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Our Editor’s rated Volusion 4 / 5 based on user ratings, pricing, and features offered.

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Volusion is a leader in e-commerce software solutions providing businesses, small and large, with an all-in-one e-commerce software platform that will cater to just about any online store.

Their e-commerce solution handles all the essential features such as checkout, payment processing, and order management.

Create Your Own Webshop With Ease

Additionally, the platform gives you the ability to design a webshop, edit product catalogs, launch promotional campaigns, and even manage customers. Volusion claims that merchants using their platform have generated over $21 billion in sales.

Try Volusion for free for 14 days, no credit card is required. Volusion’s cheapest e-commerce software plan is  29.00 per month.

This Volusion review (2022 update) will help you decide if you should buy e-commerce software from Volusion, or if you are better off going with another software provider.

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About Volusion

Volusion Logo

Founded in 1999 by Kevin Sproles in his bedroom, Volusion is perhaps one of the oldest online store building platforms in the e-commerce industry.

This fully cloud-based application is a force to reckon with in the shopping cart scene, and with good reason. Volusion is PCI certified and listed on Visa’s approved provider’s list.

Since inception, it has generated over $21 billion in sales and now hosts more than 40,000 online stores. Volusion has helped thousands of customers worldwide, including well-known brands such as Disney, Motorola, Chicago Tribune, and 3M.

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Features of Volusion

Founded in 1999 by Kevin Sproles in his bedroom, Volusion is perhaps one of the longest-lasting shopping carts in the e-commerce industry. This fully cloud-based application is a force to reckon with in the shopping cart scene, and with good reason.

Since inception, it has generated over $21 billion in sales and now hosts more than 40,000 online stores.

Doing What an E-Commerce Platform Should

Volusion comes with many features for a shopping cart. Just like many e-commerce platforms, it can handle just about anything, including:

  • Checkout
  • Payment processing
  • Order management

Additionally, this application gives you the ability to design a webshop, edit product catalogs, launch promotional campaigns, and even manage customers.

In the following post, Volusion will be put in the spotlight to uncover some of its greatest selling points as well as areas where it comes up short. To determine if this is the right shopping cart for you, take a few minutes to read through this full Volusion review.

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The App Store Provides Add-Ons and Integrations

Volusion has a wide variety of apps designed to enhance your online store and these are available from the company’s own app store.

Popular Apps

Popular apps available through the store include Paypal Express,  designed to increase conversions with the security of Paypal, ShipStation, to create automated shipping labels, and Facebook Chat by Powr, an app to enable you to assist customers using the Facebook social media platform.

Integrate with Third-Party Platforms

Volusion has created partnerships with other app developers to provide e-commerce solutions that make their shopping cart more versatile. As a result, this platform can integrate with a number of third-party applications to design a full-fledged online store.

Online merchants that make Volusion their shopping cart of choice can take advantage of pre-built integrations with top-tier tools for email marketing, drops shipping, order management, accounting, and so much more.

Extensions Worth Knowing About

Compared to other e-commerce platforms, Volusion does not integrate with as many add-ons. Nevertheless, your Volusion powered web shop can still incorporate a few notable shopping cart extensions such as:

  • Mail Chimp
  • Doba
  • QuickBooks
  • ShipWire
  • UPS WorldShip
  • Video Streaming
  • Varied Payment Options
  • Varied Payment Methods
  • Automated Product Feed

You can browse the complete list of compatible add-ons on the Volusion app-store. The store is easy to navigate and even allows users to filter search results based on various categories.

Comparing the Feature Set in Volusion Plans

Volution offers 4 plans which come with varying perks. We have compared them alongside one another to give you a clearer idea of what you get for your money.

Product Listings100100010,000Unlimited
Support LevelOnlineOnline and phonePriority supportDedicated account manager
Volusion review
Volusion dashboard.

Payment Processing

Volusion operates an “in-house” credit card processing service called Volusion Merchant Service. For this payment medium, there’s a transaction fee involved. However, Volusion does not charge any transaction fees if you use your own payment gateway. That said, however, third-party payment processors will still charge separate services fees.

More than 50 Gateways

Volusion provides support for more than 50 payment gateways. Depending on the payment methods that customers prefer, you can set up your online business to accept credit cards or electronic payments from trusted companies such as PayPal, Stripe, and

Smartwatch and Mobile Features

Using Volusion’s smartwatch and mobile apps, you can turn your online shopping cart into a POS terminal at a physical store. These apps facilitate convenient selling on the go. You can use them to:

  • Process orders
  • Contact customers
  • View real-time sales reports
  • Edit and add products

Secure Checkout

With Volusion, you can keep the checkout process secure.

Better-Than-Average SSL

The company sells several SSL certificates separately, which will allow you to encrypt your customers’ most sensitive data.

