As a small business owner, your plate is already full. Generating leads and growing revenue can be daunting.

You’ll need a website designed and built, professional copy writer, marketing strategist, and advertising professional. Then you need an analytics pro to figure out what’s working, and what’s not; what to do more of, what to do less of.

Professional services for any one of these can run into 5 figures — regardless of the results delivered.

Too often, marketing pros are little more than snake oil salesmen. Small business owners who don’t have first-hand knowledge of these fields are at a disadvantage for assessing who to trust or what service to buy.

So what’s a budget-conscious small business owner to do? Struggle with DIY?

Adzooma is an interesting service that offers a solution. This company has a verifiable track record of:

  • Creating small business websites that convert visitors into leads at a high rate
  • Running effective ads that reach targeted audiences

And this is at a price much lower than that charged by agencies and other professionals.

About Adzooma: Business Websites and Advertising Services

Adzooma was founded to help companies of all sizes navigate the online advertising process.

The company has over ten years of experience doing this One of its biggest selling points is the smart advertising software they originally developed for internal use: the company now make this accessible to its customers in addition to its original advertising services.

adzooma homepage
Adzooma is designed to help companies of all sizes

Get a Business Website

Adzooma’s “Business Page” service provides a professionally-designed, well-written, and highly-targeted one-page website that is designed to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Built for Conversions

Professional copywriters craft the content to optimize conversions while minimize cost-per-acquisition.

Client Diamond Roofing saw a jump to 17% conversions, while Barnes Roffe saw a 35% reduction in cost per lead.

diamond roofing business page

Diamond Roofing opted for an Adzooma Business Page and advertising. Result: 17% conversion rate.

Simple Process

Here’s how the process works for getting a Business Page:

  1. You provide information to Adzooma about your business via their questionnaire and a phone call.
  2. Adzooma creates your website.
  3. Your website goes live and begins to bring in traffic.

Why a Single-Page Website?

As we’ve briefly mentioned, all the Business Pages built by Adzooma are single-page websites.

This is a well-known and effective marketing tactic. It steers the viewers focus to the key message and the call-to-action. There is no navigation (or “detour”) the visitor can become distracted by.

Professional marketers understand that for many businesses, if their viewers get lost in a sea of web pages, conversions may decrease.

northwood probate business page
Northwood Bank opted for an Adzooma Business page and advertising and saw positive ROI within 3 weeks.

What if You Already Have a Website?

That said many businesses benefit from content marketing and SEO via a well-written and active blog. Theses businesses can still reap the wins from a highly focused landing page created to capture leads.

If you have a website and you’re not acquiring the number of leads you’d like, consider a strategy like Adzooma’s.

Site Maintenance Handled For You

All of the pages built by Adzooma are responsive to ensure that all visitors see a quality version of your website. The company also handles everything related to maintenance and is fully secure so you never have to worry about malicious activity.

As you can see, Adzooma offers a unique service designed to improve a small business owner’s advertising efforts.

It isn’t the cheapest option available, but it does a good job of straddling the line between DIY (low cost, high effort) and hiring a full-service agency (high cost, low effort).

barnes roffe business page

Barnes Roffe Certified Accountants already had a website. They had Adzooma create multiple Business Pages, each for a specific service. Result: 35% reduction in cost-per-lead. And 5% of visitors became leads.

Testing Adzooma Business Pages: Impressive Speed, Performance, and SEO

There are hundreds of website platforms, CMSs (content management systems), and services out there. But most disappoint on speed.

Why is Site Loading Speed Important?

How fast your site loads is one of the most important — and overlooked — factors for the success of your site.

It affects how your site ranks in search engine results.

Research by Google and other sources has shown that if your site doesn’t load quickly enough, it will drive visitors away, costing you conversions — and revenue.

A single additional second can hit your bottom line by a significant percentage.

Unfortunately, it’s only after you create your DIY website (or have one created for you) that you can test for speed. And, to be fair, some site owners can bog their sites down by adding lots of high-resolution images after launch.

We decided to test some of Adzooma’s client sites out. We used two top industry tools: Pingdom’s Speed Test and Google Page Insights. The latter score combines speed and performance (such as how well coded a site is).

Fast Load Times, Quality Performance

Results: Pingdom tests showed that the Adzooma sites loaded in under 1 second. Their load times are displayed below in milliseconds.

Adzooma client Business Pages also scored extremely well in Google Page Insights: with all desktop performance scores coming in at a perfect 100 and mobile scores testing very high. (Google considers a score of 90 and above as “fast.”)

Adzooma ClientLoad timeDesktop ScoreMobile Score
Northwood671 ms10094
Paws Hooves Whiskers749 ms10096
Barnes Roffe Certified Accountants686 ms10093
Diamond Roofing761 ms10093

Many top (and expensive) industry sites fail to score anywhere near these levels.

For example, Wired magazine’s Google Page Speed score for mobile is a dismal 26 and CNN’s is 1 (no, there are no digits missing). Google’s own Think With Google site scores an 81 on mobile. Their Developer site scores a 34 on mobile.

adzooma screenshot

Fast site loading times: A sample from our testing of Adzooma’s Business Pages.

