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Keap is an industry leading email marketing software and all-in-one marketing platform. Aimed at helping small businesses automate their and marketing efforts, by combining CRM, email marketing, lead capture and ecommerce all in one place.

Keap is a great solution for small businesses looking to integrate their marketing and sales systems. Go ahead and register for a free demo, find out if this automated system is right for your business. Keap’s cheapest marketing software plan is  39.00 per month.

Given that there are various laudable all-in-one marketing products such as Moosend, what sets Keap apart and what kinds of businesses is it best for? Read on to find out!

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About Keap

Founded by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau in 2001, Keap was originally a tech company that developed custom software for small businesses. Since then Keap’s marketing automation system has undergone phenomenal growth and popularity as an industry leading small business CRM and email marketing software. At the time of writing this review, the company serves more than 10,000 small businesses and 39,000+ users from all over the world. Today, Keap is a respected fortune 500 company. Their innovative product has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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  • Founded by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau in 2001.

Keap: Company Background

Founded in 2001, Keap was originally a tech company that developed custom software for small businesses.

After countless of interactions with many clients, the founders at Keap discovered that most systems that businesses used were not integrating with each other. For instance, entrepreneurs running online stores had to set up a shopping cart and link it with a separate merchant account.

Then, there was the need for using different autoresponder and CRM (customer relationship management) systems that could handle and automate email campaigns, generate leads, and provide life-cycle marketing plans.

Furthermore, businesses owners still had to track all those areas of information with an analytics program, which was mind boggling even for the most skilled analyst.

After seeing the struggle of business owners struggling to streamline their sales and marketing operations, Keap came up with a simple solution.

They created an application that integrates different business systems into one. So, for the first time, business owners would have a sales and marketing automation system that combines CRM, email marketing, and e-commerce solutions into one package.

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Main Features

Keap is often compared to email marketing services like AWeber or CRM systems such as Salesforce. However, their marketing automation software has more features than those platforms and it’s behavior-based.

You can choose from 3 different plans.

The starter plan is called Grow, which is a CRM with features like appointment setting, quotes, invoices, and payments, and U.S.-based phone number (with texting capability).

Bump up to the Pro Plan to also get:

  • Marketing automation
  • Ability to accept recurring payments
  • Landing page builder
  • Basic sales pipeline automation

The top-level Infusionsoft Plan adds:

  • Lead scoring which is based on how users interact with your Keap marketing messages
  • E-commerce tools for online selling
  • A customizable analytics dashboard

The e-commerce function is ideal for online stores. It includes the Keap shopping cart that lets you build an online storefront that can handle secure checkout, create promotions or manage a referral program. Sales automation on the other hand lets you create unique contact profiles for lead scoring.

With this feature, you can assign every contact scores based on web form activity, links clicked, emails opened and tags applied. Lead scoring allows you to know which contacts are ready to buy so you can focus more attention on them to boost conversion rates.

Templates and Forms

Web forms are indispensable tools if you intend to build a qualified subscriber list for your email campaign. In addition, you’ll need a web page to place them so that online visitors can easily sign-up to join your mailing list.

Fortunately, Keap provides tools that can assist you in these two areas. First, they have a wide range of well designed and optimized for conversions template forms and an innovative backend triggering process.

The form builder is very simple to use even for the average Joe with little computer skills. You can also use it to customize the colors, fields, style and layout of your pre-selected template with just a few mouse clicks.

Keap also allows you to create landing pages where visitors can find your sign-up forms. The program offers drag and drop tools to design your landing page with ease. The design tools can create multi-column landing pages with videos, text and images included in the content.

When ready for publishing, all you have to do is simply use Keap’s free hosting service to launch your landing page quickly.

Contact Management

Managing contacts with Keap could not be any easier. You can import all your contacts along with tags and subscription details via CSV file format.

Keap’s “dupe check” tool identifies matching contacts and cleans up your subscriber list.

The Keap CRM system allows you to tag contacts for easier management of marketing campaigns. Tags are just searchable labels that segment contacts and track certain activity. Keap allows you to use tagging to send targeted email messages, signify goal completion or trigger a campaign sequence.

Email Creation

There are two ways to create emails with Keap’s email marketing system. Broadcast emails are usually created in the Template Library.

Alternatively, you can use the Campaign Builder to compose, save and schedule delivery of promotional emails to be used in a campaign sequence.

In both cases, Keap provides drag-and-drop tools that make it easy for anyone to create professional looking emails. You can even give your emails a consistent look and feel by adding logos and footer messages in the “Branding Center.”

What’s more, Keap has a feature known as “code builder”, which lets you create email templates with HTML code. This option comes in handy for skilled users that want to create unique email messages. Infusionsoft review

Help and Support

At first, navigating your way through the Keap interface can be confusing. Fortunately, Keap offers great customer support right from the get go. Users interested in the automation software cannot just visit the Keap and buy it.

First, you’ll have to call them up, arrange a call or register for a demo. After contacting Keap, a sales rep will follow up with you to offer assistance in choosing the best option that fits your business needs.

Every new purchase comes with a four week personalized one-on-one training session with a coach who will walk you through the settings of your program.

If you still require help after the initial training, Keap offers consultation services at an extra fee. Requesting for technical assistance or contacting support regarding sales issues is absolutely free.

You can contact Keap via phone, email or live chat. The online help center offers a wealth of searchable user guides, video tutorials and help articles. Keap even has an active community forum, where you can post questions and get answers.

Keap Plans and Prices

Keap’s sales and marketing automation software comes in 4 different plans. The size of the email lists, number of allowed emails per month and supported users vary across the different plans. For more information and latest and most up to date prices visit Keap website.

PlanContactsFree TrialMonthly Price
Grow Plan 500 Online demo 39.00
Pro Plan 500 Online demo 74.00
Infusionsoft Plan 500 Online demo 99.00

Adding Contacts and Users

You can add as many contacts and users as you like to any plan. You’ll simply choose from an a la carte menu of add-on fees. Contact Keap for more information.

Try Keap. #1 automation marketing platform. It’s risk free, trust us


Best Keap Alternatives

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