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The Best 10 PPC Companies of 2023

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The 10 Best PPC Companies of 2023

CompanyPriceService LinesMore
WebiMaxCustom QuoteSEO
Social Media Marketing
PPC and Adwords management
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AdVenture Media GroupCustom QuotePay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Optimization
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Bird MarketingCustom QuotePay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Strategy
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CPC StrategyCustom quotePay Per ClickVisit CPC Strategy
Directive Consulting$150-$199/hrSearch Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
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Disruptive Advertising$150-$199/hrPay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
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BrainlabsCustom QuotePay Per Click
Digital Strategy
Conversion Optimization
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Ignite Visibility$100-$149/hrSearch Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
Email Marketing
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JumpFly$50-$99/hrPay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
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Loud Mouth Media$25-$49/hrPay Per Click Advertising
Pay Per Click Audit
Conversion Optimization
Digital Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
SEO and Google Ads
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Webimax Logo

Webimax’s PPC experts are trained to be well-versed from Google Ads to Programmatic Display to Facebook Ads. They follow a finely tuned process that utilizes tightly themed campaigns, landing pages optimized for conversions, and smart reporting to effectively discover the ads with the best return on investment. They offer PPC services such as identifying keywords & negative keywords, reporting that reveals the best campaigns, smart A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization

Analyzing existing PPC accounts helps reveal areas of opportunity such as the best search channels and formats for your specific business for better efficiency, showing the best keyword terms for businesses, and quickly identifying problems that may be holding back your PPC campaign.  They provide a no-obligation price quote to manage your search engine marketing and introduce you to the point of contact for the duration of your campaign, on a per month basis. If vou decide not to work with them at any point, it is a simple process to discontinue their service.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuotePPC Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Lead Generation
Web Design
Online PR
Search Engine Optimization
>Single Point of Contact
>More features at WebiMax

What Customers Are Saying

The reviews about WebiMax on different online platforms highlight the quality of digital services they offer. One of their clients mentioned, “WebiMax has helped me with a few different projects. SEO, PPC, and assistance with bringing me more qualified leads. My lead volume has increased tremendously and I am now getting business from outside my typical targeted radius.”

AdVenture Media Group


AdVenture Media Group is one of the most well respected performance digital agencies in New York. Their educational content has trained over a million digital advertisers worldwide, and AdVenture Media was handpicked by Google to deliver keynote addresses in Dublin, New York and London.

They provide comprehensive digital ad agency services and have earned the confidence of companies representing over $250 million in media spending.

The company employs a systematic onboarding process that starts with a free 30-minute online strategy call that allows them to analyze potential clients’ needs and immediately begin to strategize. Their team consists of advertising strategists, data analysts, industrial psychologists, and creatives who are encouraged to treat their clients’ advertising budget as if they were their own. To that end they collaborate regularly to ensure that client feedback is incorporated into their process and provide complete transparency.

Services include:

  • Paid Search and Social, including Google Ads Management, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram, Remarketing Campaigns, PPC Account Audit and Tuneup Service, and more.
  • Conversion Rate Science that improves conversion rate via landing page design and A/B testing.
  • Tailored Consulting for both teams and individuals, including one-on-one consulting and in-house training.

The firm employs fewer than 25 employees and the majority of their clients represent midmarket, $10M-to-$1B companies largely representing consumer products and services and e-commerce clients, though they also represent small businesses and some enterprise clients.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quotePay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Optimization
>Enterprise AdWords
>Landing Page Design
>Training and Consulting
>More features at AdVenture Media Group

What Customers Are Saying
Their clients are satisfied with AdVenture Media Group’s performance. One of them noted, “Their superb level of understanding is impressive; it’s off the charts. Their delivery is also quite incredible. In overall terms, they always go beyond what’s expected and promised. It’s the only reason we’re not going anywhere else — we praise this partnership on a daily basis.”

Bird Marketing

Bird Logo

Established last 2014, Bird Marketing is a multi award winning Digital Agency based in the Unite Kingdom.  They offer a distinct offering in technical web, digital marketing, and creativity. Their PPC services helps to rank higher in google with quality marketing  campaigns that will reduce cost per click while maintaining a high rank. It helps in increasing your traffic as soon as campaign is live for an increase in customers and sales. 

