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Hootsuite is a marketing tool that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. With Hootsuite, you can view and publish to your accounts from one centralized dashboard instead of going to each platforms’ sites.

The Hootsuite Dashboard

The Hootsuite Dashboard allows you to manage all of your accounts from one centralized location. Currently, Hootsuite integrates with over thirty-five different providers, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can choose to watch and interact with your accounts on a single screen, or you can create tabbed pages where you interact with a fewer number of platforms.

The Hootsuite Mobile App and Browser Extension

To further simplify the management of your social media accounts, Hootsuite offers the following products:

  • The Hootsuite Mobile App makes it easy for you to edit, approve, and manage schedule messages no matter what time it is or where you are.
  • The Hootsuite Extension for Chrome allows you to schedule content you discover while surfing the internet.


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Content Scheduling

You can use Hootsuite to schedule content to go out at predetermined times, so there’s always fresh content for your visitors to see. You can do this on a one-off basis, or you can take advantage of the bulk scheduling tools.

More specifically, you’ll get features like:

  • Bulk scheduling: With a CSV file, you can upload and schedule hundreds of messages at once
  • Calendar: See what content you have scheduled to go live on any given day

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Content Curation

In addition to content that you’ve created, Hootsuite makes it easy for you to find content others have created that your users might find interesting. Within the Hootsuite Dashboard, you simply create “streams,” which are panels dedicated to displaying content on that platform that is relevant to the parameters you’ve set.

For example, if you’re the company behind a SQL client, you might create a stream that tracks Tweets that have the hashtag #sql. Whenever you find something you think your clients might be interested in, you can easily retweet using the provided button.

If you find interesting items, but you don’t think that now is the time to share, you can save these items into your content library. Hootsuite makes it easy for you to tag, search for, and look at usage stats for the items in your library.

If you have content stored in any cloud-based services, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box, you can integrate Hootsuite to pull from these areas and post on your behalf. You can do the same thing if you have things like RSS feeds — Hootsuite can populate your social profiles with content you gather this way.


Hootsuite’s powerful analytics tools let you know how your various social media efforts are doing. Rather than just throwing out content and hoping that something sticks, you can get actionable information, such as “Facebook converts, but no one is looking at our Instagram posts.”

The Dashboard gives you a clear, concise snapshot of your key metrics, so you can track trends and measure growth. This is a default feature, so you don’t have to do any setup to get access to this data.

You can also create what Hootsuite calls “Boards,” which are customized analytics dashboards that contain the data you have and need to tell your story. You can create your own Boards, or you can get started with templates provided by Hootsuite.

If you’d like to share your data, you can do so by exporting your reports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV formats. For deeper insight into your social media engagement and presence, you can integrate with third-party data tools, such as LiftMetrix, Klarity Analytics, Crowd Analyzer, and so on.

Team Metrics

Hootsuite offers support for teamwork when it comes to social media management. To determine how effective your overall team is in terms of social engagement, Hootsuite allows you to see things like how long it takes to respond to and resolve Tweets, Facebook posts, mentions, and comments.


As we’ve hinted at in the sections above, one of Hootsuite’s most powerful features is its ability to monitor key activity. One of the biggest issues with handling multiple social media platforms is the sheer amount of information that comes at you from all over the internet — with Hootsuite, you can filter out the noise, focus on the signal, and identify the content that you want to use and share.

The Dashboard allows you to create custom streams of content that is organized is a way that makes sense to you. You can customize your queries and group together content in a way that works for your business, and when something interesting pops up, you can triage the item to your team members for further action (this also means that you’ll be able to respond faster, since not everything is reliant on the work of just one person). The filters available to you include keyword, hashtags, and locations so that you can find things about your brand, your competitors, or your industry.

If Hootsuite doesn’t offer all of the functionality you need to monitor the conversations people are having about your business, you can easily add and integrate apps so that you can see them in your Hootsuite Dashboard.
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Team Management

While working as a team means that your business is more engaged and can get content out faster, you’ll want to make sure that everything is on-brand and positioned effectively. Hootsuite allows you to grant access to your social accounts to your employees without having to share passwords, set custom permissions levels, and manage tasks and assignments. Furthermore, everyone can see what others have done, so no one is surprised at what has been done and what hasn’t.


Contests are a great way to increase user engagement with your brand and your business, but the logistics of managing such contests (especially across multiple social platforms) can become challenging. Hootsuite comes with robust content management features, such as a custom form creation wizard for entries, entry moderation so that content you don’t want doesn’t slip through, campaign posting across multiple platforms, and in-depth analytics to see how your contest helped your business.


In addition to the security features we mentioned in the Team Management tool, Hootsuite comes with active account monitoring, which alerts you any time it finds suspicious activity on your account. Hootsuite also makes it easy for you to stay compliant, especially if you’re in a heavily-regulated field like medicine or finance, by supporting integrations with Proofpoint, ZeroFOX, Smarsh, Global Relay, and Actiance.

Pricing and Billing

Hootsuite offers multiple plans from which you can choose.

If you’re just getting started, or you’re not sure if Hootsuite is the right option for your business, you can use the limited free plan. You’ll be able to manage up to three social profiles, schedule up to 30 messages in advance, and get one administrative account.

If the free account is too limited for your needs, there are four paid plans from which you can choose. All come with a full, 30-day trial free of charge before you have to pay.

The entry-level option gets you support for ten social profiles, unlimited scheduling of content, and administrative access for one user. You’ll also get bulk scheduling features, real-time analytics, support for social sweepstakes, and RSS integrations.

The next plan up adds support for an additional ten social profiles, two more admin users, reports, team assignments, contest templates, a custom-branded URL, and social media certification.

The top-tier, pre-configured plan gets you everything we’ve already mentioned, plus support for a total of 50 social profiles, up to 10 admin users, data exports, approvals process for publishing items, app integrations, multiple custom-branded URLs, four social media certifications, 24/7 priority support, and 30 minutes of extended training for your users.

Finally, if you’re a large business whose needs exceed the plans listed above, you can opt for an enterprise-level subscription that is built around the needs of your company. Because these plans are developed based on the needs of your organization, the cost will vary based on the options you choose.
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Technical Support and Customer Service

Hootsuite offers many helpful resources. In addition to an extensive knowledge base, FAQ page, video courses that teach you how to use Hootsuite, and a community forum, you can get in touch with the Hootsuite team via Live Chat or its Twitter profile dedicated to customer support requests. If you’d like access to 24/7 priority support, this comes with premium subscription packages.


If you find the task of managing multiple social media profiles overwhelming, Hootsuite would be a good option for you to look into. In addition to providing a centralized location where you can see your social activity and post updates, you’ll get data on how well your efforts are working.