Testing Adzooma’s SEO

We tested Adzooma client pages to see the quality of their SEO. To do this we used Google Developer Tools; specifically, their Lighthouse auditing tool.

We tested the same set of client sites as those listed in the table above. All scored a perfect 100% on SEO.

adzooma seo test
This test of Northwood’s site revealed a perfect SEO score of 100. The site was created by Adzooma. This image shows a small detail from Google’s testing data.

What do Adzooma’s Business Pages Cost?

Prices for Adzooma’s web pages start at just $49 a month, and there are four different pricing tiers from which you can choose.

The more you spend, the more advertising you receive.

While this price is much steeper than just a no-frills web hosting package, Adzooma bundles in everything you need, including hosting and the professional services required.

There are no minimum contract terms and you can cancel at any time.

Effective Online Advertising Done for You

Advertising on the internet can be difficult. Advertising, which requires the crafting of compelling visuals and copy is just a small segment of digital marketing.

To succeed, especially in the world where search engine optimization (SEO) reigns supreme, you’ll need to know about all things keywords (matching, long-tails, negative), ad groups, ad extensions, and so on.

No idea what any of these words mean? You’ll have to learn. Furthermore, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of an effective search campaign, how to target different segments (e.g., desktop vs. mobile).

Adzooma’s goal is to handle all of this for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Adzooma is a Google Premier Partner. Google Partners are companies trained and certified by Google to effectively create and manage Google ads.

So what’s a Premier Partner? In Google’s words:

  • A Premier Partner must meet Google’s “performance requirement by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base.”
  • Premier Partners also must “Meet a higher spend requirement” across all their client accounts to demonstrate that the company “has a healthy amount of activity.”
  • Google Premier Parters must employ at least “two users certified in Google Ads.”

In other words, a Premier Partner has successfully, consistently, and over time, helped clients earn revenue from Google ads.

Adzooma focuses on helping businesses advertise effectively on Google.

In addition to helping you with web pages, Adzooma can:

  • Make sure that people can find you when they search for keywords relevant to your business
  • Draft effective advertisments
  • Provide you with reports that tell you how you’re advertising efforts are doing

More specifically, Adzooma helps you reduce your spending on advertisements by targeting them toward those who would most likely spend money with you.

Google operates a pay-per-click (PPC) model, so you don’t want your website popping up and enticing users to click . . . when they aren’t your target audience and wouldn’t be interested in buying from you.

What’s Required to Get Started?

On your end, you just need to fill out a four-step form and jump on a call with Adzooma to provide it with information about your company.

On Adzooma’s end — well, the company’s client success managers (who are Google certified professionals and therefore Google-trained to work with ads) and staff handle 100% of the rest on your behalf, including campaign management after you launch your project.

Or DIY With Adzooma’s Software

As we mentioned, Adzooma also offers it’s user-friendly software to help people easily place effective ads and track results.

What Does Adzooma’s Advertising Cost?

Adzooma’s pricing plans begin at $299 per month, and you get everything you need to start your Google Ads campaign.

You’ll also get $75 of free advertising in your first month, as well as a monthly $180 limit on ads in general.

This means that if you want to run a larger campaign, your monthly spending might exceed the monthly Adzooma price by quite a bit.

Much Cheaper Than an Agency

This might sound expensive, but Adzooma provides such services to you at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing or advertising agency.


Adzooma has developed highly-intelligent software to gather and analyze your websites results — the software does the hard work for you, saving you money.

Caveat: PPC Advertising Only

Adzooma focuses on pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google and does not offer other types of advertising such as retargeting or display ads.

You can always work with another vendor for such services, but if you want a multi-modal advertising agency, Adzooma isn’t the right fit for you.

What is PPC Health Check?

Adzooma’s PPC Health Check is a stand-alone product geared toward those who have already have active Google Ads campaign running and want to assess how effective these campaigns are.

The Health Check allows you to link your Google Ads account to Adzooma’s software, which runs 47 automated tests on your campaigns.

It tests things like:click-through rates quality score (measures the quality and relevance of your keywords and Ads and affects how much your clicks cost), and other stats to see how well your ads are doing.

When the test is done, you’ll get your results in an easy-to-read report.


Frequently Asked Questions About Adzooma

Here are a couple of common Q&As on Adzooma’s services. Have a different question? Feel free to post it in the comments section below this article, and we’ll be happy to answer it.

If I use Adzooma to for my advertising services, do I need to purchase Health Check separately?

No, Health Check comes standard with Adzooma’s advertising plans.

Do I need Adzooma’s advertising services if I hire them to create my website?

Discuss your strategy with Adzooma: multiple factors may come into play, such as your revenue goals and past performance of your lead generation campaigns. To be clear, the one-page site Adzooma builds for you is designed to rank well on Google, but it doesn’t come with ads and ad placement. If you want these services, you’ll need to purchase an advertising package in addition to the webpage design plan.


Adzooma’s one-page offering is unique in that you get a website designed to convert and increase your bottom line.

Furthermore, the company does everything for you, meaning that you’re free to focus your time elsewhere.

Similarly, the company’s advertising service is also a unique option that takes advantage of technology to save you time and money.

Both are great options for busy individuals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who would rather pay to have someone else handle such tasks.

Contributing Editors: Sherrie Gossett and Conor Sheils