Through a strategic PPC and proper AdWords management services, Bird Marketing handles all the technical aspects of producing well-optimized content and ROI-focused digital advertising, including selecting the appropriate demographic data, improving website design, focusing on keywords, and monitoring customer behavior to produce content that ranks highly.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuotePay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Strategy
>PPC Management
>Adwords Management
>More features at Bird Marketing

What Customers Are Saying

The Bird Marketing team has been receiving happy client feedback that speaks of the kind of service they offer. One of their satisfied clients commended, “I have used BIRD marketing for our website, SEO, and now our PPC campaign. They have been extremely responsive and proactive with both campaigns. The website team, support, and Lewis are invested in ensuring that our website, SEO, and PPC are performing well.”

CPC Strategy

Now part of “Tinuiti,” an integrated digital marketing agency, CPC Strategy built its Pay Per Click reputation through an amalgam of retail advertising services. By focusing on the channels that most directly affect retailers’ revenues, CPC provided comparison shopping engine management, PLA management services, and more, delivering significant ROI and increased traffic to customers. The company’s success was driven primarily through its Amazon, search, shopping, and paid social practices.

In 2018 the company was acquired by Elite SEM, a digital marketing agency that had its own shopping and search capabilities and that had also acquired Email Aptitude and OrionCKB. Together, the four original groups now make up Tinuiti.

CPC Strategy’s skills with keyword targeting and advanced iterative testing continue to be strengthened by its advanced technology. Features of the firm’s PPC service include:

  • A proprietary approach to account structure and budget allocation
  • Strategic planning and forecasting based on account history, competitive analysis, market research, engine partner data, and proprietary data
  • Segmented research and audience targeting
  • Iterative ad testing
  • Exclusive partnerships with Google and Bing
  • Proprietary Mobius marketing intelligence technology

The digital marketing agency that CPC Strategy is now a part of is expansive, with over 600 employees serving client companies ranging from small businesses through enterprise companies.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom quotePay Per Click>Integrated Media Strategy
>Mobius (Marketing intelligence and media activation technology)
>Multiple digital performance marketing divisions
>More features at CPC Strategy

What Customers Are Saying
“They always get me the ROI [return on investment] that I want, and they keep my spend on budget. They’re just good at what they do, and they communicate well. I can contact them easily by phone, text, or instant messaging. CPC Strategy uses all of the standard automated systems, but they also add in that human element. They actually have a human touch on campaigns. If I call, my guy answers the phone. If I email him, he emails me back. I can get in touch with him easily, and I love that. That’s hard to find. I’ve visited their office a couple times, and it’s a good environment. They’re friendly people, and they’re hungry. They stay up to date with the latest trends.”

Directive Consulting

California-based Directive Consulting is a search marketing company that specializes in boosting visibility and revenue for software companies. The company’s process is built on a strategic execution model that starts with their clients’ business objectives, driven by data and prioritized by time-to-ROI.

Their services include:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Analytics

The company also offers Institute, step-by-step digital marketing training available in modules for business owners, students, agency marketers, and in-house marketers, and access to Pulse, a customizable data set that provides users with benchmark search marketing data of 25,000 companies that scores and ranks every software company in every industry.

Directive Consulting has an all in-house team of thirty people, each of whom has their own unique specialty. Each client is assigned a dedicated team consisting of an account manager, PPC and SEO specialists, data analyst and designer that have specific expertise in the software vertical.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 - $199 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
>Focus on software industry
>More features at Directive Consulting

What Customers Are Saying
“Directive kick-started our partnership by understanding our key north-star metrics (what we were hoping to accomplish) and this has so far been the agenda for every meeting. From there, we set up a bi-weekly cadence to discuss web traffic, how we’re trending towards our goals, as well as how we can improve our processes, content, and website to see an increase in performance. One of their suggestions gave us a 350% increase in conversions on one page during one month!”