Most of Volusion’s chosen SSL certificate providers surpass the industry standard by offering 256-bit encryption, ensuring that your online store will have the highest security standards to process credit card payments.

Automatic Tax Calculations

As an added bonus, this shopping cart can process automatic tax rates without the hassle of installing extra add-ons. Merchants that offer membership or subscription-based services will also love the recurring billing feature of this e-commerce shopping cart.

Templates and Design

Volusion provides a ton of options to style your website and create a unique storefront. It offers 100+ free templates to choose from, including a few responsive designs that automatically adapt to the screen size of any device. Volusion also features a large selection of premium e-commerce templates.

Professional Designs for Various Industries and Services

Navigating to the company’s templates section, you can browse for themes based on your specific retail industry. The numerous filters on the sidebar will help you find something that matches the design and layout you have in mind.

Yes, You Can Modify the Code

Tweaking web page elements for any chosen template is easy using the visual editor. For technical alterations, Volusion offers a built-in template editor to help you modify HTML or CSS files.

Store Builder

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing an e-commerce store provider is how easy-to-use their online store builder is in practice. Thankfully, Volusion provides all customers with a straightforward and easy-to-use solution using their built-in online store builder.

The store builder allows you to:

  • Add features
  • Change settings
  • Customize the look of your store with a range of free themes

The themes are pleasing to the eye and are easy to customize using the store builder’s in-page editing tools.

Volusion themes
Sample of Volusion themes.

Growing Your Business With Marketing Tools

Attracting more shoppers to your webshop will be much easier when using the built-in marketing functions that Volusion offers.

The platform comes with a slew of tools to help you promote your webshop.

What Can I Do with Volusion’s Marketing Functionality?

Take a look at the full list of what is on offer in the form of marketing features:

  1. Social media integration
  2. Coupon creation tools
  3. Discounts
  4. Custom daily deals
  5. Built-in sharing app
  6. In-site promotional announcements
  7. SEO hub
  8. Metadata customization
  9. Built-in e-mail marketing
  10. CRM system
  11. Loyalty points program

For instance, there are tools for creating coupons, discounts, and daily deals. Thanks to the built-in sharing app, product pages will automatically have social sharing buttons too.

Integrated With Social Media

Furthermore, Volusion integrates automatically with Facebook and Twitter, so it’s easy to share promotional announcements without leaving the admin area.

Volusion Blog Post Social
Social media marketing related blog post by the Volution team – one of many great posts.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking with SEO

SEO is vital to the success of online businesses. Volusion includes a number of tools and guides designed to help your online store rank on the first page of Google. It also comes with meta input fields so that you can use SEO best practices to get your store to the top spot.

Beginner-Friendly Search Engine Optimization

In all, the e-commerce store provider makes it easy for even beginners to get up to speed with SEO.

SEO features from Volusion are better than average.

You can customize all Metadata, rewrite URLs to make them search engine friendly, auto-generate an XML sitemap, edit the robots.txt file, create manual and auto-generated 301 redirects, prevent duplicate content with canonical links and set up customizable 404 error pages.

Rich Snippets

What’s more, the built-in CMS (content management system) automatically generates rich snippets to provide search engines and users with relevant information.

Loyalty System

Volusion provides a function called “My Rewards”, which is designed to encourage brand loyalty. This feature allows you to give away points to frequent buyers who can then redeem their in-store credit in exchange for a discount.

Newsletters and CRM

Online merchants can use Volusion to drive repeat purchases with e-mail marketing as well. It’s possible to reach customers in their inbox by sending newsletters or personalized promotional emails without having to leave the admin area.

Affiliate Management

Lastly, Volusion comes with a built-in affiliate management program. This feature gives you the ability to partner with affiliate marketers who can market and resell your products for a commission.

SKU and Inventory Management

With Volusion’s product management functions, you can easily keep track of inventory. The system lets you make stock entry updates at any time. There are even innovative tools that will precisely monitor your inventory levels and send an alert when you are running low on stock.

Volusion rewards online merchants with unlimited storage space, making it easy to create detailed product listings with high-quality images, videos, and more.

The highest tier plan allows you to upload an unlimited number of products to your webshop but product count limitations apply with lower packages.

Volusion Admin Panel

Volusion comes complete with a slick admin panel which is super-easy to use, even for beginners. It allows simple access to all of the platform’s features. Advanced users will also find it to be a powerful launch pad for accessing the e-commerce provider’s tools and services.

Help and Support

When it comes to online help and support, Volusion falls behind a few e-commerce platforms.

However, the company still has a Knowledgebase filled with dozens of helpful articles and videos. Additionally, their help and support team sometimes answer questions on social media.

Volution Help Page
Volusion help page.

