There are tons of social media tools designed for individuals, but very few are built for agencies.

Sendible is one of the best-known management tools specifically designed for agency use.

It makes sense to consider signing up for Sendible if you run a social media marketing agency, or run a small business that has a team working on your social media marketing together.

In this review, I’ve structured it to answer the most common questions that agencies have when looking for a tool like this.

How Simple Is It to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in Sendible?

If you’re looking at Sendible, it means that you have multiple social media accounts. You probably have multiple accounts on each major platform.

The first thing you need is for a tool to support all your accounts.

The good news is that Sendible supports all the big sites, and even a bunch of less common ones.

Supported sites in Sendible

Overall, I find Sendible has an intuitive workflow.

You connect your accounts, then start scheduling content to post.

Scheduling is all done from one central place in the tool, and looks like this:

  1. Select the account to post to
  2. Write your message
  3. Attach any media you’d like
  4. Set the time to post it at.

Schedule Sendible post

You also have the option to repeat a post multiple times without having to re-type everything as some other tools make you do.
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Alternatively, you can make a content queue, where you add posts in bulk. Then, you configure a posting schedule, and that content will be posted according to those times.

Content queue in Sendible

You can add your most popular content to the queue for never-ending posts.

At any time, you can see your recent posts on your dashboard, and it’s clear which account made which post.

Sendible dashboard

Or, you can go to your calendar and see all upcoming posts on a visual calendar.

Social calendar in Sendible

This sort of feature set needs to be at the core of any social media management tool, and I think Sendible has implemented it well.

What Special Features Does Sendible Have?

There are many features beyond the basics in Sendible, but three stand out to me.

First is the content recommendation tool. You search by a topic, and it will pull up a virtually never-ending list of trending articles to share.

Sendible content recommendations

You can quickly schedule these posts to be shared to multiple accounts at once in just a few clicks.

This alone will save you time scouring blogs and news sites for content to share. There are third-party tools that do this, but you need to manually add them to your social media management tool, which wastes time.

The second big feature that Sendible has is a simple CRM that’s built-in.

If you’re using social media effectively, you’re not just automating everything. Instead, you’re interacting and building relationships with other social media users.

The Sendible CRM presents background information on anyone you’re in a conversation with, as well as your previous interactions.

Sendible CRM

It’s a nice tool to help you send customized, personal messages without having to spend a lot of time researching elsewhere.

Finally, Sendible offers Twitter auto-replies and auto-retweets. Sendible can monitor Twitter for certain keywords or hashtags and then post an automatic reply or retweet.

For example, if your client is involved with an industry event going on with a specific hashtag, you could retweet any post made automatically.

Or, if a Tweet contains a question related to your client’s content, you can automatically respond with a link to it and a short message.

What Reports Look Like in Sendible

Reports are incredibly powerful in Sendible, and can be tailored to whatever you’d like to show.

There is a variety of pre-assembled templates to analyze engagement, Twitter page, or even traffic.

Custom reports in Sendible

You can drag around elements on the page and edit them.

Report example in Sendible

They are designed to look extremely professional and presentable to clients.

On top of those pre-assembled templates, you can also build your own custom reports by picking from a variety of modules.

What Makes Sendible Suited for Agencies?

Sendible is overkill in most cases if you’re only managing a couple of your own accounts (unless they’re huge).

But, there are two aspects that make it well-built for an agency.

Built Around Collaboration

While it’s not necessary to manage your social media accounts as a team, you easily can.

Members of your team can be given permission to manage specific social media accounts that you’ve added.

Sendible permissions

You can limit permissions so that team members only see part of the platform.

This is particularly useful if your clients still would like to collaborate and add some content themselves. You can give them access to just the content queue. It’s simpler for them to use, and you still maintain most of the control over the account.

Additionally, when you schedule posts, there’s an option beside “schedule” labeled “send for approval.” You can have team members use this if you’d like to retain final approval on all posts.

Multiple White Label Options

Chances are that if you’re presenting a report to a client, you don’t want to have “Sendible” branding on it.

It also wouldn’t be professional to have zero branding on it whatsoever.

Sendible has the option to create brandable reports. In fact, Sendible encourages you to do this.

Branded report in Sendible

These reports look the exact same as regular reports, except that you can add your agency’s name to the top. It looks as if you built the report from scratch yourself.

Now, what if you collaborate with your clients, as previously mentioned? While it’s not terrible to ask them to create an account on Sendible, wouldn’t it be more impressive if you had your own custom management platform?

White label view in Sendible

Sendible offers this option for larger agencies. The exact same software, but all branding will be your own.

This obviously costs more but is a nice option to have.
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Is Sendible Worth the Cost?

There’s no doubt that Sendible is a great tool. It’s intuitive, has a polished design, and has all the features you’ll ever need.

But it also has a relatively high price tag.

Only you know if the price is too much for your business.

Keep in mind that there are multiple subscription levels, all with varying levels of features included. You’ll have to figure out exactly which features you’ll need.

It’s definitely possible to start at a lower tier, and then upgrade later on as your agency grows.

If the price does seem like it will be a problem, consider other competitors. They may not be quite as polished or as complete, but you may be able to find a more affordable tool that fits your basic needs.

If you’re not sure if Sendible will provide enough value to justify the cost, use the lengthy free trial they offer and find out.

How Good Is Sendible’s Support?

Before you seriously consider signing up, take a look at the Sendible help desk. This is your main source of support if you do run into problems.

This is one area of Sendible that I really do feel could be improved.

There are two main parts.

First is the support articles. These are divided into categories pretty well.

sendible support articles

They aren’t bad articles, but if you look through a few, you’ll see that they’re pretty basic. Typically they consist of a basic text list with instructions.

The other main area consists of video tutorials.

On one hand, the videos are very well done and useful.

The downside is that the video section links you to Sendible’s YouTube channel. You’re expected to look through or search for whatever topic you need help with because there’s absolutely no organization.

So the information is there, but I do believe it could be massively improved with an overhaul.

I think Sendible puts more of their focus on the software itself, with the belief that if the software is intuitive and reliable, you’ll never need support.

I’ll let you judge how important detailed guidance and support is for your business.
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Sendible is an incredibly complete and well-polished social media management tool, specifically built for agencies.

I’ve tested out many of these types of tools, and Sendible is honestly one of the best-assembled tools I’ve seen.

There’s a lot of customization available, while still keeping the interface simple and intuitive. The collaboration and white label options make it perfect for teams.