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising takes an intensely collaborative, client-focused approach to boosting digital marketing efforts. They work to understand their clients’ businesses, goals and the impact each one’s success has on their customers and communities, then create an overarching marketing strategy. They then implement that strategy through a three-pronged approach that includes reallocating wasted marketing expenses, conducting analytics to determine the performance of each marketing channel and the scaling marketing results to achieve business goals.

Their services include:

  • Pay Per Click Management, including paid search marketing, Facebook advertising, eCommerce management, Google Ads audits, retargeting, display advertising, and more
  • Site Testing, including landing page design, site redesign strategies and A/B, and multivariate testing
  • Web Analytics Consulting, including click and heat map tracking and detailed reporting
  • Lifecycle Marketing, including email marketing, chatbots and text/sms systems

The company’s industry focus is strongly targeted towards eCommerce but also includes a wide range of other industries and services, with most at the midmarket or enterprise level. They have grown in less than ten years from a single employee to employing more than 150 in-house specialists.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$150 - $199 / hrPay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
>Landing Page Design
>Lifecycle Marketing
Web Analytics Consulting
>More features at Disruptive Advertising

What Customers Are Saying
“I can’t say enough about their professionalism and the way that they’ve come to the table prepared. They’ve presented knowledgeable and helpful information at every meeting. We have a bi-weekly phone call. We use the Google Suite to manage the project, including Meets, Sheets, and Slides. They’ve really felt like an extension of our team rather than a third party.”


Brainlabs Logo
Brainlabs is a digital-first media agency that has earned a reputation for its audience-centric planning and robust data strategy. The strategic approach breaks through their clients’ complexity by assigning what they call a “team of teams” made up of experts whose knowledge closely aligns with the clients’ needs and goals.

The company takes a structured, proactive approach that follows a highly prescribed path of researching, testing, learning, and scaling, all with an eye to provide quick performance and provide guidance and data-driven insights that will endure.

Brainlabs provide comprehensive digital advertising services ranging from planning to execution of top innovative strategies to thrive in a digital space for mid-market to enterprise-level clients representing a broad range of industries including e-commerce, education, finance, healthcare, and travel.

PriceService LinesFeatures
Custom QuotePay Per Click
Digital Strategy
Conversion Optimization
>Certified GMP reseller & Google Cloud partner
>Data Science
>Audience-based programmatic advertising strategy
>More features at Brainlabs

What Customers Are Saying
“They’re very enthusiastic and confident about the technology they build. Their performance is fantastic, and they’ve guided us throughout the entire journey. We’re now in a good place, and our PPC is efficient for us. We’re now looking at spending more on PPC, so it’s all going well.”

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility has built its reputation on its SEO services, but its digital marketing offerings go well beyond and have led to the establishment of long-term relationships with clients of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. The company focuses its attention on its clients goals, then supports its innovative strategies through a single cross channel marketing strategy. The company has developed a proprietary forecasting tool, provides clients with budgets tied to their goals and dashboards through which they can monitor success, and ensures a collaborative approach through constant real-time communication via Slack and their project management system.

The full-service firm employs over 70 employees, and also publishes a well-read blog and podcast and hosts digital marketing webinars.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$100 - $149 / hrSearch Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
Email Marketing
>Amazon Marketing Services
>Online Reputation Management
>Reporting and Analytics Services
>More features at Ignite Visibility

What Customers Are Saying
“We have grown the business on every metric measured since Ignite Visibility took over just over one year ago. Excellent communication and clear expectations regarding each party’s scope of work, timelines et al. Each team (SEO, email, social) has made it a point to understand our company and target markets and offer up recommendations that are best suited to the markets we serve. They are as concerned about results as we are. They are truly excellent partners…knowledgeable and adept at their area of expertise.”


JumpFly’s founders were among the very first to establish a PPC management agency. They have been in existence for nearly twenty years. They have adapted as the digital landscape has changed and formed invaluable relationships with the most consequential platforms and vendors, ensuring that they are always aware of new trends and technologies.

JumpFly has also created a proprietary online ad management software program that uses artificial intelligence to maximize their clients’ online marketing results. The program identifies potential advertising concerns, trends and opportunities on the most popular platforms, and includes an application to provide digital insights and performance-based analysis.