Dev Wiki, Webinars and More

There’s a Dev Wiki as well, which offers invaluable code samples and other technical documentation relating to the Volusion platform. Volusion also hosts regular webinars that cover everything there is to know about setting up and marketing online stores.

Every user above the Mini tier can get in touch with the sales and support team via phone, email or live chat. Higher plans (pro and premium) get priority support, meaning shorter wait times when contacting customer service.

How Does Volusion Compare With Shopify and BigCommerce?

Volusion is certainly not the only player in the online e-commerce field. Established names such as Shopify and BigCommerce are hot on their tail. When it comes to which service you should choose for your online store, there are positive and negative factors for each.

If you are interested in the widest selection of mobile-responsive themes or apps then you may choose Shopify over the rest. Meanwhile, if you wish to sell unlimited products without shelling out for a premium plan then you might choose BigCommerce.

However, Volusion comes with benefits including a budget-friendly way to recover abandoned shopping carts and also includes many useful marketing tools for free.

How Does Volusion Compare With WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin used alongside WordPress. One of the key benefits of using WooCommerce is that the plugin is provided free-of-charge and also includes many free templates.

However, many users may still prefer to use Volusion as it provides an all-in-one e-commerce solution whereas WooCommerce requires you to purchase a hosting package before use.


Is Volusion a good e-commerce software? As with every e-commerce platform on the market, Volusion is not perfect. Here’s a quick run-through of its main strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. PCI Level 1 certified shopping cart.
  3. Extensive marketing tools.
  4. 14-day free trial with no credit card or commitment required.
  5. One-page checkout process.
  6. Built-in POS with support for phone order processing.
  7. Compatible with numerous payment gateways.


  1. Unlike other e-commerce platforms that provide a shared SSL certificate as part of the package, Volusion offers this service separately at an added cost. Nevertheless, their monthly subscription rates are quite reasonable.
  2. The in-house payment gateway imposes transaction fees.
  3. Volusion’s free-templates are admittedly not the most attractive.

Whether you want to sell physical products, virtual goods or a subscription service, Volusion offers an all-in-one shopping cart that will cater to just about any online retail store. While this platform has a few drawbacks, the features it offers, in general, are impressive.

If you’re apprehensive about settling for this e-commerce platform, it’s highly suggested that you give their free trial a run before making up your mind.

Try Volusion for free for 14 days

Volusion FAQ

Addressing frequent queries is a good way to finish off a review, so here we are. If you’re on the market for quick answers, this could be the place.

What is Volusion?

Volusion is a cloud-based application that allows anyone from a beginner to a savvy web developer to create a beautiful e-commerce store. Once the plugin has been configured, you can easily embed images and pictures in a hassle-free manner.

And if you’re the type of person who would rather spend your time writing the best content for your website, and not go looking for links of products being blogged about, the plugin will do the legwork for you. It’s like having your very own personal assistant around so that you can just go ahead with working on the things that matter.

Who is Volusion ideal for?

Volusion is ideal for those who want to build an e-commerce store but they lack the time and technical skills to mess with codes and integrated tools. It’s a very “newbie” friendly application that does not require a lot of time to master.

Tell me something interesting about Volusion!

Volusion is the platform which President Obama used for his website during his campaign and it is trusted by over 100,000 merchants worldwide.

How many templates do I get with Volusion?

There are currently 359 e-commerce templates to choose from. There is a broad range of choices to choose that will be helpful no matter what industry you are in.

Are the available templates mobile-friendly?

The templates are also mobile responsive and will help you optimize your customers’ shopping experiences. Your website will look beautiful on both desktop computers and smartphones.

How many plans are available?

Volusion offers four monthly plans: Mini, Plus, Pro, and Premium. Their premium plan comes with a personal account manager to help you get started and help you set up your online store.

Is there any free trial that I can use before I commit?

Volusion offers you a 14-day trial to test out their services before you commit. If you sell through eBay or Amazon, Pro and Premium will give you have the option to manage your listings.

How easy is it to edit and customize Volusion templates?

Volusion’s template gallery offers a range of free and premium templates you can choose from. The template editor has a point and click WYSIWYG editor and also an advanced editing pane that gives you access to the template’s HTML and CSS files.

What are the best alternatives to Volusion?

All e-commerce software comes with pros and cons and so does Volusion. Best alternatives to Volusion are Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, 1ShoppingCart, and CoreCommerce.

Volusion Plans & Prices

Volusion offers a range of ecommerce software prices to for you to pick the plan that works best for your new or growing online shop. For latest and most up to date prices visit Volusion’s website.

Plan nameTransaction feesNumber of productsMonthly price
Personal 0% Unlimited 29.00
Plus Plan 0% Unlimited 35.00
Pro Plan 0% Unlimited 75.00
Premium Plan 0% Unlimited 135.00


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