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Mailigen is a powerful yet easy to use email marketing software that comes packed with features.

Mailigen’s email marketing platform allows you to send unlimited emails, schedule automated message delivery, build a list of contacts, import email addresses, and run split tests by sending different message versions of the same campaign to different members.

Mailigen’s cheapest email marketing plan is  10.00 per month and with you get an all-features-included 30-day free trial.

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Mailigen reviews

About Mailigen

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Mailigen is a New York-based email marketing service provider. Two tech experts, Arturs Bernovskis and Janis Rose, established the company in 2010 with the goal of creating an email marketing service that would be cost-effective, flexible, and simple to use for people who have very little technical skills.

While Mailigen has been around for a shorter time compared to other veteran email marketing companies, the company has grown to become an impressive key market player.

Some of their notable clients include G4S, Forbes, Toyota, Honda, and BMW.

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Mailigen Features

Mailigen has been around for a shorter time compared to other email software companies, but the company has quickly grown to become an impressive key market player. Mailigen delivers high functionality in an intuitive email-marketing platform. It’s designed with ease of use in mind and has plenty of plans as well as features to offer.

The following are some of the main features to expect when using Mailigen to manage an email marketing campaign.

Try Mailigen. 30-day free trial means it’s risk-free – trust us

Pricing & Plans

Mailigen email marketing software plans vary based on the size of your list or the number of email credits that you buy. You can choose to pay for plans via credit card or email credits.

A 30-day free trial version is available, and you don’t need to provide your billing information when signing up.

Send Out Unlimited Messages

You can send as many email messages as you want with no limit whatsoever when using any Mailigen email marketing plan.

This applies to all list-based plans, which is great for companies with contacts they need to reach frequently and not worry about exceeding a plan’s limits.

A/B Split Testing with Subject Line Advisor

A/B split testing lets you create and send multiple messages of the same campaign while tweaking a few elements to see which version provides the best results.

The split testing options on Mailigen let you test aspects such as the subject line, sender’s name, email content, time or day of sending, and much more.

Mailigen may be used to add extra dynamic content to emails if the recipient meets a particular defined rule.

These features are vital for small businesses looking to get the most out of email marketing. Most email platforms offer this functionality, so this isn’t an area where Mailigen stands out. But, they do meet industry standards.

Email Automation Options

One unique aspect that makes Mailigen so easy to use is automation. For example, the auto-responder can schedule messages to be sent at a later date or time.

You can also auto-post campaigns to social media or add several RSS feeds to your email campaign. Once set up and scheduled, RSS-to-Email newsletter automation will enable subscribers on your list to receive email updates about new blog posts automatically.

Why is Automation Important to Small Businesses?

For new or smaller businesses, automation features help you put your limited resources to better use. You could, for example, create a drip campaign for new newsletter sign-ups to educate them about how your business can help solve their problem. It can also increase the lifetime value of your customers through follow-up emails enticing new customers to make related purchases.

List Reconfirm & Double Opt-In

Mailigen allows you to choose between a single opt-in or a double opt-in when signing up new customers. A double opt-in requires both a sign-up and a confirmation. The added step ensures you only add people who really want to hear from you to your list.

Why Double Opt-In Matters for Small Businesses

They also offer a reconfirm tag, which allows you to reconfirm any emails you currently have or are planning to import have agreed to be on your list. This makes it less likely you will be accused of spamming and is one part of being GDPR-compliant.

SMS Marketing

Mailigen lets marketers collect phone numbers via sign up forms and send text messages to recipients in more than 200 countries. SMS marketing is a premium service but it provides the opportunity to reach your target audience anywhere and anytime.

What’s more, Mailigen puts useful tools at your disposal such as SMS audience segmentation, mobile marketing reports, as well as the integration of SMS campaigns with email marketing and Google Analytics.

Mailigen resources for users

Templates and Forms

Unlike most email marketing service providers, Mailigen offers no pre-designed template forms. Nonetheless, form creation is a fairly simple process. First, you need to specify design elements for the signup form.

This includes aspects such as background colors, label on the sign-up button, button position, form fields and title.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG)

Mailigen offers a WYSIWYG editor that even generates a preview as you design the web form. When done, simply click the “save changes” button. From there, you can copy a unique link and HTML code that Mailigen offers.

The link and code can then be embedded on a website, forum, or social media profile where you want the sign-up form to appear. Mailigen’s Facebook app also lets you place sign-up forms on your fan page.

For small businesses without a dedicated developer, the WYSIWYG editor is vital. While other email marketing solutions may offer more customization, they also require a much higher skill set. Mailigen makes it easy to create beautiful emails.

Contact Management

Mailigen makes it easy to grow and manage your email list. Email addresses can be added to the list individually, via sign up forms, or imported in .CSV, .TXT and .XLS files.

In contrast to other email marketing applications that count two entries of the same email address separately, Mailigen automatically detects and corrects redundancy in your mailing list. This means that any repeated emails will be deleted, which is a great feature when on the list-based plans.