JumpFly’s 40+ employees top priority is client satisfaction. Their expertise in Pay Per Click is reflected in the success that they achieve for clients across a broad range of vertical industries, including consumer products and services, retail and many more.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$50-$99/hrPay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
>Proprietary Monitoring Software
>Dynamic Reporting
>Call Tracking
>More features at JumpFly

What Customers Are Saying
“We had a pretty ambitious goal, but they’ve met it. Our goal was to have PPC ads cost 15% of the revenue we bring in. They’re top-notch experts and the results we’ve seen are great. In particular, their work with Google Shopping is outstanding. JumpFly does things we couldn’t possibly do on our own. Before, I had about 3 variations of an ad, and I changed them up a few times a year. By rotating in so many different versions, they’ve nailed down what works and are able to target specific audiences. Now, I have more time to focus on running the company instead of managing our online ads.”

Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media is a digital marketing service with expertise in search, display, shopping, and video. Their model is built on fully understanding their clients’ needs through in-depth research, followed by meticulous strategy and account management and detailed, data-driven reporting and analysis of results. The company consciously differentiates itself through its dedication to transparency, measurability and accountability in all interactions with clients.

Loud Mouth’s services include:

  • Digital Strategy encompassing paid search analytics, conversion rate optimization, brand building, and SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Social Advertising
  • SEO
  • Performance Creative
  • Ecommerce Marketing

The company is based in the United Kingdom, where it has grown from a one-person operation to employing 22 in-house specialists over the course of a decade. They have a broad base of clients across all industries.

PriceService LinesFeatures
$25-$49/hrPay Per Click Advertising
Pay Per Click Audit
Conversion Optimization
Digital Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Google Ads
>Performance Creative team
>Digital Strategy
>Attribution Model
>More features at Loud Mouth Media

What Customers Are Saying
“Not only do they have a clear understanding of digital marketing, but they’re also willing to explain concepts to us in an accessible way. During our meetings, they never try to hide behind big terms to confuse us. Rather, they’re willing to pull up the facts and walk us through each number. By the end of the meeting, everyone understands exactly what’s going on.”

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a form of paid search marketing on the internet in which advertisers pay for engagements on a page. In most cases, paid search marketing is based on the number of times that an ad on a search engine or partner site is clicked, but there are different models of this type of advertising, with some charging per thousand times an ad is displayed or when a phone contact or email is generated. At its most basic, Pay Per Click represents payment for actions, and specifically for visits to an advertiser’s website or landing page.

The most popular form of Pay Per Click advertising takes place on search engines. Different keywords have different values, and advertisers bid for placement in sponsored links when a keyword that they are targeting is searched. The search engine earns a small fee for the placement whenever an ad is clicked.

Pay Per Click involves far more than simple ad placement. PPC agencies earn their reputation through a combination of research into a client’s business and their customers’ activities, and that is just the start of the process. Turning those clicks into action — a process known as conversion — is where clients begin to earn profits and the return on the investment for a Pay Per Click marketing campaign begins to be realized.

Benefits of Using A PPC Company

As the internet has become an indispensable part of doing business, Pay Per Click has grown into an integral part of marketing strategy, and a PPC agency can help manage this part of your marketing plan. It drives traffic to your website in a way that can be monitored and measured, and for which there is no charge if there is no click. The price of a particular keyword is based upon its value to the individual market, which means that if you are selling in a niche area or can be creative (but effective) with your keyword selection, you can control the amount of money that you want to invest. Perhaps most importantly of all, PPC has been proven effective. People who are searching for what you are selling have a high likelihood of clicking through to your website if your PPC campaign is well researched and managed.

There are several benefits and advantages to Pay Per Click Advertising.

  • They develop an awareness of your brand
  • They reach your targeted audience, regardless of whether it is based on demographics, location, a keyword or time of day
  • They can convert shoppers and browsers into buyers
  • They drive profitability

Pay Per Click encompasses a variety of specialty processes and techniques that boost their campaign effectiveness, including retargeting, and personalization of display campaigns. They offer a high return on investment, and with careful analysis, tracking and adjustments their ability to generate revenue can grow.

