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The Top 10 Reputation Management Services of 2023

Webimax Logo


  • One-stop shop for small businesses and corporations alike
  • Free custom marketing strategy offer to all interested parties
  • Their wealth of resources for prospects/clients alike


  • Starting price
    Available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Education, Industrial supply, Consulting
  • Service Lines
    SEO, Public relations, Digital strategy

WebiMax was founded in 2008. Its main offices are in Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as in New York City and Washington, D.C. A top reputation management firm, it employs over 50 reputation experts to remove unwanted content as quickly as possible and to highlight positive content. Work for clients is covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which helps ensure privacy and confidentiality.

The company offers various services for small businesses and corporate entities, including crisis management, content creation, and online monitoring that can help with online reputation management. WebiMax also works in other areas, such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Who is WebiMax best for?

WebiMax is best for small-to-midsize businesses and corporations seeking assistance with online monitoring for reputation management, crisis management, SEO, social media, and content creation.

WebiMax pricing

Available upon request.

Pros and cons of WebiMax


  • All work is done in-house by a talented team
  • Highly responsive support team
  • Many add-on services available


  • More expensive than other options

What customers are saying about WebiMax

“WebiMax’s clients like how the firm increases their presence online, saying, “We have been working with WebiMax since 2012, and they have helped us with everything from the website design and organic traffic, to pay-per-click (PPC). I really like their approach of making it a partnership experience. Thank you for all you do! “

NetReputation.com Logo


  • Content removal
  • Review management
  • Crisis management


  • Starting price
    Available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Advertising and marketing, Business services, Consumer products and services
  • Service Lines
    Public relations,SEO, Cybersecurity

Founded in 2014 and based in Sarasota, Florida, NetReputation.com is one of the industry’s leading reputation management firms. NetReputation.com works with businesses and individuals alike to address concerns related to reputation management and internet privacy.

The company restores or improves a client’s reputation on the internet. This is done using a five-step process: Reputation analysis, web property development, content creation, publishing, and content promotion.

Who is NetReputation.com best for?

This company is great for individuals, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and corporations that need help managing their online reputation. NetReputation specializes in strategicmarketing and advertising, as well as business and consumer services (and products).

NetReputation pricing

NetReputation offers reputation management options on a per-client basis with customizable services.

Pros and cons of NetReputation.com


  • Solid customer support
  • Reliable results
  • Free reputation analysis


  • Slow to deliver results
  • User report costly for small businesses

What customers are saying about NetReputation

“They always answer questions and return your calls promptly. They are a professional service that got the job done for me … I would recommend them to anyone who wants to protect their online privacy or business reputation.”

Phase 3 Marketing And Communications Logo

Phase3 Marketing and Communications

  • Marketing suite
  • Public relations strategy
  • Interactive services


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Manufacturing, Hospitality and leisure, Retail
  • Service Lines
    Branding, Public relations, Marketing strategy

Phase3, founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001, has additional offices in Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; the New York City area, and Dallas, Texas. The service provides integrated print and marketing services to clients and PR and marketing strategy support.

Phase3 consults and strategizes alongside the client, helping to build brand awareness with a wide range of services. Some of their most popular include creative, graphic design, digital printing marketing, public relations strategy, social media, and web/interactive services.

Who is Phase 3 best for?

Phase 3 is good for individuals or businesses of any size that seeking diverse marketing and public relations services, including crisis communications.

Phase 3 pricing

Pricing available upon request.

Pros and cons of Phase 3


  • Quality professional work
  • Strong communication
  • Good at meeting deadlines


  • Could use a tracking system for complex projects

What customers are saying about Phase 3

“They’re straightforward and forthcoming about how they intend to solve problems. We appreciate their integrity and willingness to discuss areas for improvement within their own process. We’re not their most significant, but they value our relationships tremendously.”

Reputation Management Consultants Logo

Reputation Management Consultants

  • SearchKnight™ monitoring technology
  • Journalist-driven content marketing


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
  • Service Lines
    Public relations, Branding, Digital strategy

The company was founded in 2008 and currently has an international footprint across the United States Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. It offers a broad selection of services for clients looking to restore, improve, or build their online reputations.