List segmentation options on Mailigen are generally basic, allowing you to segment subscribers based on their contact information or activities such as clicks, opens, and opt-ins.

As an added benefit, Mailigen integrates with several CRM software systems so you can track clients across touch points. This helps small businesses stay organized and follow up when appropriate.

Perform Online Surveys

This feature gives you the ability to get detailed feedback from your audience so you can create better, more targeted email campaigns. You can also use the information to segment your emails, sending more personalized messages. For small businesses, this can provide a much-needed competitive edge.

Simple Email Creation

Compared to other email service providers like iContact and Aweber, Mailigen offers fewer email templates. This email marketing service provides about 130 templates plus 5 basic layouts. The Drag and Drop email editor lets you customize pre-selected templates in HTML and design mode.

For more unique email messages, Mailigen allows users to custom design templates in HTML. There’s also the option of importing email templates into your account. The best part is that Mailigen creates responsive emails that are optimized for mobile viewing.

You can create email messages that have pictures and social media buttons using this marketing application. The program hosts up to 10MB of images free of charge. Storage space may be increased to 100MB but that would come at an additional fixed monthly cost.

The email editor lets you save messages to use again. However, it would have been much more convenient to use if it was not missing features such as demographics segmentation, inbox preview and spam checking, which are offered in other email marketing applications.

Help and Support

Besides live chat, phone, and email, Mailigen also supports marketers through their resource center.

The resource center is a hub of knowledge that comes replete with how-to guides, white papers, data sheets, marketing planning tools, and video tutorials.

For small business owners looking to grow and learn, the resource center is an extremely useful feature.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools in Mailigen are limited to the basics. You can use the application to generate reports on link clicks, bounce rates, opened emails, forwarded emails, and the number of unsubscribers. The graphs are plotted against time to help you gauge past and current performance of marketing campaigns.

These reports are downloadable as Excel spreadsheets or in PDF format. Best of all, Mailigen integrates with Google Analytics, which can gather much more detailed stats than the built-in reporting tools.

In addition, Mailigen offers real-time tracking of data such as opens, link clicks, location, and much more. This data is vital for small businesses looking to find ways to be more effective in their email marketing. For example, you can see exactly why a specific email wasn’t effective.

Integration and APIs

Another fantastic feature is the integrations and APIs for Mailigen. For example, you can integrate with ecommerce software like Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento or CRMs including ZOHO, Strip, and Batchbook. Mailigen also integrates with social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Other integrations include WordPress, Zumo, and Optimonk.

Pros and Cons

Is Mailigen a good email marketing software to use? For small businesses, the answer comes down to what features you need and if the email marketing platform will grow with you. Consider the following pros and cons before you make your decision.


  1. 30 day free trial with no payment information required.
  2. Scalable and flexible premium plans.
  3. Google analytics integration and A/B split testing capabilities at no additional cost.
  4. Easy to use emailing tool can create responsive templates and edit their HTML code.
  5. Integration of SMS and email marketing.
  6. Ability to create online surveys.
  7. Integration with social media and over 100 CRM (customer relationship management) applications.
  8. Mailigen lets customers participate in their affiliate program.
  9. Duplicate emails on the list are automatically deleted to eliminate redundancy.


  1. Built-in reporting tools do not provide that much information on customer behavior.
  2. Few email templates and no pre-designed sign-up forms. The email editor also lacks a spam checker and the ability to preview messages before sending.
  3. List segmentation could be a bit more functional.


Mailigen is an easy to use auto-responder with plenty of useful functions. It allows you to send unlimited emails, schedule automated message delivery, build a list of contacts, import email addresses, and run split tests by sending different message versions of the same campaign to different members.

This platform also integrates mobile marketing and Google Analytics with your email campaign.

The email creator is very intuitive despite having a few drawbacks and the form builder creates sign up web forms in minutes. All of these features make Mailigen a well-rounded email marketing system that can cater to businesses of any size.

Since the 30-day free trial (all features included) does not obligate you to upgrade to a paid plan, give it a go to see what you think about this email-marketing platform.

Try Mailigen. 30-day free trial means it’s risk-free – trust us

Mailigen Plans & Prices

Mailigen offers monthly or pay-­as-­you-go email marketing plans, that vary based on the size of your contact list or the number of email credits that you purchase. You can choose to pay for plans via credit card or buying email credits. For more information and latest and most up to date prices visit Mailigen website.

PlanContactsFree TrialMonthly Price
Monthly Plan 500 30-days 10.00
Monthly Plan 2,500 30-days 25.00
Monthly Plan 5,000 30-days 40.00
Monthly Plan 10,00 30-days 60.00
Monthly Plan 25,000 30-days 120.00
Monthly Plan 50,000 30-days 200.00
Monthly Plan 100,000+ 30-days Price on Request


Try Mailigen. Free 30-day trial. It’s risk free, trust us


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