What to Look For In A PPC Company

Bringing on a PPC agency is not the same as bringing in a typical service provider. A well-run PPC campaign requires both an extended period of collaboration and a robust understanding of your company’s mission, its operations, and of your customers. The selection process should be pursued with an eye to far more than price and promises: you want to make sure that the firm’s approach and culture marries well with your own.

  • Expertise. Beyond looking for a sense of comfort, you also want to ensure that any PPC company that you hire has a significant and proven amount of expertise in digital marketing, and particularly in paid search.
  • Reporting. You want to choose a PPC agency that shares information, both from the standpoint of what they are working on and what they are accomplishing.
  • Collaboration. Though some may prefer to let go of this highly technical process, the truth is that the goals of an advertising campaign are yours, and you need to be able to communicate with your PPC company and feel that they are your partner rather than simply running the show.

Key questions to ask any PPC company would seek information on:

  • Years of experience in Pay Per Click
  • Makeup of their team
  • Project management process
  • Familiarity with your vertical industry
  • What platforms do they work in
  • Are they certified in Google AdWords
  • What type of visibility/reporting do they provide into their process

The Cost of PPC Agency Services

PPC agencies charge a wide range of fees for their services, and it is difficult to determine whether a price that you’re quoted is reasonable or not. A quick check of the internet reveals hourly rates ranging from $25 per hour to $199 per hour, with no real sense for how long the process takes or what that includes.

In order to deliver the type of return on investment that you need to have your digital marketing campaign succeed, you should expect and want your PPC agency to spend a significant amount of time learning about your account and constantly trying to analyze the results that they are achieving in order to improve upon them. One important thing to remember is that the more ads you are running, the more analysis and keywords your PPC company will have to track, analyze, and manipulate.

Different PPC companies work with different pricing models.

  • Percentage of ad spend. These companies charge a percentage of the money that you’re spending on advertising, and this is often on a sliding scale fee where the percentage goes down as the ad buy amount goes up. These percentages usually start at 20%.
  • Management fee plus percent of ad spend. The companies charge a percentage of ad spend along with a management fee. These fees can range from $400 to $5,000 per month, plus the 20%+ percentage
  • Flat Fee Pricing. Some charge a predetermined flat fee based upon your specific goals.
  • Performance-based Pricing. Some charge for successful calls to action, including emails, click-throughs, trial signups, and inbound calls.

How We Chose the Best PPC Companies

Launching a PPC campaign is one of the most important things you can do to launch your new product, build brand awareness, and boost your ability to capture new leads and drive sales. Identifying the PPC agency that is best able to do that requires understanding your own budget and goals, but also knowing what it is that truly sets a PPC agency apart. Pricing structure, methodology, and reputation are all important, but when we made our selection we concluded that the following three factors were what made the real difference, and it was these elements that we weighted most heavily when assembling our list of the top 15 agencies.

Multiple Service Lines

PPC is one of the most effective ways of creating new lead sources and generating revenue, but when you’re choosing a company to help you build your business, you want to know that they can provide more than one path forward. PPC companies with multiple service lines invest in their own ability to conduct consumer research, to create engaging content, to strategize innovative brand and social media campaigns, and to solidify your digital identity. When you choose one company that is able to provide all of these services, you optimize your own time and ensure that your messaging is consistent across all platforms and user experiences.

Size of the PPC Agency

Choosing a small PPC agency provides a direct relationship with all of its stakeholders, and in the best circumstances that lead to a strong collaboration with empathetic partners. On the other hand, large firms that have expansive staffs are able to target individuals who are specialists with particular areas of expertise, whether that is in a service line or a vertical industry. Both have disadvantages as well as benefits and which size organization you prefer to work with is entirely up to you. We have chosen from a range of PPC agency sizes to allow you a broad range of options.

Industry Focus

A PPC company’s mission is to market your business, so choosing an agency that has specific, proven experience and success managing a campaign in your vertical market provides many advantages. The more familiar the PPC agency is with what your business does and who your customers are, the more authentic and effective your messaging will be.