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The Top Five Grammar Check Software Providers

Grammarly Logo


Best grammar check software

  • Real-time grammar checker
  • Grammarly’s extensions enable it to be used on most websites
  •  Free plan


  • Starting price
    • Free
  • Integrations
    Great integrations
  • Plagiarism checker
    Comes with premium and business plan
  • Cost effectiveness
    Versatile features with low cost
Grammarly is a grammar-checking tool that offers a wide range of features, including real-time feedback, and team tools. It comes with a shallow learning curve and is easy to use.

Grammarly is the overall best grammar checker software thanks to its accuracy, wide range of features at a reasonable price, and built-in integrations with popular tools and platforms. It offers a robust set of features for individual users as well as for businesses and teams of all sizes.

I found its strongest features to be ease of use, integrations, and accurate results. It’s also the best free grammar check software on this list, thanks to its comprehensive free plan.

If you're a Google Chrome user, you can get the Grammarly extension to check your words as you type. The extension supports Gmail, Facebook, and even social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. On top of that, Grammarly has a free grammar checker app that you can use on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Who is Grammarly best for?

I found that Grammarly is a good choice for those who need an accurate and comprehensive grammar checker that works wherever you write. It has a free plan and comes with useful features such as advanced grammar and spelling checks, which will help you produce error-free writing.

Recent upgrades to Grammarly

Grammarly upgrades its software regularly to make sure that its users are getting the best possible experience. Most recently, Grammarly rolled out two new upgrades to their auto-citation tool that make it easier for students who write research papers to use. With the auto citation feature, tens of millions of articles in the 10 largest research databases are automatically cited.

Grammarly pricing

Grammarly pricing is the most cost-effective option compared with any of its competitors. It includes a free plan that checks grammar and spelling and makes vocabulary suggestions. The premium version of Grammarly starts at $12 per user per month and includes advanced features such as grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and writing style detection. For teams, Grammarly offers a three-user minimum business plan that starts at $15 per user per month.

Pros and cons of Grammarly


  • Very accurate
  • Comprehensive free plan
  • Works on all platforms


  • Doesn’t support multilingual
  • Doesn’t work offline
    Ginger Logo


    Best grammar check software for AI writing assistance

    • Grammar checker that is fast and effective
    • Sentence rephrasing option
    • Works as a multilingual grammar checker


    • Starting price
      • Free
    • Integrations
      Works across multiple platforms
    • Plagiarism checker
      Not included
    • Cost effectiveness
      Versatile features with low cost
    Ginger Software is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that can help you improve your text by suggesting context-based corrections or rephrasing. It also has a translation feature that can rewrite your text in over 40 languages.

    Ginger is an AI-based writing assistant that offers real-time suggestions as you type, grammar and spell checking, sentence structure rephrasing, a dictionary, and more.

    Just like Grammarly, Ginger offers a free plan that comes with real-time grammar suggestions, spelling corrections, and vocabulary enhancements. Its strongest selling point over Grammarly is its multilingual support — it can check grammar in more than 40 languages. It also offers a translation feature, which I found handy for writing mixed text or entire messages in a foreign language.

    Ginger comes with browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Safari that work directly in your browser and corrects your texts as you type. They also offer multiple free website tools like a grammar checker, spell checker, and dictionary.

    A downside is that Ginger doesn't provide plagiarism detection like Grammarly and Quillbot does. This wasn’t a problem for me as a general user, but could be an issue for teams and professional writers.

    Who is Ginger best for?

    I found Ginger is a good fit for teams, writers, and students. Thanks to Ginger's wide range of features, it can help with a variety of writing tasks, from simple grammar and spell checking to more complex ones like sentence rephrasing and synonym selection. If you need to write in a foreign language, or if you often find yourself needing to translate text, then Ginger is the best grammar check software for you. Because Ginger works within multiple platforms including Gmail, it's a great tool for email marketing, since it's important to be precise when writing email content.

    Recent upgrades to Ginger

    Ginger updates its software frequently, and its latest big release was Ginger grammar checker API. This update allows developers to access Ginger’s grammar-checking engine via an application programming interface (API), making it possible to integrate Ginger into third-party applications. This is an ideal update for those who need grammar checkers in custom applications or on websites.

    Ginger pricing

    Ginger offers a limited free plan and a premium plan that starts at $4.99 per month and includes features such as unlimited rephrases, multilingual support, and integrations. For teams, Ginger offers a business plan that starts at $4.99 per user, per month with a minimum of three users. It includes all of the features of the premium plan, as well as some team tools.

    Pros and cons of Ginger


    • Works on multiple browsers
    • Supports many languages
    • Personal trainer feature that catches grammatical errors


    • Doesn’t Include a plagiarism detector
    • Lacking In reporting tools
      Hemingway Logo


      Best grammar check software for readability

      • Provides readability level
      • Real-time text feedback
      • Helpful free plan


      • Starting price
        • Free
      • Integrations
        None. Web tool and desktop app available
      • Plagiarism checker
        Not included
      • Cost effectiveness
        Free tool with an exceedingly high value
      Hemingway highlights complex sentences and gives your text a readability score. Hemingway is for those who need to keep their writing consistent and easy to understand.