Reputation Management Consultants works with a range of clients, including politicians, businesspeople, SMBs and multinational corporations.

Who is Reputation Management Consultants best for?

This company has worked with many across industries, including several high-profile individuals and executives heading up industry-leading brands. They can also apply this knowledge to small to midsize businesses, making Reputation Management Consultants one of the most versatile options on this list.

Reputation Management Consultants pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Reputation Management Consultants


  • Proven results
  • Smooth process
  • High-level technical ability


  • Prices may be higher than competitors
  • Customer reviews report a lack of innovation when a strategy fails

What customers are saying about Reputation Management Consultants

“They’re very knowledgeable, and their approach works. They were able to achieve results quickly, and we expect their work to have a long-lasting effect on our business.”

Reputation X Logo

Reputation X

  • Corporate brand monitoring
  • Content development
  • Free reputation test


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Government, Business, Individuals
  • Service Lines
    Digital marketing, SEO, Public relations

Reputation X was founded in 2005. While headquartered in the U.S., it works with subject-matter experts around the globe to deliver industry-leading results for its client base. The service works to create and repair brand-related perception and reputation search result improvement, positive and relevant client feedback, and honest, supportive reviews.

The company works with a range of clients, including leaders of corporations, celebrities, athletes and high-profile individuals who wish to improve their image online. Unlike many other reputation management companies, it offers additional support in key areas — such asediting, creating and monitoring site content.

Who is Reputation X best for?

This company works with a range of clients, ranging from corporation leaders to SMBs. They also work with doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other subject matter experts around the world.

Reputation X pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Reputation X


  • Well-organized
  • Transparent
  • Customized solutions


  • Not all potential clients are approved by management and team
  • Prices may be higher than competitors

What customers are saying about Reputation X

“Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.”

Go Fish Digital Logo

Go Fish Digital

  • Content marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing consulting/strategy


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Education, Financial services, Hospitality and leisure
  • Service Lines
    SEO, Social media marketing, Content marketing

Founded in 2005 and with offices in Arlington, Virginia, and Raleigh, North Carolina, Go Fish Digital works with both U.S. and international customers. Well-known for its work with large companies, Go Fish Digital also helps small to medium businesses with reputation management, adopting a holistic approach that includes SEO services, website design, content marketing, and paid advertising.

While Go Fish Digital does work extensively with SMBs, it offers a comprehensive package with SEO and reputation management features that might be an especially competitive fit for larger companies that want to work with one company while building and monitoring their online images.

Who is Go Fish Digital best for?

This company is best for U.S. coroporate brands and global clients growing fast-growing startups to SMBs.

Go Fish Digital pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Go Fish Digital


  • Solid communication
  • Customer-first approach
  • Flexible when needs change


  • Pricing is not available online

What customers are saying about Go Fish Digital

“One thing that stands out about Go Fish is how tailored their services are to their clients' goals; they’ve been an invaluable partner in the recent launch of our new blog and our new website highly recommended!”

REQ Logo


  • Reputation management dashboard with tools to monitor and improve your reputation
  • Available branding and public relations services


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Consumer products and services, Healthcare and medical, Information technology
  • Service Lines
    Advertising, Branding, Public relations

REQ was founded in 2008 and currently has offices in Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Diego, California. The company offers a personalized approach to reputation management that uses its full suite of products, including SEO, public relations, branding, and social media management.

Who is REQ best for?

REQ is best for large-scale corporations that may be seeking a company with specialized focus and proven methodology that can accelerate the growth that’s observed. .

REQ pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of REQ


  • Highly responsive
  • Specialized industry expertise
  • Great customer service


  • Clients report less competitive pricing

What customers are saying about REQ

“There’s a tremendous amount of email back and forth, especially for the larger elements that we want to have a paper trail for. The team has been very transparent, showing us quarterly and monthly reports as needed.”

Bob Gold & Associates Logo

Bob Gold & Associates

  • Crisis management
  • Full PR management available
  • Perception audits


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Media, Information technology, Telecommunications
  • Service Lines
    Public relations, Social media marketing, HR services

Bob Gold & Associates is well-known boutique public relations firm based in Redondo Beach, California, with secondary offices in New York City. It has access to PR firms in 38 countries through the WIN PR Group, offering clients extensive connection and care. The firm was founded in 1997 by Bob Gold, serving customers in North America and worldwide for over 25 years.

