  • Validity periods of 1 to 3 years.
  • Fee reissues.
  • Free support from SSL experts
  • Unlimited server licenses per certificate
  • Digital certificates that have universal compatibility with over 99% of all mobile and desktop browsers.
  • 2048-bit root (It’s been estimated that it would take quadrillions of years to hack a 2048-bit root.)

What Types of GeoTrust SSL Certificates Are Available?

There is a wide variety of SSL certificates available from GeoTrust. Here we will take a look at some of the most popular options available for your business.

Single-Domain SSL Certificate

A single-domain certificate is designed to protect a single subdomain rather than all subdomains within a domain. For example; if it is set to protect ‘’, this protection will not include ‘’.

This is the best option if your business has a simple website without multiple subdomains.

WildCard Certificate

A Wildcard SSL certificate is designed to secure multiple subdomains within a domain using just a single certificate. It is the best option if your business operates multiple subdomains within your website.

Multi-Domain Certificate

A multi-domain certificate covers multiple domain names with the same certificate. This is best for your business if your website has registered multiple domain names such as ‘’ and ‘’.

EV (Extended Validation) Certificate

An extended validation SSL certificate is one of the most secure SSL certificates available for your business. While all SSL certificates provide data encryption and security, some require more in terms of identity validation than others. EV certificates require the most thorough verification process. There are also differences in how the certificates are displayed to end-users. EV certificate websites will include the verified company name and country alongside the padlock symbol, and HTTPS in the address bar.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates for Small Online Merchants

If you’re looking for a business SSL certificate, here are the plans that GeoTrust has to offer:

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV SSL

To make the most out of website encryption services, you might want to consider acquiring GeoTrust’s True Business ID with Extended Validation SSL certificate. This 256-bit digital certificate can be issued in 1 to 3 days. After installation, the green address bar will appear next to your domain name. This visual confirmation provides online visitors the assurance they have come to expect from secure websites that use the highest level of encryption.

The True BusinessID with EV SSL from GeoTrust can also be acquired with the Unified Communications/SAN SSL certificate. Both plans allow subscribers to encrypt up to 25 domains with a single digital certificate.

True BusinessID and True BusinessID GeoTrust Wildcard SSLs

True BusinessID and True BusinessID GeoTrust Wildcard SSL certificates are usually issued within one day. These packages offer almost similar features as the EV digital certificate. The green address bar is not included in the features but your website will show the secure golden padlock logo next to the domain name when loaded on a browser.

In addition, the True BusinessID Wildcard SSL certificate does not provide support for encrypting multiple domains. However, it can secure multiple hostnames on one domain. In other words, you’ll be able to encrypt unlimited sub-domains with just one True BusinessID GeoTrust Wildcard SSL certificate.

The GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Wildcard SSL features and options include:

  1. Issuance between 1-2 business days
  2. Secure a domain and unlimited subdomains — on unlimited servers
  3. Unlimited self-service reissues for the lifetime of the certificate
  4. Choice of 1 – 5 years of validity
  5. Easy-to-use management portal
  6. 256-bit encryption
  7. 2048-bit root
  8. Trustmark: a GeoTrust seal you can display to site visitors that includes dynamic date and time display
  9. Choose from SAN, multi-domain, UCC, wildcard options
  10. Backed by a $10,000 guarantee
  11. Organization Validation (OV): conforms to the X.509 RFC standards. This is the standard for commercial enterprises

As mentioned earlier, the UC GeoTrust SSL makes it possible to secure additional domains with one digital certificate. This encryption service may be paired with either the EV or True BusinessID SSL certificates. It comes with unlimited free reissues for the certificate’s lifetime and easy to use self-service tools.

GeoTrust Quick Premium SSL

This SSL certificate offers domain level authentication and GeoTrust can issue you with one in minutes. The Quick Premium SSL is one of the lowest prices that GeoTrust has to offer and the 256-bit encryption it comes with is enough to help you process online transactions on a secure connection.

GeoTrust SSL for Enterprises

If you own multiple online businesses, then GeoTrust SSL certificates for enterprise customers may be more appealing. These encryption packages were designed for large enterprises that need to manage multiple certificates. The certificates issued are typically licensed on per server basis.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates for enterprise customers include options such as the True BusinessID with EV or Wildcard SSL, Enterprise SSL, and UC/SAN SSL certificates. The unique offering in these plans is the GeoCenter Management Console, which is an easy-to-use portal for purchasing and managing multiple SSL certificates in one place. It comes at no additional cost for all SSL enterprise customers.

The GeoCenter Management Console provides intuitive tools that assist website owners to easily manage, forecast, and plan for SSL requirements. For instance, certificate credits allow SSL subscribers to increase the validity period of their licenses on time to avoid being surprised by an expired certificate. As an added bonus, GeoTrust reissues certificates instantly via the Management Console if you’re a pre-authenticated client.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificates are one of the quickest ways to add an SSL certificate to your website. The process takes just a matter of minutes. They are also inexpensive and easy to manage. They are a good option if your business needs to set up an SSL certificate quickly.

GeoTrust SSL review

Safety and Security

GeoTrust issues 256-bit encryption SSL certificates. This Advanced Encryption Standard even surpasses the minimum industry requirement. Therefore, it can guarantee that your website is secured and protected from hackers and other cyber criminals who wish to intercept data on your website.

Can You Easily Get Help and Support?

If you run into problems when securing your website with a GeoTrust issued SSL certificate, you can get in touch with the technical team via live chat, phone or email.

Alternatively, GeoTrust offers extensive help documentation for users who are still learning how their services work. The online knowledge center has plenty of FAQs, as well as troubleshooting, installation, and general help articles on common topics.