      Hemingway is the best grammar check software for improving readability. Thanks to its robust readability features, Hemingway made my writing clearer and easier to read. It's a good choice for those who need to communicate clearly, whether you're writing for an international audience or just want to make your writing simpler.

      Hemingway's main strength is its ability to simplify complex language. Hemingway provided a readability score for my text, which is based on the number of words, sentences, and syllables. The lower the score, the easier your text is to read. It highlights adverbs, passive voice, and complicated phrases in your text. Hemingway offers suggestions to make your writing simpler.

      Hemingway detects grammar and spelling errors, though not as comprehensively as Grammarly or Ginger. However, Hemingway's readability features mean it works well for those who want to simplify their written communication.

      Who is Hemingway best for?

      We found that Hemingway is best for those who prioritize short sentences and clarity. Whether you’re a student, professional, or non-native English speaker, Hemingway can help you make your writing simpler and easier to read. You can use it both as a mid-sized and a small business software.

      Recent upgrades

      Latest upgrade to Hemingway is its new desktop editor called Hemingway Editor 3.0. This new version includes features such as offline editor, dark mode, and a better Wordpress integration. These new features make Hemingway an even better choice for those who want to improve their writing clarity.

      Hemingway pricing

      Hemingway offers a free online editor as well as a paid desktop app for $19.99. The desktop app includes all of the features of the online editor, plus a few extras like offline support and PDF exporting. Hemingway's paid plan is a cheap long-term option — even cheaper than the other grammar check software we tested, if you plan to use it for more than a year. There are no additional charges for the updates to Hemingway's desktop app.

      Pros and cons of Hemingway


      • Gives text readability level
      • Helpful suggestions
      • Free web tool


      • Limited overall features
      • No browser extensions for checking text
        Quillbot Logo


        Best grammar check software for paraphrasing

        • Citation generation, paraphrasing, and summarizing
        • Generous free account
        • Provides free grammar checking tools on its website


        • Starting price
          • Free
        • Integrations
          Word and Chrome extensions
        • Plagiarism checker
          Included in the premium plan
        • Cost effectiveness
          Excellent free and premium website tools
        Quillbot is an ideal tool for those who need help paraphrasing or rewriting text. Quillbot can improve your writing by helping you choose better words, rephrase awkward sentences, and avoid plagiarism.

        Quillbot sets itself apart from other alternatives thanks to its excellent paraphrasing and rewriting capabilities. As I tested Quillbot, it took a piece of text, then rephrased it in a way that retained the original meaning, but made the text more concise. This is extremely useful for students who need to rewrite essays or businesses that need to generate new content quickly.

        Quillbot includes built-in plagiarism detection in its premium plan with the goal of helping users avoid accidental plagiarism. The software also includes a thesaurus, grammar checker, and word counter.

        In terms of accuracy, I found Quillbot on par with the other grammar checkers on this list. It caught all of the errors I introduced in test documents and provided helpful suggestions for correcting them. Obviously, no grammar checker is perfect and will make occasional mistakes.

        Like other options on this list, Quillbot offers a Chrome extension that can be used anywhere you write online. The extension will highlight errors in real time as you type and make correction suggestions. Quillbot will also give you the option to see a writing summary to check for errors.

        Who is Quillbot best for?

        Whether you're a student or professional who writes regularly, Quillbot can improve your writing. It's a great grammar checker for students who need to write essays, reports, or papers for class, as well as professionals and teams who need to produce error-free writing for work.

        Recent upgrades to Quillbot

        Quillbot hasn't done any large public updates recently, but one of their last updates was a grammar checker tool. The grammar checker is designed to help you improve your writing by catching mistakes and suggesting corrections. The tool is available for free on Quillbot's website.

        Quillbot Pricing

        Quillbot has a free plan that includes 125 paraphrases per month and 1,200 summaries per month. With their $19.95 per-month premium plan, you will get extra options such as unlimited paraphrases, summaries, and plagiarism checks.

        Pros and cons of Quillbot


        • Generous free tools
        • Plagiarism checker included in premium plan
        • 72-hour premium plan money-back guarantee


        • Not as helpful as other software for catching grammar errors
        • Only two writing modes for free accounts
          Writer Logo


          Best grammar check software for teams

          • Content rules for businesses
          • Easy to navigate
          • Unique style guide checker


          • Starting price
            • Free
          • Integrations
            No integrations. Web tool available
          • Plagiarism checker
            Includes free plagiarism checker
          • Cost effectiveness
            Free tool with an exceedingly high value
          Writer.com is an ideal grammar checker for teams who need to produce error-free work. The software comes with the best team collaboration features of any grammar checker I tested, including real-time editing, writing rules, and style guidelines.

          Writer.com is the best grammar check software for teams, thanks to its focused features such as writing style configuration, team management, and collaboration tools. These allow teams to work together on writing projects with ease and produce error-free writing.