While the firm works with several high-value enterprise clients, it is especially well-known for its work with clients in the entertainment and sports arenas. The firm continues to inform analysts and media about their clients, helping build clients' reputations, brand awareness, and the effectiveness of the products or services among important media influencers.

Who is Bob Gold & Associates best for?

This company is best for high-profile clients in the U.S. and abroad. It typically serves athletes and entertainment professionals and focuses primarily on telecommunications and media-centered approach.

Bob Gold & Associates pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Bob Gold & Associates


  • Provides measurable results
  • Flexible client strategies
  • Reliable, transparent communication


  • Some customers believe that pricing could be more competitive

What customers are saying about Bob Gold & Associates

“Bob Gold & Associates has taken our communications to the next level. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and interest in our goals have radically increased awareness of our business. They are the best in their field.”

Gadook Logo


  • Combats negative search results
  • Help with damaging complaints


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    Wellness and fitness, Health care
  • Service Lines
    Public relations, Branding, SEO

Gadook was founded in 2007 and is based in Kissimmee, FL. As they specialize in repairing the brands of individuals, Gadook is a good fit for business professionals worried about their online reputations. It first undertakes a data analysis of all the comments about the individual (or company). If that analysis discovers many negative comments, Gadook creates new, positive content to counteract it.

The service builds positive brand awareness using tailored SEO strategies, increasing the client’s reach on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, improving website design, and submitting press releases to media sites.

Who is Gadook best for?

Gadook works with reputation management customers around the world — individuals, organizations, and businesses from a variety of industries all benefit from their comprehensive approach to liability mitigation and support.

Gadook pricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Gadook


  • Creative solutions
  • Quick turnaround


  • Some customers believe that pricing could be more competitive

What customers are saying about Gadook

“Gadook is our choice as the best online reputation management service for individuals due to its free reputation analysis, affordable pricing, and specialized services for individuals.”

Marketing Maven Logo

Marketing Maven

  • Crisis communication
  • Interview coordination
  • Press releases


  • Starting price
    Pricing available upon request
  • Industry Focus
    B2B, Government agencies
  • Service Lines
    Public relations, Social media marketing, Content marketing

Founded in 2009 and with offices in Los Angeles, California, and New York City, Marketing Maven is a Native-American- and woman-owned business. It is a full-service marketing and communications firm, specializing in public relations and complimentary services—including reputation management, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

While many firms primarily focus on online reputation, Marketing Maven offers additional specialties in several key areas: such as government-specific media services and legacy management. The service relies on a comprehensive strategy that encompasses both traditional and online media areas and deploys a strategy that emphasizes social media and creative direction to build brand awareness.

Who is Marketing Maven best for?

Marketing Maven is best for large-scale B2B clients or government entities needing reputation management in both online and print media formats.

Marketing Mavenpricing

Pricing available upon request

Pros and cons of Marketing Maven


  • Clear, effective communication
  • Fast turnaround
  • Highly organized


  • Customers report the strategy could be more aggressive

What customers are saying about Marketing Maven

“We would not have the success that we have had so far without the help of Marketing Maven. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with you and your company.”

What You Need To Know About Reputation Management Services

What are the most important elements of reputation management?

Key components of reputation management include monitoring reviews, staying on top of social media, checking for brand-related mentions, and keeping a competitive reputation on public forums.

What are some online reputation management best practices?

Some best practices include: creating a company profile for reviews, monitoring social media, and responding professionally to comments. The process usually takes approximately two months to see results. It varies, but typically, a whole reputation repair takes six to 10 months to bring results.

How much does reputation repair cost?

The average cost of fixing your reputation ranges from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 per month, depending on the project.

How can you lessen your chances of having reputation issues?

  • Keep your brand clear of data breaches
  • Promote a strong customer service focus in business operations
  • Avoid unethical partners, agents, contractors, and other third parties
  • Maintain a positive environment for your employees 
  • Adhere to company values