Reviews from customers on wait times and overall experience with the support team are both positive and negative. For the most part; however, GeoTrust has received high ratings from customers.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

If the certificate does not work and you wish to cancel your subscription and receive a refund, GeoTrust will cancel or refund fees for customers who’ve purchased a True BusinessID, QuickSSL Premium, QuickSSL, My Credentials or Enterprise SSL Certificate within 30 days of issue date. ‘

True BusinessID with EV’ customers may also receive a refund within 30 days. Meanwhile, ‘My Credential for Adobe’ customers may receive a refund within 14 days minus a handling fee.


  1. 30-day free trial.
  2. Full refund policy within 30 days.
  3. Lower starting price compared to Comodo.
  4. Support up to 25 domains with a single certificate thanks to UC SSL.
  5. GeoCenter Management Console assists large enterprises to track multiple digital certificates conveniently.
  6. SSL certificates issued within minutes, an hour or 3 days depending on the level of authentication you require.


  1. No forum support.
  2. Fewer price points to choose from when compared to Comodo SSL certificates.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of these SSL certificates.

The Pros


GeoTrust is one of the top choices to consider if you’re looking for an SSL certificate to make your website more secure for online transactions.

From EV Validation to Organization and Domain level authentication, GeoTrust offers a decent selection of digital certificates to meet the needs of different online merchants. The plans offered comes with a wealth of features but there are a few downsides to consider as summarized below.

In spite of the few disadvantages associated with GeoTrust SSL services, this Certificate Authority still comes highly recommended. GeoTrust offers some of the lowest starting prices among the various SSL providers that are on the market and they don’t comprise on security features.

Overall, they’re worth considering if you’re looking for an SSL provider that offers the best balance between price and value.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GeoTrust

Who owns GeoTrust?

Who owns GeoTrust?

GeoTrust is currently owned by DigiCert. GeoTrust was launched as a startup. It was acquired by Verisign for $125 million. It was subsequently purchased by Symantec in 2010 as part of the latter’s $1.28 billion acquisition of Versign. Symantec Identity Services issued certificates under the brands Thawte, Symantec, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL. Following a security dispute with Google, Symantec sold its certificate business — called Symantec Identity Services — to Thomas Bravo, LLC, whereby it came to be controlled by DigiCert.

Are GeoTrust certificates credible?

In March of 2017, Google indicated they had lost confidence in Symantec brand certificates (which include GeoTrust) due to alleged flaws in the way its SSL certificates were being issued.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Any Symantec certificate purchased now — or that was purchased after December 1, 2017 — is completely valid in browsers.
  2. Any Symantec certificate issued before December 1, 2017 is not valid and must be replaced.
  3. Invalid Symantec SSL certificates can be replaced free of charge by DigiCert. (To find out how to do this, scroll down to the next FAQ question.)

As OpenSRS reported, Symantec and Google “agreed on a plan that requires Symantec to migrate certificate validation to a third party.” Symantec sold its certificate business to Thoma Bravo, LLC, whereby it came to be controlled by DigiCert.

Read this Google Security blog post about the Symantec-Chrome problem to find out the ramifications for individual users of these certificates. Google stated that with the release of Chrome 70, “all remaining Symantec SSL/TLS certificates will stop working.” Chrome 70 was released in First Canary version on July 20, 2018.

Here are the important Chrome release dates that have occurred, or will occur shortly:

First Canary
First Beta
Stable Release
Chrome 66
January 20, 2018
March 15, 2018
April 17, 2018
Chrome 70
July 20, 2018
~ September 13, 2018
~ October 16, 2018

If you have an deprecated/invalidated Symantec certificate, Chrome will cause this error message to display when visitors come to your site:

chrome symantec distrust error message
This error message is what your site visitors will see if you have a legacy Symantec certificate which you have not updated. (Image courtesy of Google security blog.)


My GeoTrust certificate has been distrusted in Chrome. How do I get it replaced for free?

To get an invalidated GeoTrust certificate replaced for free, go to this DigiCert page and follow Steps 2 and 3.

To avoid a Google Chrome warning appearing in the browser, Symantec users should have replaced their certificate before July 20, 2018. If you have not yet replaced your certificate you should do so immediately. As DigiCert reminds users, “Domains and organizations need to be validated before we can issue certificates. And don’t forget you’ll need time to install the new certificate to avoid Google Chrome security warnings.”

What is GeoTrust global CA?

CA stands for “Certificate Authority.” It’s designation that indicates the issuer of an SSL certificate is a trusted source. The authority is determined and designated by an industry consortium of web browser, operating system, and mobile device companies. Together they designate Certificate Authorities according to stringent criteria. So “GeoTrust global CA” indicates that GeoTrust is a globally recognized Certificate Authority.

GeoTrust plans & prices

GeoTrust offers a range of value-priced SSL Certificates with quick delivery, implementation and validation. Choose the authentication method for your business: Extended Validation, full organization validation or domain authentication. For latest and most up to date prices visit GeoTrust’s website.

SSL certificateIssuanceValidationTrust sealYearly price
Quick SSL Premium 10 minutes Domain Dynamic 68.50
True BusinessID 1-2 days Organization Dynamic 87.00
True BusinessID with EV 1-10 days Organization Dynamic 149.00
True BusinessID Wildcard 1-2 days Organization Dynamic 384.00
Quick SSL Premium Wildcard 10 minutes Organization Dynamic 244.13
True BusinessID Multi-Domain 1-2 days Organization Dynamic 235.50
True BusinessID Multi-Domain Wildcard 1-2 days Organization Dynamic 417.08
Quick SSL Premium SAN 10 minutes Organization Dynamic 101.50


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