          One of Writer's strongest selling points is the documentation feature. I was able to configure a team writing style to make all of my documents sound like they were written by the same person. This includes options for things like voice and tense. You can also manage your team's access to documents and see in real time who is working on what.

          In terms of integrations, Writer integrates with all of the most popular productivity tools such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Dropbox and Evernote. Using this feature, teams can use Writer and integrate their team's writing styles regardless of the tools they’re already using.

          When compared with its close competitor Grammarly, Writer stands out as a better tool for teams. This is due to Writer’s focus on team management and collaboration, where Grammarly lacks depth.

          Who is Writer best for?

          After doing extensive testing, I found that Writer is the best grammar check software for teams. It's perfect for teams who need to produce error-free writing, thanks to its management and collaboration features. If you're looking for a tool to help your team work better together on writing projects, Writer is the best option.

          Recent upgrades to Writer

          Writer excels in team features and is popular with both small and large teams, with new features being added regularly. A CoWrite tool has been added to the latest version, enabling the design of team templates for specific uses such as email marketing and marketing campaigns. Your team's style guide can be directly integrated into the CoWrite tool, so the content is on-brand right away.


          Writer offers four different plans, starting with free. It includes basic features such as grammar and a spell-check tool. For teams, the prices start at $18 per user, per month, which includes most team features such as roles, terminology management, and version control. If you need the full feature suite, you can opt for the enterprise plan, which comes custom priced.

          Pros and cons of Writer


          • Includes multiple team features
          • Easy to manage and add new users
          • Tons of free resources


          • Not designed For single users
          • If you already use grammar checkers like Grammarly, grammar and proofreading options are redundant

            Compare the Best Grammar Check Software

            Grammar check softwareStarting priceBest features
            Best grammar check softwareGrammarly-logo

            Why it’s best overall:
            Grammarly offers versatile tools and features across its free plan and many affordable paid packages. High accuracy, plagiarism detection, good integrations, and ease of use all made it rank first.

            • Grammarly’s extensions enable it to be used on most websites
            • Real-time suggestions to help write clearer text
            • Excellent free version
            Best grammar check software for AI writing assistanceGinger-logo
            • Real-time writing suggestions on multiple platforms
            • Sentence rephrasing suggestions
            • Text translation for 40 different languages
            Best grammar check software for readabilityHemingway-logo
            • Simplifies your text
            • Gives you readability level
            • Excellent free online platform
            Best grammar check software for paraphrasingQuillbot-logo
            • Provides free grammar checker tools on its website
            • Gives different ways to write a sentence
            • Article summarizer
            Best grammar check software for teamsWriter-logo
            • Team guidelines
            • Integrations
            • Robust editorial customization

            What You Need to Know About Grammar Check Software

            How does a grammar checker work?

            Grammar check software scans your text, checking for errors such as misspelled words, punctuation mistakes, and poor sentence structure.

            Is grammar check software 100% correct?

            Grammar check software is generally accurate for spelling and grammar errors. But it’s best to review each suggestion to check for accuracy. No grammar checker will be 100% accurate for every style of writing. If you write fiction, you may find a lot of content is flagged that shouldn’t be, such as slang or fragmented sentences. However, article and blog writing should get the highest level of accuracy from top grammar check software.

            Is grammar check software free?

            Most grammar check software offers a free version, but features are limited. You can access more features, such as rephrasing, multilingual support, and team integrations.

            Does grammar check software integrate with browsers and other tools?

            Grammar checkers should match the needs of teams and individuals who use different tools and platforms to get the job done — whether it’s Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or something else. That way, you can get your grammar checking done without having to run a separate program. All of the grammar checkers on this list have built-in integrations for popular tools and platforms.

            Does grammar check software detect plagiarism?

            All of the grammar checkers on this list include built-in plagiarism tools, or at least have the option to add them for an additional fee.

            How I Rated the Best Grammar Check Providers

            Writers and editors need grammar check software today just as much as they need the best SEO software. And certain features are must-haves in a grammar checker. Aside from accuracy, you need an affordable, easy, and up-to-date grammar check program to help you create the best content.

            I signed up to see what each grammar check software offers new users, and how easy it is to navigate around each brand’s dashboard. I placed a lot of value on the available features and the accuracy provided by the platform.

            Here are some of the factors I tested:

            • Accuracy: How many errors can the grammar checker find and fix? How many errors were flagged incorrectly or missed?
            • Features: Does the software have a wide range of features, is it lacking in some areas, what’s the depth of features, and how does it compare with competitors?
            • Ease of use: How easy is it to use the software? Is the interface user-friendly, or is it confusing and difficult to navigate? How fast can I train my team to use it?
            • Software updates: Is the software updated regularly with features and improvements? Is the company behind the software committed to making it better for you?
            • Integrations: Does the software work well with other tools, such as browsers or document software?
            • Value: While most grammar check software offers a free version, I looked at paid plans to consider how useful the added features are compared to the cost.